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OnePlus 6T - Accessories | Smartphone, 6.41 "

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Accessories forOneplus 6T
PictureOneplus 6T
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List of non-original cables

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Reason for editing: Glasses for OP7 are suitable to 6m, and no cases

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Rony.cv @ 26.02.19, 16:05*
if you would be in a variant covers

No pads, found just suchhttps: //ru.aliexpress....460.0.0.6c4d2e0eTRxhVH
I ordered Black ice and Rosewood. Ordered before the Chinese New Year, they scored only 22 and sent in February. Today they treknulis in Frankfurt, I hope next week will be for me.
5-ke I Ebonywood original plate, it looks awesome, they probably will increase.

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* Alemand , dbrand is not the same

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* torre , I especially for their needs. There is such a thing - Ingress)

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Attached Image

The original nylon case. The use of about six weeks. That's right on the corner peels cover (seen in the photo is not very clearly, visibly alive and furious)), Odd did not expect this more worried about what weave nylon fluff up ... So, probably, silicone version rule.

Post has been editedBalbe3 - 26.02.19, 21:20

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* Winblade
would you even decipher what exactly do you mean? that the edges are not taped? - So I specially ordered the sticker only on the back, without gluing the sides.
everything is fine in quality, the sticker is perfect in size, pleasant to the touch and looks great

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* Alemand , exactly. And they did have with the faces? I did not find

Rep: (30)
* Winblade
looked now, also did not find it, although on YouTube somewhere I saw stickers with faces, for pixel 3 for sure, for 6t, it seems, too. It’s strange.
Well, there are still some distortions, there, judging by the pictures, everything is sealed.

UPD. for 6t on YouTube, all the stickers from the brand are only on the back, apparently did not pay attention to it, because anyway I chose just that

UPD 2. For those who want to stick completely, there are xtremeskins.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSEmkPzlG1k

Post has been editedAlemand - 27.02.19, 09:04

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* Ven1k
Nillkin XD CP + Max will do. But the original is better. From cheap yet nothing I can not advise, to buy a small handful of cheap glasses, but they have not yet arrived.

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Who needs replacement cables for OnePlus, you can have time to buy on eBay for 300 rubles 2 pieces here:https://www.ebay.com/i...5T-5-3T-3/122783711755
coupon P3FREE19R

he took one cable link for 60 rubles, but they ran out. : Blush:

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iLuminatet @ 20.02.19, 12:57*
Currently stuck polyurethane covers the entire front part of how dry the kin photos.

In general here, not very satisfied with the result, as even its own case and to hook the top for some reason stuck bad.
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Attached Image

Ordered another in another place, where he always took before, there is no problem of size, make a little less and thus covers not to hook and cover closes all.
And by the way this film is now cut there just under the camera, and where perezakazal softglass the drop, as in the original film.

And in terms of protection, comfort and feel polyurethane is the best I have for a long time use it on all their phones. He and tactilely pleasing finger glides well, and the phone is not visible - but only in the case if all is well with the size and perfectly glued.

Post has been editediLuminatet - 28.02.19, 19:29

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Hello everyone. Whether compatible, original glass and the original cover (nylon)? whether or not to squeeze the glass case? : Thank_you:

Rep: (46)
Well then: who enjoyed the original glass, the original cover Carbon (not full)?
Not Bullies?

Well, what the downsides? There is a carbon plate with the standard film,
I ordered the original glass. I asked.

Post has been editedkiv121 - 01.03.19, 16:58

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Rhino Solid Suit came with a print. Case pleasant - easy, it's fairly hard. How to protect has not yet had a chance to check. Sat just in size - all the buttons are pressed perfectly.
Case not cheap, of course, but I pleased with the purchase.
A photo
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

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Comrades advise polyurethane film on the subject.
CHYI found but it seems it is not polyurethane.
And by the way as this kind of films with oleofobkoy and even sliding a finger? Not like on the tires?

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* rus-SGS II,
* kiv121,
Everything is consistent, original to the glass did not even reach.

Rep: (1)
Bought nilkin glass, arrived a week and a half, immediately began to bet.
With experience, I would say that ofigel its glue, it is important to center, or with one side or another will be bubbles, once the third I had stuck, unstick, stickers and cleaned gluing glass and gluing hydrogel films (sucks, I do not advise buying) dust again pasted.

As with all the windows on the sides a little bit eaten working area of ​​the screen, but not critical.
The imprint is fast and perfect.
Oleofobka good, recommend the glass, it is important to have experience or someone who knows how to glue.

I ordered on Ali
Attached Image

Post has been editedproff89 - 01.03.19, 17:05

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* vanya5643
I used to have, the difference is quite small with a native.
Try to be like with him a couple of days.

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* Ritter,
hello, share a link where this order?

Rep: (155)
* cherdantsew ,
You have very bad logic? The word "search" is familiar to you? : Kindness:

Post has been editedsailor74 - 01.03.19, 15:31

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Xs who was there said that it thickens it is nothing like a top, would certainly cheaper
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