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Reason for editing: Clear glass with oil

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trinCat @ 24.03.19, 10:21*
Chewie film I pasted it on the ass, that under the cover does not scratch
Honor9 wear my six months in hard Mofi, and M20lite wifesimilarscratches are not noticed at first I ordered a Knuckle thought, and then the guys in the branch Honor9 wrote that more than a year go without films and there are no problems.
But because of the film may be worse rear heat dissipation and may be condensed at difference temperatures.

In terms of the protection glass or film - it's random, if it is good to fall will not save anything} -), so it's best not to drop, I think the film - of course more from scratch, and the glass from grazing on the corners: D

But all this is subjective and a matter of taste, the main thing that was comfortable and not afraid for you!)

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And did anyone manage to find on this device on Alik a glass with SURROUNDED edges and full sizing? That is what repeats the contour of the screen. Everything that I ordered (both 6D and 10D) comes in simple flat glass with a rounded edge (2.5D).

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* pilot_44 Is rounding the top of the edges)) if you're talking about bending under the very shape of your screen, as long as such only for Samsung do

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And this:

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* pilot_44 And that there is a new inscription 5d?

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serruf @ 02.04.19, 11:48*
5d inscription

5D, just not with it. Just as far as I know, the glass with a handshake comes with curved edges. Well, the word "covering the entire front surface of the phone and the screen repeats bending." So I wanted to know whether there are real owners of those glasses of Ali shnym prices.

Post has been editedpilot_44 - 02.04.19, 11:54

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pilot_44 @ 2.04.19, 11:53*
Just as far as I know,
I did not see these screens at Honor / Huawei. For Samsung, it looks like thishttps://youtu.be/NETeJs-Wiw0On 20 Mate Lite screen is not so much bent, and this glass would be even more difficult to fly, that it did not waste ...
Rounding the edges - is a rounding on the outside of the protective glass, and not on the inside of the screen offering
If there was a complete sizing =>framework would not have been black, they are made to hide these places, and what they are thicker, the glass is worse.
Steklj the link, it is very thick and can lose sensitivity of the screen

Post has been editedserruf - 02.04.19, 12:46

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Good day.
I bought at a local store protective glass. Pasted smoothly guided by the front camera phone. In fact the black glass strip made frameless phone framework :)
In the appendage glass stated as "completely covers the screen" does not reach to 2 mm to the lower edge of the screen.
Can anyone share the link on the glass, with minimal black borders, which would be really closed the entire phone screen? Or is it to look towards the hydrogel film ...

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* ilyoz
in a cap glass for 80 rubles with Ali, the film better overview, the glass is best for the protection of ...
such as glass strewn all Ali ... it is not unique, just take the cheapest))
I usually just take 2-3 different retailer cheap - something so shoot ...

Post has been editedserruf - 07.04.19, 23:01

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I ordered a glass of the cap.
And like the film chui with oleophobic coating? Yes or no? As the finger slides over it?

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* ilyoz On films typically use the "oil" in this regard, when erased completely change the film. I wore last film 8 months.
ilyoz @ 8.04.19, 4:05*
I ordered a glass of the cap
Only consider that is not the fact that there will come the same, there is a Chinese: D

Post has been editedserruf - 09.04.19, 02:39

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Chui film enjoyed a week. Lay a good, smooth and without bubbles. But the ride up the edges and corners. And then the dust gets under the seat and then have come unstuck. This film is garbage))

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* oleg-kis And which film is better? Are you sure that it perfectly stuck and will not slip when gluing? This film, rather than the glass it must be very carefully to glue!

Post has been editedserruf - 11.04.19, 01:28

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* oleg-kis , I use from November, normal flight. You probably have no cover / use bumper?
My bumper rises slightly over the edge of the film, does not give the bully.

Post has been editeddenkul - 11.04.19, 04:58

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* oleg-kis,
I previously used the phonethisfilm - a little expensive (15 bucks), but has never failed and does not come unstuck. Buy probably too long to go home, she slipped a little, but still bearable

Post has been editedvtijr - 11.04.19, 16:03

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* vtijr
This film of broniskins type, in fact there is no difference in the films if the hands of the right place, at Chewie only one + an easier gluing, I quietly bore 8 months film for 50 rubles. on its h9

oleg-kis @ 11.04.19, 21:51*
I use just in the bumper. Which is in the header. Transparent Nicklin. Here it is just the edge of the film and raises. And further unstuck film ...

I wrote about it in his review20 Huawei Mate Lite - Accessories (Post serruf # 79262824)he will turn up any foam

Post has been editedserruf - 11.04.19, 23:31

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* serruf ,
In general, I will go without a film.

Rep: (64)
* oleg-kis A matter of taste, for example, I went to the glass less problems, and even if the edges are not glued sympathetic and figs with them))

Post has been editedserruf - 13.04.19, 21:58

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Regarding protective CHYI 3D films mentioned in the cap threads. Positive feedback, alas, have not been confirmed: on the adhesive along the top of the mask - clearly visible torn strip. The film is flat and covers the edges of the display. The only plus - Store some devil managed to deliver it in 12 days in the Russian Federation (actually the first time a watch).
P.S. Ali immediately returned the money. I looked carefully reviews with acc. Key words: damaged adhesive layer seems to have all the latest parties for various smartphones. It seems that from time to remove caps recommendation.

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Post has been editedogb - 16.04.19, 23:48

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* ogb
1) all practically soft films have this band - it is from perforation, look for a film where there is no separation into lower and upper parts, only it will be harder to glue, often in pictures they have a protective layer with a single layer, and in fact they are sent with a divided one. There is a 3rd type of filmshttps: //www.aliexpress...-6-3/32917936125.html?These are old films that were glued to flat screens because it is not full screen ...
2) In your case, it looks like they made the perforation too deep - but you got the money back (or maybe you pulled it badly, it is possible that it was flat and smoothed out over time)
3) I see that the film closes the screen, why should the film close the display so that it curls? The rest is usually covered with a bumper

In general, the film is very good, I have not seen it better, although there is a link to a specific film in the post from the header, but two types of films are described there, and it is not indicated that you only need to take this one - this is always a subjective opinion, so for Cheui My subjective view and the best, but it is not the only film of its kind with an adapterhttps: //www.aliexpress...e-20/32960791505.html? :)

Judging by the recall, you were unlucky with perforations, but this is Ali, where every 3rd product goes to a dispute, and every 5th is asked to return and he flies into the ballot box, because the return is more expensive than the goods: D
ps: the world has changed, if before consumer goods were brought to the market at the ~ 90-95% stage of "readiness" and then brought to mind, now this figure has dropped significantly and subsequent batches do not always bring to mind ...

I looked carefully reviews with acc. Keywords: damaged adhesive layer, it seems there is on all the latest batches for different smartphones. It looks like it's time to delete the recommendation from the header.
I do not know where you looked reviews in the official storehttps: //www.aliexpress...-Pro/32948714163.html?I read all 35 pages, the reviews are of course different and more positive, but most of those who have problems write about problems with the bumper, less about problems with bubbles (they just don’t know what they will then disappear), one review fool smoothed the film already removing the protective layer =>I scratched it)), I found a review; a person writes that, on the contrary, a small part of the protective lower layer is badly cut, but that the protective layer is damaged, I have not found a single response to this product ...
If you read all 3017 reviews in a crowd for all goods, then do not forget that they also have glasses - and here they may have a full hat))

Post has been editedserruf - 17.04.19, 05:21

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