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Xiaomi Mi 9 - Discussion | Smartphone, 6.3 "

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DiscussionXiaomi Mi 9
PictureXiaomi Mi 9, sepheus
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  • Display: 6.39 ", Super AMOLED, HDR10 support, FHD + (2340x1080 / 403 ppi), 19.5: 9, AOD, 90.7% coverage of the front panel, CorningВ® GorillaВ® Glass 6
  • Processor: 7nm Snapdragon 855, 8 cores, (1x 2.84GHz Kryo 485 + 3x 2.42GHz + 4x 1.80GHz) graphics Adreno 640 GPU
  • RAM: 6/8/12 GB, LPDDR4x
  • Internal memory: 64/128/256 GB, UFS2.1
  • Main camera: 48 megapixel (79 В°, Sony IMX586, f / 1.75) (f / 1.47 and 7 lenses in version TE) + 12 megapixel (43.6 В°, S5K3M5, 2x zoom, f / 2.2) + 16 megapixel ( Sony IMX481, f / 2.2, viewing angle 117 В°) (camera block is protected by sapphire crystal)
  • Front camera: 20 megapixel (support for AI, f / 2.0) (without autofocus)
  • Battery: 3300 mAh, fast charging with power up to 27 W, support Quick Charge 4+, support wireless charging with power up to 20 W
  • Interfaces: Dual 4G VoLTE (2 Sim), Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac MU-MIMO (2.4GHz, 5GHz), Bluetooth 5, dual-frequency GPS L1 + L5 / GLONASS / Beidou, NFC, USB 2.0 Type-C [1.0], infrared, support AAC / LDAC / aptX / aptX-HD
  • Security: 5th generation optical fingerprint scanner built into the display, face recognition (camera only)
  • System: MIUI 10 based on Android 9.0 Pie
  • Dimensions: 157.5 Г— 74.67 Г— 7.61 mm
  • Weight: 173 g
  • Colors: Piano black,ocean blueandlavender violet
  • The rest: Card memory support - NO, 3.5mm jack - NO, Optical stabilization - NO.

    Supported Band (China Version):
    China version
    LTE FDD пјљ B1 / B2 / B3 / B4 / B5 / B7 / B8 / B12 / B17
    LTE TDD пјљ B34 / B38 / B39 / B40 / B41
    WCDMA пјљ B1 / B2 / B4 / B5 / B8
    TDSCDMA пјљ B34 / B39
    CDMA EVDO пјљ BC0
    GSM пјљ B2 / B3 / B5 / B8
    CDMA 1X пјљ BC0

    Band 20in the version for China - no.

    Supported Band (International version of GLOBAL):
    Global version
    LTE FDD: B1 / 2/3/4/5/7/8/12/20/28
    LTE TDD: B38 / B39 / B40
    WCDMA: B1 / B2 / B4 / B5 / B8
    TDSCDMA: B34 / B39
    GSM: B2 / B3 / B5 / B8
    CDMA 1X: BC0

A photo:
Attached Image
Attached Image

Question answer
Question : How to disable the voice assistant button in Mi9 when pressed once?
Answer : settings / all applications / three points / default applications / assistant and voice input / assistant / press and select no
Question : How to enable / disable gesture control?
Answer : Settings>Unlimited screen>Select the item "Full-screen gestures"
Question : How to remove the inclusion of Google Assistant button AI?
Answer : Settings-Advanced Settings-Buttons and Gestures-AI Button. We configure the functions necessary for ourselves.
Question : How to enable contactless payment via NFC?
Answer : Settings - Additional functions - Location of the security element - Select "Used HCE wallet" (Powered by RU, EU and MI firmware)
Question : How to change print animation?
Answer : Settings - Locking and protection - Fingerprint management - Fingerprint animation
Question : How to enable Always On Display (AOD)?
Answer : Settings - Screen - Automatic screen on - “Always on”
Question : How to disable software rounding cutout under the front camera?
Answer : Settings - Adjust notch shape (Available in MI and EU firmware)
Question : Solving the problem of arbitrary resetting incoming calls
Answer :
1. Go to the service menu of the network check. To do this, dial the phone * # * # 4636 # * # *
2. Next in the menu, select the desired SIM card. In my case, "Information about the phone1"
3. We look at the item "Configure the preferred type of network"
4. Choose LTE / WCDMA
Question : Unable to receive incoming calls on MTS.
Answer You must give permission for pop-up windows for the application "MTS Connect". (The default setting is "forbidden")
Question : Is there a hall sensor?
Answer There is no sensor.
Question : How to disable / enable the appearance of a menu of shortcuts with functions after unlocking with a fingerprint (when you hold your finger for a long time at the place of the print)?
Answer : Settings - Locking and protection - Fingerprint management - Shortcuts - Finger scanner gestures (off / on)
Question : Does not download large files from the Market, what to do?
Answer : In the settings of the market->"Downloading applications / wifi only" ->put any network.
Question : How to disable the backlight area of ​​the print?
Answer : Settings - Lock & Protect - Fingerprints Management - Show fingerprint icon when the screen is off
Question : Spontaneous inclusion of cameras, Google and a flashlight assistant what to do?
Answer : Fix disconnecting all this with AI Button (rasshirennye- button functions).

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Attention! At the moment, global versions of the deviceonly6x64 and 6x128, everything else is China!

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Rep: (508)
* [email protected],
There is already posted on here. Very often it falls in 3d, where OP3T stable LTE caught.

Rep: (75)
Someone tried to fix it Ok Google?
Google (Post MarksweII # 85847570)
Now there is no way to check.

Rep: (0)
* Apostle666 , OK. Thanks. And in what could be the problem? Firmware or radio? ..

Rep: (508)
* Olegem16,
While I can not say. At the moment, the phone under warranty, so I have an option only in the beta-stabilku jump, and there are almost all identical.

Rep: (308)
Lybimuy @ 06/23/2019, 01:12*
Someone tried to fix it Ok Google?
does not work.

Rep: (1)
Sfotkayte please charge with original features

Rep: (27)
artemeny @ 22.06.19, 21:45*
Excellent result
I do not see a great result in the chart ... I squeezed a couple of hours behind the screen ... I have the same result, but still 50 percent of batteryPower consumption (autonomy) Xiaomi Mi 9 (Post obraz0 # 86122121)

Post has been editedobraz0 - 23.06.19, 07:21

Rep: (28)
* S.Chekulaev , I have the original was burned already. Bought just such: Quick charge is. AC adapter with fast charging YB-712 Quick Charge 3.0 Yoobao
https: //wildberries.ru...og/5236149/detail.aspx
And this is the original:

Attached images
Attached Image

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Rep: (3)
Yes, a normal result, than all stuck. Do not max of course, but norms. Take into account that the full brightness, always-on wifi, Bluetooth and gps. Those. more time using the navigator. Take into account that did not remove anything, not customizable. Prior to that, but in normal use of the result.

Attached images
Attached Image

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Rep: (81)
After the transition to xiaomi I noticed that the phone often wakes up with a message that is not recognized by voice command. The phone is on the table, and next to say not at all similar to the "OK Google" phrase. I have lamented in the Google app, but before buying mi9 this was not. What could cause the application to recognize the diverse sounds? We microphone normal? It seems no one complained, but you never know ... It is not clear what can be.

Rep: (28)
* amurovmihail ,
It happens

Rep: (183)
Show you how to configure the NFC payment with world map, contactless card itself.
Surf are 3 pages NFC works throughout the world;)

Rep: (1359)
Friends, tell me, very interested in the issue of notifications. Since there is this “drop” on my9, does it prevent notifications? I tried to look at YouTube, I did not find it anywhere. Are the notification icons normally displayed? My wife has such specificity because of her eyebrow, there no notification icons are displayed at all, as places are trite.
I will be very grateful for the answer, the order weighs unpaid 6/128 for 25 tons, so you need to decide whether to pay or not. If not laziness, you can even take a few screenshots where you can see the notification icons from applications.

Rep: (13)
* sam1984 icons are displayed normally. If a lot of them, then just put ellipsis. But icons work like so far only on a weekly firmware.

Rep: (1359)
* spooky * Brayni thank! I use only stable (

Rep: (1)
* - = Alesha = - ,

Google pay does not support the payment card world

Rep: (138)
* - = Alesha = - , For the world map there's an app Mir Pay

Rep: (11)
* sam1984 Icons appear, everything is normal and comfortable. The sense of clutter bunch of icons in the top row, then when you can see everything in the curtain?

Rep: (1359)
* vitalyip, convenient to not pull the curtain every time

Rep: (183)
* nk42, I know myself, and therefore I ask.
* avtosun + Entered the convent and how to configure it? How will the payment, if you have already tied Sberbank card with GPay and by the way of the world, too, Sberbank.

In general, this should be a cap! Adimnam.

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