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Huawei Mate 20X - Discussion | Smartphone, 7.2 "
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Do you have problems with notifications?
I have an international version (globalka) and no problems [ 27 ] ** [27,84%]
I have Chinese version AL00 and no problems [ 29 ] ** [29,9%]
I have a Chinese version of the TL00 and no problems [ 8 ] ** [8,25%]
I have an international version (globalka) and have problems with rare applications [ 6 ] ** [6,19%]
I have the Chinese version of AL00 and have problems with rare applications (I did all the actions from the header) [ 17 ] ** [17,53%]
I have a Chinese version of the TL00 and have problems with rare applications (I did all the actions from the header) [ 5 ] ** [5,15%]
I have an international version (globalka) and have problems with all applications [ 2 ] ** [2,06%]
I have a Chinese version of AL00 and have problems with all applications (I did all the actions from the header) [ 0 ] ** [0%]
I have a Chinese version of the TL00 and have problems with all applications (I did all the actions from the header) [ 3 ] ** [3,09%]
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DiscussionHuawei Mate 20X
PictureHuawei Mate 20X
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Platform (at the time of the announcement): Android 9 Pie with EMUI 9.0
Display: 7.2 ", 18.7: 9, 2244 x 1080 pixels, AMOLED, support DCI-P3, HDR10 (manufacturer Samsung). Gorilla Glass oleophobic coating. Anti-reflective coating.
Camera: triple, dual LED flash of different tones, RGB sensor, Master AI, Huawei AIS, video recording in 4Q30, 1080p60, 720p @ 960fps (slow-mo), 3x optical zoom (combined 5x), Ultra Macro Shot
First camera: standard, 40 megapixel (EIS, f / 1.8, Light Fusion, 27mm wide, 1 / 1.7 ″, PDAF / Laser AF)
Second camera: wide-angle, 20 megapixel (EIS, f / 2.2, 16mm ultrawide, 1 / 2.7 ″, PDAF / Laser AF)
Third camera: telephoto, 8 megapixel (OIS, f / 2.4, 80mm telephoto, 1/4 ″, 5x optical zoom, PDAF / Laser AF)
Optics from Leica, dual-LED dual-tone flash, panorama, HDR
Front camera: 24 MP, EIS, f / 2.0, 26mm (wide), HDR, 1080p video recording @ 30fps
hardware HDR in photo for all cameras
Processor: 8 cores, 7 nm, 2 core Cortex-A76 x 2.6 GHz + 2 core Cortex-A x 1.92 GHz, 4 core Cortex-A55 x 1.8 GHz, dedicated NPU, Huawei Kirin 980
Graphics chip: Mali-G76MP10
Graphene cooling system
RAM: 6 GB LPDDR4X (international version), 6/8 GB LPDDR4X (Chinese versions)
Internal memory: 128 GB UFS 2.1 (international version), 128/256 GB UFS 2.1 (Chinese versions)
Memory card: Nano Memory Card up to 256 GB (slot of memory card is combined with SIM2, “sandwich” is impossible)
Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, dual-band, DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot, repeater mode
Bluetooth: 5.0, A2DP, aptX HD, LE
USB 3.1, Type-C 1.0 reversible connector, USB On-The-Go
3.5 mini jack
Dolby Atmos stereo speakers
Two SIM slots
Fingerprint scanner on the back
IR port for remote control (learner)
Sensors: light, approach, gyroscope, compass, hall sensor, accelerometer, barometer
Battery: 5000 mAh (non-removable), Huawei SuperCharge 20W (no wireless charging), the ability to charge other devices via typeC
PC mode via ANY typeC-HDMI usb adapter / hub (ntfs support)
Huawei M-pen stylus support (4096 degrees of pressing, it is got separately)
LED event indicator MISSING Possible Solution
SAR value
Protection: IP53
Dimensions: 174.6 x 85.4 x 8.15 mm
Weight: 232g
Differences of the global version from the Chinese
Differences between Chinese versions AL00 and TL00: 1 2 3
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Setting up the Chinese version of the smartphone
  1. User's manual
  2. Photo of the device in the palm
  3. Remove any program without root
  4. The way to turn off the notification after the download is complete
  5. Useful information about unlocking the bootloader
  6. Call recording pro
  7. Huawei.gamebox_9.0.0.303
  8. Sound and vibration settings in notifications
  9. Entrance to the engineering menu
  10. A couple of links about 4G, LTE, aggregation
  11. Original screen
  12. Replacing HiBoard in the news feed with a service from Google
  13. How to make a full screen video
  14. If the necessary files disappear
  15. INSTRUCTIONS for installing Russian plug-ins for Mihome for Huawei Mate 20X
  16. Alternative to native screen recording
  17. AlReader Setup
  18. Firmware update via HiCare
  19. About Huawei SkyTone
  20. Something to diagnose is in HiCare
  21. What to look for when buying a used or new device in a gray store
  22. If 5Ghz does not work
  23. The list of necessary improvements of system files for subsequent modifications
  24. Disassembly instructions huawei mate 20X
  25. compatible with USB-3.5 DAC from HTC
  26. Unlocking Your Phone Using Voice Match
  27. algorithm of actions in case of unstable and incorrect operation of the phone
  28. Sound books (txt, fb2) using the engine YandexTTS
  29. How to make a clone application
  30. Painless removal from EMUI
  31. LED indicator replacement application
  32. PC mode
  33. review about GCAM on the Huawei
  34. setting up correct work Youtube Youtube
  35. How to set any default launcher
  36. Automatic call recording (for global version)
  37. Using the stylus, links to the software for the stylus
  38. Google Pay Alternative
  39. How to remove "network time is not updated"
  40. how to share your geolocation
  41. shutdown of phantom vibrations
  42. firmware regions table
  43. turn off stock launcher
  44. Cheap Internet roaming worldwide via Skytone (only for Chinese phone versions)

Appearance, themes

Poll results
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Established Huaveev call recording. Put on 20x and honor 10, potetil, everything works

Attached files

Attached fileHwCallRecorder.apk(416.93 KB)

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* rs-cmc ,
On Mate 10 also, with a month like.

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Guys who monitor and communicate in parallel topics - ask, pliz, maybe they know how to overcome Huawei Data Management Services - I will be very grateful.

Rep: (2704)
* perch Yes, delete it ... I have since I froze - silence.

Rep: (112)
* PalychRv,
I don't have a root to delete it

Rep: (2704)
* perch maybe help Multi-Tool for HUAWEI and HONOR

Post has been editedPalychRv - 29.05.19, 16:36

Rep: (41)
* rs-cmc,
On the global machine?

Rep: (606)
Mr.gas @ 05/29/19 18:04*
On the global machine?

There is a link in the header for a long timeHuawei Mate 20X - Discussion (Post by olezhstrazh # 84932087)

Rep: (112)
PalychRv @ 05/29/19 16:36*
perch, maybe Multi-Tool for HUAWEI and HONOR will help

Thanks to this wonderful program - turned off this process. Let's see what will happen next.

Rep: (6)
EMUI mastered this, and I can say with confidence that the shell is extremely inconvenient), to be honest there should be a mat. After MIUI, on which the user experience was very pleasant and in which the IOS ears strongly stick, EMUI seems to be somehow unfinished piece ... Convenient chips can be peeped, copied and nothing will be wrong, everything is aimed primarily for the convenience of the user .. But no, Huawei needs everything in its own way ... Honestly, I don’t understand the logic of some things!
From my own experience of using smartphones and, accordingly, various shells, and there were quite a few of them, including iOS, I can say from my bell tower that Xiaomi in MIUI made the most comfortable interface.
Samsung, LG, Sony, pure Android and Apple products did not quite seem comfortable to me, some things in them are extremely or slightly uncomfortable. To their surprise, it was the Chinese from Xiaomi who, by copying here and there, were able to navigate the most optimal shell. This machine would have a shell from their countryman and with their own “brains” ...

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Reason for editing: Spelling error

Rep: (244)
* jackveryper, and what you do not like xiaomi brains? The top processors from snapdragon are no worse and maybe better than kirin. Or with cameras at xiaomi seams? Why torture yourself? Just because of the large display? And better a few vivid examples of the superiority of miui over emui. Well, so we even know what cheated us.

Post has been editedVatNik70 - 29.05.19, 19:48

Rep: (244)
The question is not idle. I think my daughter will change the smartphone. She has a couple of years mi max 2. I thought honor note 10 instead of xiaomi. But it is from the owners of the latter that I often see complaints about emui. Can there really be some kind of super shell?

Posted 05/29/2019 19:55:

Now we have a club. This discussion is better to move there, of course.

Rep: (515)
VatNik70 @ 05.29.19, 19:53*
emui complaints
Xiaomi conducted a survey that steeper, the so-called. pure Android or their shell. The majority of users voted for the first option (although there wasn’t even a% of the battery in it until a certain version, and there still isn’t any sort of shutdown – on-schedule). Very praise Vanplasovsky Oxygen and someone even calls him a pure Android.

Rep: (13)
VatNik70 @ 05.29.19, 19:53*
The question is not idle. I think my daughter will change the smartphone. She has a couple of years mi max 2. I thought honor note 10 instead of xiaomi. But it is from the owners of the latter that I often see complaints about emui. Can there really be some kind of super shell?

I changed my daughter recently smart to the simplest redmi note 7 (3/32 PCT for 10900).
The bomb in all respects, but a lot of intrusive pop-up ads in the shell and during use.

Post has been editedddarker - 29.05.19, 21:20

Rep: (17)
* olezhstrazh ,
of all bodies. that he used (there are more of them than in the profile) the best vanplas 1 (the killer of smartphones) and, to a large extent, because of ohigene (the best shell that he used), after him the huwai emui slightly irritates, the priority in it is only the diagonal and fotik (the battery with modern fast charges and more daily accessibility of cars and other charges are not essential, the day keeps and ok).

Rep: (2)
VatNik70 @ 05.29.19, 19:53*
Now we have a club

And where he?

Rep: (6)
* VatNik70 , the camera in Xiaomi absolutely did not suit, in case of poor or insufficient lighting, it is yellow and often makes mistakes with the exposure. Because of what the photo and video shooting very necessary for my activity turned into a hassle, it happened that the phone just wanted to be broken. I thought I would upgrade to mi 9, but the battery capacity did not cause confidence. Mate 20X and the camera and the screen, its size, what you need. But again, the shell is a fucking hell.

Rep: (13)
3jin @ 05/29/19 9:44*
of all bodies. that used (there are more of them than in the profile) the best vanplas 1

The smartphone, in my opinion, should be either top, i.e. have no competitors in terms of qualities, like our subject, or have a good combination of price / quality / mth
OnePlus has always been very good on materials, tth, software, but it always cost more than its parameters and a little bit of something was missing.

Rep: (624)
* jackveryper,
A hundred times already said, there is no ideal. Totally. Regardless of the brand. Something like, something not. There is always and will be a compromise.

Rep: (203)
I do not understand at all what might not suit him in a shell? Now, if it was impossible to turn on the normal android view with the menu button, that would be inconvenient.
And so, that the NTS, that Samsung, that Huawei - I do not see any difference in the shells at all. There are icons for launching applications, and what else do you need?

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