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DiscussionX96Max (S905X2)
Tv box
Discussion » | Marriage and Repair » | Folk "firmware for Android TV consoles X96 Max »
CPU - Amlogic S905X2 quad-core Cortex A53 processor up to 2 GHz
GPU - ARM Dvalin MP2 GPU
Memory - LPDDR4: / 4 GB LPDDR3: / 2 GB
Flash - EMMC: 16 GB No BT4.0 2 / 16g, 2.4 GHz WiFi RJ45 ethernet 10/100 port
Flash - EMMC: / 32 GB / 64 GB 4 / 32g and 4 / 64g Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5 GHz + BT4.0 RJ45 ethernet port 10/100/1000
Wi-Fi - IEEE 802.11 b / g / n / ac, 2.4g Wifi or 2.4 g and 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi
Bluetooth - BT 4.x + HS; Voice console support
I / o
1 * HD - HD 2.1, support HD CEC, dynamic HDR and HDCP 2.2, 4 K x 2 K 75 Maximum resolution output.
1 * AV - 480i / 576i standard definition
2 * USB - 1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0
1 * IR - Remote connection receiver
1 * RJ45 - Ethernet interface, support 10/100/1000 m
1 * TF card - Support 4 GB / 8 GB / 16 GB / 32 GB / 64 GB
Power - DC 5 V / 2A; LED indicator, Work: blue; Standby: red
OS - Android 8.1
* Amlogic video engine (AVE) with dedicated hardware decoders and encoders
* Support multi-video decoder up to 4K x 2K 60fps + 1x1080 P 60fps
* Supports multiple “secured” video decryption sessions and simultaneous decoding and encoding
* Video / picture decoding
-VP9 profile-2 to 4 K x 2 K 60fps
-H.265 HEVC MP-10 L5.1 to 4 K x 2 K 60fps
-AVS2-P2 profile up to 4 K x 2 K 60fps
-H.264 AVC hp L5.1 to 4 K x 2 K 30fps
-H.264 MVC up to 1080p 60fps
-MPEG-4 ASP L5 up to 1080p 60fps (ISO-14496)
-WMV / VC-1 SP / MP / AP up to 1080p 60fps
-AVS-P16 (AVS +) / AVS-P2 JiZhun profile up to 1080 P 60fps
-MPEG-2 MP / HL up to 1080 P 60fps (ISO-13818)
-MPEG-1 MP / HL up to 1080 P 60fps (ISO-11172)
-RealVideo 8/9/10 to 1080 P 60fps
A photo
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

https: //droidboxforums…-firmware-links.14717/
Message No. 2094, author A.S._id Archive of firmware For Box X96 MAX.
Mail.ru cloud
Google drive
Beelink GT1 MINI total firmware for the whole series 2/32 4/32 4/64
Perezalita on poison. "Mirrored" .img + ota-11/30/18
2019.02.23. For stock firmware version boxes 2/16 and 3-4 / 32-64
Firmware for 2g ram.
Firmware for 3-4g ram.

Build. Custom firmware.
Firmware instructions.

Afrd - This is Automatic Framerate Daemon
SuperSU for AndroidTV boxes
List of software problems with the X96 Max console and their solution
The most reliable way to check Root rights.
Instructions for setting up a regular remote.
Smart YouTube TV
Setting up a physical keyboard.
ADB through the local network.
Run the Auto Frame Rate in SPMC using a script.
The perfect bundle of SPMC + Amlogic + AFR, for film fans
Setting the Power button on the Vontar G10 remote
For Beelink firmware for remote control.
Post number 1822, by anpaza "Direct audio output 2.0-5.1 from Cody"
KODI MIRRORS All versions 15.0-18.0 + Repo all assemblies.
Alternative Core for X96 Max
The Reset button does not work after flashing a problem on Beelink.
Connect our box via AV connectors.
The method of flashing with SD card on the principle is the same as through the cord.
Launcher Bilink (Lighthome) in Russian
Made a small mod launcher Lighthome 1.1.4
Another instruction Recently launched applications on X96 Max
A small patch, for STOCK firmware, as a double tap, call the "Recent" menu
Multi-window mode.
Mbox Launcher v2
X-Plore Transfer files from one device to another.
Instructions for optimal operation of the PRA on the S905X2
No Ads on YouTube.

To help the user of choice.

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maximelson @ 15.01.2019, 01:31*
And from under Ubuntu can be both something to ask? Windows are long gone.

a) there is a certain samopal working on USB burning tool protocol under linux, but I did not really wound up - is not detected USB cable to the console, more precisely detected times out of ten. Most likely, the "incompatibility" computer and set-top box, and many on Windows is the same.
https: //forum.freaktab...logic-usb-burning-tool
b) So that the firmware has to brush away the dust from old netbook with Wendy more XP. And then detected with a probability of 50-70%, but it is bearable.
c) Is there a way to convert the firmware from the format for UBT to format the SD card, it is somehow easy to do it, but I did not understand how. The UBT is a function of "write the firmware to the SD card", but in the wine, most likely, will not work under Dev must. We will just ship with button pressed and card inserted. But this method works even if the bootloader live and on usb lace-top box can be removed from any position (circuit board from the bottom two pins).
Hmm, and then I thought - by closing the processor simply loads another copy of the boot loader, not a flush. Maybe she and the card will be able to sew? We will have to try at your leisure.

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fontan83 @ 15.01.2019, 07:48*
nothing is more convenient than conventional wireless mouse is not present,

ordinary mouse can not be used while lying on the couch and scratching his belly. This is not a personal computer on a table, on which it is convenient vozyukat. Aeromysh, although it is not as accurate, it can be used even while standing on his head.
It is clear that everyone has their own preferences. But I have a mouse and Claudia do not like, though, and tried. A matter of habit, in general, and the habit is possible and develop.

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anpaza @ 15.01.19, 09:14*
there is a certain samopal

This is why samopal? -tyts

Rep: (202)
* anpaza
Hmm, and then I thought - by closing the processor simply loads another copy of the boot loader, not a flush. Maybe she and the card will be able to sew? We will have to try at your leisure.

This method sewed bd player. Firmware on yusb memory stick, food, pause 1-2 sec (peripheral initialization - spun drive, etc.), circuit, flash drive blinked - opening and the process has begun ... The challenge was to "seize the moment" to flush circuit. This method is for the database player was, we got on the other, close to the power supply is necessary, but not the essence ...

Rep: (148)
tipanic @ 15.01.2019, 09:09*
* koss7777 ,
It is through the bootloader or apply update from exp? Give, pzhsta, a link to the video.

Here is the link to take a file and, if you have not set up smooth video.
X96Max (S905X2) [Android] (Post koss7777 # 81094303)
The file has the letters ota, on the Google Drive folder "Stock firmware"
Night released a new firmware update, I still have not tested it, so long as there is not the last video

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Not a big manual in pictures how to make a bootable SD card to flash from it
Start the Burn Card Maker
1. Notes all the checkboxes where there is no
2. Select your SD card
3. Select a firmware
Attached Image

Make click and agree that all data will be destroyed
Attached Image

In the resulting window, click "Start", wait until the end when formatting and close the window
Attached Image

This starts up the firmware and other files on the SD card, wait for the end
Attached Image

Click OK, close the application, take out the card.
Attached Image

Now, insert the card in the box, hold reset and powered.
If everything is successful, it will flash process.

anpaza @ 15.01.19, 09:14*
The UBT is a function of "write the firmware to the SD card"

Yes like there is no such function
anpaza @ 15.01.19, 09:14*
But this method works if at least loader alive

This method works even if there is no boot loader. But if he stayed, but not the work, in any case, close the "penny"

The method of flashing with SD card on the principle is the same as through the cord.
When the firmware is loaded via a cord uboot.usb, when firmware via SD card is used u-boot.bin.sd.bin
When you create a bootable SD card usedAttached fileBurn_Card_Maker.zip(1.21 MB)

orAttached fileBurn_Card_Maker_202.zip(2.08 MB)

Two areas are created on the map. 1-16mb for u-boot.bin.sd.bin, 2-fat partition
In the first area, u-boot.bin.sd.bin is sewn as
dd if = u-boot.bin.sd.bin of = / dev / sdb conv = fsync, notrunc bs = 1 count = 444
dd if = u-boot.bin.sd.bin of = / dev / sdb conv = fsync, notrunc bs = 512 skip = 1 seek = 1

The fat profile is copied to the firmware in img format ini file aml_sdc_burn.ini
where its variables actually like UBT
erase_bootloader = 1<----- wash yubut
erase_flash = 1<------ format flash
reboot = 0<------ is not to restart after the
; Package will filled by sdacard burning tool
package = update.img<------ firmware name
; Media =

If yubut lively and pressed a reset button that launches the SD card with proshivalschika
read ini file, if there erase_bootloader, it erases it, restart the box and because yubuta in the internal memory is then loaded with yubut sd card and sewn on.

ZY I hope nothing is messed up
Zzy For sozadniya from under Linux - smallmanualThe only thing that you need to pull the firmware from img u-boot.bin.sd.bin

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maximelson @ 15.01.19, 01:31*
And from under Ubuntu can be both something to ask? Windows are long gone.

Somehow, too, I was interested in the matter, but then no answer. I found out how to sew TV box. To make a bootable USB flash drive with the so-calledWindows XP x86 Universal USB Virtual. Orthis system.
In this release, we implemented the ability to work from a removable storage device (USB flash disk, USB HDD) on any computer, regardless of the type of processor. The result is a versatile operating system that can be worn on a flash drive or removable hard drive with a USB interface and run on almost any computer, regardless of its hardware structure.

The system is loaded directly from the stick. And there it is possible to sew quietly through UBT. I beg the first time.

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anpaza @ 15.01.19, 10:24*
It is clear that everyone has their own preferences.
you need for the kitchen TV set

Rep: (8)
* koss7777 ,
1. Download the zip-file firmware to the root of sd-card fat 32 format.
2. Insert the card into the STB.
3. Enter the rekaveri mode using the reset button in the av-nest (for this off on the network TV box press the reset button and holding the button does not release the button to turn on the TV box to the network.! Rekaveri 10-20 seconds and turn on. release the button.)
4. Using the remote consoles, select the item APPLY UPDATE FROM EXT.
5. Select the item UPDATE FROM SD CARD.
6. Choose our downloaded file.
7. After flashing select REBOOT SYSTEM NOW.
Firmware finished!

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Rep: (8)
* koss7777 ,
ATP successfully reflash!

Rep: (148)
* tipanic,
excellent, someone in the comments below the video just had to be like that, I will write them, how to detail :)

Rep: (2969)
Romarik.by @ 15.01.19, 9:30*
To make a bootable USB flash drive with the so-called Windows XP x86 Universal USB Virtual. Or the system.
That's just like it is written by Dev sew anything you want.
Or via CD Windows Lite.
I'm so alone Freaks sewn. At his home computer was to crash down system.
And boxing in any did not want to go into rekaveri. In short somehow he's banged Bootloader.

P. S Same on Lyuska, Ubuntu, through virtualku, Wine.
There are ways to not a few.

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About sewing through USB_Burning_Tool, whether exposed to tick right?
Attached Image

Rep: (29)
Advise please adequate launcher under the final firmware from uv.Sasvlad. Tried many already public, all gnarled what is.

Rep: (2969)
vayper7 @ 15.01.19, 10:05*
correctly put a tick?
Yes, everything is OK can be sewn.

Rep: (2969)
Stanislav55555 @ 15.01.19, 10:08*
Any questions on the firmware Sasvlad Final:
To contact the author.
No wonder zaminusovali.
Author its firmware once through ... (Yellow simofor) lecturing with the direction of the road !!!
In the direction of the branch.X96Max (S905X2) [Android] (Post sasvlad # 81265478)
* beelink r68 ,
Can give the exact answer there.

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Hun61ter @ 14.01.19, 22:22*
I not realized in 4k games at maximum pull or not? Assume tanks or

Net.V surveys show cool course include 50fps and type of agony, FIH reached zavarushku used to be dipped to 5-9fps.No GTA3 rules alienshutery vsyakie.A so low average nastroyki.Maks.temperatura to 73 after a couple of hours.
I have a so-tanks. more, less playable
Attached Image

Attached Image

If you want to play at maximum speed box is not for you.

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I ordered from Vontar. And for ten days, no hearing, no spirit. It is normal for this prefix?


Rep: (33)
werwte @ 15.01.19, 12:41*
It is normal for this prefix?

China seems to have become the norm, I have now klavamysh the city's only been worn: D 65 days, the last month hung on the m / s from the national exports.
+ They returned some miracle the sale started, schya nagrebut orders and will be horror stories about the weather, etc. As an example, I tell him to do boxing tupit sho chef (ordered with zhostikom 1posylkoy), he told me zhostik charge and connected to the PC, FSE did nipamaglo countries.

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* werwte I have 11dney same, in Harbin for a long time I hung.

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