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HDMI Worker or Burned Out.
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What firmware is right for me.
Stock. [ 1932 ] ** [73,15%]
Beelink. [ 228 ] ** [8,63%]
Android ATV. [ 470 ] ** [17,8%]
Boxing version.
Version 2/16. [ 315 ] ** [11,93%]
Version 4/32. [ 1212 ] ** [45,89%]
Version 4/64. [ 1114 ] ** [42,18%]
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DiscussionX96Max (S905X2)
Tv box
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Complete list of all audits

CPU - Amlogic S905X2 quad-core Cortex A53 processor up to 2 GHz
GPU - ARM Dvalin MP2 GPU
Memory - LPDDR4: / 4 GB LPDDR3: / 2 GB
Flash - EMMC: 16 GB No BT4.0 2 / 16g, 2.4 GHz WiFi RJ45 ethernet 10/100 port
Flash - EMMC: / 32 GB / 64 GB 4 / 32g and 4 / 64g Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5 GHz + BT4.0 RJ45 ethernet port 10/100/1000
Wi-Fi - IEEE 802.11 b / g / n / ac, 2.4g Wifi or 2.4 g and 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi
Bluetooth - BT 4.x + HS; Voice console support
I / o
1 * HD - HD 2.1, support HD CEC, dynamic HDR and HDCP 2.2, 4 K x 2 K 75 Maximum resolution output.
1 * AV - 480i / 576i standard definition
2 * USB - 1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0
1 * IR - Remote connection receiver
1 * RJ45 - Ethernet interface, support 10/100/1000 m
1 * TF card - Support 4 GB / 8 GB / 16 GB / 32 GB / 64 GB
Power - DC 5 V / 2A; LED indicator, Work: blue; Standby: red
OS - Android 8.1
* Amlogic video engine (AVE) with dedicated hardware decoders and encoders
* Support multi-video decoder up to 4K x 2K 60fps + 1x1080 P 60fps
* Supports multiple “secured” video decryption sessions and simultaneous decoding and encoding
* Video / picture decoding
-VP9 profile-2 to 4 K x 2 K 60fps
-H.265 HEVC MP-10 L5.1 to 4 K x 2 K 60fps
-AVS2-P2 profile up to 4 K x 2 K 60fps
-H.264 AVC hp L5.1 to 4 K x 2 K 30fps
-H.264 MVC up to 1080p 60fps
-MPEG-4 ASP L5 up to 1080p 60fps (ISO-14496)
-WMV / VC-1 SP / MP / AP up to 1080p 60fps
-AVS-P16 (AVS +) / AVS-P2 JiZhun profile up to 1080 P 60fps
-MPEG-2 MP / HL up to 1080 P 60fps (ISO-13818)
-MPEG-1 MP / HL up to 1080 P 60fps (ISO-11172)
-RealVideo 8/9/10 to 1080 P 60fps
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A selection of firmware (received from the seller)
https: //droidboxforums…-firmware-links.14717/
Message No. 2094, author A.S._id Archive of firmware For Box X96 MAX.
Mail.ru cloud
Google drive
Beelink GT1 MINI total firmware for the whole series 2/32 4/32 4/64
Perezalita on poison. "Mirrored" .img + ota-11/30/18
2019.02.23. For stock firmware version boxes 2/16 and 3-4 / 32-64
Firmware for 2g ram.
Firmware for 3-4g ram.
Build. Custom firmware.
For those who like and I did not know how to distinguish the new from the old revision:
Firmware instructions.

Afrd - This is Automatic Framerate Daemon
SuperSU for AndroidTV boxes
List of software problems with the X96 Max console and their solution
The most reliable way to check Root rights.
Instructions for setting up a regular remote.
Smart YouTube TV
Setting up a physical keyboard.
ADB through the local network.
Run the Auto Frame Rate in SPMC using a script.
The perfect bundle of SPMC + Amlogic + AFR, for film fans
Setting the Power button on the Vontar G10 remote
For Beelink firmware for remote control.
Post number 1822, by anpaza "Direct audio output 2.0-5.1 from Cody"
KODI MIRRORS All versions 15.0-18.0 + Repo all assemblies.
Alternative Core for X96 Max
The Reset button does not work after flashing a problem on Beelink.
Connect our box via AV connectors.
The method of flashing with SD card on the principle is the same as through the cord.
Launcher Bilink (Lighthome) in Russian
Made a small mod launcher Lighthome 1.1.4
Another instruction Recently launched applications on X96 Max
A small patch, for STOCK firmware, as a double tap, call the "Recent" menu
Multi-window mode.
Mbox Launcher v2
More Launcher on the usertalory
X96Max (S905X2) [Android] (Post talory # 89654584)
X-Plore Transfer files from one device to another.
Instructions for optimal operation of the PRA on the S905X2
No Ads on YouTube.
Bars in the firmware Android 9: img x96Max_311_P_20190722 for the previous revision 4/32
Correct Root on the new-old revision, android 9. SuperSU.apk, SU binary and 99SuperSUDaemon,
Miracast ported under the old revisions with the stock vendor 9th android.

To help the user of choice.

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* Buratino Karlovich ,
And put in the root. And this method of you kills the reduced link box. Hangs on the logo and everything. Butanimatsiya / logo and hang. Treated only by flashing.

Rep: (4)
* A.S._id ,
And where to get "normal" build.prop?

Rep: (225)
* vitun81 ,
X96Max (S905X2) [Android] (Post rulock_ # 86437009)

Rep: (313)
* A.S._id,
Edit build.prop nothing. Rules and system, and vendor

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Tell me, where is the picture with h96max inscription on the background of the cosmos, which comes after the boot animation? How to put it?
Installed wallpaper app from google, I thought it will change your desktop picture, and it only changes the picture with the X96 lettering. Through this same application can be returned to the standard image, but it is not adapted to the size and the full screen 96 digits.

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Good evening. Recently I bought a console. Tell me, on what firmware works fine dream. thanks

Rep: (225)
sergunokk @ 30.06.19, 23:06*
can be screwed to any firmware , this already screwed
X96Max (S905X2) [Android] (Post LIALAV # 85307400)

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I have 9 effluent standards, too.

Rep: (7318)
vitun81 @ 30.06.19, 13:14*

Do not follow the topic, tell me where to download, why not see the console update? Or something I do not know?

Rep: (225)
RequeLine @ 1.07.19, 7:56*
I do not follow the theme
when talking about our 9 Android, he somehow quickly appeared and disappeared, sleep there for me, too, did not work, and indeed seemed unsuccessful firmware, unlike 9ki Bilink

Rep: (7318)
Buratino Karlovich @ 1.07.19, 8:16*
when we are talking about our 9 Android,

Yes, about it. Is there a link? From 02/03/2019 pomnb ​​also it had appeared and disappeared.

Rep: (98)
44ou @ 29.06.19, 14:31*
and the case itself is switched

Most likely you have a bad contact on the supply chain. Check from the wall outlet.

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Greetings to the owners of this console. Question to those who use Torrserve to view the torrent video: What is the amount of file can "chew" prefix without lag? Now have available a simple version of the x96 2x16gb, she copes with movies to 15GB. If the server is run on a computer, you can watch 40GB. Since the computer is not always convenient to run it, so I think whether or not to change to MAX version, there will be growth. : Scratch_one-s_head:

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Rep: (2519)
RequeLine @ 01.07.19, 08:20*
Yes, about it. Is there a link? From 02/03/2019 pomnb ​​also it had appeared and disappeared.

4/32 I have in the cloud, the cloud in the header, but in general the very first topic here
https: //forum.freaktab...-latest-firmware/page4

Posted 01/07/2019, 9:05:

asakura37 @ 01.07.19, 08:52*
Greetings to the owners of this console. Question to those who use Torrserve to view the torrent video: What is the amount of file can "chew" prefix without lag? Now have available a simple version of the x96 2x16gb, she copes with movies to 15GB.

The prefix can easily play any video from bitreydom up to 200Mbit / s size does not matter, it all depends on the ability of your network if ispoozovvt vayfay it is natural to be a brake on the PC, including, in the case of the torrents still playing the role of LEDs, in principle, at gigabit Internet, provided with good dispensing rate of 100 LEDs, it is possible to watch remuksy blur 4K without interruptions and friezes ...

PS. I forgot to network 100Mbps 2/16 though. Yes, replaced by 4/32 ppirost buzhet noticeable when playing over the network ...

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* RequeLine,
And yet in the appendage to her not to look for
X96Max (S905X2) [Android]

Rep: (3421)
Buratino Karlovich @ 1.07.19, 8:16*
when talking about our 9 Android, he somehow quickly appeared and disappeared
Well no. Still there are.
9 install Android firmware.
* RequeLine ,
X96Max (S905X2) [Android] (Post Vasily_5 # 85604132)
There is also a link to the original firmware.

Guys. I've got a new box. Maybe someone will be interested. Fairly good boxing loses well formats are those that have been brilliant green.
A95X F2 with SoC Amlogic S905X2 (Post Vasily_5 # 86649125)
No I do not advertise, no interest dividends are not getting. The choice of each individual. So much for the information.

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A.S._id @ 01.07.19, 08:00*
can play any video from bitreydom to 200Mbit / s size does not matter

If hw-codecs do not support - not all rosy will ...

Rep: (7318)
* Vasily_5,
* A.S._id,
something I forgot already. If the flash image img through USB_Burning_Tool, the fomatnetsya and memory or not? And there OTA Update that would not have to reinstall all the applications?

Post has been editedRequeLine - 01.07.19, 11:50

Rep: (2519)
* RequeLine,
Boxing formatnetsya if USB_Burning_Tool expose erase flash, if you remove the bird and not formatnetsya

Post has been editedA.S._id - 01.07.19, 12:02

Rep: (7318)
A.S._id @ 01.07.19, 11:57*
no erase is not formatnetsya

Prompt, as here, the transition to android 9 will be okay if you do not format the data, then simply clean the cache and cache dalvik enough?

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