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DiscussionX96Max (S905X2)
Tv box
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CPU - Amlogic S905X2 quad-core Cortex A53 processor up to 2 GHz
GPU - ARM Dvalin MP2 GPU
Memory - LPDDR4: / 4 GB LPDDR3: / 2 GB
Flash - EMMC: 16 GB No BT4.0 2 / 16g, 2.4 GHz WiFi RJ45 ethernet 10/100 port
Flash - EMMC: / 32 GB / 64 GB 4 / 32g and 4 / 64g Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5 GHz + BT4.0 RJ45 ethernet port 10/100/1000
Wi-Fi - IEEE 802.11 b / g / n / ac, 2.4g Wifi or 2.4 g and 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi
Bluetooth - BT 4.x + HS; Voice console support
I / o
1 * HD - HD 2.1, support HD CEC, dynamic HDR and HDCP 2.2, 4 K x 2 K 75 Maximum resolution output.
1 * AV - 480i / 576i standard definition
2 * USB - 1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0
1 * IR - Remote connection receiver
1 * RJ45 - Ethernet interface, support 10/100/1000 m
1 * TF card - Support 4 GB / 8 GB / 16 GB / 32 GB / 64 GB
Power - DC 5 V / 2A; LED indicator, Work: blue; Standby: red
OS - Android 8.1
* Amlogic video engine (AVE) with dedicated hardware decoders and encoders
* Support multi-video decoder up to 4K x 2K 60fps + 1x1080 P 60fps
* Supports multiple “secured” video decryption sessions and simultaneous decoding and encoding
* Video / picture decoding
-VP9 profile-2 to 4 K x 2 K 60fps
-H.265 HEVC MP-10 L5.1 to 4 K x 2 K 60fps
-AVS2-P2 profile up to 4 K x 2 K 60fps
-H.264 AVC hp L5.1 to 4 K x 2 K 30fps
-H.264 MVC up to 1080p 60fps
-MPEG-4 ASP L5 up to 1080p 60fps (ISO-14496)
-WMV / VC-1 SP / MP / AP up to 1080p 60fps
-AVS-P16 (AVS +) / AVS-P2 JiZhun profile up to 1080 P 60fps
-MPEG-2 MP / HL up to 1080 P 60fps (ISO-13818)
-MPEG-1 MP / HL up to 1080 P 60fps (ISO-11172)
-RealVideo 8/9/10 to 1080 P 60fps
A photo
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Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

A selection of firmware (received from the seller)
https: //droidboxforums…-firmware-links.14717/
Message No. 2094, author A.S._id Archive of firmware For Box X96 MAX.
Mail.ru cloud
Google drive
Beelink GT1 MINI total firmware for the whole series 2/32 4/32 4/64
Perezalita on poison. "Mirrored" .img + ota-11/30/18
2019.02.23. For stock firmware version boxes 2/16 and 3-4 / 32-64
Firmware for 2g ram.
Firmware for 3-4g ram.

Build. Custom firmware.
Firmware instructions.

Afrd - This is Automatic Framerate Daemon
SuperSU for AndroidTV boxes
List of software problems with the X96 Max console and their solution
The most reliable way to check Root rights.
Instructions for setting up a regular remote.
Smart YouTube TV
Setting up a physical keyboard.
ADB through the local network.
Run the Auto Frame Rate in SPMC using a script.
The perfect bundle of SPMC + Amlogic + AFR, for film fans
Setting the Power button on the Vontar G10 remote
For Beelink firmware for remote control.
Post number 1822, by anpaza "Direct audio output 2.0-5.1 from Cody"
KODI MIRRORS All versions 15.0-18.0 + Repo all assemblies.
Alternative Core for X96 Max
The Reset button does not work after flashing a problem on Beelink.
Connect our box via AV connectors.
The method of flashing with SD card on the principle is the same as through the cord.
Launcher Bilink (Lighthome) in Russian
Made a small mod launcher Lighthome 1.1.4
Another instruction Recently launched applications on X96 Max
A small patch, for STOCK firmware, as a double tap, call the "Recent" menu
Multi-window mode.
Mbox Launcher v2
X-Plore Transfer files from one device to another.
Instructions for optimal operation of the PRA on the S905X2
No Ads on YouTube.

To help the user of choice.

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Good afternoon, Good health to all.

Well, it happened, I received a box yesterday, the unpacking was recorded on video for the Chinese just in case.
Also, the first launch of boxing went without problems, the primary Setup Wizard was installed in which it was very strange that there was no Russian, everything had to be done in English. But after starting the system, the Russian language is set to the language settings. Translation is defective, Droid Setting is not translated at all.
The installed Android 8.1 32bit Oreo system is a complete system. Play Market full. But with the launcher tiled "Chief launcher." Android 8.1 operating system with support for API Neural Network(NNAPI) and it comes with a remote control, as well as an HDMI cable, and power supply 5V 2A user guide. Compared with devices based on Amlogic S905X2 you can get more CPU performance, if the maximum rate is not advertised as a 2.0GHz and a maximum 1.908 GHz, as well as improved graphics (visualization) with the new graphics processor Mali-G31, supports OpenGL ES 3.2 and Vulkan . Just S905X2 is powered by Amlogic interface USB 3.0, there is also the entrance to the USB 2.0 (remark checked USB 2.0 interface does not work with flash drives USB 3.0 interface), just as there is a connection IR. Remote infrared sensor, which is not supplied.
The box box itself looks like a stylishly glossy plastic; from the bottom of the ventilation hole, there are two holes for hanging.
Attached Image

On the front panel is a micro watch with data connection LAN Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, Micro SD, USB,
In the off state, the clock is not lit, the sleep state is lit by four dashes - - -: - -, in working condition, the clock is shown in 24:00 format.
Attached Image
Attached Image
First of all, the system was checked for the presence of Root-rights. Root Explorer was installed which did not receive Root support from the system. As such absent.
Attached Image

The second is checked WiFi connection. Mobile access point on the box was opened without any problems. Only 2.4 GHz frequency range is available in WiFi access point settings. WiFi Analyzer was installed on the mobile device; the attached screenshot clearly shows the superiority of the box over the Xiaomi router, at a distance of 2.5 / 3M in the 2.4 Hz range.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
I hoped that on Android 8.1 they will finish accessing 5.8GHz. But as always, developers are not in a hurry with this improvement in the system.
The speed of transferring files from mobile and back did not measure. But the test was conducted "Speedtest" internet connection.
LAN Ethernet amounted to a maximum speed of 100.5 MB. (From provider 100.0 +/- 5% -10% MW)
Wi-fi range 5.8 Hertz connection speed 84.62 MB
Wi-fi range 2.4 Hertz connection speed 56.97MB
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

The third stage of checks was checked resolution for pixels. 1280x720 Lines and 1920x1080 Lines. In a word, it was successful.
Attached Image
Attached Image

Droid Settings is present with the inclusion of autoframe also fractional parts but it did not work out to launch autoframe. Perfect Player, MX Player, Vimu Player. The pendulum test files were all launched at a resolution of 1080P 60 Hertz. Stock firmware, you have to work on it to dig the cause of non-triggering autofreight.
Attached Image
YouTube maximum resolution 1080p can because my TV does not support 4K. Here, too, will have to delve into boxing identification and resolution resolution file build.prop.

Next was installed Aida 64. Which showed the system Android 8.1.0 Linux kernel 4.9. 76.
A device with Root access (Yes) which is very doubtful.
The CPU - 4 cores 100-1908 MHz.
Ram memory of 4 GB for use is available 3836MB.
Memory ROM 24.01GB (here the strangeness was ordered 32GB).
Support as promised by the Open GL ES 3.2 Mali g31 graphics card.
USB 2.0 - supported speed of 480 Mbps.
USB 3.0 HCI Host Controller - supported speed of 5000 Mbps.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Temperature mode of boxing.

A resource monitoring program has been established. Bring to the top of the screen readings of the CPU, temperature and the remaining Ram memory.
The state of idle temperature is 40-45 degrees. (At first, I was even surprised by such a good cooling of boxing). When installing programs and surfing the Internet, the temperature did not rise more than 50 degrees.
Next was installed Ace Stream Media. Lol tv. To control streaming online tv. IPTV Player with built-in playlists. Programs and resources responded with a good speed over WiFi 5.8GHz connection. But then began the heating of boxing to 65 degrees for half an hour watching 1 HD channel. 720dpi. Switching to the sports channel increased the temperature to 70 degrees. And as we see from the screenshots, megabytes from the Ram memory began to disappear mysteriously. CPU - 4 processors thrashed 98-100%.

Video HD Box installed started but was not tested. OGYouTube was also installed but not enough time to check. Maybe in the second series we will continue testing this amazing boxing !!!

P. SSurprised very fast responsiveness fast system operation. In comparison with the Amlogic s912 processor, the sensation is 20-30% increase in speed. Copying 20 screenshots of pieces instantly to a USB 3.0 flash drive.
Installation of programs, the feeling of an accelerated process. Connecting to your account and downloading from the Play Market Aida64 quite a big program, went quickly.
Remote - programmable four (4) additional buttons under the TV. Very comfortable in the hand responsive.

Did not like the inconvenient mouse control. Since the system is more sharpened under the control console.
But this is the cost of the Android 8.1 system.
CPU Throttling did not pass the test due to the incorrect operation of the program itself, when launching the program it started up in landscape mode, then the portrait mode turned over and it was impossible to track down and take screenshots.
The Nav Bar is not present. The Bottom is not an upper status bar.

Screenshots now add as far as possible I will add some nuances for testing.

Attached images
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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People. I see in stores version 4/32 and 4/64 and 2/16 so is there a blue tooth in version 2/16?
Is it worth taking a mouse or a regular one?
Is it better to take with or without a gyroscope? sho tse take gyro in the mouse (which looks like a remote control: rofl :)? I

I ask you to give a detailed answer, I am old and do not understand in new technologies. : blush:

Rep: (163)
There is no blue tooth in version 2/16, there is also Ethernet port 100, instead of 1000, and there is no wi-fi 5 GHz.
Gyro, this is when the remote control "move", the mouse cursor runs across the screen, ie you do not need to click the remote control to move through the menu.
Mouse drive on the surface of something, by air through the air.

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Well, then take 4/32 on Alik as a new buyer for 3400r. I hope the sound output on the tooth on the speakers will not work.

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Has anyone been interested in what zerotne is selling?

Rep: (3107)
boitsovsa @ 11/23/18 16:16*
Well, then take 4/32 on Alik as a new buyer for 3400r. I hope the sound output on the tooth on the speakers will not work.

Good day, hello.
Yes, this is exactly the case in the 2G version there is no Bluetooth and also Ethernet LAN 100mb.
If you play it is better to take the maximum version.

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boitsovsa @ 11/23/18 16:16*
Well, then take 4/32 on Alik as a new buyer for 3400r.

This is certainly a very important info for all of us. Keep informed further about tracking and movements of your purchase!

zihvild @ 11/23/18, 16:21*
Has anyone been interested in what zerotne is selling?

I was interested. The Chinese say that there are the same versions as the original one. Subbrand, type.
But I did not dare, took from Vontar.

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And tell me pliz for this box (ordered 4 \ 32) a good router, ATP. I change, starting with the Internet provider, ending with the TV)

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Sori for repeat

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It seems that I managed to reach out and explain to my vendor, Yojia Technology, what kind of firmware I need. He promised to give on Monday :) Until now, he stubbornly supplied me with different links in the same way for 2/16.

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zihvild @ 11/23/18, 19:21*
Has anyone been interested in what zerotne is selling?

Nothing is clear what office. But I think. What better to take from Wechip. They also have a website with firmware, and I think they will update it through the air.

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And what about the bars, was it possible to screw it or not? For example, is it possible to change the launcher, the "close all" button? Can this be added if it is not?

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* mechtatel77,
See microtik haP ac2, a very healthy machine, took to replace the deceased 951st
Attached Image

Attached Image

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Sasvlad @ 11/23/18, 19:22*
But I did not dare, took from Vontar

And on the Vontar site, there is no trace of it (there is one old one, it has not been edited since the 16th year), and Vontar.com was put up for sale, unlike Wechip.

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* Vasily_5,

AFR tried already in SPMC and KODI with a plugin?
Also Universal init.d can be installed?

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* kigba i got the same vontar

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* Vasily_5,
I do not understand, he is like a voice. Input supports something, to it it is necessary the special! Rare videos seem to work!

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full-length @ 11/23/18, 17:06*
AFR tried already in SPMC and KODI with a plugin?
Also Universal init.d can be installed?
Before XBMC or Kodi has not yet reached.
Universal init.d works, the kernel supports.
Scripts invested but not yet autoframe earned.
Seeking opportunities.

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I never used the voice console, so I’ll order it and how can I get the console to work with it on the voys?

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* KlonMask
Press the microphone button on the remote and speak.
See reviews on YouTube.

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