Amateur Radio
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Raspberry Pi + module (s) [ 14 ] ** [14,29%]
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Amateur Radio

In this topic you can chat or discuss technical issues.

SDR - Software-Defined Radio (Software Defined Radio). A radio transmitter and / or radio receiver using technology that allows software to set or change the operating radio frequency parameters, including, in particular, the frequency range, type of modulation or output power, with the exception of changing the operating parameters used during normal predefined work with preliminary radio installations, according to one specification or another system.

POR performs a significant part of the digital signal processing on an ordinary personal computer or an FPGA. The purpose of such a scheme is a radio receiver or radio transmitter of arbitrary radio systems, modified by software reconfiguration.

Software radio has great utility for military applications and wireless services, as it allows you to serve a large number of radio protocols.

Equipment for ERP usually consists of a superheterodyne receiver, which converts the signal from radio frequency to intermediate, analog-digital and digital-analog converters (ADC and DAC).
Rx - Recieve - Receive / Receive
Tx - Transmit - Transmit
SDR comparison
Attached Image

Duplex - receive and transmit

Airspy- rtl-sdr modifications. Differ in the improved noise reduction.
RTL-SDR - SDR from DVB-T usb tuners (RTL2832 board) Cost about 600 rubles (China). They work with GNURadio and other programs. Are the most budget option. Rx
Rx / Tx RTTY
Frequency ranges

| Tuner | Frequency range |
| Elonics E4000 | 52 - 2200 MHz with a "blind zone" from 1100 MHz to 1250 MHz |
| Rafael Micro R820T | 24 - 1766 MHz (can be improved to ~ 13 - 1864 MHz with experimental drivers) |
| Rafael Micro R828D | 24 - 1766 MHz |
| Fitipower FC0013 | 22 - 1100 MHz |
| Fitipower FC0012 | 22 - 948.6 MHz |
| FCI FC2580 | 146 - 308 MHz and 438 - 924 MHz (there is a "blind zone" between them) |

Nexus 5
Oddly enough, this smartphone can be used as a full SDR with the transfer! Works at a frequency of 2.4 - 5 GHzNexmon-sdr
Tx SDR from USB 3.0 - VGA / HDMI adapter. FL2000-1 0-DX card requiredRead more

Interesting frequencies
Radio amateurs
max_b- 2 RTL-SDR
Stalkerstrike19- hackRF One, LimeSDR
Digins- RTL-SDR
Ged_sh- RTL-SDR
Roman Dmitrievich- 3rtl-sdr, RPi, walkie talkie Baofeng UV-5R UV-B5, Arduino
Amateur Radio ClubR
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Help in filling the topic is welcome!

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Found a rather interesting book in English: "The Hobbyist's Guide to the RTL-SDR: Really Cheap Software Defined Radio"(From the authors of the information in the header is from there.

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* PHPoeniX , so this is a club of fans to listen to the radio or a club of people versed in radio engineering (radio amateur)?

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* ayde_f,
Well, if you can receive a photo from a satellite (you can listen to a Morzian), then the first and second fits the radio. The FM and AM bands will probably not be discussed here, because a license is needed for transmission, and everyone can receive a signal without any specific knowledge.
Here andradiotechnology and signal reception.(and not the club of solders)

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PHPoeniX @ 10.10.18, 20:12*
Here and radio engineering and signal reception. (and not the club of solders)

Club uhogreev-monitorchikov?))
IMHO in this case without a soldering iron in any way)) Either the space budget))

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* Chekash
The main theme of the club is radio signals, and not a discussion of various boards for different purposes. The word "radio amateur" someone understands as synonymous with "plumber"

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ABOUT! Just wondered if there are any such people Unfortunately, I do not have SDR equipment, so I am satisfied with WebSDR services, in particular, the Dutch "University of Twente ".
I noticed that most of the received radio stations - "China Radio International", of course, in different languages, including Russian. I read radio amateur forums; indignations in their direction were repeatedly met, they said, they dirtied the entire shortwave range. : rofl:

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PHPoeniX @ 7.10.18, 22:35*
The main theme of the club - radio signals

I do not focus only on signals. For the same sdr whistle you need good antennas or an amplifier at the input. And this is more soldering))) Well, and this question to the audience - someone uses RS-MS1A?

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* Chekash
PHPoeniX @ 10/07/2018, 20:35 *
the maintheme

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I wanted to ask you, what do you think about "radio bully", as they are called by some, sitting at 10460 USB? I listened to them one evening, I can’t say anything bad or good, they just talk. : scratch_one-s_head:

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* SigmaTel71,
SigmaTel71 @ 08.10.18, 09:22*
at 10460 USB?
strange frequency unit you have!
And why is the radio bully?
SigmaTel71 @ 08.10.18, 09:22*
I can’t say anything bad or good

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PHPoeniX @ 10/08/2018, 16:27*
strange frequency unit you have!
The brain was still asleep, I wanted to write 10460 kHz in the USB band.
PHPoeniX @ 10/08/2018, 16:27*
And why is the radio bully?
Well I do not know...

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* PHPoeniX, it would seem, and here is my location. : scratch_one-s_head:
Again, I listened to the station via the Internet, I do not have my own equipment.

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* SigmaTel71,
IE on Windows Phone cut off the theme o.O

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RTL-SDR range extension(r820t / t2)

After all the manipulations, the range will be ~ 13 - 1864 MHz
You can compile fromsource codesSDR library modification #
There is also a compiled library, you just need to rename it to "rtlsdr.dll" and drop it into the folder with SDR #.
Attached filertlsdr_OLIVERHFMOD.dll(113.5 KB)

Modification made by Oliver Jowett.Article at

Also, it is not known whether you need to connect the antenna directly, bypassing the tuner - you need someone who can test it.I don't have dongle yet

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Tell me, please, miss rtl2832 at customs?

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mod driver for r820t2 android - in the market. Works from 13 MHz with r820t and t2 as usual. But you need to have a good antenna and input filters. Windows driver is the same. Everything works as usual, without finalizing the dongles. But the sensitivity drops to 13 MHz ... In the afternoon in Moscow, I take it straight to the wire at 15 MHz and 17 MHz of the broadcaster.

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* wowann which antenna are you using?

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Why is there no arduino in the voting room ?????

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Ordinary wire, meter 4 ... True climb FM broadcaster. It is near the metro Shelkovskaya. But quite tolerable and without filters. Range filters are desirable.

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* wowann , tried to take a photo?

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