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Greetings to all users of iOS 12!
With the release of a new version of the mobile OS in our arsenal, a new tool has been achieved for deeper interaction with Siri -TEAMS (Siri Shortcuts) .
I suggest in this thread to share custom teams.
In order to share the created team, you need to click the "share" icon (from the editor menu) and select "copy iCloud link" (this will simplify import from mobile devices) or "send as file" (to any cloud storage).

It is important to understand that "commands" are simply a group of consecutive actions with the output of a result and these actions are started only when you call a command.

useful links
More about what isCommands (Siri Shortcuts) and how to work with them read here and here (in English).
Set custom functions for use in commands.
Telegram channel with different teams.
Commands collection pages (many commands can be repeated differing by minimal changes in functions or localization language):1 , 2 , 3 .
New hub with teams from foreign authors (automatic updates of command versions are supported). More in this post .
Page with useful information on the teams.
Article about actual (as of 08/19/19) resources on "teams".

Is it possible to configure automatic command launch (for example, by location)?
Presently NOT . Teams do not know how to work in the background and track the location all the time (like reminders for example). Any command must be started by the user manually or with the help of a voice command Siri.

Siri gives an error when starting the command.
Siri cannot run Teams with calling third-party applications when Siri is Russian (a source ).

How to configure the integration of "Command" with Mi Home?
We readhere and here .

* The list of functions that teams, so far, don't possess (actual on October 2018) - source (eng) and transfer .

"Teams" can become a loophole for fraudsters
who can access your photos, contacts and even money, for example, by sending a payment via SMS ( a source ). Be vigilant when downloading commands from dubious sources and always check the circuit (internals) of the command before starting.

Kindly requested - if you write a review or ask for help on a team that was not taken from this topic, then please also attach a link to the team itself; so that you can review and, possibly, solve the problem.

List of commands and templates
  • Media grabber (current version 1.3.4) for downloading from YouTube and social networks.
  • Frosch Kodik - A team for watching movies and TV shows online (published with the consent of the author).
  • "button" to switch mobile data / wifi.
  • Comprehensive Template"Good morning" more details here . Version with voice control take here .
  • Team to open several tabs at once (for example, news, articles, etc.).
  • Team to search gas stations for a mile around.
  • Team to search for pharmacies nearby.
  • Template to launch playlists in Spotify.
  • Search ATM and another version of the switch WiFi / mob. data.
  • Team for entering data on sexual activity.
  • Team for batch processing (reducing) photos.
  • Team for the "beautiful" design of screenshots.
  • Team for sending SMS time in transit.
  • Team to share a common account (+ option in Russian).
  • Team to save videos and photos from Instagram.
  • Even more powerfulrocking for insta, VK, twitter, toggle switch, etc.
  • Set various workflows (you can easily import into teams).
  • Team for downloading books from Flibusta.
  • Team for downloading books from any resource (supports sending to Kindle devices).
  • Team to form a "wish list" from the AppStore.
  • Team to launch playlists in Deezer.
  • Team allowing to share a password from a Wifi point via a QR code (and several others including the adjustment of the power consumption of the phone).
  • Converter for YouTube (such converters are sometimes short-lived due to the load on proxy sites used for conversion, but this one is still working).
  • Team allows you to rename a photo according to a template and save it to iCloud.
  • Team for downloading videos from Safari.
  • Team aggregator most popular resources with teams.
  • Team (launcher) to launch other commands (useful for saving space in the widget).
  • Team for sharing many WiFi networks through a QR-code.
  • Team allows you to add a minimap on the photo indicating the location of the shooting.
  • Team allows you to copy individual blocks (contents) from one command to another.
  • Team which paves the route in Google Maps from the current location to the preset, by voice, location (you can choose one of three modes of transport, also by voice). Idea - .
  • Team allowing to set "invisible names" for other teams.
  • Team to track baby feeds.
  • Teams allow you to translate text via google translate + team to translate web pages (idea Ars-UA ).
  • Team which allows you to watch free movies and TV shows from Kinopoisk.
  • Team to create collages.
  • Team calculating time for going to bed.
  • Team heartbeat charting.
  • Hash sum, RSS Grabber, RSS Reader fromAnatoliy48 .
  • Team (Cronios) to run other commands in the background. It is recommended to carefully read description and documentation on this team, before starting work (for the provided translation, we thank Anatoliy48 aka PiP_BoY_3000 ).
  • Control Sonoff devices (and not only) using Siri shortcuts.

And do not forget the rules:
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* BOY_32,
Use the corrected version. Enter the name of the book and redirect to the page with the search result, copy the link to epub and return to the team.

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Tell me how to write Commands for the following action:

You need to select several Files from iCloud drive with a specific name and send them via the Share command, it is desirable that you can first see the Files before sending ...


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* imenkv,
multiple files can only be selected manually. You can get by name only one file at a time, because you need to register the path to the file, or you need to fence such a serious garden (if you need to say files of different types, but with the same name, etc.), but for this there is little input and you need a clearly-defined TK.
So what exactly do you need?

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* Chronos1121,
I have photos stored in iCloud, as an option, you can select several files and save their photo gallery and where to send them from ..... is this possible?

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* imenkv,
the question is not in the intermediate file transfer, but in the selection method.
In shorthere if you plan to choose manually.

P.S. If photos are stored in iCloud by synchronizing your library, you won’t be able to select them in this way. In this case, replace the "get file" block with "select multiple photos."

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* Chronos1121,
Unfortunately, it’s not convenient to choose one (
And if you set a command along the file path in iCloud, they set several paths to find files in one command ....
Is this option real?

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Imenkv @ 08/05/19, 14:25*
And if you set a command along the file path in iCloud, they set several paths to find files in one command ....

it is clear that nothing is clear. Please explain specifically what we have as input and what needs to be done (otherwise you have either iCloud or a media library) and how approximately you see all this in work. And then you can already offer something; so far, providing information in snatches does not help the case.

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good day
Tell me, is it possible to run the Sirishortkat command using the command from a third-party application?

for example
So that when you click on the Aqara Wireless button in the gateway coverage area, a specific command from Sirishortkat is launched?

In my Sirishorkat the task for "logging" is configured - i.e. when the command is executed, the current date + time of activation of the command is written to the text file, but it turns out that you can run this command only from the phone’s display or by voice (Siri)
But I need this to be realized by physical button press. I pressed the button glued to the table - it was recorded in the file "date + time" of pressing

PS Now there is a button and Xiaomi whores (not Aqara), but the Mihome application cannot launch action in third-party programs (in Sirishortkat, for example). From the Sirishortkat program you can call an action in the Mihome program, but on the contrary it turns out impossible
I would not want to spend money on Aqara for nothing, because if you do not complete the described task there, then this is a meaningless purchase for me

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* User19901990, this is a question only to the system of your smart home, whether it can work with teams or not. I can’t suggest or advise something specific.
Most likely the answer will be - no, but nevertheless, try reading more about IFTTT script integration.

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The question is specifically to the owner of Aqura, whether it is possible to call Sirishortkat commands from the house application by pressing the physical button

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For a long time I didn’t lay out anything sensible here (somehow I didn’t come across anything sensible at all), but here, in my opinion, the command very useful for leisure:
Frosch Kodik - a team for watching movies and TV shows online (published with the consent of the author @ Catkaster ).

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