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Power consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy Note 9 | Energy talk, tips and cost saving solutions

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Power consumption (autonomy)Samsung SM-N960F Galaxy Note 9

PictureSamsung SM-N960F Galaxy Note 9
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* Alllatitude,
Yes easy ... just click the counter did not have time ...

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* m-a-r_k-u-s ,
Eksinos? how many hours of screen?

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* Ajax575,
Yes he. Without Root. Stoke. The screen is always different (depending on various conditions).
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More recently wassuch a result.

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* bazarik55 , Good Lock ->Routines
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Has anyone used AccuBattery to measure battery capacity? I have a device for 11 months, it shows the actual capacity just below 3600. In my opinion, there is some kind of high wear.

Rep: (92)
heavy-razzer @ 15.07.19, 10:24*
a tall wear.
That you have a tall request to a program that does not know how to accurate capacity measurement.

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Guys, if charge on the company's wireless charging, but not in the fast mode, it is still significantly heated bodies or not?

Rep: (9)
Not heated as usual on the company's Wi-Fi

Rep: (510)
Smartview @ 17.07.19, 0:56*
aryazhat on the type of wireless charging, but not in the fast mode, it is still significantly heated bodies

I charge always on the fast, firm double charging, the "body" of a subject is always warm, each time plus or minus differently!
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Slight heating can not be avoided, since the basis of its work on the principle of electromagnetic induction and an electromagnetic field, and even the phone in the bag probably helps!

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Well, in general, we can say that I am satisfied with autonomy ... Not 11:00 ... but you can at a minimum and get them without Auto Brightness.
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Bought, disappointed autonomy, before it was xiaomi note 5 a couple of weeks ago, kept 2-3 days, a couple of days, too, kept up his s9 plus, note 9 day barely stand up, despite the fact that almost all off, automatic brightness and black theme.

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* bigbrain911,
Turn on the "average cost savings." not much impact on performance, but it will be fun. But in general, yes, optimization-turd ((

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* Bart simpson
Thanks, I'll try, really took off tick restrict background traffic, I need to check e-mail gmail and a couple of services.

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I do not know what you do when you get on the 8.5 hours of screen, etc. and etc.) o.O but I'm in a normal mode of use in the morning navigator during the day on the internet without disabling 4g. sihronizatsiya included as needed working-mail, Wi fi only in the evening at home. of the games if sometimes Clash of clans. get screen 5.5-6chasov, AOD is enabled by the touch. for fun try to disable the constant scanning and is completely AOD. But I will not say that I did not have enough phone for autonomy.

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It so. Xs, like the rules. Custom firmware and core, 80% of the time vayfay, Auto-Brightness (slider rarely above 60% up) AODom not use. Music by BT, surfing, social networks. Calls short.
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Straight furious ........ 9th bucket like, but 4:00 straining screen !!!! On 8th bucket does not go more !!!! Samsung starts to upset !!!!

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* dron660,
Procuring poverbankami charging :)

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From 30% to 9% in 20 minutes - in a climb configuration, and remove applications. The sunny weather, the screen at max.
P.S. phone approximately 10 months

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* dron660 , opinion no one forbids. Constructive, not emotions, are welcome. State what you have done, further prompted, and quieter, please. For emotion there is a spoon.

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Hello. This situation is, I bought a new laptop 9 a couple of weeks ago, sealed, phone info shows the date of manufacture in November 2018, when opened the charge level was 26%. Now I kill all the programs in the hat, do not use package disabler, and ccswe app. And now it turns out that the charge goes away as fast as on the laptop 8, before I had it, but because here the battery more. This is normal and what is not? Thanks in advance!

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