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Samsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9 - Accessories | Smartphone, 6.4 "
What accessories do you use?
Glass [ 25 ] ** [2,95%]
Film [ 38 ] ** [4,48%]
Bumper [ 110 ] ** [12,97%]
Case [ 216 ] ** [25,47%]
Bumper + glass / film [ 157 ] ** [18,51%]
Case + Glass / Film [ 217 ] ** [25,59%]
Do not use [ 85 ] ** [10,02%]
Total votes: 848

Rep: (568)
Accessories forSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9
PictureSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9
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Safety glasses and films
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Reason for editing: Nillkin Case + film QBcraft

Rep: (791)
Here issuch copyFull bottom.
It is impossible to use the telephone. All the buttons are clamped. The holes do not match. Leg joke.
Arrival for dremmelem expanded cable hole, and to grind off button from the inside. But still, it's rubbish.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

At the same time I decided that the original does not suit me. All the same, I want to book. That with pocket: D

Rep: (5)
Prompt can be encountered. Put in the bag body and start to pop up a message, 'do not forget to put a pen down' and burn the icon. No search results, apparently this is not an anomaly and can be treated. And maybe radically, but the money sorry)

Rep: (110)
* Wils ,
And what kind of cover that?

Rep: (5)
Here it is.

Attached images
Attached Image

Rep: (6)
I want such a case. Where can I buy?

Attached images
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Rep: (11)
* dr1agon,
Funny covers palms do. And I for my pda's a yuzal.
Attached Image

The company also manufactures covers. Here and H9 (although other shapes)

Post has been editedmrQ - 18.11.18, 07:58
Reason for editing: Well, again,

Rep: (10)
Good morning, colleagues. He wore his beast. The screen glass from MVideo (there is one at about 1.3 K), the village is perfect. Almost covers the edges. black frame. If exactly put, it generally like a native. The settings include increased sensitivity of the screen. The result is no glass. Everything is perfect. I took a bundled 3 original cover. Not one does not conflict. It does not touch the edge. Case clear cover. It looks gorgeous. If anyone needed, ready to part with the other two original covers for a reasonable price. Write in dissolved. They only were opened for inspection and selection to the machine.
1.Protective standing cover. The black
2.Silicone cover black
Photos will cast later as still sitting on the phone.

Attached images
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Post has been editedJN92 - 18.11.18, 09:05
Reason for editing: Photo

Rep: (170)
* JN92,
1. bought him out of all covers chose the piercing Protective Standing Cover? What was he like?
2. Glass black faces on the edges of the screen to the left and to the right closes the bit image or not?

Rep: (98)
Hey. I bought the animal, just in case Spigen Liquid Air, I can not decide with the glass / film. There is 100% the best option? I reviewed everything he had found, but somehow it always 50/50. The glass should be as I understand it is not the entire screen, it picks .inache Case
Attached Image
Attached Image

Rep: (10)
MADMAXAKTAU @ 17.11.18, 15:39*
Here is a copy of the complete bottom.

Also he took (a few pages ago, wrote a review), but I have all the same plugs
MADMAXAKTAU @ 17.11.18, 15:39*
Leg joke

Wow. Recently unsuccessfully smack, just as the stand and the leg broke off ... then look was open - and at knife clip (is removed) and it just popped out of the groove!
Interestingly, in the original, too, right?

mrQ @ 18.11.18, 07:57*
The screen glass from MVideo

There too he took, but I lived it 2 days (still did not cover) - the phone was on charge in the morning was awakened by a call, talk, put back, and somehow carelessly brushed. I fell to the floor with trilyazha (height 50 cm). Well, I think kabzdets (fell on the screen) flip - all the glass in the cracks. He threw a paste. Did not check, but I think if no glass would have fallen, nothing happened. But as they say, "All that is done - all the better!")

Post has been editedyamaec - 18.11.18, 11:16
Reason for editing: the story of the glass)

Rep: (25)
yamaec @ 18.11.18, 11:06*
Then I saw - and in knives clip (is removed) and it just popped out of the groove!
Interestingly, in the original, too, right?
I checked on the original as well: D

Rep: (1)
Which bag is best suitable to the film Bronoskins full body? So as not to cling to the edge.

Post has been editedLewsigh - 18.11.18, 13:05

Rep: (127)
* Lewsigh , Nillkin TPU and Frosted fit.

Rep: (10)
(Shmulik) @ 11/18/2018, 8:41*
* JN92,
1. bought him out of all covers chose the piercing Protective Standing Cover? What was he like?
2. Glass black faces on the edges of the screen to the left and to the right closes the bit image or not?

No. 3. bought himself left the company transparent silicone. He's thin, but the edge made harder. If not level, then hit exactly break down and nothing will happen. In hand sits perfectly. But of course like in any transparent, a little dust clogged. But not critical. Once a week or two brush. Rough inside surface is not so much dust stuffed. On the glass. On each side of the edge a little close. But in this you will not see. Not knowing that the glass black border, do not even say what it is. Convenient to use. No effect when flipping that clings to your finger over the edge of the glass. All right. The effect is not glued glass, too, when no Tapan center of the screen. All right. The dust under the glass a little clogged. The screen is turned off completely a few where there is a speck of dust. At work and in an unnatural light is not visible. Closes black stripe screen just above. However, in normal operation, it is not visible. Of all the applications found only in PUBG game. For the rest, there is no generally faces. Nothing covers. As a result, a slim carrying case and glass. It underlines the whole design of the device. At Old c7 so found nothing like that. Generally satisfied completely. C7 always on the film set. I stay here in this glass.

Rep: (427)
Advise an inexpensive glass with full sized with Ali, wearing a hat is not particularly found of options out there for 5 thousand praising. Just as I have uv lamp, without it will probably cheaper

Rep: (107)
* megapro17,
2 pcs. full UV glue liquid lens for samsung S9 S8 Note 8 plus 1 pc. UV-radiation, and 2 pcs. liquid adhesive for Galaxy Note 9 Protector Shield
Write to the seller that the glass should be without a lamp.

Rep: (17)
* KeyMag, plus or minus 20 days have passed from the window stickers with Ali. What observation? Cracks any apparent or schools? I think prozapas buy only here wondering if UV light I have is whether the glass can be ordered without the device and whether it will affect the price?

Rep: (127)
* bisbender , It does not matter. As on the first day. Not even scratched. Yes, if you talk with the seller can send only glass and glue. And the price will be significantly lower.

Rep: (7)
As for my treatment on the glass replacement Whitestone Dome Glass warranty or refund ....
I bought in Imago Boom in Belarus. Glued itself. I went gossamer ...
The imago that either refused to return .... I decided to wrestle with them ... They made emphasis on the fact that the glued themselves - are free .... Then he offered to hand over the glass with the phone in the SC (he did in another city) I of course refused. And now suddenly wrote bring his glass, plus accessories to it and take the money.
At first I was glad .... But there is a BUT. In Belarus, such glass is no more. With the United States does not have druzhim- duty on goods worth more than 22 euros ..... only in Russia?
Can someone give a link to a certified Imago who may be working with e-mail in another country.
More alternatively -ostatsya with the glass which has a)))

Post has been editedBoy77ruS - 08.05.19, 03:06
Reason for editing: Removed offtop

Rep: (24)
NEJRO @ 19.11.18, 11:43*
After window stickers Whitestone Dome for 3 hours at the edges went gossamer .... ((((

Well, I recall. beautiful film skinomi, bought on Amazon. glossy.
September normal flight, only pleases. delivered in 3 weeks.

Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

https: //www.amazon.com...d_o0_img? ie = UTF8 & psc = 1

with firm cover - book (clear view standing cover) perfectly friendly. despite the fact that it took a full version of the film (Full Coverage Screen Protector)

in the package were two films, but first I zaparoleny his crooked hands, well that was a spare.

the film is made from a material developed by NASA to protect the shuttle (they really still falling, but certainly not because of the film).
It is the strongest film on the market (so they write on the site, I think the Americans they would have long ago condemned if it was not true)

and there is another feature that although there are competitors - it does not scratch. more precisely, scratching themselves are tightened and disappear.

TechSkin is the next generation of film protectors - made from the same material used to cover helicopter blades and NASA space shuttles. TechSkin offers true scratch protection. Just try scratching it with your keys. TechSkin's "self-healing" technology prevents scratch marks from staying on the film's surface, keeping its glossy and new look. Now that's real scratch protection!

Got some lint caught underneath or improperly aligned the screen protector during installation? While other screen protectors become ruined because of this, TechSkin is removable, washable, and re-applicable during installation. TechSkin provides maximum scratch protection like no other. Do not confuse TechSkin with other screen protectors or knock-offs. There is only one TechSkin!


• The clearest film on the market

• The toughest protection film on the market

• The ultimate scratch-resistant film for your gadgets and devices

• Adds protection to your gadgets and devices without bulky cases

• Keeps the device manufacturers' original sleek design

• Grip-improving ridges assure smooth feel while making the device easier to grip and hold.

• Easy to install film cuts that maximize coverage while minimizing customer's efforts.

• The clear "Protection for Perfection."

• Lifetime replacement warranty



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