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Samsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9 - Accessories | Smartphone, 6.4 "
What accessories do you use?
Glass [ 34 ] ** [3,57%]
Film [ 42 ] ** [4,41%]
Bumper [ 119 ] ** [12,5%]
Case [ 241 ] ** [25,32%]
Bumper + glass / film [ 176 ] ** [18,49%]
Case + Glass / Film [ 252 ] ** [26,47%]
Do not use [ 88 ] ** [9,24%]
Total votes: 952

Rep: (582)
Accessories forSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9
PictureSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9
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Safety glasses and films

S-Pen Information
Cables 5A for our smartphone are not recommended. Fast charge will not be !

Regarding filling the caps, correcting information, corrections, please contact the QMS .

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Reason for editing: The maximum charging power Samsung Galaxy Note9

Rep: (53)
* gin_alexx,
Also in store pokleit film from N8 silicone. In principle everything is OK.

People, nobody found the cover, tissue both c9 (like a bud of lace)? Very, I liked the infection on vidos ...

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Rep: (65)
* ar7em.,
Knitting that?
Ali must be sought
but later
Origami looks like this will not happen
It's a pity!

Rep: (1240)
* ar7em Without this cover it?
MOFi original case for samsung Galaxy Note 9 note9 cover behind the fabric resistant cover for CAPAS coque samsung note 9 Case
http:? //s.aliexpress.co...eiy fromSns = Copya link

Rep: (35)
* shyrik1970,
Sorry, but why not have a sticker on the camera cut to a flash? On the pulse sensor has a measurement and the flash turns glued.

Rep: (354)
* Serzh7411,
Cutouts all left, as it should, and near the glass of the camera is specially sealed so as not to scratch, when you put on the table, etc.

Rep: (114)
Who knows, from here note 8 glasses fit with a label with a UV lamp?

Rep: (6)
I went with music 8 from the start of sales of the film, without glass cover only protectiv standing samsung. Not a scratch, yesterday received 9 also do not intend and do not advise)

Rep: (17)
Good evening. Tell me it makes sense to buy a glass of Mokolo or nillkin?

Rep: (114)
* skfandorin,
If there are glass with glue and a lamp.

Rep: (17)
* ghost49 I do not understand ... it's like? Can you explain?

Rep: (52)
advise the holder in the car. pliz. H9 for thick in the case.

pol'zuyu samsungovsky holder, since the time of 3 laptop laptop or 2, do not even remember.

but in your own laptop cover 9 clear view standing cover ceased normal intermeddle in the holder in the car.
wrapped back cover adds a very thick.

he holds, but I'm afraid that will be thrown out.

Rep: (6)
* semen.j15 That you have to cover for SGN9? Wireless charging works with him?
I think the best option for the car would be the holder with built-in wireless charging fast. So far, unfortunately, I did not find a credible option.
If someone uses a built-in holders Fast, wireless charging for cars, share, please, the name of the model and the impressions of use.

Rep: (1240)
* Hector_Rioshimoto , I should own from Samsung

Rep: (13)
Hector_Rioshimoto @ 29.08.18, 21:34*
If someone uses a built-in holders Fast, wireless charging for cars, share, please, the name of the model and the impressions of use.

This is the kind to use:https: //ru.aliexpress....311.0.0.177d33eda8YpjZ
bad option. Charging itself is good, but the attachment to the grid kondeya - sucks bad and keeps falling off. This is important: it is necessary to strengthen the charging on the condo. Just today tested its new laptop with this charge, just put it down to the bottom of the niche. After about five minutes the phone beeped an unusual sound and a message is displayed: detected overheating, the charging is suspended, will resume when the temperature returns to normal. Yes, there was a terrible heat, but it happens often, so cooling for such a thing is necessary.
I looked like thishttps: //ru.aliexpress....d605&priceBeautifyAB=0
Here Holder looks solid, probably will order.

Rep: (52)
Hector_Rioshimoto @ 29.08.18, 22:34*
what is your cover on SGN9?

native brand clear view standing cover
type such current nintendo. see below.

if you wrap the cover back, then wireless is not charging finishes.

so just need a big car holder


https: //www.1galaxy.ru..._65_66&product_id=4206

Attached Image

Post has been editedsemen.j15 - 29.08.18, 23:20

Rep: (0)
dent729 @ 30.08.18, 1:59*
bad option

Granted, at the very same. Put mounting on the magnetic holder of the Rock. It keeps well.
Charging itself permanently disconnected, it turns on. The main thing when restarting the phone has not been charged yet fast wireless, had to take it off and put zanogo that was fast charge. Helped to the nearest small bumps, and charging again disables / enables. Scored, connect the cable to the phone, fast charging. Still do not like that can not be rotated to the vertical position, the phone falls out.
The proposed version of your interest, I think, too, to take.

Rep: (248)
filmBronoskinswho have already bought there impressions? Ordered matt set - on not8 was gorgeous, we'll see in a couple of days ...

Posted 08/30/2018, 8:42:

shyrik1970 @ 26.08.18, 12:47*
Stuck his favorite film BRONISKINS

matt did not try?

Rep: (10)
semen.j15 @ 29.08.18, 23:20*
advise the holder in the car. pliz

From November 2017 to use a charging machine.https: //ru.aliexpress....311.0.0.274233edpAnLOs
Very satisfied. Fast, keeps well in the climate lattice phone on charge with navigation cold.

Rep: (52)
Kentus71 @ 08/30/18, 8:54*
keeps decently on the lattice of the climate, the phone is charging with navigation cold.

heated in winter)
I do not know. The most convenient for me is the lower left corner of the windshield (on my suction cup to the glass), to the left of the instrument panel.
Yes, it is inconvenient under the left hand, but this is almost not a problem. but the rest is beauty.
I stretched a little cover, it seemed to become a samsung cradle. Toko its beginning now down pull.
all-n9 - ta escho bandura)
(Well, what I wrote above, the corporate cover-book did not fit)

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Reason for editing: Removed spaces between lines.

Rep: (53)
* semen.j15,
Throw please refer to its cradle

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