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Samsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9 - Accessories | Smartphone, 6.4 "
What accessories do you use?
Glass [ 33 ] ** [3,51%]
Film [ 41 ] ** [4,36%]
Bumper [ 117 ] ** [12,45%]
Case [ 240 ] ** [25,53%]
Bumper + glass / film [ 174 ] ** [18,51%]
Case + Glass / Film [ 247 ] ** [26,28%]
Do not use [ 88 ] ** [9,36%]
Total votes: 940

Rep: (581)
Accessories forSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9
PictureSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9
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Safety glasses and films

S-Pen Information
Cables 5A for our smartphone are not recommended. Fast charge will not be !

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* ek makarek , On top of the finger does not cling, cling to the sides of the finger.

Rep: (2)
yamaec @ 07.11.2018, 08:16*
* Keymag , In the near future can not.
From identified shoals for evening use - Bixby button is pressed all the time at the slightest touch (I'm left-handed and thumb constantly falls on it)

Today took the same. Bixby Button worries badly. Phone lying on the table permanently switched on at random, angry. What to do?
Stylus barely gets very much drowned it turns out, is only the tip of the little finger can get. In general, two kinds of experience, such as with a beautiful view, in the hand is very comfortable, but the buttons are living their lives.

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Always I enjoyed Tech21 Evo Wallet but the new Case Cover proved a magnet. This magnet does not normally use the S-pen. I returned back. And he bought this one analogue Oxford Galaxy Note 9

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Rep: (20)
So little report.
Yesterday acquired Note 9, immediately cover itSamsung Silicone cover .
Then puzzled film / glass, local shop offered a solution byRedline corning the price 3500 . He refused because of the price, plus it is why it is covered with black, I tried to see that dye snap off the screen on the sides. Came into the store Samsung, there offered Whitestone Dome Glass the price 4500 Also refused, they took the glass from Red Line behind 1400 rubles, I was told - sorry. And that's what I say, sorry miser pays twice, because the sides are not glued and the glue did not help, but only made worse as a result of glass breakage. Experience all that the bonding can have worked in the hardware store. Today started smoking spaces of the Internet and think about Whitestone Dome Glass behind 4500 rubles: D All the same, decided how to split the screen does not like, and a set, you know, convincing. Visited the site of Samsung, I flew 5% discount when ordering for 30 minutes, I think, well, at least sympathetic sekonomlyu, confirmed the order (thankfully not paid online), and began to look for cheaper parallel, alas search in ya.marketah etc. . They failed, everywhere 4500 . Got upset. But I thought that it was better to give the money than sorry about the broken screen. Then think let me go to the website, where he bought a Note 9 and the ASO is glass stands 3500 rubles! Most I booked and went after him. Overall a decent set. I began to read the instructions. And now Nuances , In manual says use builder's level on the surface where you will glue the glass, I scored and it regretted ! Had knees propping up the table, so that the liquid is flowed back home, so do not neglect this advice. Otherwise, you can greatly regret not leaked to the liquid. by the way necessarily seal tape or sticker dynamics, like as in the set to be the aforesaid, but I did not have it, used construction tape. Further, not yuzayte laptop As charging for the UV lamp, it is better to connect an external battery (I used pauerbenk from Samsung). Stuck film from the first. The results are very pleased with the . And by the way more advice, read the instructions before gluing PAIR time. And best of 3 times. Also in the expanses of the Internet and the website of this company has video instructions. The glass itself is completely transparent, does not close an eye scanner, and camera (generally a notch), only covers a led light. Covers the glass is not completely on the edges takes place under the covers, I think not at all, but for many types of covers. Finger glides pleasantly, with a pen problems just do not watch. EDGE panel is working properly, a finger does not cling to the edge. I put a photo that clearly you see the indentation, etc. If you think about buying it, write, I will say where he bought at the normal price.
PS If you think buying a glass, and even at that price, the answer is -Strongly agree . I am very sorry that yesterday gave 1400 ru nowhere. I hope my review will be useful to someone. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Rep: (129)
* bisbender Similar review writing and I've put the glass, I just did clear all the instructions on a flat table, glass really great, but after a month on its own spider went on the glue under the glass on the edge of curved glass, slowly growing, so here such pies, maybe you are lucky ...
By the way I remembered nuance, because of which most likely spider I went when pasted bubble one appeared just at this edge with the label I was a little davanul to him to drive here probably and davanul on his head, touch seems even impossible when the label is glass at least put pressure on him but this assumption because it is strange that it all started spontaneously after a month of normal use

Rep: (20)
MADMAXAKTAU @ 10.11.18, 00:05*
spontaneously within a month of normal use
Very strange, at first thought of the cold, but then I remembered that cold as this was not observed (talking about Moscow). And somewhere caught a glimpse of slops in the instructions that the press and that it is impossible to do. Although perhaps make up one's mind, I can not verify, threw instructions. I will keep up to date a couple of months. I hope everything will be buzzing.
In the UPD, on the site I found attached to the post screen. This applies to the subject of plywood, but I think in your case, there was such a thing taking place.

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Rep: (335)
Having read various reviews about Whitestone decided to buy MTS shares for 2490. pasted all the instructions turned out, I thought well, on the next day here:

Attached Image

With the quality seems they all became ill :(

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Rep: (3)
Good day to all.
Who uses samsung leather cover note 9? You can put the device in a cover photo? (It is advisable to phone in blue brown cover) Well, what emotions the use? Is the wireless charging work?
Most interested in thickness. Led cover looks bulky, in my opinion. Leather cover in our stores is not available. Blindly I do not want to order, given the cost of cover.
Thank you in advance.

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Rep: (14)
* gumbi , A finger pressed glass? Itself has laid down?

Rep: (335)
* dzr76,
camo glue evenly flowed

Rep: (20)
gumbi @ 10.11.2018, 09:07*
Having read various reviews about Whitestone decided to buy MTS shares for 2490. pasted all the instructions turned out, I thought well, on the next day here:

[Attachment = "14370556: l9Xe5WY ... nAB + hYw.jpg"]

With the quality seems they all became ill :(

I can not understand the photo, I come unstuck on the faces in the zone of the screen bevel or cracked?
But such an action in which department? here yesterday wrote a review on whitestone and took just the same in the MTS. But the price was 3500. And by the way there I told the employee that this glass is a guarantee, perhaps it is not true, but it is worth trying to go - to exchange the goods does not comply svob function. UV lamp as used? 15 + 15 seconds and then 30 + 30 or 60 + 60?
PS my glass like all gud.

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Rep: (335)
* bisbender,
Yes on the faces come unstuck, all well done according to the instructions. The other day, I think sezdit learn about the warranty

Rep: (129)
* gumbi , That I have also only a month and also all perfectly laid down, it seems to me it is still a marriage, most likely geometry glass broken, and they go around the edges have someone immediately who is due naprugi over time feedback and since they are not elastic, respectively spider goes then, that I have this spider appeared and seemed stalled until no longer growing strongly, watching

Posted on 11/10/2018, 13:27:

DobtyCot @ 10.11.18, 13:16*
They may (in vaytstoun) write a complaint that MTS some get on selling?
I wrote to them personally they disown said that someone bought by the claims, and, as if on their website to buy only full support for a year, but for Russia there is no such option

Rep: (335)
Well, you at least a month everything was ok and I the next day: D evening morning pasted here: D

Rep: (858)
More about the film - I was looking for myself in the body (on the Sony xz premium) something like bronoskins, but he could not have her stick. Foundhere it is(Ukraine). I decided to try it myself. Well, let's say, to spoil me still happen, but even that came out (this is without a photo, I better write) is very interesting. That is - the film is glued wet falls on all curved surfaces (full screen). Not yet dried up - a horrible picture. Dried - it is always excellent, the fingers on it almost does not remain, hardly noticeable - where the cut-outs can only be seen at an angle. Finger slides perfectly. Brightness, contrast, sharpness - all without problems.
End film that now N9 - will be glued to both sides of this.

Rep: (25)
* MADMAXAKTAU , And this is exactly cobwebs on the glass, not on glue? For some reason I think it's just an old, poorly polymerizable glue, just lose elasticity over time, or did not originally quality

Rep: (129)
* ek makarek Of course it's on the glue, and I say, glass nothing to do with, the adhesive does not stand up well, and the glass marriage gives too likely

Rep: (25)
* MADMAXAKTAU While hardly the case in the glass, you do it is not pressed, ie, not deformiruete. I doubt that it was the next day or a month starts to bend terrible horseradish. There should it be such stresses h Oba they manifested Art time. Of course a certain flexibility and plasticity must be clean at least for temperature restrictions extensions, which apparently is not domglasse no glass, no glue

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Rep: (3)
* Crazy tech ,
CrazyTech @ 10.11.18, 11:48 *
Who uses samsung leather cover note 9?

Samsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9 - Accessories (Post priskons # 76317536)

Rep: (20)
gumbi @ 10.11.18, 13:15*
I'll go find out but I think the guarantee was to him if I have or have pasted 'officials

Well, I is such garbage on the sides just yet manifested itself with the first glass from the Red Line (photos under the cut). There poured glue is sensitive, who walked in the set fails, then to review peekaboo saw one guy who glued glass (ordered Ali), thereby spoiling the phone display (photo breakage is also attached). I horrified to unstick it nafig and hysterically began to wipe the phone with an alcohol wipe.

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