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Samsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9 - Accessories | Smartphone, 6.4 "
What accessories do you use?
Glass [ 34 ] ** [3,57%]
Film [ 42 ] ** [4,41%]
Bumper [ 119 ] ** [12,5%]
Case [ 241 ] ** [25,32%]
Bumper + glass / film [ 176 ] ** [18,49%]
Case + Glass / Film [ 252 ] ** [26,47%]
Do not use [ 88 ] ** [9,24%]
Total votes: 952

Rep: (582)
Accessories forSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9
PictureSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9
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Safety glasses and films

S-Pen Information
Cables 5A for our smartphone are not recommended. Fast charge will not be !

Regarding filling the caps, correcting information, corrections, please contact the QMS .

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Reason for editing: The maximum charging power Samsung Galaxy Note9

Rep: (25)
Friends, as well as the case with a side curtain for all of these glasses? Probably inconvenient to use with step in glass edge of the screen? All work?
Pysy. It's about glasses not reaching the edge of the screen (ie, virtually all).

Post has been editedek makarek - 28.10.18, 14:51

Rep: (134)
* ek makarek ,
I have all the normal work. I do not feel discomfort, the finger is not particularly climbs between the cover and glass, what would that feel something.

Rep: (0)
And if there is glass, which reach the screen?

Rep: (25)
* Keymag , Remind, please, what glass you? Something not found on the forum. How to understand this is an analogue domglasa? And yet, if not difficult to throw off a photo in the clear cover (you seem to also have this).

Post has been editedek makarek - 28.10.18, 15:17

Rep: (794)
apono @ 28.10.18, 7:29*
I agree. At the H4 once worn book with a chip, nothing at all, but breaks on the doorstep was ..

More questions: Wireless charging standards through him?
Magnets do not have the same in him?
Description Sell not used to believe)

Rep: (134)
* kugga , Magnets like is not present, but the phone as it responds to it .. But I do not have time to read what he writes .. Charging come already on Friday, so I can not say ...

Rep: (144)
* ek makarek , Glass took such a Yes analogue and did not seem bad. Photos with Clear Cover under spoiler.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image


Post has been editedBoy77ruS - 05.05.19, 22:13
Reason for editing: In the header

Rep: (7)
* ek makarek,
Problems with side curtain there. Glass from Vaytstouna. The edges of the sidewalls are not felt at all.

Rep: (144)
* ek makarek On the brink of my glass felt, depending on the glass. At Clear Cover hardest, and with Silicon Protective Standing is not felt. Without covers just awful. As if you shave your finger :)

Post has been editedKeymag - 28.10.18, 19:00

Rep: (870)
he uses aNillkin AirWho?
I am searching other bodies nillkina this option for our caught the eye. So, without looking, he ordered.
Simply mind quite different from conventional plates.

Post has been editedDmitryus - 28.10.18, 19:10

Rep: (485)
A dream come true, and I found an excellent matte film on the whole screen.
It is molded tightly (without liquid), it does not lag behind the side faces, the fingerprints / traces of the S-Pen do not remain, it is friendly with UAG.
http: //item.gmarket.co…p? goodscode = 1478069600


Post has been editedBoy77ruS - 05.05.19, 22:04
Reason for editing: In the header

Rep: (6)
* V-S-K , but the image quality on the screen does not spoil?

Rep: (485)
* kotel1,
Spoils of course, but not critical compared to other films AG. Colored noise less)

Rep: (114)
And who enjoys what memory card in the phone? :)

Rep: (92)
* ghost49 ,
Enjoyed SanDisk is now no need 512 gigs. : Rolleyes:

Rep: (65)
* V-S-K,

What is UAG?

Rep: (485)
* the_special_one,

Rep: (870)
Another cheholchik GKK Full Protection for a change :-)
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Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image


Post has been editedBoy77ruS - 05.05.19, 14:51
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Rep: (0)
* Dmitryus , Throw ECW link

Rep: (-1)
Maybe, who knows?
Will the original film as S9 and others?
And will ALcantara native to the machine?

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