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Samsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9 - Accessories | Smartphone, 6.4 "
What accessories do you use?
Glass [ 33 ] ** [3,51%]
Film [ 41 ] ** [4,36%]
Bumper [ 117 ] ** [12,45%]
Case [ 240 ] ** [25,53%]
Bumper + glass / film [ 174 ] ** [18,51%]
Case + Glass / Film [ 247 ] ** [26,28%]
Do not use [ 88 ] ** [9,36%]
Total votes: 940

Rep: (581)
Accessories forSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9
PictureSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9
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Safety glasses and films

S-Pen Information
Cables 5A for our smartphone are not recommended. Fast charge will not be !

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Rep: (2)
pvr59 @ 19.10.18, 16:59*
Please advise if the super-super-mega-duper slim carrying case or some tape on the back of better stick,
so as not to scratch the phone.

Do not spoil the unique design Note 9 !!! It takes a long time from the fifth note. Natur skin. Thin sticker is kept firmly perfectly covers the back wall. Note 9 on blue once pasted blue. Looks FIRE !!! SAFE holds in his hand does not slip. And generally pleasant and respectable thing for such a device.

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Rep: (134)
Within two weeks of using the phone in a case Nillkin Qin without the protective glass or film, you will see a lot of small tsarapok PPC and one deep, is felt with a fingernail. While phone use carefully. Now you need to glue the glass ... Though what that fucking light Huawei P20 for the year without the glass cover in the same tsarapok no!

Rep: (22)
Is it possible to cover LED View Cover to always show hours and events (sms, mesenzhery, well, etc.). As in the AOD display, the settings are not found.

Rep: (51)
In the arsenal of a silicone Samsung Protect Samsung and bought nilkin frosted Shield thin black overlay. Very high quality made, the phone in the amount of almost no increase, relative grip, non-slip. Left her on the phone, I recommend.

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Rep: (7)
I photographed the glass as she could. The glass itself is very pleasant, to increase the sensitivity-no need - it works both worked. Tactile sensation is the same as before. In general, if not krivorukost - would be happy to 100%. I hope it at least a half years old hold on ....
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Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

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Rep: (175)
* alviphoto I took on a note of 8 this series. I disappointed. In the cold corners crack and break. It recommends only those to whom the climate allows. We shall wait your withdrawal at subzero temperatures. But, in his hand is fine! I would take, but the experience upsetting.

Rep: (32)
* PaolaPatti,
And what is your case?

Rep: (22)
max654 @ 26.10.18, 16:41*
alviphoto, I took on a note of 8 this series. I disappointed. In the cold corners crack and break. It recommends only those to whom the climate allows. We shall wait your withdrawal at subzero temperatures. But, in his hand is fine! I would take, but the experience upsetting.

There is such a thing, you're right, I'm in this for the cover when below -30 did not get the phone: D

Rep: (7)
* AMYr,
Samsung Protective Standing Cover .... I like. I think he will make friends with the glass ..
By the way, just took out his phone today, so it sits firmly ....

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Rep: (0)
All welcome. I write my first post on this forum: thank_you:
I could not come to terms with great prices on the protective glass, and bought 2 glasses of about 650r:

"4PCS UV Full Glue Liquid Screen Protector For Samsung Note 8 September Tempered Glass For OPPO Find X For Samsung S9 S8 Plus S7 Edge"

Parcel arrived in record time: 8 days to Rostov-on-Don.
Glass content. At the brink of the glass at 90 degrees, not rounded. The width of the glass is equal to the visible part of the display when viewed from the front of the screen. But when viewed from the side, it is a little bit not quite live up to the edges of the curved screen, but judging by the photos of her glass @PaolaPatti "Dome Glass", there is the same story (probably). The use of it does not interfere. Soft touch is present: slightly worse than that of the smartphone screen, but it does not cause discomfort to enjoy pleasant.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Clay checked on the wrong glass: normally come unstuck, he turns into some sort of a silicone film. He held under ultraviolet light somewhere in a minute.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

By the way, after the previous window, with the adhesive at the edges, remains active option is increasing the sensitivity of the touchscreen. Because of it, I could not understand what kind of misskliki (tachi?) Occur. So this option is not needed in such glasses


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Rep: (71)
Case arrived today UAG. I liked. It inspires confidence.
Attached Image
Attached Image

Rep: (64)
* A.Danil004,

Display without film?

Rep: (71)
* the_special_one Nothing on the glass is glued. so I waste, no damage With s8 year.

Rep: (7)
I feel that my glass is not told to live a long time, because of my the same stocks, but as soon as needed - again I buy glass from Vaytstouna. And no more. And yes, I will be glued again - itself. (And after, too, if pridotsya- itself). I'm still a bit not a word level - the glue gone over to the other side. (Although it tried first with water, no glass of course). Glass look for another will not even - I think at the moment - it's the best. The sensation is its absence - my main motivator. Glue the side to remove easily. No buttons, no speaker, no datchiki- not flooded nothing.
With cover Protective Standing Cover + Vaytstoun glass from a friend of a friend do not interfere. Before cover zazor- 1 mm.
Now we are exactly in the tank) pah-pah.

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Rep: (134)
Hello. Once I saw on the screen at a tremendous Scratchy, the next day came to myGlass ordered Ali. Ochup on standards, quality standards, oleofobka present. Glass clean the screen glue checked on another glass, glue 2500 is easily torn off. Pokleit first time in the life of a glass vidosiki not looking, recommendations proignoril ... stick the first time, glue the floor butilki poured, placed, pressed in the middle, it rastekolos on its glass form, wait a minute, and shone his lamp. Nowhere is nothing flowed, fell sensitivity. This glass can recommend. Overall experience 4.5 out of 5.

glass Packaging
Attached Image

Attached Image

Phone in glass
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image


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Rep: (11)
* apono , Tell me, what kind of cover-book use?

Rep: (134)
* yamaec ,
This one

Rep: (794)
* apono I see a shortened spine. The cover is not skewed on the screen?
At the root of which full-height, a little skewed, but tolerable. And such I see, it seems that there is much ..
The link I have this item in the saved, but I do not take do not take

Rep: (134)
* kugga ,
Oddly enough, not really even skewed. While the new, so do rovnenko always went, and when roznosil slightly skewed went almost 1-1.5mm, but it is only a plus, since it wipes the screen in such a way. What is nice. Cover this model, I do not use the first year is not the first phone. He served where a year. Often cracked embers .. And then, after the tile and falls from a 80cm cover ... so happy and full spine wear out faster and loses estetiku within 3-6 months.

Rep: (6)
What is now the best glass on the machine? Give a couple of links with Ali or the Market

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