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Samsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9 - Accessories | Smartphone, 6.4 "
What accessories do you use?
Glass [ 33 ] ** [3,51%]
Film [ 41 ] ** [4,36%]
Bumper [ 117 ] ** [12,43%]
Case [ 240 ] ** [25,5%]
Bumper + glass / film [ 174 ] ** [18,49%]
Case + Glass / Film [ 248 ] ** [26,35%]
Do not use [ 88 ] ** [9,35%]
Total votes: 941

Rep: (581)
Accessories forSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9
PictureSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9
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Safety glasses and films

S-Pen Information
Cables 5A for our smartphone are not recommended. Fast charge will not be !

Regarding filling the caps, correcting information, corrections, please contact the QMS .

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Stoklyshko came today ... Tomorrow, if I shall be going with the thoughts will .... Today voyat shower (hand) does not lie
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Rep: (4)
* PaolaPatti , Hi. Where ordered at what price?

Rep: (5)
Edik 70 @ 24/10/18, 17:37*
Look for the link with the wireless charging should be friends, I have not tried.https: //rover.ebay.com...k%2Fitm%2F392108604822

Something it for some scary money selling on ebee:https://www.amazon.de/...keywords=spigen+note+9

And you have wireless Internet did not work check? I have something somenvayus order or not, and then we somehow unexpectedly good start to work and mail an old trick with free return because late delivery is already working somehow unwarranted.
P.S. If you have already answered, then sorry. There's a full glass glue or only on the frame? Dotmatriks there?

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Rep: (144)
* Edik 70 You can picture the glass at different angles on the phone.

Rep: (112)
* KeyMag,
There is no possibility to make a photo. I can say that the glass is good to use with a cover of the same firm. TK It has a small clearance from the edges that closes spigen case turns perfectly for me personally. I have to say that compared to other glasses, is better suited to the screen, it is. Tk was another glass, I do not remember the name but not deshovoe 1500K, it is I got, the sensors are not obscured and dust jammed under glass, I took it and stuck it immediately felt the difference. The choice is yours. I have experience of this.

Rep: (144)
* Edik 70 Just from the description on the website and your words I did not understand it has an adhesive layer completely or only on the perimeter?

Rep: (11)
KeyMag @ 25.10.2018, 14:50*
* Edik 70 Fully adhesive layer or only on the perimeter?

Judging from the video site spigen glue only on the perimeter.

Rep: (144)
* Edik 70,
NeoFlex far as I know the film ala bronoskins.

So I ask to clarify that people would not confuse the two.

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Rep: (112)
* KeyMag,
I called the spigan, they said that they produce 2 kinds of glass, I realized one over the whole area with an adhesive base, and the other at the edges. Available color (colored frame), those on the edges and transparent over the entire surface. I bought the color (black) appears to be on the edges of the adhesive, but I do not feel. Glass fits tightly and efficiently. I like.

Rep: (48)
alvasir @ 24.10.18, 19:27*
In the description mentioned about the back magnet. With wireless charging tried? Friends?

all charges and fine standing and lying)

Rep: (49)
I decided to check how our machine will work with multiple (3 pieces) through flash drivesthe adapter. Everything works without problems throws movies and pictures between flash drives.

Attached Image


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Rep: (781)
Has anyone got an adapter for GearVR? Actually, there is already a new version of points (2018), but Russia has not yet arrived, sort of. Those who have some experience?

Rep: (21)
* ChaserSX1 ,
No reason not to answer, what difference with this model from the brand samsungovskoy dock dex in terms of mode and other features. I decided and ordered the thing. So how to use will rarely, if ever, will be, and the cost is almost two times lower.

Rep: (39)
Mr. Alexander @ 26.10.18, 1:09*
What is the difference of this model from the brand samsungovskoy dock dex in terms of mode and other features.

Nothing. Dex-mode phone in the docking station is a usb-hub, the only plus - is the installation of the phone in the cradle and the presence of the fan.

Rep: (21)
* Dimian ,
In phone mode, Dex really hot? Need a cooler?

Rep: (39)
Mr. Alexander @ 26.10.18, 1:24*
In phone mode, Dex really hot? Need a cooler?

About not9 not say, because yet not really yuzal included dock only for the verification regime, and in the cooler not8 heard only once, and it seems to me that at that moment the phone just in direct sunlight was because nothing productive is not used in the DEX-mode.
I myself plan to order this adapter - very comfortable due to the compactness take with them.

Rep: (28)
nakir @ 24.10.18, 19:20*
Cases have come to Ali, this manufacturer ordered earlier on other phones, the quality is excellent, get a pen handy. To purchase is recommended.

They are rough or smooth? On the screen go?

Rep: (144)
I bought all the same Protective Standing Cover after put the cover on the phone realized that in such a case, you can use the phone as a blunt weapon :) Weight clearly overkill gets. posterior wall thickness becomes an over dohrena. What is most interesting in his hand, and the truth is convenient, well, bonus stand. Until I decided leave him or all the same no. As they say it is necessary to denounce and we'll see. Maybe someone will be useful to the wireless charging that Duo, is charged on both markets, with no problems.

Rep: (7)
* Peace42 There are two options, there is rough, there are smooth. On the screen come from above and below. If you turn, the table does not touch the screen.

Rep: (2)
-WOLF- @ 25.10.18, 16:54*
Has anyone got an adapter for GearVR? Actually, there is already a new version of points (2018), but Russia has not yet arrived, sort of. Those who have some experience?

I use the glasses from Note8 (325), everything was connected out of the box, without dop.adapterov.
The only thing that strains - effect telescope. On Note 4 this was not. I think may be a newer model of glasses to correct it.

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