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Samsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9 - Accessories | Smartphone, 6.4 "
What accessories do you use?
Glass [ 32 ] ** [3,44%]
Film [ 41 ] ** [4,41%]
Bumper [ 116 ] ** [12,47%]
Case [ 238 ] ** [25,59%]
Bumper + glass / film [ 173 ] ** [18,6%]
Case + Glass / Film [ 243 ] ** [26,13%]
Do not use [ 87 ] ** [9,35%]
Total votes: 930

Rep: (581)
Accessories forSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9
PictureSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9
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Safety glasses and films

S-Pen Information
Cables 5A for our smartphone are not recommended. Fast charge will not be !

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Rep: (7)
* Dead Warrior,
Well it is clear, after silicone - agree .....

Posted on 21/10/2018, 21:58:

* ek makarek,
Well, of course, it was before the silicone, in another model, I understand what you mean .... I agree. But this I have the feeling of "slip" caused no, on the contrary - on the tactility like rubber .. and thought ... I have for him only one question - how in the course of carrying it in your pocket, do not lose the pants? ....: blush: more from me to him no questions.

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Rep: (16)
I clung to the phoneBronoSkins FullBody + Camera (Gloss) . As a result, feelings mixed o.O
The film itself is strange in itself - a soft kind of ... I scratched her nail accidentally while not restored. The surface which is not flat (see. Photo).
But, in spite of the softness of the film, the stylus rides well, the difference is not particularly noticed, may become a little worse, it is not critical for me.
Stick defense perfectly on the first try even hard video. Well that is a guarantee of 365 days. again)) You can try). Well that first glued behind (the first pancake is always lumpy).
The film fell very well, except for the places where he nakosyachil. Dimensions of one-to-one with the screen, with almost no padding.
With covers of NillKiN about which I wrotehere I think should be friends. Time will tell.
By the way, due to features of the film coating, NillKiN Nature become adhered to the rear wall (there pictured): resent:
At the expense of the rescue "armor" at the fall of the screen or not, hard to say.
I can assume that the structure of soft and tight fit of the film will increase the probability of survival of the screen in the fall, unless of course he will not hit on some cobblestones. Well, then, and the glass will not save IMHO.
In general until I leave. And there, he begins to come unstuck Activate the 365 day guarantee.

A photo
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Attached Image

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Attached Image

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Attached Image


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Rep: (16)
* freemka Also ordered film. Give recommendations to give gluing?

Rep: (23)
Such silicone arrived. Well, nothing. Transparent silicone definitely spoils the view smarta
Attached Image
Attached Image

Rep: (730)
With regards to the glass Chinese counterparts whitestone dome glass, on which UV glue. Colleagues, I have the experience of screen replacement due to the fact that the Chinese put in place TP2500, TP1000. TP1000 is very difficult to remove from the screen, almost impossible at home. The culprit in my case - a store with ali -WuKong . I'm sure other sellers can be the same bases, so I recommend to throw a complete glue in the trash and immediately ordered a normal TP2500. Just please note that all of these moisturizers do not complete signed, use only normal TP2500 purchased separately!
Video comparison TP1000 vs TP2500 -link


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Rep: (139)
* 933 You have strained this information :( I just came to this glass.

Rep: (64)
Need some advice.
Have you met counterfeits UAG?
There is a desire to buy himself Plasma Ice
On Amazon, and others like them, it is worth 39.95 dollars.
Here in Ukraine, even the most trusted stores, its price 899 hryvnia, that at the rate of $ 32.
Mostly it occurs for 750grn or 27 dollars.

It's a fake, do not you think?
After shopping, too, want to make something ...

Post has been editedthe_special_one - 22.10.18, 17:19

Rep: (48)
* the_special_one There is exactly crafts

Rep: (139)
Guys Samsung Clear Cover clear that it is all at the bottom of a little puff? Or I'm lucky?

Post has been editedKeymag - 22.10.18, 18:24

Rep: (17)
freemka @ 22.10.18, 00:31*
I clung phone BronoSkins FullBody + Camera (Gloss). As a result, mixed feelings

Enjoy the work of this company is still on the second iPhone, to note 5, and the eighth, I can say, at that time, and eto15-16god these "products" were a novelty that covered the entire screen, then these glasses was not that covered the entire screen quality frankly do not pull on the price that they ask for, first lost the quality of the screen, white ceases to be white, and similar to what the newsprint, the rough which is no draw clear between the icons on the desktop, the structure itself film distorts the reality of colors and brightness definition screen, was such a case, the latest model in the film that I ordered was bronoskins iPhone 8plyus, after a month of using your eyes getting tired from watching videos, etc. inf. I was advised to buy a glass 5D benefit is also fully covers the screen when I pasted the glass and looked at the screen, I was pleasantly surprised at the dramatic change in fonts, icons, brightness and color, the screen went smooth on a white background, only one pluses I saw in the glass , then I never ordered or adhesive silicone film! Especially for the price. If you do not use the principle, but in general there are native samsungovskaya film which is cheaper and it is not necessary to glue with spray.

Rep: (3)
KeyMag @ 22.10.18, 18:24*
Guys Samsung Clear Cover clear that it is all at the bottom of a little puff? Or I'm lucky?

How does it look? I have these things work. It did not seem to notice ... But took already- tired

Rep: (3)
Who enjoys the way the holder in the car and charging

Rep: (16)
* dimap76,
Yes No I do not fundamentally, before I ordered glass NillKiN 3D CP + Max, but it's the same horror (see. my post ) With the adhesive only on the sides, and Newton's rings in the middle.
Is there a glass to maximize the front surface covering with glue over the entire surface without any gels, UV lamps, drums, dance? Many probably want ...

* artem3333,
I came to the car holder, well, or mat if you want that ordered here:Link to AliExpress
It is a pity of course that it is not Quick Charge and only 1 amp, but it is very convenient to throw the phone without any WoЕєny with wires. Again conveniently quickly to grab the phone to answer the call or the message, and throw back.
Or can be put sideways to navigate or even what xs: D Generally until standards.
Photos with AliExpress
Attached Image

Post has been editedfreemka - 22.10.18, 21:37

Rep: (139)
* Vladjmjr , That's it, no big bulging at the bottom of the cover.
Attached Image
Attached Image

Rep: (14)
KeyMag @ 22.10.18, 18:24*
Guys Samsung Clear Cover clear that it is all at the bottom of a little puff? Or I'm lucky?

I have the same thing, is not very high-quality casting - molds with their problems. In addition, the edge of a fingerprint behind quite felt insufficiently rounded.

Rep: (16)
semfart @ 22.10.18, 11:41*
freemka, too, I ordered film. Give recommendations to give gluing?

I give recommendations based on my debut withBronoSkins FullBody . Seasoned think corrected if something goes wrong. Bottom line here: link to post
0. Examine the video and printed instructions. Turn off smart not to interfere with the inclusion of vibration or screen calls.
1. If this FullBody set - from the back. The first time is the most difficult, if some schools, then a smart ass still in the bag ... so come and ...
2. Do not rush. It's not super glue and not a moment, so quickly dries.
3. Carefully smooth out the film from the center to the edges until all the liquid is released, not sticking with the curved edge. All the bumps under the film persecuted to the nearest edge.
I was in a hurry for some reason, when pasted back. In the end, I stuck and he was sure that all the water expelled. Water remained dry air bubbles that have nowhere to chase: resent:
4. The edges of the glue thoroughly in the latest turn.
5. Edge where cutouts by sensors, camera and gently smoothes earpiece. The film can stretch and move.
6. Cloth is better not pick up at all, as long as not all glue (I've deleted for some reason, the excess liquid with a cloth - has driven a lot of dust and hair in places not yet taped)
7. If you got something better than a film score: lol: if critical, then gently lift, the sooner the better, and be sure to moisten your fingers and even fingerprints remain. I'm a little stretched film when raised to get the hair: resent:
8. Only when everything is ready wipe with a cloth remnants of the liquid. The edges of the film vigorously rub the cloth, except for the top with notches, there can be wet and will move down the film.
9. Hairdryer was not useful. Pasted over the weekend and then dried in a natural way without the cover carefully.


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Rep: (14)
I usually bronoskins bedtime pasted. Pasted and sleep. Morning waking up, and the film is dry and can be used on the phone 100%

Rep: (19)
freemka @ 22.10.2018, 21:13*
I came to the car holder, well, or if you want a rug
you can count with our telephone? how it looks in reality

Rep: (27)
Oh, today screen dropped the phone, I thought that in a corner spall thus display Khan, but had passed, the screen is alive, glass ordinary glue around the perimeter, but nevertheless it is better so than a replacement 30k, think ibroniskins film would not have helped, and now just know that the better the rubber boot with the edge of the display window and even washed-up but with a maximum coverage of the display.

Attached images
Attached Image

Rep: (22)
KeyMag @ 22.10.18, 17:16*
933, you have strained this information :( I just came to this glass.

I also ordered this, I think you can try it first on something: sveta:

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