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Samsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9 - Accessories | Smartphone, 6.4 "
What accessories do you use?
Glass [ 33 ] ** [3,51%]
Film [ 41 ] ** [4,36%]
Bumper [ 117 ] ** [12,45%]
Case [ 240 ] ** [25,53%]
Bumper + glass / film [ 174 ] ** [18,51%]
Case + Glass / Film [ 247 ] ** [26,28%]
Do not use [ 88 ] ** [9,36%]
Total votes: 940

Rep: (581)
Accessories forSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9
PictureSamsung SM-N960 Galaxy Note 9
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Safety glasses and films

S-Pen Information
Cables 5A for our smartphone are not recommended. Fast charge will not be !

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Rep: (11)
* wild44 Only the legs there, and yes, super cover ... In use, and that and that.

Rep: (209)
Liked covers UAG Plio, came to Moscow on very interesting offer
Attached Image

1600 instead of 2700 on the official website, available, such as the original. Confuses a discount to the official price tag.
if anyone would take in this store anything? And is there any precedents fake covers uag at all?

Rep: (143)
* orionys I ask live photos in the studio, if possible.
* wild44 , There is little difficulty, he collects all the dirt after my fingerprint zalyapany and always have to wipe it (scanner) is very common, and indeed still the case that pig Corman turns. The ideal would be a Silicon but less grade of material, except that I have never met.

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as promised upload photos SPIGEN Shockproof Case for Galaxy Note 9 - Tough Armor - Blue - SGP-599CS24591.
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Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image


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All good !!!
All full order with sensitivity with the pasted glasses?
I have on the screen glass "Red Line Corning Samsung Note 9 3D Full Glue" in general when using a telephone everything is fine -. But in the programs for drawing with multitouch gestures, zoom and other sensitivity is not very much, worked through once, it had to include increased chuvtsvitelnost settings - only after this has become the norm. Do you like this - specifically who draws.

Rep: (129)
* Ddma With Glass House no problems all clear

Rep: (11)
DdMa @ 15.12.18, 11:27*
All full order with sensitivity with the pasted glasses?

Attached Image

Rep: (6)
Ufff mastered ... all 106 pages. It was quite difficult, because question about the glass cases and is repeated on almost every page: D
Share your story of using covers / glasses / films

I bought note 9 about 3 weeks ago and immediately decided to drive it in a bag and under glass. In the shop where bought, neither the one nor the other was not there and went to the mall, where there are all federal networks and Samsung official. 'Officials first visited and immediately the issue with the cover has been resolved. I love the minimal covers, it was and found them. The cost was in the region of 900 rubles.

Case Wits
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Case is quite pleasant to the touch and virtually no increase in the size of the phone.

P.s. on the label do not pay attention)

Further, I became interested in glass.
The Official offeredWhitestone Dome Glass But price tag 4.5 Tyra pushed. M. Video went to and there I stuck InterStep 3D Case Friendly for 1390 + 300 rubles for gluing. Wildly strained the black bars on the edges of the screen are cut down, but thought it pereterplyu until I find a normal glass. The next day found that the glass can be easily moved around the screen with your finger. I returned to M. Video. They called it a marriage and It offered a new glass-stick. I agreed. As a result, they were pasted 4 or 5 of these glasses and with each there was something wrong, then they have been sounded that the glass full "G" and offered to refund it. He returned the money and went to look for new glass.
Glass LuxCase
It was found in the DNS for the price of 999 rubles. Price gluing do not remember, because immediately after the director himself silently took the glass and said that those fuckin glasses he had not yet met. I went on.
In one of the departments nouneymnyh I was asked for a glass of 2.5 Tyra in the blue box with the image of a monkey. Unfortunately, he can not remember the name, and the Internet is not found, to lay out here. Glass even glue did not, because simply attach it found that it does not cover the full screen and black bars at the edges as it cut corners.
This was the moment of despair. Psihanul and went back to ofitsialam. Share with them all the stories about the glass and they said with a grin that is nothing betterWhitestone Dome Glass I do not find, and finally persuaded me by offering free paste it. They glued without frames, as their words they are great professionals in this business. Stuck good and Glass really cool, but I saw it fine Scratchy. The manager tried to persuade me that it is very small and I am after all the stories with these glasses decided to score on it. This was the moment of joy, but it is literally on the day 2. How many times already laid out a photo here previously, came to me and run up the web on the left side and began to move to the bottom of the screen. Back to the official. They looked surprised and asked perekleit glass. I agreed. By the way, the new glass has been pasted, because at first they plywood screwed. A very long time they have it dried UV and eventually gave it to me with the words that now just for the ages! Again came joy, this time for a week. A week later, the web has gone on the right side with a stop at the top and bottom of the screen. Again, I go to the official. They displeasure tell me that I am apparently it rukozhop and how to hook it accidentally glass. They have dozens of happy customers go with glass on note 9 and grief do not know. As a result, offer re-stick it to me, but the last time. If it starts to move away again, they will issue me a refund, but under the condition that I have saved a whole set of glass. And I have it saved. Pokleit disgusting, because the bottom edge of the saw is not glued. Telling them this, what they told me, that I can bring everything and they will issue a refund. Gone in half an hour and then re-appeared on the left of the web and evening scattered throughout the side and on the bottom. The next day, I handed him the glass. They cleaned it and carefully packed in a box, that makes me think about a possible his fate on someone new Note 9. Where the same scratch took the first glass, which they glued to me!
I decided to go to another official. They immediately told me that it appears the web at all. Who is the next day, and who is a month or two. So I decided that the glass for 4,5 thousand complete with cobwebs I do not need.
Next saw federal Store Accessories for telephonesKeysBerriThey offered me his versionsafety glass for 699 rubles and 200 for gluing. Themselves immediately removed the window and threw out because it is normally not kleilos.
In the end, me and were read the 106 pages of the forum in the hope of finding a normal variant. At the moment, temporarily glued cheap film liaison for 299 rubles by Note 8 to not zatsarapat glass while the film goes onBronoskins It also regard as a temporary option until I find an adequate glass. By the way, the action on their website does not end in the course)

After studying this topic forum identified several variants of UV gluing glass with Aliexpress, that's kind of like normal rush of people:

1 Glass WuKong. Included 2 glass. The cost in the region of 1200 rubles

2 Nisheng Official StoreYou can order extra glass with him will be released in the region of 1000 rubles

3 Lamorniea Manufacturer StoreFor 1000 rubles set of 4 glasses can be ordered)

4 E-Shine StoreIncluded 2 glass. The cost in the region of 1300 rubles

Glasses described more but these I have called the most confidence. I wonder how they are worn by those who have already bought them some time later. In any case, they all have an adequate price tag, unlikeWhitestone Dome Glass and cobweb on the glass for 500-600 rubles will not hurt to see)

I will try them! I hope together we will find the best option)

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Rep: (7)
Today I received glasseshttps: //ru.aliexpress....311.0.0.40bc33ednFnnk8
Tomorrow I'm going to glue.
Tell me how to keep the UV lamp?
In the description of the product two vzaimosklyuchayuschih indicate the following information:
1.Vremya lighting: 3 minutes (divide the screen into three parts: a. The head, middle and bottom part on the light for 1 minute.
2.Obluchite mobile phone under UV light and to light twice for about 60 seconds to reach a fully cured position.

Rep: (6)
* asdoleg Following the instructions you need to go twice on a minute for each of the 3 parts of the screen. I would do as instructed, because the manufacturer should know better the characteristics of the adhesive supplied to them.

Rep: (794)
* asdoleg Wearing hat video instructions did not help?

Rep: (7)
kugga @ 15.12.18, 23:09*
asdoleg, video instructions in the header does not help?

Watched pieces 5-6 six video gluing glass. Video, which is a cap, of course, also watched.
Especially, in this video uses a large and likely to be more powerful UV lamp professionlnaya.
So I'm asking those who have pasted-how irradiate lamp from the kit to the glass?

Rep: (794)
* asdoleg, silent watch? He says "15 seconds" ... but "we Paranoid" ...
The minutes will be enough. It depends on the quality of the glue more, but that's another question.

Rep: (31)
* vj29, sorry, the first version of a well-worn, and the second glass in hand. The first time such glass glued to his wife and ordered to s9 from the same seller. Temporarily found glass with black frame with glue over the entire surface ... surprised and pleased, but ... a lot of bubbles, drove up and cracked a piece of glass at the top, I thought okay too, but began to peel edge ... still good what also ordered
* asdoleg, After turning the lamp she had turned off, I went through the top, middle and bottom. Then an additional 2 passes. Total 9 inclusions lamp for 3 times at each of the phone

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Rep: (0)
Is it possible to connect Note 9 DEX to a monitor with built-in VGA (D-Sub) through any adapter?

Rep: (2)
My story with Glass: took dome glass in the store with an alien 2400 wooden. Glued himself, I watched the video many times. Cant caught at the bottom of why that was the bubble with the air where the screen is bent (. He discovered it only after irradiation, when spreading was all the rules. Not striking, perfectionism do not suffer. If there is a spider probably move on to the film. Cover ordered ringke onyx for 950, at the post office and get finally zayuzat phone, and it is at home in a box waiting Svoge hour.

Rep: (11)
My Whitestone cracked. Was a scratch in this place, I removed the bumper and is such garbage. There is another (a couple took), but to remove fear. Pokoletsya in the process and harm the screen. What do you think?
Attached Image

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Rep: (6)
* mrQ I'd started to shoot from the right side. But I do not think that the broken glass screen will hurt.

I now wonder how sticky / removal of glasses affects the oleophobic coating?

Rep: (1)
How to make friends our phone with an external hard drive? Tried two different plug, do not get something. Hard to NTFS for 500GB. The idea is to be read without problems, but something does

Rep: (475)
RustamAktau @ 16.12.2018, 19:22*
How to make friends our phone with an external hard drive? Tried two different plug, do not get something. Hard to NTFS for 500GB. The idea is to be read without problems, but something does

In extfat or fat32 format, through otg-cable plug. 1TB sees before in the topic, I shared the screenshots on this topic. A smart battery eating well with this connection.

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