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PUBG Mobile Lite [3D, Online] | [Action] Special version for budget devices
How do you rate the program / game?
Fine [ 310 ] ** [47,18%]
Good [ 163 ] ** [24,81%]
Average [ 111 ] ** [16,89%]
poorly [ 20 ] ** [3,04%]
Terribly [ 53 ] ** [8,07%]
Total votes: 657

Rep: (29)
PUBG Mobile Lite
Version: 0.16.0
Genre: Action

Last update of the game in the header:19.12.2019

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Short description:
Easy version of PUBG for weak devices

PUBG MOBILE LITE is here! Created in Unreal Engine 4, this version of the PUBG MOBILE is compatible with an even greater number of devices and is optimized for devices with less RAM without sacrificing gameplay, which has attracted millions of fans around the world. PUBG MOBILE LITE has a smaller map, which means better game performance, which still preserves the traditional style of the PUBG game!
60 players parachute to the island 2x2 km to win. Players must shoot from their weapons, vehicles and supplies, just do not forget about the shrinking playing area. Get ready to land, search for resources and do whatever it takes to survive ... This is Battle Royale!

2. High-quality graphics and HD Audio
The powerful Unreal Engine 4 creates a stunning visual experience with amazing details, realistic effects and a massive HD map, perfect for the Battle Royale. Immerse yourself in the world, playing with high-quality sound and rich 3D-sound effects.

3. Realistic weapon
Choose from a constantly growing arsenal of deadly firearms, melee weapons and armored vehicles, each of which has realistic ballistics and trajectories that give you the opportunity to shoot, beat or burn your opponents. And we have a pan.

4. Socializing with friends
Invite and team up with friends to coordinate your battle plan through voice chat and create the perfect ambush for your enemies.

5. Fair gaming environment
Powerful anti-cheat mechanisms provide a pleasant and fair environment for all PUBG MOBILE LITE players.

Google Play: Picture
Discrod server: Not off.

Features: 3D, Online

Russian interface: there is

Minimum requirements: Android 4.0.3+, 768 RAM, OpenGL 2.0, Arm7
Intel support is missing! Will you have to play the game experimentally!

version 0.16.0
PUBG Mobile Lite [3D, Online] (Fasting AnimeDroid_Chan # 94856210)
Beta version:

With requests to update the game, please contact the topic:Upgrade your game!

To discuss the gameplay and records was created
Club players PUBG Mobile Lite


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* Liskon Well then today registrations were few

Rep: (2)
Today, I, just for fun, I decided to install the game on your TV box Mi box 3, and a miracle !!!
The game will launch without any lags and friezes, is stable, but in the ultra low-resolution graphics and ...
Please help find solutions to improve the graphics, preferably without the use of Root rights, because the unit does not rutovan not going so far!

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Rep: (49)
* vladyk2282 US bagovanno sometimes climbs through the window, and all

Rep: (8)
Please tell me the way setting cache!

Rep: (5)
The internal memory and Android / obb.

Rep: (49)
* Pawel79, com.tencent.iglite folder in android / obb

Rep: (33)
* EPseL , Graphics, yet you can not change (neither improve nor worsen).

Posted on 27/08/2018, 16:53:

* Pawel79 ,
Cache for the game PUBG MOBILE LITE: Folder archive unzip to / Android / obb /
- need to get as /Android/obb/com.tencent.iglite/

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Rep: (49)
* EPseL, graphics in any way, permit only as root

Rep: (33)
* vvseputem The resolution can be changed using the "pubg hd tool" .Proga without ruta.Govoryat works, I did not check.

Rep: (49)
* Vovka_Cheater_007, there only FPS

Rep: (2)
* vvseputem, * Vovka_Cheater_007, I tried to install, no any sense ...
Sorry ... so I wanted to play.

Rep: (5)

Minimalnyya schedule
Download this fileAttached fileUserCustom.ini(4.34KB)

After the move this file to:Android / Data / com.tencent.iglite / files / UE4Game / ShadowTrackerExtra /
ShadowTrackerExtra / Saved / Config / Android

  • minimum resolution
  • minimum graphics
  • Disable unnecessary effects Open Gl Es 3.0

Config with a resolution of 1366x768

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Rep: (49)
* Loyvsc, how to change the resolution in the config?

Rep: (33)
* Loyvsc Where even minimally?

Post has been editedVovka_Cheater_007 - 27.08.18, 19:57

Rep: (49)
* Vovka_Cheater_007, to run on devices in 2008

Rep: (148)
* vvseputem It is meaningless, why disable OpenGL 3.0 effects, equipment for the 2008 year in which OpenGL 2.0? Ilm I do not understand something?

Rep: (33)
* vladyk2282 Seriously? Someone tried to run the game on the device 2008 with?

Post has been editedVovka_Cheater_007 - 27.08.18, 20:09

Rep: (148)
vvseputem @ 27.08.18, 22:02*
to run on devices in 2008
* Vovka_Cheater_007 ,

Rep: (49)
* vladyk2282 this is a joke, because there is Android 1.0

Rep: (7)
* Loyvsc ,
Loyvsc @ 27.08.18, 21:36 *
minimum resolution

And you can do config 720p resolution, without changes other settings?

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