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PUBG Mobile Lite [3D, Online] | [Action] Special version for budget devices
How do you rate the program / game?
Fine [ 310 ] ** [47,18%]
Good [ 163 ] ** [24,81%]
Average [ 111 ] ** [16,89%]
poorly [ 20 ] ** [3,04%]
Terribly [ 53 ] ** [8,07%]
Total votes: 657

Rep: (29)
PUBG Mobile Lite
Version: 0.16.0
Genre: Action

Last update of the game in the header:19.12.2019

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Short description:
Easy version of PUBG for weak devices

PUBG MOBILE LITE is here! Created in Unreal Engine 4, this version of the PUBG MOBILE is compatible with an even greater number of devices and is optimized for devices with less RAM without sacrificing gameplay, which has attracted millions of fans around the world. PUBG MOBILE LITE has a smaller map, which means better game performance, which still preserves the traditional style of the PUBG game!
60 players parachute to the island 2x2 km to win. Players must shoot from their weapons, vehicles and supplies, just do not forget about the shrinking playing area. Get ready to land, search for resources and do whatever it takes to survive ... This is Battle Royale!

2. High-quality graphics and HD Audio
The powerful Unreal Engine 4 creates a stunning visual experience with amazing details, realistic effects and a massive HD map, perfect for the Battle Royale. Immerse yourself in the world, playing with high-quality sound and rich 3D-sound effects.

3. Realistic weapon
Choose from a constantly growing arsenal of deadly firearms, melee weapons and armored vehicles, each of which has realistic ballistics and trajectories that give you the opportunity to shoot, beat or burn your opponents. And we have a pan.

4. Socializing with friends
Invite and team up with friends to coordinate your battle plan through voice chat and create the perfect ambush for your enemies.

5. Fair gaming environment
Powerful anti-cheat mechanisms provide a pleasant and fair environment for all PUBG MOBILE LITE players.

Google Play: Picture
Discrod server: Not off.

Features: 3D, Online

Russian interface: there is

Minimum requirements: Android 4.0.3+, 768 RAM, OpenGL 2.0, Arm7
Intel support is missing! Will you have to play the game experimentally!

version 0.16.0
PUBG Mobile Lite [3D, Online] (Fasting AnimeDroid_Chan # 94856210)
Beta version:

With requests to update the game, please contact the topic:Upgrade your game!

To discuss the gameplay and records was created
Club players PUBG Mobile Lite


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Reason for editing: New version

Rep: (28)
* Tim853 You put cash? Need to verify the cache and how much weight.

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* aubekir-2-09 , And tried to shake his convenience store, and from here the AIC and cache anyway this crap climbs.

Rep: (28)
* Tim853 Which pubg? Lite? You can try through apkpure site. It is better to download via wifi or unlimited tariff. To flow rates were not in vain.

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Rep: (1)
I could not get started under the apk and cache of caps. PUBG downloaded through APKPure and ran through the Hi VPN Pro (Brazil), all earned.

Rep: (163)
How to run a 100% game? DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS!

It's very simple, download ufo vpn, which throw off below. There arm7, arm64, arm86

He was not asked to update does not require Google services, there is no advertising, all countries are open and completely in Russian.

Next we go in and look for ufo vpn there PHILIPPINES.
Attached Image
Choose and connect. If at first you are not connected, try as long as not connected, they have with this proxy issues. Or automatically selected when you connect again choose the Philippines.

And we go in the game and enjoy. It is a pity that the two cards.

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ZTE Blade A520, UFO VPN Phillipines, normal flight (now I only play this pabg Mobile unnecessarily ordinary Logan sho PPC), and cache AIC swing with apkpure not get fooled by the fact that the files XAPK can be set only by means of their application ( enough to have a direct hand and knowledge on how to Use archiver)

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Attached Image

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Rep: (17)
Bratyun you from some of the world?))
everyone knows about it for a long time: rofl:

Rep: (21)
How to start?
Attached Image

Rep: (8)
* Stsisha Only there is Ruth, for a conventional Mobile refers pabg

Rep: (1)
* Stsisha Or you play a normal pabg Mobile or mask the GPU and the other through the GL Tools.
But there is another option, but will have to spend money very sensitive, namely the purchase of bad devaysa but mali 400 better not to take
The optimal option is to even be on the phone Mali T720 with 2GB of RAM.

Posted 02/13/2019, 9:47:

* Murmurych , Well, you know, maybe there is lichinusy that it finally can not know Nichrome

Post has been editedDJEvgeha096 - 13.02.19, 09:45

Rep: (21)
DJEvgeha096 @ 13.02.19, 9:45*
play regular pabg mob
at 30fps and graphics have enough of the soap, the benefit to spend on aypad thought phone lite put, but here such nonsense, well, it is impossible to play, why impose, really do not know that there is no optimization ..

Rep: (1)
* Stsisha Means rutiruy and put GL Tools and then masks the GPU on some sort mali old or Andre 300 and the RAM if you want to

Rep: (21)
DJEvgeha096 @ 13.02.19, 9:57*
GPU is masked to some sort mali old or Andre
that's the time, who would have thought that you have to do is: wacko:

Rep: (1)
* Stsisha , Well, what else do

Rep: (0)
Attached Image

The first fight !!! Set using Apkpure and vpn plate.

Rep: (30)
* petr_ha91 First fights always against bots;)

Rep: (8)
To discuss the gameplay and records was created
Club players PUBG Mobile Lite

Rep: (28)
* metziger , Of course.

Rep: (3)
kalinino @ 12.02.19, 10:19*
It's very simple, download ufo vpn, which throw off below. There are arm, x64, x86

x86 please lay out, and then the two references to x64. : Thank_you:

Rep: (28)
* mtbor , There is a 86 x carefully look over there

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