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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Purchase | Smartphone, 6.4 "

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PurchaseSamsung Galaxy Note 9
PictureSamsung Galaxy Note 9
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Where else can you buy buy?
Mini FAQ
AT. In the subject line they write CU and UM shop, what kind of shops are these?
ABOUT. If CU is a German shop https://www.computeruniverse.net .
ABOUT. If UM is an English store https://www.unlocked-mobiles.com
AT. What is the certificate “Service +. Service "where can I see?
ABOUT. http://www.samsung.com/en/support/service_plus
Pro version on 512GB
In Russia, will be sold officially, but only in copper color
About Exynos and Snapdragon
Exynos version - F and FD
Snapdragon USA - U, W, T, A
Snapdragon Honk Kong - 0
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vitvitvit @ 22.02.2020, 15:14*
In Beeline in Moscow Note 9 512gb Black, Copper, Indigo - 52990. Yesterday was Citilink for 49990 in copper color.

Is it cheap? Price at note 10.

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Hello! In general, you can still buy a sane price for a new 9512 GB Note ROSTEST? As I understand it at the convenience store for all those sold 44 tonnes - a dubious refs? Then only the MTS found there for 52 tonnes. Plus, you can drag your old phone. On how many will pull off, if surrender my old Samsung Wave II GT-S8530 2012? They think it is not exactly the ref? There is a fundamental difference between the phone with Rostest? Well, to immediately distinguish (well, there is a box, packaging, personal belongings, etc.) or it is not real?

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* ASf24,
'Officials have Refah does not happen, the box should be in the film and seal the inside, the outside can not see. Possible site in support of the knock on the bear, it ROSTEST. If opened, it is likely or vitrinka or refund, see films and accessories inside, scratches on the screen, but for the price as it is sold, I would take vitrinku stremayutsya.

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Thanks for the answer! But these stores in Market, which on 44 t suggest they are not The Official and hence it is likely to receive a Frankenstein?

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