TCL L43 / 50/55/65 P6US [Linux] | [TV]
Do you have crashes / hangs when viewing 4k content via usb
What firmware are observed on
Ver.159 [ 3 ] ** [2,33%]
Ver.186 [ 2 ] ** [1,55%]
Ver.231 [ 5 ] ** [3,88%]
Ver.281 [ 15 ] ** [11,63%]
Ver.299 [ 10 ] ** [7,75%]
Ver.337 [ 10 ] ** [7,75%]
Ver.363 [ 19 ] ** [14,73%]
No problem [ 65 ] ** [50,39%]
Total votes: 129

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DiscussionTCL L43 / 50/55/65 P6US
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Diagonal - 43-65 "
Resolution - 3840x2160, HDR 10
Local Dimming - is
Refresh rate index - 60 Hz
Operating system - Linux
Pixel response time - 8 ms
DVB-T2 support - is
DVB-C MPEG4 support - is
DVB-S support - is
DVB-S2 support - is
Teletext - is

Sound power - 16 W (2x8 W)
Speaker system - two speakers
Surround sound is
Audio Decoders - Dolby Digital
Supported formats - MP3, WMA, MPEG4, HEVC (H.265), MKV, JPEG

Inputs - AV, HDMI x3, USB x2, Ethernet (RJ-45), Wi-Fi
Outputs - optical, jack 3.5
Wi-Fi support - 2.4 / 5 GHz
The number of independent TV tuners - 2
24p True Cinema support - there is
DLNA support - is

Wall mount - VESA 200 Г— 200 mm
Dimensions with stand (WxHxG) - 1113x696x269 mm
Weight with stand - 12.4 kg
Dimensions without stand (WxHxG) - 1113x643x72 mm
Weight without stand - 12.2 kg
A photo
Attached Image

Attached Image

Update procedure via
Instructions for setting up Forkplayer DLNA mediaserver + iptv + torrent tv

Customization Recommendation
1) As for the image settings for Apple Tv and PS4. For both, I set the PC mode, set the backlight to 85, the contrast to 90, the color temperature to normal. The rest of the controls in this mode are not available, as I understand it, the set-top boxes themselves are already responsible for the image.
2) One more thing, everything needs to be set up when the content mode switches to hdr10 mode, here the dual setting is obtained in normal and HDR, at least for me. And I can also play with me +4, well, who can and +2 -3 enough, adds dark.
3) After flashing it is MANDATORY to reset to factory settings, password for reset is 0423
4) Disable dynamic backlight: in the service menu (enter 1950 on the Contrast item>Param Setting>DBC>DBC Enable - off. After setting "off" turn off the TV and when turned on, the dynamic backlight will not work.
5) Configure cam ci + delgado Tricolor

Enter the service menu and reset to factory
Entering the service menu, for example, you can see the matrix model:
1. Turn on the device
2. Press the MENU button to enter the image menu.
3. Using the remote control to move the cursor to Contrast
4. Enter the code 9735 within three seconds.

Reset to factory settings, password for reset is 0423

How to get to the service menu, the second option
How via the service menu you can save settings and then return
Frequently asked Questions
Choosing an Android media player (General theme)

Ver.281 !!! There is a risk of brik, details below.
Ver.337 Beta

!!! At the moment, the upgrade to 281 is not recommended, the basic functions stop working (media player over the network).
!!! If you roll back from any newer firmware to 281, there will be a brick, you cannot restore it without service.

All firmware compatible TVs
Label of models with lists from configs of all firmware

There is no curator in the subject. For questions about filling the caps, please contact the section moderators via the buttonPictureunder the messages to which you want to add links.

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A USB flash drive is read only by a preliminary reboot of the TV, although it determines that usb is connected ... And yet, I can not change the audio track when playing a movie. TCL L50P6US.

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Avszzz @ 09/10/19, 12:45*
Well, do not care how it really is

You are mistaken. The official comes through the air. And so figs know what. And you don’t have to give money to hucksters. Find a serious company and buy it. Are there really only hucksters in the whole of Russia? No, you're just looking for a freebie. And there is an ambush.

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Rep: (12) use this method without troubles.

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411 as well as 424 firmware. Official firmware for TCL U55P6006. A complete analogue of our telephones, only released for Europe. And the firmware is on the official website of TCL Europe.

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Marina335 @ 09/12/19, 1:33*
Quote: Avszzz @ 09/10/19, 12:45 Well, do not care how it really is

You are mistaken.

It is not mistaken if the firmware is from the header, they are all official there, incl. 411 and 424, which are not yet in the cap - they are from different official resources of Russia, Ukraine and European technical support sites of our chassis ..

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Good day.
After a year of using the TV, I decided to tune the channels. A friend catches 20 channels from a nail, I don’t even catch with an antenna. The firmware has already rolled extreme, there is no effect. Hdmi pulled out similarly.
Tell me, who knows where to dig.
The option with the service is not yet considered, because the warranty has ended (

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And through the programmer, how can I flash it?

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Krash1976 @ 09/12/19, 20:53*
And through the programmer, how can I flash it?

Need a firmware dump. Programmer. Laptop. clamps for microchips. (there is no experience it is better not to try to flash) the option to invite the master to the house and for 1.5 thousand rubles he will flash

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I’m writing about that! Need a dump!
And after the question - do they have different main 43, 50, 55?
If you just throw a Main?

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Hello everyone! Help ... the 411th was flashed and I did not save the image settings .. Please bring me on the right path ...

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Hello, such a question: how to make streaming video, what exactly is duplication, without wires? Smart TV, if you turn on the right mouse button, transfer to the device, everything works. The same TV sees Windows Media Player Sharing and I can include video files from my PC. BUT, I can’t duplicate the screen, with the help of WINDOW, where to transfer to the screen, Windows does not see. TV TCL L43P65US 43, as I understand it on Linux, Smartcast as I understand it is not full. Thank.

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