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Dear readers and guestssavagemessiahzine.com, Xiaomi fans and owners of other smartphones! We invite you to take part in testing the new device from the most popular brand among our users. No, we will not say what kind of device it is, but we will give a hint: smart camera, 6 GB, NFC. Intrigued? Further more. After testing, you don’t have to return smartphones, this is a gift ... What? Where do I need to sign?

Testing will be held in Moscowfrom August 6 to 10. All participants selected by our jury will be invited to the office.savagemessiahzine.com. There, together with a smartphone, everyone will receive a pre-selected task — test the camera, OS interface, or test the smartphone in their daily tasks — and detailed instructions.

A few days will be given for testing, and as a result, you will need to share your opinion about the new product. Text will be sent to editors.savagemessiahzine.comfor further publication in the main tape. The devices on which the experiments will be performed will go to the pockets of their new owners.

To take part in the competition, you must:
1) be older than 18 years;
2) be in Moscow from August 6 to 10;
3) to be able to competently express thoughts;
4) to be registered on the sitesavagemessiahzine.comuntil July 29, 2018;
5) fileonean application in this topic (no longer needed - only one smartphone is still in the hands).

How to apply:
From July 30 to August 6 (12:00) leave a message in this thread and wait for the decision of the jury - out of all the candidates three test participants will be selected. One post is enough, but its content is important.

The points that should be in the application:
1) The model of the smartphone that you use;
2) Indicate exactly what you would like to test in the new Xiaomi: camera, OS interface or device operation in everyday tasks.
3) Perform a test task - one of the three, depending on what you want to learn in your smartphone (for more details on each task, see below). As an "experimental" take your own apparatus.
Attention! Applications in which at least one of the listed points will not be listed will not be considered!

Test items
1. Camera.
Choose an object for photography - an unusual building, a sculptural composition, or something interesting at your discretion. Pay attention to the composition of the frame - we will evaluate including your skills as a photographer. In the frame must be the word Xiaomi - written by hand, on the monitor screen, or even on a person (fantasy is welcomed). As a result, you should get photos that reveal the capabilities of the smartphones' cameras - the main and front ones - one photo for each. Confirming label added using photo editors is prohibited.

Example of the task:
Photos from the main camera
Attached Image
Attached Image

2. OS interface.

Describe the features of the OS interface of your device - what stands out from the competition, the pros and cons of the firmware. What features do you find particularly useful, what are superfluous and only in vain do you spend a smartphone resource, and what capabilities does the software, on the contrary, lack? It is necessary to paint at least three firmware functions (at least one function for each case). Support the text with appropriate screenshots (under the spoiler or a link to the archive in the "cloud"). No need to write a great essay, you should get a short note up to 1500 characters.

Example of the task:
My smartphone is running the operating system Android 7.0. Initially, I did not like the fact that a large number of applications were pre-installed on the smartphone, as is often the case. They were just enough to remove, the truth had to spend time on it.
In general, the interface is simple, classic for Android devices, any user can handle it. It's nice that the flashlight and camera can be opened with a gesture right from the locked screen, on my old smartphone there was clearly not enough of this function.
The main thing that I like about the smartphone's interface is how to work with notifications on the locked screen, you can easily remove them, reply to messages in applications, in the mail, transfer and end reminders. At the same time, to mark the read message in a third-party application, you do not need to unlock the phone and enter the passcode.
It used to irritate me on all smartphones that it is very difficult to enable or disable notifications from applications. It was necessary to do this in several places at once: in the settings of a separate application, in the notification settings, in the lock screen settings ... Here it is done only in the notification settings. Is that some applications allow advanced settings in the interface of the application itself, but this is a separate conversation.

3. General testing of the smartphone. For what tasks it is best suited.
Write a short story aboutWhat tasks does your smartphone do best? What exactly is suitable for your smartphone - for work, games, photography, or maybe it is an image device.Highlight a few main tasks, do not need to write about everything. Explain why you think so. If necessary, support the story with photos of the smartphone and screenshots (under the spoiler or a link to the archive in the "cloud"). No need to write a great essay, you should get a small note without a volume of up to 1500 characters.

An example of a task (in this case games are chosen as an everyday task):
The smartphone has a powerful processor, colorful frameless screen and a good adaptation for games. As befits a similar model, it copes with the "heavy" games. The display response time is 1 ms, and the refresh rate is 90 Hz. Even the fastest games are not late in the picture.
The Type-C connector is located on the side panel of the smartphone instead of the bottom, it allows you to simultaneously charge it and play without putting your hands on the wire, as happens on ordinary models.
The smartphone was equipped with an additional cooling plate, so the hands during the game do not melt, as under the Krasnodar sun in July. In previous smartphones, this annoyed me, and sometimes it was even a bit scary that the battery would catch fire.
Of all my smartphones, the best combination for games (according to the characteristics of the screen / sound / speed / autonomy) has not yet existed, even in devices more expensive than this.

Attention! By leaving the application, you confirm your readiness to participate in testing and guarantee your presence in Moscow from August 6 to 10, as well as the opportunity to meet with the teamsavagemessiahzine.comby prior arrangement.

We are waiting for applications not only from Android fans and users, but also from iPhone owners! Good luck to everyone who decides to try their luck!

Teamsavagemessiahzine.comand Xiaomi company thank all the participants!

We are glad to announce that the Xiaomi Mi8 smartphone will take part in testing:

  • Noram Evok (Photo Test)
  • anferov (interface test)
  • unlying (General Testing)

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1. Motorola Moto Z2 play
2. In the new Xiaomi I want to test the operation of the device in everyday tasks
3. My current phone basically suits everyone.
It is quite comfortable in the hand, despite the large screen and large frames. Thin, like it too. The battery is small, but keeps the day.
All you need is (NFC-camera prints), there is a bare android, does not slow down (however, I do not play heavy games). Applications do not crash, moto gestures - it turned out to be a super-convenient thing, because Sometimes it is necessary to immediately turn on a flashlight or a camera.
One-button control is not very conveniently implemented (the previous Zuk Z2 was more convenient).
It feels like the device has a rather scratch-sensitive glass, so I use it only with protective glasses.
From Moto Mods I use only power bank. The rest was either unreasonably expensive or inconvenient. For example, why the camera for the money, if you can buy a separate digital soap box and do not bathe, that at the right moment someone will call? Or, for example, why a speakerphone is fastened to the phone, if it is often even better to put it on 3-5 meters and switch music at a distance. Well, the projector did not understand for that kind of money.
I used to have Xiaomi - Redmi Note 2 (an unkillable super phone, which, after 3 months in a snowdrift at a dacha where I accidentally buried it, started with a 28% charge in the spring and started working) and Mi5c (I bought it as an urgent temporary replacement, I did not have time in time) pass, gave her daughter, so-so apparatus, a lot of problems with communication).
Here I think, suddenly Xiaomi something magical created? Of their latest innovations, only Mi Mixes were interested. The rest is not so to delight.

Requirements for the test task are not met. It is necessary to perform one test task. In case you choose the third task, you need to select several functions for which your smartphone is best suited.

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1. Samsung galaxy j7 2016
2. General testing of the smartphone.
3. I use galaxy j7 2016 for almost 2 years. Before that, no smartphone has lasted more than a year. It happened for various reasons. But basically the device simply became obsolete morally for this year. In the case of the current smartphone, of course, aging is also happening, but the newly released Samsung smartphones in principle are not very different from each other. I constantly watch the novelties, I go to the shops, I test. It can be seen that the company applies all well-known trends, such as a widescreen screen, a fingerprint sensor, a dual camera. Other hardware features are also enhanced. But I want to say that essentially, let's say, the new galaxy j7 is not much different from my j7. Perhaps it should be, in their opinion, but the point is to change the smartphone, if it does not have some kind of new zest?)

Requirements for the test task are not met.

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Apple iPhone X

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1) Iphone X
2) Daily use - mail (active use of two clients with the ability to read and edit documents, surf the web, social networks, messengers, watch movies and videos on Youtube (at least 2-3 hours a day)
3) Today, cellular communication, as such, is relegated to the second (even the third) plan, and a mobile phone is a kind of multiplatform for communication, work and leisure. And for me it is very important to combine the functionality for work and rest in one device.
In the modern world, communication with colleagues / customers / partners is not limited to 8 hours in the office and often overtakes me behind the wheel of a car, in a subway car, in a taxi or at a restaurant dinner (it happened in a nightclub)) and often requires promptly agreeing a release / layout, clarifying any information, searching for or sending necessary information for a manager. Also, my smartphone is a kind of portfolio in which I store all the necessary information for operational use in work - from working documents, reports and tables, to copies of all my documents (including electronic services of insurance, bank, transport companies). Being the best among equalsmy Xit stands out against the background of other devices (if we talk about operating systems) with the maximum simple and the ability to quickly move from one application to another and just interact with files and photos, which in my subjective opinion is not implemented on other platforms.
If we talk about rest, besides messengers, games play a significant role) And no matter how colorful and heavy modern blockbusters are, they all pale in comparison with the voracity of the less decent MMO strategy that eats up your RAM so greedily.
About the payment of purchases, I generally keep quiet. I see the cash only in the cash desks of the stores, and in my hands I held it for the last time when the iphone 7 appeared on the market).

Well, the most important thing is to watch the kinchik / serials or Yutubchik. While driving (I know that this is bad and you can’t do that) I put the phone on a magnetic holder and try to watch a new series of my favorite TV show that came out last week (last month), because there was absolutely no time to watch it on weekends. This ritual is repeated often and the size of the display of the new 10-ki suits me 100%. I know that the plus version is bigger, but ergonomics do not allow it to be used and worn in everyday life without much discomfort.
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Xiaomi Mi A1 4/32

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Honor 8lite 3/16
About OS
Worth emui 8.0, android 8.0! The interface is very nice and smooth with daily work to cope with a bang! But it has a very narrow level of customization without root rights, not like MIUI. It also works well with MI band 2. But the function is shortened compared to xiaomi. There is no way to set up auto-unlock when I bring the watch to the phone (and by the way, it constantly closes MI fit, and MI band master remains in the background).
It is not big here, but it is enough for the day of everyday life. Taking into account that the Internet is always on (4g) and a clock with headphones is connected via Bluetooth.
The camera here is not even bad, if you try you can get very good pictures, both on the back and on the front.
NFC does not have any use.
XIAOMI love, stuffing and wasps I know well. Ready to help test the full program!)
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Requirements for the test task are not met. You need to select only one task.

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ZTE Nubia Z11 6/64

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1. At the moment I use zte nubia z11
2. I would like to see the phone in everyday life. Because I am an ordinary office clerk, I need a smartphone for talking, surfing the Internet, shooting documents and of course entertainment on the way from home to work and back;).
3. I use the zte nubia z11 smartphone for about 2 years. Over the allotted time, I discovered both the advantages of this smartphone and its disadvantages.
Of the benefits I would like to note:
speed - the phone is not bad as a powerful enough device. Any games starts without brakes and lags, fast switching between applications.
Camera - the smartphone has one camera module, which was not very fashionable at the time when I bought it. However, the camera takes good photos in daylight and indoor lighting. When shooting documents, the text is not blurred and with an increase everything reads well (if you try, you can even give a photo as a scanned copy).
Of the minuses:
Firmware (OC) - terrible support for the manufacturer of these devices. If you are not a geek and do not understand or do not want to understand (like me) in all the wisdom of firmware, then this unit is definitely not for you. Permanent crashes and bugs from the app. After updates constantly something has to be fixed and ask for help on the forums.savagemessiahzine.com.
Battery - for me personally, the battery was a terrible surprise. It is most likely connected with the firmware. Phone for the day is not very dense use does not live to 19-00. The worst thing is that when less than 30% of the charge remains, the phone starts to slow down terribly and worse, it can turn off at any time.
Conclusion: this smartphone is suitable only for geeks, or for those people who like to engage in their smartphone tightly (firmware, customization, etc.).
For ordinary people like me, this unit will not work. I will say more, he not only does not fit, but will pull your nerves. If you choose between zte nubia z11 and another device, then I recommend you to think carefully - do you want to do firmware or pull the phone out of the box and what would it all work?

Requirements for the test task are not met. You need to select only one task.

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Xiaomi Mi 8

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1) Xiaomi Redmi Not 4 Snapdragon
2) I want to test the camera of the smartphone, its operating system, I hope that 10 versions, face recognition scanner, if any, and the capabilities of the iron device.
3) And I want to tell you in general about my smartphone, about its capabilities and feelings, which it gives. As I wrote earlier, I have in my hands a Xiaomi redmi note 4 smartphone on a Snapdragon 625 processor, 4 gigs of RAM and 64 gigabytes of permanent memory on board. For me, this phone is like a workhorse. The capacious 4000 mAh battery provides it with 2 days of normal operation (calls, messengers, youtube, surfing the Internet, camera, some games). If you want to pozalipat toys a little longer, then the battery will end by the end of the first day. Speaking of games, Pubg, war robots, realracing3 are certainly not at the maximum settings, but they do not slow down either. The camera of stars from the sky is not enough, but it copes with its tasks.
The phone works on the Android 7.0 operating system with the best Miui 10 (betta) shell. Loads quickly, the menu turns on the races, no glitches, no glitches. For me, he is like a reliable comrade who never lets me down !!!

That which does not kill me makes me stronger. (Friedrich Nietzsche)
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one). Xiaomi Mi Max (3Gb, 32 Gb + 128Gb).
2). OS interface.
3). Currently, MIUI 10 Global 8.7.26 Beta, Android 7.0 is installed on the phone. Icons of my set of programs are located on 6 desktops. I use MIUI since version 7. The interface is simple and logical. It works fast and stable. I believe that the current interface has no flaws. Everything is determined by addiction to the smartphone. Despite the possibility of flexible interface settings, I don’t want to change anything in it. It looks like a desk, the owner of which, despite the seeming mess, will easily find everything you need. Honestly, gesture management and artificial intelligence, hidden in MIUI 10, I do not need in everyday use. But my Xiaomi Mi Max is beginning to become obsolete judging by the incessant stream of new Xiaomi models. More convenient is the display of running programs in the form of separate screens. Some sense of novelty create a new sound control and pop-up curtain. But these are all cosmetic changes. It would be interesting to evaluate MIUI 10 on the latest models of Xiaomi.

Attached images
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
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Xiaomi Mi A2 4/64

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1. Hello, just recently I used the phone from Xiaomi - Xiaomi redmi note 3 pro, it suited me in everything, but unfortunately it broke.
I quickly replaced the old phone of my son, and now I use the iPhone 5.
I have never been a fan of Apple technology, and when I started using this phone, I realized that it was not at all convenient for me. Maybe I just didn’t know how to use a phone with Apple’s firmware, but at first it was very inconvenient.
2. It would be very interesting for me to test the novelty from Xiaomi, they make excellent phones, if we consider the price / quality ratio.
I would like to test the phone in more domestic activities, since I don't often use smart phone chips.
I would like to see how he copes with the fact that I will arrange a stress test every day, playing different toys and answering numerous calls, as well as surfing the Internet.
The function of NFC is also very important for me, I often pay with a card and also often forget it, unfortunately.
And with the phone, in which this function will be, I can forget about all such problems.
Task 3 (General smartphone testing)
Specifically, in my current phone for me, I don’t have much convenience (at first, I didn’t even know how to reset an incoming call, because I had never used Apple technology before), but over time I began to like that it wasn’t particularly heavy, It is convenient to save all the data and then just as easily transfer to a new Apple device, if you bought a new phone from this company. But unfortunately, since I used the phone from Xiaomi before this phone? I found a lot of disadvantages in this phone, an awkward interface (for me), for example, if you want to turn on or turn off some function, you will have to go into several subfolders in the settings. In addition, as I heard, all the phones from Apple are discharged very quickly, and this is a very big problem for me.

If you get a chance, and I can test the new one from Xiaomi, I hope that I will finally be able to get rid of all the problems and inconveniences that I encounter using iPhone 5. I hope that I will breathe a sigh of relief, holding the novelty and ososnovaya, that I will have a smartphone in my hands, which will be without any flaws and inconveniences (I know that this will happen with this phone, because I know a lot of Xiaomi and their devices).

Requirements for the test task are not met.

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1) Nokia Lumia 730
2) OS interface
3) Windows Phone 8 on my phone = this is an intelligible interface with specific applications for phone functionality. The camera, which gives just great pictures and apparatus, which has been ideal for many years.
Until Microsoft killed Windows Phone and its support finally ...
Now I am looking for and choosing a replacement among Android devices.

Requirements for the test task are not met.

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Meizu M1 Note

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1) Who? Xiaomi Redmi 5 plus
2) Experience from everyday use (device operation in everyday tasks)
3) My grafomania on the topic (General testing of a smartphone. For which tasks it is best suited):

The smartphone resembles a penguin, a bird, does not know how to fly, but who does not like penguins? A transitional link, a new-fashioned 18: 9 screen, a time-tested, energy-efficient, but outdated processor.
Metal body with plastic inserts, pleasant to the touch. At the bottom there are: two holes for the speaker (one of them is a dummy, there is a microphone) and a port microusb (2018, Karl, 2018). The upper end is 3.5 jack, which is nice, the infrared port that will save you more than once, when the new track Buzovoy will play on TV, and the remote has gone somewhere and the microphone for noise cancellation. Dual SIM cards, slot combo. In the hand lies like a glove.
The weight is good. The weight is reliable. Even if you do not shoot, so you can always give a head.

On the back cover - a camera and a fingerprint scanner. The scanner, though not the fastest, but the accuracy of operation is almost one hundred percent. The camera protrudes, and this problem is a very big chance, it’s trite to smash it, so children, use protection.
The screen is fhd + IPS with excellent viewing angles, bright and sharp. The matrix is ​​very decent, watching movies is a pleasure, especially since most video content is now at 18: 9. The phone is a media combine in the full sense of the word, after the purchase it was continually found itself on the sofa, and not at the computer desk.
The processor is enough for most tasks, the performance is at an acceptable level, there are no games that would not start, but our choice is the minimum settings in very demanding games. The interface works smoothly, MIUI is generally a wonderful thing, I can no longer use other shells.
Battery ... Battery I am ready to sing the praises. Snapdragon 625 + 4000 mAh battery. Chinese nuclear reactor in your smartphone. Up to 10-12 hours of the screen, and this for a second, very, very much.
Summarizing - a great middling, with an excellent screen / autonomy, which is suitable for all everyday tasks. Like you after a bottle of vodka, almost Ilon Musk, but a little bit is not enough.

The pleasure of writing a post received: rofl:

Requirements for the test task are not met. Do not describe the phone, list the tasks for which it is suitable and your arguments.

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Huawei Nova 2

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1 - the main unit huawei nova 2
2 - I would like to test a novelty in everyday tasks
3 - My current device copes with all the functions of average use assigned to it: it fully meets the requirements for communication quality, there are no problems with any of the SIM cards, the interface works smartly and without twitching, programs open quickly, although there are a lot of them installed from messengers and social networks to navigation and ordering food, works great in two open applications at the same time, which allows you to view messages in messengers or switch music when navigation is on In the player without unnecessary swipes on the screen, the camera fully complies with my understanding of mobile photography - it shoots quickly, the photos are bright, at night and in poor light, a minimum of noise. By and large, the phone suits me completely, he came to replace Samsung galaxy s4 Lte-a, which served faithfully for almost 4 years and also brought only pleasure, but time and technology development did their job and decided to change it for something like in size, but with a dual camera and large memory - Huawei nova 2 went perfectly. I don’t play games on the phone, so the tactile sensation from the device, the enjoyment of using the screen and the sound enjoyment in the headphones and the absence of aversion to the sound from the ringing speaker were more important - the device gave everything desired and even a little more, as the ring speaker plays quite worthy, even for listening to music through it at the time of the absence of a number of full speakers, so I don’t regret the transition from His Majesty Samsung to Chinese Huawei and recommend to friends and acquaintances - this combination of price and quality is now tr find the bottom.

"Nothing is true everything is permitted"
30.07.18, 18:46
Developer company "4 Gina"

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ZTE Blade A6

Reputation:-  350  +

With the modern realities of life, battery 4000, small, will land before dinner !!!)))
A larger capacity battery with a non-battery construction cannot be found, you have to carry cans.

30.07.18, 18:50

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Honor 6x 4/64

Reputation:-  2  +

  1. Huawei Honor 6X 4/64
  2. OS interface
  3. Total information:
    From the moment of purchase, my Honor 6X worked on Android, it worked under the operating system Android 7.0, and the phone received updates in the process of operation (most often security updates).

    Standard Applications:
    Unlike other Chinese phones on Honor 6x there were no unnecessary applications, only the most necessary and Huawei services. Especially liked the application Huawei Health, allowing you to work with Huawei wearable devices, as well as track steps.

    Start screen (shell / launcher)
    The phone interface is simple, even too simple. Icons are large, their color does not stand out from the general range of colors. I did not like the lack of a classic application menu for other firmware and start screens. Without it, the working screens of the phone are quickly clogged with icons of installed applications.

    Interface of standard applications (phone, messages, settings):
    When you start the application, you are greeted with a list of recent calls, where, unlike other phones and firmware, the call to each of the contacts is divided by type. That is, if you called the contact, but did not get through, and then still managed to get through, it would be two entries, not one with two icons. In my opinion it is convenient, especially when you are trying to see who and when called.
    The dialer is large, contact book search is quite fast, but not always accurate.

    Everything is almost standard here, ordinary chains, unread chains are marked with a blue circle. I noticed this feature: if you have several unread threads, but you still read at least one, then in the notification area all other unread threads will appear in turn. I really liked the ability to delete a message that has not yet been sent, this feature is additionally enabled in the application settings. With a double tap you can delete a message within the time specified in the settings.

    The settings menu is pretty standard for Andoid 7.0, several groups of settings, each group has its own submenu. I did not like the lack of a side menu, like on other phones, sometimes you have to look for the desired setting and run through all menu items. By the way about the "necessary settings", some parameters are not quite in the usual places, as a result of which they are not immediately found.

    In general, I am satisfied with the phone, the performance (not considered in the context of this message) is excellent, the problems and shortcomings of the interface are solved by widgets and a third-party launcher.

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Xiaomi Mi A1 4/64

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1) Xiaomi Mi A1
2) OS interface
3) Test:
Seeing the Xiaomi smartphone for sale on the Android One program, I immediately wanted to try it: in addition to a bunch of positive reviews about the camera, operating time and overall integrity of the device, I was attracted by the opportunity to experience the OS itself. Finally, pure Android in a beautiful case and at an affordable price. But is Android good in itself?
Everyone knows how great programmers work at Google, but the speed and smoothness of the system is just half the battle. I was more interested in the design and ease of use of the OS. I did not have to go far. Open the alarm to set the time and see:
Attached Image

Although it is not difficult to deal with this, it can not be called a simple and intuitive interface. A vivid example of the victory of creativity over convenience. And there are a lot of similar examples inside the OS.
But I liked the new “curtain” of notifications: everything is in place, the icons are moderately large, and when you move the display brightness slider, the main screen is shown for clarity. Trifle, but nice.
Attached Image
Attached Image

What really was missing was the camera application from Google with its amazing HDR mode. Unfortunately, officially it still remains the prerogative of Google Pixel series smartphones, although it can be installed for a long time using root-rights. Only if all users want to deal with the installation process, while at the same time losing the warranty? It remains to hope that the company will change its approach in future OS updates.
In the meantime, the new Android leaves the impression of letting it be reliable and fast, but still in some damp systems. And it manifests itself in such trifles as a simple alarm clock. And as you know, the devil is in the details, is not it, "good corporation"?

Signs without spaces: 1415

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Standard

Reputation:-  0  +

Good day! Not so long ago became the owner of Xiaomi mi note2. Before buying, I read a lot of reviews, pulled toward Sony for their unusual design. But the choice fell on the Chinese)
I would like to test the interface.
Very convenient compared to other manufacturers. In everyday life, a built-in call recording and a call log are very helpful (when dialing, it shows the last one when and how many were talking). We have to make more than 100 calls per day. Good autonomy due to not quite good resolution for such a screen and capacious battery. And of course a very stylish look, just gorgeous (at least for me personally). Very useful chips for the release of RAM and excess garbage in the phone. Prior to this, when buying a phone, I had to install a bunch of additional software. Xiaomi has no problems with it at all, everything that is needed is already in the system. Good performance, for all the time, no glitch or stupor. Smooth interface, the presence of a huge collection of topics. And the most useful thing is double locking. And different graphic keys for the main screen and for applications.
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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S 6/128

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1) mix 2s 128gb global version
2) General testing of the smartphone
Describing the novelty of the company Xiaomi, we can safely say that in terms of hardware, the smartphone is not much inferior to the flagships of other Asian companies. There is a top-end processor, high-speed memory (both operational and internal storage), a bright 5.99 ″ IPS LCD screen with an 18: 9 aspect ratio, wireless charging, a good main camera with support for artificial intelligence.
Ceramic body, coupled with a powerful processor allow you to use your smartphone for games and again for games, absolutely not afraid of subsidence FPS and "fire" in their hands. A number of branded accessories that can be ordered separately, allow you to do it with great pleasure - we are talking about wireless charging QC 3.0 and a wireless gamepad with a mount for a smartphone. The screen is bright, juicy, ideal for watching movies and TV shows on a trip, working with documents and surfing the web. It is worth noting the networking capabilities - the smartphone supports all the “bands” used in Russia and, according to personal feelings, constantly running 4g + eats the battery not much faster than wifi.
Of course, there is no perfect smartphone that has no drawbacks, the 2c mix is ​​no exception. These include the average battery capacity, the lack of a headphone jack, and the location of the sensors and the front camera.
In general, the battery capacity of 3400 mA / h is enough for a day, in the presence of QC 3.0 it is possible to charge the smartphone for half for some half an hour, which in principle may not be necessary if you turn off synchronization and notifications for a number of applications. The notification sensor is also not a problem, on the contrary, its location above the Type-C port is even more interesting than the usual one in the upper corner of the screen. The camera is more difficult: if there are no complaints to the main camera consisting of Sony IMX363 and Samsung S5K3M3 sensors, the camera boldly replaces a full-fledged soap dish, then the front camera from Omnivision is very weak to get good selfies. It is worth noting the unfortunate location of the front-end - the lower right corner. On the other hand, this is explained by the fact that in case of such an arrangement of the camera, your eyes are wider (you have to lift the phone and a non-standard angle is obtained), which is important for the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom. If it is irrelevant to you - turn over the phone while shooting. Adapter from jack to type-c will soon become commonplace, it is quite possible to close your eyes.
From some serious program errors, you can complain about the portrait mode of the photo, which does not always correctly blur the background, but it is possible that this will be fixed in MIUI 10 Update shell in beta test, release is scheduled for September this year.
Solid phone for a relatively low cost. The best offer of the market, if you are not confused by weighty ceramics and you are not an ardent fan of selfies.
QzVl '
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Prime

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1) Xiaomi Mi5
2) I would like to test everything, but ...
I am familiar with the camera only at the amateur level, you should not expect a full-fledged quality assessment from me. OS interface - to be honest, it will not be very interesting for me, because MIUI on my phone, I already "wiped to the holes." I suppose that on the device under test there will be MIUI 10, which I previously studied on beta versions. Therefore, it remains to test the operation of the device in everyday tasks. Mail, browser, games, NFC, navigation, instant messengers, etc. Of the features, I often use mobile versions of programs for remote access (VNC, RDP, TeamViewer). And of course, branded applications Xiaomi (Mi Home, Mi Remote, Mi Fit).
3) Xiaomi Mi5 are my advantages.
A little background.
My acquaintance with the Xiaomi smartphones began with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 model. In the past, a situation arose in which it was necessary to change the phone quickly and efficiently. After reading the reviews, looking valuable bought Redmi Note 3 - I was very pleasantly surprised by the build quality and immediately fell in love with MIUI. The ability to customize and interface for themselves, without any third-party software, here it is, Karl!) I used it for about a year, then switched to Mi5, and Redmi Note 3 was inherited by the younger brother (and still alive!). So I met Xiaomi and MIUI.

Now in the case.
Everyday applications are all about the same (messengers, mail, browser, games, navigation) - for this Mi 5 is more than enough. I will describe only what I noted for myself.

NFC - at the time of purchase one of the most affordable phones with NFC, works without problems.

FTP, through the native explorer - for me this is a very important plus. At work, it is often necessary to upload files to the phone from the PC and back. At one time, type-C was not so popular yet, and it is always inconvenient to carry a cord with you. I went to the "Explorer", turned on FTP, threw everything I needed, turned it off. The minimum amount of time and no wires-super.

Splitting the screen - we are talking about the ability to work with two applications at once on one screen. Now, for sure, many devices have such a function, but for the first time I became acquainted with this at MIUI. Youtube + Telegram, Word + Gmail, etc. , everyone had situations when they had to turn off one application in order to look at something in another, now it is more convenient to do it.

A large amount of internal memory is now not so relevant, but when buying this item was very important.

Quick charge - when the phone can quickly charge it is a huge plus. When fully discharged, the phone charges about 2.5 - 3 hours

Battery consumption Mi 5 works with 2 sim, always with internet on (50% LTE, 50% Wi-Fi). At first, everything suited me, the phone held a charge for up to 2 days. But, after I started using 2 sim cards, the battery performance gradually deteriorated. Now the charge lasts a maximum of 24 hours. Not so critical, but if you do not recharge in time, there are unpleasant situations.

MIUI- I will write about MIUI as a separate item, without pros and cons. Here everyone decides for himself. Still, MIUI is more suitable for advanced smartphone users. I bought Xiaomi phones for almost my entire family and it is worth noting that for people aged 55 and over, it is quite difficult to master phone settings. For such people, the phone should work right out of the box. And before the appearance of the search in the settings, and a simplified view of the menu, it was quite difficult to find something in the settings. Otherwise, it is a very convenient and flexible OS.

Conclusion - Xiaomi Mi5 is an excellent option for active and advanced users who go beyond the usual daily use of a smartphone. The device is not the first year used as a "workhorse" and a great help in work and everyday tasks.

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Motorola Moto Z2 Force

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Motorola droid turbo
Test device in everyday tasks

Motorola Droid Turbo - an image device that is found in the vastness of our Motherland is extremely rare. I passed with this smartphone for over a year and this is what I can tell about it in everyday life:
1. Appearance.The back cover is sheathed with ballistic nylon. At first glance, it does not seem to be a hardy material - that is what the thread will come out treacherously. But for the year of operation this did not happen and at the moment the appearance of the smartphone is almost the same as the original.
2. Screen.Droid Turbo has a QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels), which is quite cool. High-quality and warm image. Photos or tables - it does not matter, everything is clear.
3. Alert system.In the presence of AMOLED-matrix information about messages, letters, personal information, etc. is displayed on the screen off. But if the screen again "fell asleep", then simply hold your hand over the smartphone, and the screen instantly lights up. This chip gives you the opportunity to see the time / presence of alerts / battery level / turn off the sound when an incoming call, without touching the smartphone on the table. From the outside it looks impressive.
4. BatteryDroid Turbo is equipped with an impressive 3,900 mAh battery and works for about two days. A fully charged in an hour and a little. That's what he and Turbo.
5. NFC.Information about bank and discount cards is stored on a smartphone and is additionally protected with a graphic key, which is much safer to use the bank cards themselves. And no need to carry a pack of discount cards.
Attached Image

Requirements for the test task are not met.

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My history --->E398->L7->V3i->ROKR E8->ZN5->Milestone->Razr xt910->Droid Maxx xt1080m->Droid turbo

Ministry of Health warns kill phone MOTOROLA IMPOSSIBLE!
30.07.18, 19:20

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Teclast Taipower X98 Air 3G

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1. iphone 7, earlier: one plus 5t, xiaomi mi 6, xiaomi mi 5s. (All in less than 12 months)
2. everyday tasks.
3. I work as a lawyer, an important fast operation of the device. From the given list of phones, one plus 5 t did the best.
quick search in large text files, convenient and almost instant file transfer (mail messengers) + excellent screen on which it is convenient to view all + photo quality allows you not only to photograph documents (and I have most = (), but also do pretty high-quality amateur portraits and landscapes.
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LG V30 +

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Hello teamsavagemessiahzine.com:) My name is Michael and I am a usersavagemessiahzine.comalmost 7 years. And yes, I am a Muscovite :)

1. Currently used phone model - LG V20.

2. The novelty is primarily interested in the convenience and stability of work with daily use, autonomy, speed of work. The desire to compare it with your current phone during a normal working day and, moreover, a very busy working day (how much better or worse the device copes with its tasks, compared to V20). And, naturally, it is interesting to understand what the device is (we are talking about the Mi8 now, right? :)) in ordinary tasks, is there really advantages and disadvantages that many reviewers are talking about? In addition, I already had a similar test experience from the Microsoft smartphone Lumia 950XL, with which I went for a week, and it was a completely different experience using a smartphone, and quite interesting. As part of xiaomi devices, for me, most likely, there will also be a lot of new things, since I have never “contacted” MiUI for one reason or another.

3. V20 - a truly unique device.
First, its body is made of metal, and it is very easy to repair any internal part.
Secondly, the phone has an extremely useful feature "second screen", on which notifications are displayed and functionality is available that allows you to quickly turn on the WiFi network, turn off the sound, view the current time and much more, and all this is on the IPS display with minimal battery costs!
Thirdly, this phone is the only flagship in which it is possible to change the battery at any time (or put a more capacious one), which allows increasing the autonomy of the phone at times that no flagship of 2018 can afford!
Fourth, note-takers for music lovers: the phone has a built-in DAC, which turns the phone into a fairly high-quality player. With the appropriate headphones, of course :)
Thus, this smartphone is suitable for those who want everything at their disposal at once. Here and high-quality audio, and an excellent screen, and the ability to change the battery. Of all the smartphones that I used, at the moment this is the best combination of price and quality for the user who wants to have a high-quality phone that looks very stylish, has its own chips. Naturally, not everything is so smooth, and the phone does not have the best autonomy (I remind you about replacing the battery), the quality of communication and a slight overheating during games. But, despite these drawbacks, this is a great smartphone, which has no analogues on the market until now.

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