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Dear readers and guestssavagemessiahzine.com, Xiaomi fans and owners of other smartphones! We invite you to take part in testing the new device from the most popular brand among our users. No, we will not say what kind of device it is, but we will give a hint: smart camera, 6 GB, NFC. Intrigued? Further more. After testing, you don’t have to return smartphones, this is a gift ... What? Where do I need to sign?

Testing will be held in Moscowfrom August 6 to 10. All participants selected by our jury will be invited to the office.savagemessiahzine.com. There, together with a smartphone, everyone will receive a pre-selected task — test the camera, OS interface, or test the smartphone in their daily tasks — and detailed instructions.

A few days will be given for testing, and as a result, you will need to share your opinion about the new product. Text will be sent to editors.savagemessiahzine.comfor further publication in the main tape. The devices on which the experiments will be performed will go to the pockets of their new owners.

To take part in the competition, you must:
1) be older than 18 years;
2) be in Moscow from August 6 to 10;
3) to be able to competently express thoughts;
4) to be registered on the sitesavagemessiahzine.comuntil July 29, 2018;
5) fileonean application in this topic (no longer needed - only one smartphone is still in the hands).

How to apply:
From July 30 to August 6 (12:00) leave a message in this thread and wait for the decision of the jury - out of all the candidates three test participants will be selected. One post is enough, but its content is important.

The points that should be in the application:
1) The model of the smartphone that you use;
2) Indicate exactly what you would like to test in the new Xiaomi: camera, OS interface or device operation in everyday tasks.
3) Perform a test task - one of the three, depending on what you want to learn in your smartphone (for more details on each task, see below). As an "experimental" take your own apparatus.
Attention! Applications in which at least one of the listed points will not be listed will not be considered!

Test items
1. Camera.
Choose an object for photography - an unusual building, a sculptural composition, or something interesting at your discretion. Pay attention to the composition of the frame - we will evaluate including your skills as a photographer. In the frame must be the word Xiaomi - written by hand, on the monitor screen, or even on a person (fantasy is welcomed). As a result, you should get photos that reveal the capabilities of the smartphones' cameras - the main and front ones - one photo for each. Confirming label added using photo editors is prohibited.

Example of the task:
Photos from the main camera
Attached Image
Attached Image

2. OS interface.

Describe the features of the OS interface of your device - what stands out from the competition, the pros and cons of the firmware. What features do you find particularly useful, what are superfluous and only in vain do you spend a smartphone resource, and what capabilities does the software, on the contrary, lack? It is necessary to paint at least three firmware functions (at least one function for each case). Support the text with appropriate screenshots (under the spoiler or a link to the archive in the "cloud"). No need to write a great essay, you should get a short note up to 1500 characters.

Example of the task:
My smartphone is running the operating system Android 7.0. Initially, I did not like the fact that a large number of applications were pre-installed on the smartphone, as is often the case. They were just enough to remove, the truth had to spend time on it.
In general, the interface is simple, classic for Android devices, any user can handle it. It's nice that the flashlight and camera can be opened with a gesture right from the locked screen, on my old smartphone there was clearly not enough of this function.
The main thing that I like about the smartphone's interface is how to work with notifications on the locked screen, you can easily remove them, reply to messages in applications, in the mail, transfer and end reminders. At the same time, to mark the read message in a third-party application, you do not need to unlock the phone and enter the passcode.
It used to irritate me on all smartphones that it is very difficult to enable or disable notifications from applications. It was necessary to do this in several places at once: in the settings of a separate application, in the notification settings, in the lock screen settings ... Here it is done only in the notification settings. Is that some applications allow advanced settings in the interface of the application itself, but this is a separate conversation.

3. General testing of the smartphone. For what tasks it is best suited.
Write a short story aboutWhat tasks does your smartphone do best? What exactly is suitable for your smartphone - for work, games, photography, or maybe it is an image device.Highlight a few main tasks, do not need to write about everything. Explain why you think so. If necessary, support the story with photos of the smartphone and screenshots (under the spoiler or a link to the archive in the "cloud"). No need to write a great essay, you should get a small note without a volume of up to 1500 characters.

An example of a task (in this case games are chosen as an everyday task):
The smartphone has a powerful processor, colorful frameless screen and a good adaptation for games. As befits a similar model, it copes with the "heavy" games. The display response time is 1 ms, and the refresh rate is 90 Hz. Even the fastest games are not late in the picture.
The Type-C connector is located on the side panel of the smartphone instead of the bottom, it allows you to simultaneously charge it and play without putting your hands on the wire, as happens on ordinary models.
The smartphone was equipped with an additional cooling plate, so the hands during the game do not melt, as under the Krasnodar sun in July. In previous smartphones, this annoyed me, and sometimes it was even a bit scary that the battery would catch fire.
Of all my smartphones, the best combination for games (according to the characteristics of the screen / sound / speed / autonomy) has not yet existed, even in devices more expensive than this.

Attention! By leaving the application, you confirm your readiness to participate in testing and guarantee your presence in Moscow from August 6 to 10, as well as the opportunity to meet with the teamsavagemessiahzine.comby prior arrangement.

We are waiting for applications not only from Android fans and users, but also from iPhone owners! Good luck to everyone who decides to try their luck!

Teamsavagemessiahzine.comand Xiaomi company thank all the participants!

We are glad to announce that the Xiaomi Mi8 smartphone will take part in testing:

  • Noram Evok (Photo Test)
  • anferov (interface test)
  • unlying (General Testing)

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Oneplus 3T

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Oneplus 3t, asus m1 pro, xiomi note 5 pro
Use in normal daily mode with bluetooth and gps. Check battery performance

3. General testing of the smartphone.
Basic oneplus 3t. Use for everyday tasks, but it is perfect for those who play. The camera is at an average level, with manual settings you can achieve good shots even in the dark. When used with bluetooth and phone cards, it lasts for 4-5 hours of the screen on year. Of course not enough, but no one has canceled charging, in 30 minutes it will be about 70% and you can safely go into battle further. When used on wfi, the charge lasts an hour and a half more. These results on almost 2 year old phone. But for my scenario, using xiaomi note 5 pro is more appropriate. The camera in it is on the level and one of the main things for me is the presence of a good battery, but this device did not become the main one because it lacks NFC.

I would like to test a novelty from xiaomi

In the test task you need to tell only about one smartphone.

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OnePlus 3T, Xiaomi Hybrid Pro Headphones
30.07.18, 16:17
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Samsung Galaxy Watch SM-R800

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1. Xiaomi mi5 + Nvidia Shield
2. Daily tasks, such as: work with office applications, mail, games, work time.
3. Chose a smartphone in terms of price / quality ratio.
Originally bribed form factor: a narrow and elongated display that allows you to work with one hand. The phone itself turned out to be surprisingly thin and not looking like a cheap Chinese hack, but as an expensive premium device. I did not plan to play, so the tasks were trivial: reading the mail, work, calls, listening to music and reading books on the road.
Therefore, I will start with the screen: Full HD resolution, quite suitable for a diagonal of 5.2 inches and a higher resolution, in fact, is marketing. The stock of brightness is large, but with direct hit of the sun in the summer, it is not so comfortable to work. According to colors, you can more or less customize to your liking, either in cold weather or warm ones, but of course there can be no talk of any “correctness” of colors. Highlights from the screen, of course, are minimal, large viewing angles.
In terms of performance, there is not much to say, even now the Snapdragon 835 CPU is a serious weapon for any task.
The main advantage of Xiaomi phones is the internal MIUI shell, which allows you to redraw the system beyond recognition, without any additional applications. Firmware out quickly, updated by air. So horror stories in the spirit of: "this is a Chinese phone, there is nothing there" are no longer relevant.
The camera was quite enjoyable. For an adult man, not leading an active Instagram, is enough.
Music. Although there is a mini jack connector on the phone, it doesn’t work out serious headphones. Closed or open with great resistance will play quietly and indistinctly. With wireless headphones - no questions. But here the phone simply serves as a signal transmitter.

Of the mins: A small battery that quickly dies, so if you travel a lot, go to the store for an external battery. Also, the beautiful glass back very quickly turns into a dirty and stained surface, which at the same time mercilessly slides. Without an external cover, the use of this smartphone is contraindicated.

Summary: For 2.5 years of use, Mi5 has never been disappointed. Works like a clock, updated the very first to the latest version of Android. USB Type-C, fast charge. Once, a Uberzmartphone will not fall into the dirt with many newcomers even now. And for the money that he bought (17 thousand rubles) and even more so.
30.07.18, 16:19
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Xiaomi Mi5S 64GB, previously Xiaomi Mi4C, previously iPhone 5S
3. General testing of the smartphone.
The smartphone helps both in solving work tasks, and serves as a mp3 player, camera, navigator, and, of course, provides access to basic social services. networks. I regularly monitor mail and always have the opportunity to answer important emails and work with the files of the main office programs. When traveling and on business trips, I often use a second SIM card and consider this feature to be an important element of a modern gadget. Pleased with the camera, although I would like to have optical stabilization in video mode. During the year of use, the phone was tested for strength several times and showed itself from the best side, although you can visually find traces of falls.
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Sony Xperia XZ1 G8341 / G8342

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1) Sony Xperia XZ1
2) For general testing (3 task)
3) In the flagship of 2017 from Sony applied all the latest developments of the company. When you pick up the device, you do not feel any discomfort, regardless of the size of your hand, as the engineers worked well on ergonomics - the phone is nice in the hand. As soon as you take it into your hands, the eye catches a large bright 5.2 "display with excellent color reproduction and a good margin of brightness. By the way, the FullHD screen resolution allows you to enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows in high resolution. allows you to use resource-intensive applications, as well as 4 GB of RAM gives very good multitasking. During my use, there were no complaints about the operation of the device. The interface is smooth, the camera of its own production at 19 megapixels super clear bright pictures, as well as this is the first device on the market with the ability to record video at a frame rate of 960 fps (although only in 720p ... Yes, and it was at the end of the 17th year ... Now in 1080p) and dust and moisture protection, thanks to which you can use the phone in the shower and in the rain without fear of moisture getting into the device.The battery allows you to use the device with medium load and 70% brightness all day. And most importantly, saved 3.5 mm headphone jack. It is also worth noting that the metal case does not collect prints, and the oleophobic coating of the screen allows you to quickly remove prints from it.

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Google Pixel 2 XL

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1. Oneplus 3t
2. Daily use of the device (first of all: autonomy, NFC, quality of communication)
3. I switched to the current device (OP3T) with Xiaomi. He bribed me with the presence of the NFC module, good autonomy and speed of work. These are the parameters I highlight first of all when choosing a smartphone. Now I’m just thinking about buying a replacement - so this competition fromsavagemessiahzine.comvery handy.
Work obliges me to be in touch from early morning to late evening. This includes phone calls and sending photos for coordination with customers, as well as work in office applications and mail. OnePlus does an excellent job with these tasks, I have enough battery power before returning home. As a separate plus (one of the most significant), I highlight the dash charge technology, thanks to which in just 30 minutes it is possible to give the phone the necessary additional 50-60% charge.
With regards to communication, it was for a long time that it was looking for the European version of the device, in order to avoid any restrictions due to the lack of support for the necessary bands. Now I almost always catch 4g +, which is good news. SMS about missed calls on this unit for me are in the past.
And last but not least (but not least in importance of the function) is the presence of NFC. After launching Gpay in Russia, this is my main method of payment. It is very convenient to go to the streets of the city to have only a phone with you, knowing that in almost any outlet it will be enough to attach it to the terminal for payment.
It would be interesting to try out the new product offered by the team.savagemessiahzine.comand tell about your impressions in more detail.
30.07.18, 16:33
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Oneplus 6 8GB RAM

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Let the best man win.

Do not pursue progress - do not have time)
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Nokia 6.1 3/32

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1) Nokia 6.1 + Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 MTK.
2) The operation of the device in everyday tasks. Or the OS interface. I love Miui.
3) For example, let me tell you how Nokia 6.1 handles my everyday requirements.

Appearance, dimensions, form factor

This is why I really decided to buy this smartphone - its appearance. The copper frames really give some kind of Nokia 6.1 flair. It is rather convenient to hold it in a hand, it does not slip. The edges of it are quite sharp, while this is the most "angular" smartphone that I have ever held in my hands. He has no rounded screen, no eyebrows. 5.5-inch screen - quite enough. I would like a little more, however, at that price and on pure Android I did not find anything suitable. The smartphone is more in line with the trends of the 10-14th years. And I like it. Design on a solid top five.


Let's start with the photo. I took the phone, counting with great pleasure to put on it a camera from Google Pixel and get excellent quality. Still, Zeiss optics is worth it - I thought it would be nice. However, the device does not allow to get pleasure from the process of photographing. The standard application "Camera" is quite "braked" and does not reveal the possibilities of the camera at all. The first time I was faced with how badly the phone can take pictures and photograph badly from behind the camera. When installing third-party cameras from Google Pixel, we get a pretty good quality of shooting, but still there is no stability - the application often freezes, crashes, photos are not always saved. However, by installing a third-party camera, we get video stabilization, which in the usual version is not.
Further, I was very pleased with the autonomy of the device - with a medium-high intensity of use, the battery can withstand about 2 days. Compared to my previous phones, it’s like a breath of fresh air. When using games, this figure is reduced by about 2 times. It is really quite difficult to discharge in a day.


This is my phone with NFC technology. It was very interesting to check how it works now, what advantages and disadvantages the technology has. In general, I was very pleased. The card was tied to Google Pay instantly, after payment we get detailed information on the money left. Not without drawbacks - the phone does not always immediately read the payment, there are several unsuccessful attempts. What is strange - it happens in the case, and without it. Perhaps a bit of a wrong place is leaning against a smartphone.


The phone belongs to the average price segment, initially did not expect any supernatural indicators. I play on smartphones not so much, I think that for such things there are specialized things, for example, portable set-top boxes.
However, for the sake of curiosity, I took ARK and Asphalt 9 for testing. The second periodically sags, however, when it "warms up" - it goes perfectly on the usual settings, without adding graphics in the settings. In general, the device copes quite well with medium and light toys, with heavy ones, everything is not very good.


On Nokia 6.1, Android 8.1 is installed, clean, stock. Largely because of this, this unit was bought, I wanted to compare it with Miui. And frankly, I expected more. It turns out that the stock Android on this device does not say that it flies. On my Redmi Note 4, everything is about as smooth, despite the MTK processor. On Nokia, periodic hangs, glitches happen. It seems that either the hardware does not support the phone, or there are software jambs. It feels like I'm already on the beta test of a smartphone. Only bought for 15 thousand.

Fingerprint scanner

Before buying a lot of reading about the scanner in this model. They wrote that it is very inconvenient, that it is hard to unlock with it, as it is located in the back almost in the middle part of the phone. I was skeptical about this, I was sure that this was a matter of habit. It turned out that I was really right - it was quite convenient to use a smartphone and I got used to the scanner in just 3 days of use. He really is not in the most convenient place on the back of the smartphone, but there is no crime in it - everything is fine. Although occasionally still miss. But it is a trifle.


There were no problems with communication, the speakers were loud, the microphone was decent. Interlocutors hear me perfectly. And it pleases.

Brief summary:Honestly, the smartphone bribed the brand. This is the good old Nokia! What could be better?
It turned out - maybe. The smartphone turned out to be quite average and gray in terms of filling and bright and juicy in terms of appearance.
There is NFC, there is the latest updates. There is no good, stable camera and overall system stability. I'm afraid, after a year of use everything will only get worse. So, it's time to go back to Xiaomi. Maybe I'm lucky here.

About myself. 26 years, all August will be strictly in Moscow.

Requirements for the test task are not met.

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NVIDIA Shield Tablet

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Xiaomi redmi 6 pro
How the device copes with everyday tasks.
My device has a fancy display with bangs, inconvenience when using does not cause a "bang" does not enrage, if desired, the bangs can be removed. First of all I want to note that the battery is just space !! I have enough of it for a long time, my apparatus is used constantly from 9 am to 1 or 2 nights, I put it on charge for the night. During the day I load the device with music connected via bluetooth, games, internet surfing and calls with correspondence. The dragon, though not the freshest, but copes with everyday tasks with a bang! Compared to the previous Meizu m6s phone, the speed of work is noticeable with an unarmed look. Lightning finger scanner that can not be said about the face scanner, he sometimes does not recognize me, but does not recognize others))) The firmware is not global because of this, some programs and games in English.
30.07.18, 16:48
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Apple iPhone 6s Plus

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Let's start:
1) Iphone 6s plus
2) I would like to test the operation of the device in everyday tasks: the Internet, social networks, calls, browser, books, some music + Bluetooth.
3) I chose this particular model not by chance. I was interested in the big screen, despite the fact that before this, in the possession of the iphone 5c, the slight discomfort from the unusually large dimensions of the device was more than compensated by the colorful and large display with full hd resolution. I was pleased with the huge battery, which was not enough in the previous smart. There is enough battery for a day with a reserve without convulsive search for the outlet at 18 o'clock. Experience using the phone for about 9 months. In my mode, the alarm clock is at 6:00 after a couple of hours of podcasts, the road is about 1 hour and reading books from the device, a working day with about 2 hours of phone calls and about 1-2 messengers with customers, a return trip on a Xiaomi scooter about an hour, evening about 1 hour of social networking. The phone is always in conjunction with Mi Band and active notifications on the bracelet. There are no complaints about the work, and a camera with an optical stabilizer on infrequent business trips across Russia brings delightful pictures and high-quality, exciting video. The phone is 4+ only because there are already fresher models and many features are not enough, such as the FaceID of the second camera and wireless charging. I plan to change by September to an updated line of Apple technology.
30.07.18, 16:49
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1. I use the phone LG G6
2. I wanted to test the OS interface, as I am a programmer and every time I am surprised at how the interface works differently on different devices
3. When buying, the phone was running Android 7.0, but in June it was updated to Android 8.0. Here is not a bare android, and the shell from LG called UX. But in principle, this shell is not difficult in understanding and I got used to it very quickly after my OnePlus One on CyanogenMod.
For myself in this device, I found the pros and cons.
From the minuses, I can select several installed applications that I do not use and without Root rights you can not delete them. And from the advantages I can single out how photographing by gesture (I haven’t seen this before), and on vacation it helped a lot, since the button for the selfie stick was successfully forgotten at home). The gallery has a basket, which complicates the task of accidentally deleting photos and videos from your phone.
I also include the UX shell itself as a plus. The shell is nice looking, conservative and understandable with good customization, without friezes. There are many settings items in the settings menu and you can customize a lot.
30.07.18, 16:50
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1) iPhone X
2) OS interface
3) My smartphone is running ios 12 beta 4. The efforts of the Cupertinovs are very noticeable. The iPhone on this operating system works noticeably smoother, even with respect to the release ios 11.4.1.
The main interesting innovations are of course:
-Processed notifications on a locked screen with added message grouping.
-In-built roulette with the level of Apple, which is pretty good and accurately copes with the tasks
- Screen time, after which, to be honest, I was shocked how much time I spend on social networks and stick to my smartphone

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached file2.png(425.9 KB)

Attached Image

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Meizu MX4 Pro

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1) Meizu 15
2) My smartphone runs on the Android 7.1.1 operating system and Flyme shell. The manufacturer rarely updates the software, but adds functionality by updating the versions of the shells themselves, as a rule, not the most recent android versions.
The device interface is similar to IOS or MIUI, not for fans of pure android. Nice smooth interface, convenient notification curtain, interesting Flyme design.
The main thing that I like about this phone is design. Unlike most manufacturers, meizu did not create a phone with an aspect ratio of 18: 9 or 19: 9, and cut a front-facing camera in the style of iphone X. For a 5.46-inch smartphone, it is very compact, fits well and leaves pleasant tactile sensations when used.
Previously, on previous versions of Flyme, I was annoyed by the fact that developers could not fully optimize the firmware and get rid of serious flaws or bugs, with Flyme 7 noticeable work on the bugs, both in terms of bugs, and in the optimization of the firmware itself, even to the ideal still far. I really like the branded navigation bar mBack, which allows you to use your smartphone without physical or on-screen buttons, but only with the help of gestures and a single Home button.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

3) With this smartphone, meizu finally began to use processors from snapdragon, which has a positive effect on the performance and energy efficiency of the smartphone. In meizu 15, snapdragon 660 is used, not top-notch, for demanding games it is not the best choice, but it copes with everyday tasks with a bang. It also supports the quick charge function quick charge 4, which significantly increases the charging speed. In the previous smartphone, I did not have enough of this. More features of this model include: high-quality amoled screen, good audio stuffing, mEngine vibro-element (responsible for simulating mechanical pressing), a very fast and compact fingerprint scanner.
The camera is not the best here, it does not reach the level of Samsung's flagships or Huawei, but it copes with its tasks quite well, it lacks detail and the images are often blurry. Perhaps the quality of the photo will improve with the release of new firmware. Separately, I liked the function of two-time optical zoom and three-time digital, with minimal loss of quality.
First of all, the smartphone is suitable for lovers of good sound, compact size and standard design without the "bangs".
Of the big minuses for me, is the lack of NFC
Only one task is required.

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Apple iPhone 8

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Good day!
Now I use iPhone 8
First of all, the autonomy of the smartphone, the quality of the display, playability, NFC, the overall quality of use are of interest.
First of all, I want to switch to smartphones with Android, I love Xiaomi technology very much, I actively use it.
The iPhone copes with everyday tasks perfectly, but the functionality used already seems incomparable with the cost.
I want to check the time of use without recharging, how much the hardware can handle modern games from the Play-market.
Is it convenient to use this unit for watching videos / listening to music?
In general, I wonder how much this smartphone is convenient and usable for the average person with standard queries.

Requirements for the test task are not met. You must complete one of the three tasks on the example of your phone.

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 6/256

Reputation:-  10  +

1. Xaomi Mi Mix
2. Daily use - social networks, mail, web surfing, messengers, listening to music, photographing (by priority of use).
3. I chose the smartphone according to one of the main criteria for me - the size of the screen. Considered only devices with a screen 6+. Before him was the Lenovo K900, he had 5.5, and from a certain point he realized that it was not enough. When I chose a year ago, the offer of devices with such a diagonal was a bit. Yes, and now a little bit. Comparing the Mi Mix with others, I was surprised that it surpasses competitors in almost all characteristics, and the price is lower. Screen 6.44 with excellent resolution and color, plus this is the first real frameless. For the year of use on the screen there is not a hint of scratches, the oleophobic coating is at a height. Appearance - premium, ceramic body. Battery - 4400! With my mode of use, I can't remember that by the end of the day the battery charge was less than 30 percent. I don’t play games, although according to players ’opinions, the smartphone is also very good in this, all games fly at maximum settings. Music? You are welcome! On board - a hardware DAC of very decent quality, and if you have a player that knows how to use it (eg USB Audio), you will hear a wonderful sound. And even on an ordinary regular player, the sound is very decent. Memory - 6GB. And yes, with this smart flash drive / portable HDD, you probably won't need it anymore, there is an impressive 256GB onboard. A little pumped up the camera. But I am not an “instagrammer” and I do not take photos every five minutes, so the requirements for the camera are average, as in the song - “so that it is not very crooked”. :) Installing the GC mod also solves this problem, at least for me, the quality of the photos taken by GoogleCam is completely satisfactory. MIUI shell like. And the most important thing is that this is my first Android smartphone, which just works fine! There are no friezes, unexpected application crashes, any other problems. It just works! Moreover, the firmware was updated several times, there was a transition from MIUI8 to 9, the core of the first firmware with which the device was purchased was on the 6th version of the android, then updated to the 7th, and recently the latest version of the global firmware 9.6.1 was released on the 8th !. In the nearest plans of the company - MIUI10! Remembering such updates on Samsung and Sony, which were with me and my wife, each update did not really add anything, except for all the big brakes. Lenovo did not indulge with updates at all, and all the firmware were with their quirks. But there is no, there is no slowdown in performance!
If I am lucky to test a new smartphone, I will use it in the same mode, perhaps I will pay more attention to the camera, just to compare it with what is now.

Requirements for the test task are not met. Must completeone thingof the three test items.

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1. My iPhone SE device, an assistant for all occasions.
2. Work the device in everyday tasks.
3. The phone is used for about six months, and copes with the tasks.
The phone is used primarily for communication. There are no problems with this in the phone. A minus is still present, and this is an incoming call on the whole screen, tolerant, but there are calls at the most inopportune moment.
Multimedia potential, at a fairly good level, listening to me, with the hearing of an average person, is quite comfortable. Watching videos on the screen at 4 ’’ is possible, but not as convenient as at 6 ’’. This is my choice in favor of compactness.
Entertainment and games, again, the screen is too small, but it does not interfere with play and, if necessary (desired), you can play almost everything that is in the App Store. The performance of the phone is not amazing, but the processor A9 and 2gb ram, work out to the fullest.
The ergonomics of the phone, this is what I like for it, the phone lies perfectly in the hand, and allows you to work with it with one hand without fear of dropping it.
As a former Android user, I had to tighten my belt in one place, but iOS allows me to dissolve it in another.

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Samsung c100-Alcatel OT-735-Siemens s65-Sony ericsson K300-Nokia 6630-Nokia E51-Nokia 5530-Iphone 2g-Nokia C6-Iphone 2g-Nokia E7-Iphone 3gs-Sony xperia ray-Samsung I9000-HTC HD2-HTC Incredible S-HTC Mozart-Iphone 4-Motorola xt910-Sony xperia S-Xperia Z-Xperia Z3compact-IPhone SE
Winnie the Pooh's Feet
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Oneplus 5T 8/128

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1) OnePlus 5T
2) I would like to test the new Xiaomi: the device in everyday tasks.
3) My “Flagship Killer” perfectly fulfills all the duties assigned to him.
I work as a video editor and it is not always possible to record the plot on the "older" equipment. In these moments, the OnePlus 5T helps me out. The camera does an excellent job with reportage photography, and the presence of 4K recording allows you to make videos with a quality margin for further editing.
Also on the smartphone is very convenient to read e-books. The OnePlus 5T has a large 18: 9 display, so I stopped using a tablet for this purpose, and now I carry less technology with me. Thanks to the Super AMOLED technology, the battery sits very slowly (in the night mode) and I can enjoy reading during the trip without being afraid to remain without a phone.
Due to the powerful stuffing and competent shell OxygenOS, the smartphone easily pulls all the games at maximum settings. I especially like the collection-collective AR-games (in the spirit of Pokemon GO), so for me it is important that the phone holds a charge for a long time and does not lose contact with the satellites. OnePlus 5T brilliantly performs both tasks, allowing you to enjoy not only the world, but also its virtual complement.

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Inadequate is not the one who writes nonsense, but the one who reacts to it

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Asus Zenfone 3 ZE552KL 4/64

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1. ASUS ZenFone 3 ZE552KL 64GB
2. I want to test the operation of the device in everyday tasks, as well as the work of the camera.
3. I like my smartphone, especially in my daily work, at the moment it copes with all the tasks. I love to play FIFA Mobile, Pubg, NFS, the phone pulls all the games that I install.
Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages in this phone: 1. Unstable GPS operation in the city (Moscow). 2. Lack of NFC (I can not use Android Pay). 3. Although at the moment support is at a height and the system is updated to Androyd 8.0.0. Smartphone “sores” are not cured (sometimes it hangs and does not respond to commands - a black screen, Wi-Fi buttons and a flashlight stick).

Therefore, I want to test these particular functions on the new Xiaomi (games, NFC-Android Pay, GPS operation, VK surfing, YouTube, etc.).
30.07.18, 17:13
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Good day.

1) Asus ZenFon Max Pro M1 (phone 2 weeks before it was LeEco Le 2.
2) The work of the smartphone in everyday tasks

My smartphone is only a couple of weeks after unpacking the factory box, so the impression of its work during daily use is fresh.
The biggest concern in using the smartphone was in its size. A display of 6 inches in my head drew shovels, fingers stretched so that you could cover the immense.

Upon receipt of the smartphone, all my thoughts about the shovel broke about the harsh reality. Despite the 6 inches of the phone conveniently lay in your hand. All buttons are in finger accessibility. With proper skill, your thumb can reach into any part of the screen.

For 2 weeks, the smartphone was mercilessly exploited in order to facilitate my everyday tasks:
1. NFC - I would never have thought that the function of the smartphone is available to cause delight only by the fact that it works. Pay by phone in the store? No problem! Do not stand in line at the subway, and quietly record the trip on the map using a smartphone? Easy! (I repent, I managed to correctly attach the Troika card only on the third attempt. We will consider this just a lack of experience). I didn’t try connecting various devices, and I don’t have them, so this function couldn’t make my life easier.
2. Battery. Not. Battery 5000 mach - the whole day the phone is completely offline, not tying me either to the outlet or to the ROM. I think it’s not worth explaining how battery life makes life easier.
3. And of course a few words about the system: a bare android gives a lot of different options for help in everyday use. And the office, and voice assistants, and more.
30.07.18, 17:19
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1. Xiaomi redmi note 5 (6-64)
2. Use with everyday tasks, such as: work with office applications, google spreadsheet, navigation, social networks, work time.
3. I chose a smartphone because of price, quality, and a margin of safety))
Previously, it was redmi 5 plus (4-64), also good in its line, but it lacked resources and periodically lost GPS. Note 5 is coping on all counts so far, the only minus the lack of NFS. But the battery margin partially overlaps this minus. All good!

Requirements for the test task are not met.

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus

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1. iPhone 8 Plus
2. OS interface.
3. I have been using this device since the start of sales in Russia. The convenience and ease of use of iOS has always seduced. The OS interface is undergoing very slow, I would even say evolutionary changes. He aspires of course for the better. I think that apple needs to work with the logic of building the setup menu. Some settings in my opinion are illogical and inconsistent. The first part of the settings menu is functional, practical, and at the bottom (applications and options to them), a lot of water is also blurred.
I believe that the OS interface should be convenient and practical. Application icons should be grouped by functionality.
It is important to observe the OS visualization. For the styling of pop-up messages, for the implementation of the features of the OS within the device, given that this xiaomi MIUI can be compared to the shell with the "bare" Android.

I will be happy to become your tester of a new smartphone and describe all my impressions about the new Xiaomi device.

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