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Boxing Star [3D, G-sensor, Online] | [Sports] Arcade box with excellent quality console graphics
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Total votes: 53

Rep: (76)
Boxing star
Version: 1.1.1
Genre: Sport

Last update of the game in the header:12.07.2018

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Short description:
Arcade boxing on android

Starting with street battles, get to the main world championship, becoming a boxing superstar.

Create a fighter by choosing from several types of appearance and inventing a name for yourself. Having started the passage of the career mode, you will fight on ordinary streets, but each defeated opponent will gradually bring you closer to the goal. Management here is perfect for touch screens, swipes and tapas make simple movements, put a block and inflict crushing blows on opponents, after which they can no longer recover. In story mode, watch how your fighter turns from a novice amateur into a professional boxer, and you spend money from fights on improving equipment and buying new gloves that unlock access to mega-hits

Developer site: http://www.433.co.kr/
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ftt.boxingstar.gl.aos

Features: 3D, G-sensor, Online

Russian interface: Not
System requirements: 4.4+

Download: Version: 1.1.1
Attached fileBoxing_Star_1.1.1.apk(28.86 MB)

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sdcard / Android / obb
Version 1.1.1:Google disk

Past versions

Post has been editedDurnoy vkus - 12.07.18, 18:35
Reason for editing: cache

Rep: (0)
* Nikesoul , but it says to me "Installation error. Incompatible service pack"

Rep: (0)
How to participate in the event? I don’t understand something ..

Rep: (0)
* L000ny,
Will you take a rate of about 1k to the clan?

Rep: (1)
* Nikesoul , the link to obb is not working: no:

Rep: (20)
Damn, I have a sound problem, some kind of digital decomposition is sound.

Rep: (2)
Cyborg77 @ 06/23/2019, 20:06*
Damn, I have a problem with the sound, some kind of digital decomposition is sound

You may need to reinstall the game.

Z.Y. There are a couple of places in the clan.
Title: Vodka
Let's try to break into the top 200
Fly in

Rep: (0)
I am looking for an active clan my rating 3200+

Rep: (0)
So it turns out that you are fighting in any case against bots only pumped by other players?

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* klzar , Yes

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