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Never Future - adventure action, which isexclusive for Windows Phonein which you will play for a young archeologist.
Exploring the next excavation, he finds an ancient artifact that takes him to an unfamiliar futuristic world full of horrible monsters in which he will find his way home. The main character needs to clear the new planet of debris, thereby he will earn money on the purchase of weapons and uniforms. Explore a vast world with arid deserts, underground caves, labyrinths of cities and oases and look for the items you need, completing multiple quests. On the way you will meet a variety of interesting characters, each with its own story.

Briefly about the main features of the game:
- A beautiful game with interesting characters;
- More than 50 different maps: deserts, dungeons, caves, laboratories, cities and oases;
- 3 different types of weapons (melee - driller, long-range - sniper rifle and grenade launcher) with more than 18 improvements with different attributes (lightning, fire or ice);
- Improved armor and unique abilities of the character.
- Lectures on ecology and environmental protection.

I checked the game on Samsung Ativ S (WP 8.1.2, wolfROM firmware).
You can adjust the sound volume by clicking on the musical note icon in the main menu.
In my opinion, the game was very stupid and monotonous: starting from the design of locations and quests and ending with the combat system.
The way to save and hack the game
Saves are stored in the \ Data \ Users \ DefApps \ APPDATA \ {3D303DE8-4866-412D-A270-9D36C2AD17C7} \ Local folder
You can get here by connecting the smartphone with a USB cable to the PC, then wait for 20 seconds, go to this computer \ Windows Phone \ Phone \, and then follow the specified path. Of course, for this the interop unlock must be activated on the firmware and the tweak fullfs is turned on [it turned on in Ativ SSamWP8 Tools].
You can edit the amount of things in the inventory inside the file through any text editor.

Trailers and gameplay: trailer 1 , trailer 2 , gameplay
Marketplace Web:

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