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Xiaomi Redmi 6 - MIUI firmware

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Xiaomi Redmi 6 - MIUI firmware
PictureXiaomi XR6, HM6, CEREUS
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Important information!
Mini FAQ + Useful Information
OTA update . All further questions in the topic will be deleted, without warning.
On the latest firmware mode Edl for a locked bootloader does not work (closed).

Is it possible to roll back after 3 points - Answer: NOT

Drivers and Utilities

Official firmware
Localized (TWRP only)
Download page onxiaomi.eu

New versions of Xiaomi.eu firmware lead to a bootlap xiaomi.eu
8.8.23 xiaomi.eu
MD5: e333a162993b89070a5449fa1cea5c36
MD5: 86c2099ef5f4fac07c882acd8ae2852a

MIUI Global Developer 9.6.20 Deodex




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Reason for editing: TWRP-3.3.1-REDMI6-CN-wzs (for android only 9)

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* toxa246 , in the extreme version they have already corrected everything they say ..... but I have twrp then the hell mounts the system itself and the vendor .... I put my finger (hands), one fig)

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* toxa246 I also downloaded the download, try installing it ...

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* PalychRv, I now can not understand whether it was completely set? Youtube and Route

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Maybe because of this ... Is not updated miui pro ...?

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* toxa246 , Managed to install ...?

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* Sasha240488qwer , Yes

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* toxa246 , hmm ..... it seems with magisk 19 it is going - it should have been installed in twrp.

Post has been editedPalychRv - 03.05.19, 21:46

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Stupid question, but better to ask: when you unlock the bootloader, all data is deleted, right?

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* AndreyDudalad still swinging

Posted 05/03/2019 at 21:59:

* AlexSysCraCk, Yes

Posted 05/03/2019 at 10:00 pm:

* PalychRv, there was no such thing on the 21st let's see what 25th will say

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* toxa246 , and is it possible to make some backup and restore it after?

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* AlexSysCraCk, In principle, through tvrp probably only.

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* AndreyDudalad Yesterday I also installed miuipro, according to ota after downloading 9.4.25 in twrp, it gives a file error, according to the instructions in the group from the cart, did everything as written, downloaded it 4 times, 2 via the mobile Internet and 2 times via Wi-Fi, it’s not I got rid of, measured, already do not know what to do.

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danilych86 @ 05.05.19, 22:18*
according to the instructions in the group from the cart did everything as written
This is with cleaning the cache, deleting the '1' folder and replacing Updater.apk ??! I did this twice: extreme and before. and all the rules.

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* PalychRv Aha, quite right, well, xs, maybe I will try again. And the replacement of the update in system / app / do, right?

Post has been editeddanilych86 - 03.05.19, 22:23

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danilych86 @ 5/3/19, 10:21*
I will try again
The truth is, twrp does not mount the system and vendor at me, I already wrote, because after downloading I go to twrp and select the downloaded firmware file for installation with my hands.
danilych86 @ 5/3/19, 10:21*
And the replacement of the update in system / app / do, right?
in /data/data/com.android.updater: rolleyes:

Post has been editedPalychRv - 03.05.19, 22:27

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* PalychRv , I also did this, and I do not mount

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* danilych86 Yes, there. The right way.

Posted 05/03/2019 22:46:

PalychRv @ 05/03/2019, 22:23*
in /data/data/com.android.updater
It is in the system / app, and on the date its data. Clean them too

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toxa246 @ 5/3/19 22:45*
Clean them too
Exactly) The fact that we completely delete data / data is the one. And we update Updater.apk in the system / app, and we do not forget the rights (permissions).

P.S. And such a question: how to configure miui so that after turning off the screen, Poweramp is not cut down, and even the lock does not help? I used to know ... NAV has already aged, and sharply

toxa246 @ 05/03/19, 23:15*
100 pounds !! Even when I first started writing this post, I was younger)

Post has been editedPalychRv - 03.05.19, 23:21

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PalychRv @ 05/03/2019, 22:57*
NAV already aged, and sharply
fair? I do not know. Did not use.
Py Sy. Updated. After replacing the upgrade, I downloaded the firmware again and with my hands in the recovery there, install the date, systems and vendor, then sew it. All OK.

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Hi there, somebody unlocked mi account on redmi 6. Someone has instructions

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