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Xiaomi Redmi 6 - MIUI firmware

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Xiaomi Redmi 6 - MIUI firmware
PictureXiaomi XR6, HM6, CEREUS
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Important information!
Mini FAQ + Useful Information
OTA update . All further questions in the topic will be deleted, without warning.
On the latest firmware mode Edl for a locked bootloader does not work (closed).

Is it possible to roll back after 3 points - Answer: NOT

Drivers and Utilities

Official firmware
Localized (TWRP only)
Download page onxiaomi.eu

New versions of Xiaomi.eu firmware lead to a bootlap xiaomi.eu
8.8.23 xiaomi.eu
MD5: e333a162993b89070a5449fa1cea5c36
MD5: 86c2099ef5f4fac07c882acd8ae2852a





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SF | AFH | dedyk | 8.6.28 xiaomi.eu | 10 | 8.1 | TWRP


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You post the firmware for TWRP. And where does TWRP download from?

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helloween_immortal-91 @ 07.07.18, 11:35*
You post the firmware for TWRP. And where does TWRP download from?

He is currently not there .. I myself expect

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I bought 2 pieces of Xiaomi Redmi 6. 32 num there is no Russian language
please tell me how to get an official Russification for my phone

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Unlocked the bootloader. Everything went like clockwork, without any VPN and 360 hours.
It now remains to wait for TWRP and you can sew xiaomi.eu

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try our tvrp to port everything there justmanual number 3 here
iron almost copy (redmi6a)

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TWRP Builder Redmi 6

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I found the firmware globalku on redmi 6 tolyka
Latest Global stable recovery ROM ... 7cc63b_8.1.zip

and on fastboot
Latest Global stable fastboot ROMSoon

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http: //bigota.d.miui.c.…_global_93f77f5677.tgz
Vishla Global for Redmi 6

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Instructions for flashing globalka through twrp if it did not work through fastboot
1. Unlocks the bootloader
2. throwing firmware on sd cards
3. We put twrp fastboot flash recovery xxxx.img
4. Flash the cust partition fastboot flash cust cust.img
4 Go in recovery do the format data
5. Install and choose our firmware
The main thing is not to block the bootloader

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xasan7777 @ 08/09/18, 15:53*
Even Simka did not put Isho for 15 days, not a phone, but full wolf !!!!!!!!!!

Why not insert
Inserted a sim card and use the phone all these 15 days only in English
The most important thing is not to leave

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I registered one without a SIM card and the ACC is even an Internet connected via file for the second day
from this instructionsUnlocking the boot XIAOMI (Post ilya0103 # 46016961)

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Vzik79 @ 08.08.18, 15:43*
Unlocked the bootloader.

Can you give more details? Something does not work through their site!

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Hello. Please answer briefly:
1. Is it possible to get a root on the stock firmware? Chinese or global?
2. What is the difference between globalka and Chinese firmware, which is better (the absence of the Russian language does not confuse)?
3. Is it possible to flash the global firmware on the Chinese version of the phone?
4. What is the essence of the race for the firmware (and what everyone aspires to), why not stay on the drain?

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* gerwik,
About unlocking the bootloader allin this thread

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* eugene.v,
1. It is possible, but you need to unlock the bootloader.
2. In addition to the language, there are no pre-installed Google services (you can install it yourself) and a couple of Chinese applications that cannot be easily removed (like your market). The quality is the same.
3. It is possible that this is exactly what everyone is doing in this topic)
4. Everyone wants to flash the globalku to the Chinese device for the sake of the Russian language. On a third-party firmware sits a small (compared to the globalka) number of people, everyone finds something interesting for them. Basically, everyone is sitting on the globalka - once he has set up and at least the jambs + updates without problems.

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Lemon86 @ 08/10/18, 8:11*
Basically, everyone is sitting on the globalka - once he has set up and at least the jambs + updates without problems.

Do air updates happen? Ruth does not interfere with the update (mezu with the root is not updated)? Ruth does not fly off when updating?

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eugene.v @ 08/10/18, 7:31*
Ruth does not fly off when updating?

Flies, it is necessary to put on a new

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Redmi 6 Global RU V9.6.6.0.OCGRUFD

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us4cy @ 08/10/18, 15:18*
Redmi 6 Global RU V9.6.6.0.OCGRUFD

From where Onhttp://ru.miui.comThere is no this firmware. Can trust? Who put?

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