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Mocute upgrade tool | Wireless Gamepad Software Update

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Mocute upgrade tool
version: M38

Last update of the program in the header:22.08.2019

Attached Image

Attached Image

Short description:
Mocute gamepad software update

Updating the gamepad software from the application directly without server participation. At the moment, 050, 053, 054, 055, 056 and 058 versions of gamepads are announced. You can still use the QR code scanning function behind the gamepad itself, but in this case, you simply go to the official website and are looking for where to download and how to flash.

Android required: 4.0+
Russian interface: Not
Developer: Mocute
Homepage: http://www.migamepad.com

Software update is possible only from version 10 (see the version in the name of the connected device)

Lowering firmware is possible and doesn’t harm
Upgrade Instructions

The gamepad must be charged and disconnected from charging.

1. Download and install the apk
(See the list of supported devices).

2. Turn off the device and put it into update mode.

Key combinationA + X + Power key.

Shortcut for 055 version
Attached Image

Key combination for version 058
Attached Image

When this starts flashinggreendiode

3. On the phone, turn on the bluetooth and go into the search for devices.

4. Find a new deviceMTC-ISP01 and connect to it.

5. Run the application and click here onConnect MTC-ISP01 .
Attached Image

6. From the list that appears, choose this name, not the name of your gamepad.

7. After selecting the statusUnconnected will change to Connected .
Attached Image

8. PushUpdate and wait. The firmware is fast, about 30 seconds.

9. After successful firmware, the device will turn itself off. But do not rush to include it in the usual way.

10. After each firmware, I advise you to first calibrate the analog sticks.
Combination for S28 Firmware Version: B + Y + Power Button

Combination for firmware version M10 and higher: LT + RT + power button

11. You are in calibration mode. Rotate 2 sticks 360 degrees. Which way is absolutely not important. The main thing to do at leasttwo full turnover.

12. Turn off the device. Everything, at this stage the firmware is completed. Congratulations!)

Important notes:
- Strange detail, even if you have version 054, then the name of the joystick will be changed to 050.
- I advise you after the firmware to cancel the pairings from the old name and bind to the new in this way: Cancel the pairings, press the power button on the gamepad and hold until it starts blinking. After that, we are already looking for it by the phone itself and connect to it.

Key combinations for connecting to different devices
A + Power - standard mode, connect to Android

B + Power - Baofeng Mojing Android APP Mode

X + Power - mode for iOS

Y + Power - Android MTK / PC mode

Enabling gamepad support throughout the system (Root)

Video update instruction (English subtitle language)

Gamepad emulators

Download: version: M38
Mocute upgrade tool (Post Ale-Gee # 88175889)
Download APK from official site

Download: version: M35 for PC Mocute upgrade tool (Post @Etherov # 88033859)

Download: The program for testing the performance of buttons: Attached filekeytest-xiaoqi.apk (242.94 KB)

Past versions

M35 Version: Attached fileMOCUTE-058_BLE.apk (3.49 MB)

Version M19: Attached fileMOCUTE-BLE-M19.apk (3.06 MB)

Version M18: Attached fileMOCUTE-BLE-M18.apk (3.05 MB)

Version M17: Attached fileMOCUTE-BLE-17.apk (3.08 MB)

Version M16: Attached fileMOCUTE-BLE-M16.apk (3.05 MB)

Version M12: Attached fileMOCUTE-BLE_M12.apk (3.05 MB)

Version M10: Attached fileMOCUTE-BLE-M10.apk (2.91 MB)

Version M09: Attached fileMOCUTE-BLE-M09.apk (2.91 MB)

Version 28 for Mocute 051 and 055: Attached filemocuteupen-s28-for51_55.apk (2.7 MB)

Version 28: Attached filemocuteupen28.apk (2.7 MB)

Version 27: Attached filemocuteupen27.apk (2.7 MB)

Version 27C:
Attached filemocuteupen27C.apk(2.7 MB)

Posted on 06/14/2018, 21:56:

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Rep: (8)
The fact of the matter is that the firmware does not help. When resetting, maybe pressed to the mink on. But I try again and not what. Perhaps the Chinese should write.

Rep: (25)

Firmware comes out, but we will not check

Attached fileMOCUTE-058_BLE.apk(3.49 MB)

Changes to the M35
Attached Image

Rep: (151)
* _Meat Now test pc mode

Rep: (0)
Good day! I own Mocute 050, worked until yesterday with a TV without any problems, yesterday the TV stopped seeing it.
I tried to update the firmware, hold down A + X + power, the green diode lights up and flashes, the device sees the phone, but does not connect.
If you turn on the gamepad in normal mode, it connects to the phone. Please tell me what to do ((

Rep: (1)
Also problems in injustice 2 on the computer. Buttons are mixed up in the game, and up and forward do not work at all. X360ce I use v4, it naturally bind all the buttons, the gamepad hid, but nothing helps. Moreover, in the witcher 3, everything works as it should. By the way, for some reason, x360ce I see two gamepads. Is everyone like that?

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Rep: (156)
Type of: A new version
Version: M35
Short description: Gamepad update from PC.
PC file in exe format.
A link to the new version (apk) was also added to the header. Thanks to the followers for updates.Attached fileMCTUP_PC.exe(3.4 MB)

Rep: (177)

Starting with the M35, PC-Mode appeared (in DirectInput) it is activated Power + Right
Video from the official channelYoutube

Attached files

Attached fileMOCUTE-BLE-M38.apk(3.49 MB)

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Rep: (177)
Also problems in injustice 2 on a computer

Steam to the rescuehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ITXiplmtDU

PS: And to all people who have problems with the X360ce

Post has been editedAle-gee - 21.08.19, 16:36

Rep: (151)
* Ale-gee , you see, what the problem is - it is crooked, the buttons on it are still messed up, unless it is defined as a gamepad now.

Rep: (177)
* serkov950,
they are confused because DirectInput, and if they imported support for XInput, then all the buttons would be in place. And so I can recommend using crutches such as the X360ce or via Steam. Steam will be preferable for regular games, but the X360ce for some emulators as buttons are not always correctly recognized (the emulator for the emulator funny comes out: rofl :)

Rep: (151)
* Ale-gee , I’ve been using x360ce all my life, the only minus is that it can’t normally hide our gamepad and when playing Cuphead a second player is often added

Rep: (0)
Trouble. There is a model 050. It is defined as MOCUTE-050_X06-AAA7 (no other devices). A smartphone (Android 6) is connected to it. But neither the sticks nor the buttons do anything. It seems that the smartphone considers it a physical keyboard - and writes. And when connected, asks to choose a layout for it. I tried in the game "Modern combat 5" - it seems to understand that the gamepad is connected, it displays in the settings, but the buttons and sticks do not work. Reset clicked. Y + B + Power pressed. I cannot enter the firmware update mode. Any thoughts what this garbage is? The gamepad itself was bought for a long time, but was not used.

Rep: (156)
The gamepad itself was bought for a long time

Actually this is the answer. An old batch that does not support updating by.

Rep: (0)
The problem is that it still doesn't work ...

Post has been editedalek_sys - 22.08.19, 13:44

Rep: (151)
* alek_sys , old software works very crookedly. You can dance with the root, there is an instruction in the cap.

Rep: (0)
It turned out this. Doesn't work specifically on Honor 7 (Android 6). I tried on two different smartphones, on both Android 9 - it works. And on a laptop with some Linux, it also works. That is, the matter is specifically in Honor 7 (or its Android). Now I don’t know what to do at all)

Rep: (156)
* alek_sys , Android has nothing to do with it. I have 6 and everything is fine. So the question is closed, the reason for the curve of the Honor software.

Rep: (-2)
Please tell me, I connect mocute-054 to a PC, it requires a PIN code, I don’t even know it, 0000 1234 tried it, it doesn’t work, maybe someone solved this problem

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