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OnePlus 6 - Accessories | Smartphone 6.28 "

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Accessories forOneР lus 6
PictureModels: A6000, A6003 | Codename: enchilada
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Photo of the smartphone OnePlus 6
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Branded accessories for OnePlus 6
Accessories reviews
Safety glasses and films
Car chargers
Chargers and cables
Dash charger and cable
Dash charger and cable
Negative experience using memory data
To assert that these chargers and cables are not original. As argued the opposite. There is a lot of controversy about this. Reviews are also not unambiguous. For this, the cap will not indicate that these accessories are original. In order to avoid disputes and offtopic in the subject. You buy everything at your own risk!
Review / comparison of the original and not original Dash memory
Test chargers and cables
Recall / experience of using memory
CELBRO DASH / VOOC cable review

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* seilkhanov,
* Omen5258,
Remembered review Andro News on OP6T. According to him, and from the video, it follows that, for example, Case Sandstone from OP6T suited to OP6. But not vice versa. There is a small chance that other suitable lining. Here is a more complicated bumpers.

Rep: (347)
Boy77ruS @ 5.03.19, 20:31*
There is a small chance that the other lining suit

Lining is good. I understand that this type as a sendstone nillkin frosted or more may be appropriate, but the bumper is not likely to come up. And how would the case that I want to order expensive is to check) Is that the order of some inexpensive bumper purely for the sake of testing.

Rep: (279)
Guys, there is a belief banks supporting Dash Chardjui?
: blush:

Rep: (853)
@ Tka4enko @ 06.03.19, 00:05*
with support for Dash

Yes. That's out of the hat.Sdoutech

Rep: (5)
Good morning! Tell me please, where relevant, you can buy the original film or thin glass, the display?

Rep: (853)
oleg14a @ 06.03.19, 08:44*
Good morning!

Good! The original film did not exist. I recommend to see what is in the cap threads. From the glass from him would adviseOriginalorNillkin CP + Max

Rep: (0)
Hello, anyone found as a cover of the box, but not transparent?

Rep: (853)
* lisiy3555056 , Complete cover many like. But, I do not remember anything similar on the market.

Rep: (99)
Nillkin Super Frosted bought for 40 UAH: D (not a joke,
rubles approximately 100) in a local retail. I still do not understand why it is so cheap, apparently do not go selling. Cover the original, at the box numbered erased coin. In general it sits very cool, driving under the camera and the mark perfectly. But the only thing did not like - stiffness, I thought it would be a little softer. And to the surprise of slide in the hand even more than without a cover, and much more than complete. You need to get used to.

I generally does not use any bags and film, but the last time it is necessary to lay down next to the phone on the table, and it emits a very unpleasant sound when the glass is placed on a hard surface. Scratches do not care, I do not use a museum piece, and the phone. But after a complete cover it is much more convenient because less. I also wore it when it is necessary to lay down on the table. During the phone has to constantly put to use-lift, so it is really so. In daily use, not yuzayu.

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Rep: (35)
* Moshonka,
Bought for 250 USD in the retail ebony wood) instead of 1250) sits perfectly.
Attached Image

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Rep: (31)
* glebk.a,
How did you manage to grab this price? Or you took with your phone?

Rep: (35)
* Voyt9, No, the phone would take a long time. Come to the site of citrus, there are now these cases discounts. Yesterday the group oneplus hype was about this topic.
Attached Image

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Rep: (87)
* glebk.a,
Recently it has been completed.

Rep: (35)
* lsd2k
So the way it is. Sell ​​to the boutiques themselves ofigeli from prices)

I ask this in this discussion thread to finish. If there is more cases will appear, inform possible. Thank!

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Rep: (23)
It is strange that there is no cap on the glasses of information Chyi, consider it top of all windows, for oleofobku, which is better than the bare display, and strength, does not crumble like biscuit that just as many (and including expensive)
Pasted on the glass 5,5t, 6, always happy longevity.

And here is the second, where the difference from the previous one can not notice, because. put them in a box and horseradish distinguished, both are equally good, and all the top oleofobka


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Rep: (853)
aspykin @ 07.03.19, 17:39*
in the header of information about no glasses Chyi

Now there is a cleaning threads. All add. Thanks! There will be more suggestions, ask to QMS.

Rep: (99)
glebk.a @ 07.03.2019, 08:39*
* Moshonka,
Bought in the retail ebony 250 UAH) instead of 1250) sits perfectly.
[Attachment = "15589026: IMG_20190306_134155__01"]

By the way, these covers also plastic or they are at least a little softer? A feeling that Nilllkin Super Frosted just 1B1 copy: D

Rep: (853)
OnePlus Type-C Bullets Earphones Blackfor 890 rubles. Pretty is not a bad price. They're at the office. website.

Rep: (35)
* Moshonka,
Boca dense, slightly bend. The back cover of dense - not bends. A nilkin with open edges

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Rep: (99)
glebk.a @ 07.03.2019, 21:29*
* Moshonka,
Boca dense, slightly bend. The back cover of dense - not bends. A nilkin with open edges

Hmm, at first glance, it seemed that this is also a la plate. Well, in principle, well it took from Nillkin did not want to direct a full cover. With cutouts for the buttons are very convenient, but palne fall protection at the side faces is not very reliable, all the same top and bottom are not covered

But it is for those who need a phone fall protection. I personally do not care, do not drop the phone.

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