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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) - Modification and decorations

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro) - Modification and decorations
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The remaining methods for MIUI 10 have lost their relevance, or they are unstable. (critical systemui errors occur, themes crash on reboot or after some time). But maybe there will be fixes with updates: xpossed + xMIUI or Miui 8 Tweak , MI Theme Editor , MI Rape
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Reason for editing: Splashscreen / Spleshskrin New_PE_LoGo + Splashscreen / Spleshskrin New_White_PE_LoGo + Increasing the lower value for the Auto Brightness MIUI

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Set proshiku MCAOSP, put Magisk, set the stereo module through it and the module does not work, but says that is installed. What should I do, tell me?

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Microphone in poor quality sends a voice message?
How can I fix people?

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Guys do not have a picture to make it full-screen?
Firmware 10.4.0
That's put Full_Photo_GS_10.0.4.0.zip photo is not on the entire screen

Posted on 12/06/2018, 13:20:

The top and bottom cut off

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killerfinger @ 06.12.18, 15:19*
The top and bottom cut off

Maybe it was necessary to reassign the photos of subscribers? Or first deodeksirovat firmware.

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* killerfinger
Watching a photo using. Sfotkayte vertically and install. Check.

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Guys who understands how to icons of MTZ to the normal APC translate? Or how to make a third-party launcher supported them? Like some icons on custom do not know how to put them.
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* Killswitched ,
Killswitched @ 28.11.18, 2:10 *
You can use the normal V4A. Work on it, and the principle is exactly the same.

The post states that need it xHiFi. Like, if there is another viper, the demolition and put one in the manual. So in the end, you can use an ordinary viper or not?

Rep: (4720)
Added byDeodex GS

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* Dalivals xHiFi detail I liked more than V4A. Although, maybe it's just prejudice, because Judging by patchnoutam V4A incorporates function xHiFi. You can use a normal Viper, but I would recommend to listen to the sound after the end of each module, and draw their own conclusions. It is important not to install them together, so as not to get any possible driver error, who would not say that about their non-conflictual.

Rep: (213)
* Agat11, as the most primitive version: open the file .mtz any archive and move from there to a folder icon in the .apk file that is opened in the same way. For instance:
Subject Miui.mtz\ Icons \ res \drawable-xxhdpi(With the folder icon) moves inIkonpak llja launchera.apk\ res \drawable-nodpi-v4. Replace. After installing the .apk all.

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Updates to Global Stable

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What could be the problem?
When taking extraneous programs are installed (which changes the status bar), it is applied to the standard status bar, in what could be the problem?

Desktop Android
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Hey. Do not tell me how to solve the problem. Annex "Themes", a search by name, wrote "Can not connect to the network." Firmware MultiRom
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* Alexx-44 , The region change as an option.

Rep: (115)
* Dima_Apatity,
There is no such item in the firmware
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* Alexx-44 , Well, there is a search in the settings, there are manual replacement, etc.
Where it has been "corrected" like agriculture.

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Who can share video wallpaper on the firmware Masika, I searched anywhere I can not find.

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# 2. How to make our smart phone to sound through the headphones even better?

P.S. The patch is designed based onguidefrom uvRoman_city. The man gave a very valuable information, and thus prompted me to cross musical MX4 Pro library with non-musical Redmi Note 5. Just thank HC.AlexSamusevI spread them over the library, on the basis of which it is possible to saw something different and SW.Octaniumfor consultation, and writing the script, SW.magurandfor the HiFi setting.

TsAP'a not, but you keep

ATlast zvukogaydeI opisГЎl the process of turning a pumpkin into the cart, through the use of banal ligament xHiFi + Neutron. Yes, this is a panacea, Hyde still relevant. But nothing stands still and the probability of finding something better and more interesting is always possible, in fact in this case.

What does the patch:
  • removes MusicFX
  • Replaces basic configs on custom.
  • Replaces basic library on custom.
  • Significantly increases the reserve volume

Sew through TWRP to choose from:
Killsound 0
Libraries of Meizu MX4 Pro(
  • Expansion soundstage
  • Detailed study of high-frequency, focus on them
  • Soft, balanced bass
  • Not a bad drawing vocals

Note that for the lovers of juicy bass assembly does not go down.
For a more pleasant sound of the assembly, it is necessary to add to the filebuild.prop by the address: /system/build.prop following values:
ro.audio.hifi = true
persist.audio.hifi = false
persist.audio.hifi.volume =
? Instead, a question mark is recommended to set 75 . This will give some volume to the sound. Reducing this value will result in an increase of volume of sound. I do not recommend soup, so as not to get a blurry sound.
Download flash:Attached fileKillsound 0.zip(887.68 KB)

Killsound 1
Libraries of MX4 Pro( stolen fromAlexSamusev audio.primary.default.so. : Thank_you:
  • Expansion soundstage
  • Detailed study treble
  • Tight, not overwhelm bass
  • Very nice vocals prepodnoshenie
  • Liba for fans of bass music. Especially good comes to all kinds of heavy music.

Important! Assembling Killsound 1 has available a file audio.primary.default.so Meizu of 15 and tested on MIUI (Android 8.1). On devices with Xiaomi MIUI and Android versionbelow or above 8.1possible distortion due to the file.
Download flash:Attached fileKillsound 1.zip(893.72 KB)

Killsound 2
Libraries of Meizu 15(
  • Most right sound
  • The emphasis on detail

The assembly is not for lovers of juicy bass. Rather, it is a bit of an improved version of Killsound 0 in terms of attack sound and greater saturation.
Important! Assembling Killsound 2 is available File audio.primary.default.so Meizu of 15 and tested on MIUI (Android 8.1). On devices with Xiaomi MIUI and Android versionbelow or above 8.1possible distortion due to the file.
Download flash:Attached fileKillsound 2.zip(1.06 MB)

Killsound 3
Meizu 15( Beatsbass + harman
It is based on a previous build of the library + 2 libraries:
  • libbeatsbass.so - feeding amplifies low frequencies and makes deep bass
  • libharmancorehtc.so - extends high frequencies and vocals, does not allow them to fade in the background bass

If you can not get enough bass - the assembly for you. Well, just for the owners or headphones with an emphasis on high frequencies.
Important! Killsound 3 assembly is in the presence of a file audio.primary.default.so Meizu of 15 and tested on MIUI (Android 8.1). On devices with Xiaomi MIUI and Android versionbelow or above 8.1possible distortion due to the file.
Download flash:Attached fileKillsound 3.zip(1.12 MB)

Killsound 4
1. Assembly of the libraries of the Meizu MX4 Pro, Meizu 15, the Meizu 16, as well as:
  • libbeatsbass.so - feeding amplifies low frequencies and makes deep bass
  • libbeatscorehtc.so - works in conjunction with beatsbass

IMHO, it turned out quite interesting sound. Good bass with pleasant high frequencies. In addition the library of the Meizu 16 made his note in terms of volume.

2. All the same, but with a screwed liboy + effect of Viper 'as well.
Also an interesting combination. Best saturation. Or maybe I was deaf, and it seems to me. In any case - to evaluate yourself. While I stopped on this variant.

Important! Assembling Killsound 4/4 + v4a has available a file audio.primary.default.so Meizu of 15 and tested on MIUI (Android 8.1). On devices with Xiaomi MIUI and Android versionbelow or above 8.1possible distortion due to the file.
Download flash:
Killsound 4 : Attached fileKillsound 4.zip (1.13 MB)

Killsound 4 + v4a : Attached fileKillsound 4 + v4a.zip (1.5 MB)

The new version of the patches

Ruled separately since edited configs in more detail:
  • Activation HiFi sound system. These default settings give the sound a little bit deeper than usual and very fat, raw bass.
  • Sound 24 bit, 192kHz. In this mode, playPoweramp (Hi-Res output, all the cases) and Neutron Provided parameters: Audio equipment-Driver Base-Hi-Res codec (Direct PCM) . FiiO plays through the deep-buffer and outputs 16/48, but its color and valuable feed and drain when listening flac 24/96 16/96 issued, but the porridge.

Screenshots dumps flingera to see any player in any game mode for those who have said that more than 16/44 on the Redmen impossible:
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Lovers stock build player put no special meaning. Their sound and their supply you hardly hear. The assembly was tested on firmwareMiRoom 9.1.24, Bugs, lags, the loss of sound not found.

1. Former experimental libs brought to mind and dopilennuyu configs. IMHO, my best assembly. Basic, neutral liby 15 Maze, plus Lieb Viper for greater dynamics and color and Lieb for surround sound, where without it. The most interesting sound, it seemed, through Poweramp .
Download flash:Attached fileKillsound 5 + v4a.zip(1.48 MB)

2. Stock liby of audioflagmana LG V20. Very raw sound, it seemed, but self-sufficient. It has a right to be.
Download flash:Attached fileKillsound 6.zip(1.22 MB)

Backup: Attached fileBackup.zip (1.41 MB)

I recommend listening to music throughNeutron - it gives the most correct sound. How to set up - described here and here , through Poweramp available from Hi-Res output (808, 820 build), or else by FiiO Music - a very handy player with an interesting color of sound and original, powerful serving. I am using version 1.0.7_RU. The stock is a sound player merges into porridge and unambiguously garbage.

Option for firmwarePixelExperience

Maybe it will work on other custom bikes based on Android 9

All the same, as in Killsound 'ah for MIUI, only lack audio.primary.default.so library because thanks to her bucket 9 possible distortion.
Download flash:
Attached fileKillsound 0 Pie.zip(855.37 KB)

Attached fileKillsound 1 Pie.zip(854.12 KB)

Attached fileKillsound 2 Pie.zip(1.04 MB)

Attached fileKillsound 3 Pie.zip(1.11 MB)

Attached fileKillsound 4 Pie.zip(1.09 MB)

Attached fileKillsound 4 + v4a Pie.zip(1.46 MB)

Attached fileKillsound 5 + v4a Pie.zip(1.44 MB)
- an analog of the same name patch for MIUI. All the same, except audiopolitiki. Not because of the rules inappropriate. Hardly anyone of you will listen Flac in 24/96 and above. Tested on PE, AOSiP, RR, Havoc. Just work on MIUI based on Android 9, thank youmuhadin for the test.

Backup:Attached filePie Backup.zip(1.48 MB)

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Reason for editing: Killsound 5 + v4a for custom bikes and MIUI based on Android 9.

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Added byDeodex GD 8.12.6andPatched Theme Manager.

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Hello! The people need daily wallpaper (wallpaper carousel) for stable globalki full version in miuipro (sports, animals, anime and t.), In globalke launched, but there is not the full version, but only on the device.

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