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Asus ZenFone 5 ZE620KL / 5Z ZS620KL - Accessories | Smartphone, 6.2 "

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Accessories forAsus ZenFone 5 ZE620KL / 5Z ZS620KL
PictureAsus ZenFone 5 ZE620KL / 5Z ZS620KL
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Covers and bumpers
Glasses and films

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Post has been editedgyord - 05.09.19, 12:11
Reason for editing: Will the cable or tapeC-HDMI adapter work

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* GTR532 , Yes, without this in any way South: D
All selections in the header, and there is a search on the subject, wherekaljaba for the umpteenth time about his painted glass for 120r and are imbalanced in its opinion.

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* GTR532,

Posted on 22/02/2019, 14:03:

* Villeman
By the way I conducted an experiment, the grandmother's daughter on my donated zenfon max about m1 seedling glass, stuck new, on the air sides, filled with hair, it is too liquid, half viteklo half zasolho but air strip 5mm cleared up almost pieces of the truth, on the other side made syrup of sugar, thick nichrome not filled, barely stuffed, after dried up the remaining places, spaces, spat poured on top and nail and syrup muck Chinese, she is his solution was stirred there and the whole thing dried up and nothing leaked, tried wife also do and lo and behold everything is kept.

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* kaljaba Can now be crafted grout? The idea came from not waiting: D
Maybe later in melkoseriyku go out once the Chinese crap does not work in a hard hat B)
The main formula hone

Post has been editedVilleman - 22.02.19, 14:09

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Yes, Che is there to do 3 spoons of sugar pour boiling water that he had covered all the sugar but no more Vod, dial into the syringe through the needle to fill the space between the screen and glass ponazhimat on the glass, it fills the air at once and quickly, well and then if everything is OK (in I hike too thick turned out) and leave, if not all ok take silicone grease, oil, engine oil, in a syringe and fill it with the same sympathetic pressed, it prosichitsya there raspolzetsya itself.
After all, what is sent to the Chinese oschep to smell like a normal miniralnoy oil, oily liquid and does not dry at all.

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* kaljaba , But do not cry the blues, but simply do: D
Well I and in jest, and the truth immediately. If this works (suddenly), then why not: D
Smart-ass as mold their brands fierce kolenochno-basement game in the form of glasses, films and other things.

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* Villeman
First we have the test of time.

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pastedhydrogel CHYIfor Lenovo Z5, easily glued, good quality. Feeling that nothing is pasted on the screen can not see anything.

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* xxxrocker , The fact that the screen is like a second skin and the kind of invisible.
But the finger slides on the glass with both aleofobkoy not believe it.
And very soon everything will be micro-scratches where his finger crawl

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* kaljaba
About olefobku I did not say :-D micro-scratches I was not particularly frightened, let's see what will happen in a couple of weeks. While this is the best option to protect the screen of all possible for me.

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* xxxrocker ,
Well, I'm with the iMac and nouneym films over half a year passed. Everything is good but does not slip and fall and do not protect from the pressure does not protect.

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Good afternoon ! Acquired case of a cap. Everything is good and the quality is quite good for the money, but very tight with it, press the volume buttons and on. All the way or I was not lucky?

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* saney30,
Tight due to the fact that it is dense and hard, has a good defense and the need for protection than to sacrifice.

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* saney30 , * kaljaba ,
Tight because buttons are wrong. Plastic is not around the button and the top surface of the need to push.
Right buttons cover should bow hardware

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* PranaII ,
I had a bunch of covers, this is considered the best. Well, I hardly button press

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Good afternoon, looking for cover for this model to cover the edges of the screen entanglement (as out of the box), but it is not clear, all clambered Ali, I can not find anything, anyone found similar cases. Please share.

Rep: (65)
* artics89 If you take it Silicone, he then pozhelteet- pokorichneveet, is a kind of like a dirty bag.
If not opaque silicone, the option of a cap is quite good. Two variants, four or five colors.

Rep: (106)
* artics89 ,
Case of hats with auto focus and entanglement and sides of the screen. There are the same in appearance but is thinner and slinky.

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People, help, safety glass 5 and 5z (ZE620KL ZS620KL) the same?

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* chaki91 , It is the same, only iron pipes are different

Rep: (237)
xxxrocker @ 22.02.19, 18:41*
Pasted CHYI hydrogel for Lenovo Z5
and wear with some cover? Do not be lifted up edges of the film in conjunction with a cover of a cap, which has a high side?

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