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Problems with charging Lenovo Vibe p1a42.

I decided like that once renovated the power button for one to clean dust and dirt from the board itself, and additional elements of the phone.
After cleaning, I began to put the board back, and connect the tracks on the trail in the connectors.
When I started to connect the ribbon cable from the bottom of the module into the slot that the crunch came on the motherboard. Ignoring continued on phone assembly. After the launch, it was that stopped working light sensor, proximity sensor, microphone and charging, or rather charging phone worked but took the maximum of 0.45 Amps, which is natural for such a long time the battery was charging.

After re-analysis, it was found that a train was solid grain of sand, and when I started putting a loop back to press down I crushed two electronic smd component (highlighted in red in the photo).
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On the surface it looked like resistors or diodes. I would like to know that in these components are, if the resistors what denominations they should be. I tried to close the circuit on these contacts to whom were these components, after which all earned but other than charging, and remained 0.45 Amps.

Guys please help, I will be very grateful to you! Thank!!

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gissound1 @ 10.10.19, 13:27*
Problems with charging Lenovo Vibe p1a42.


Hello, bring on the diagnosis, unless the problem is them, the repair will cost 1500R

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