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Tencent gaming buddy
2019/09/10 Tencent Gaming Buddy renamed GameLoop

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Official PUBG emulator: Mobile from Light Speed ​​for Windows with fine-tuned graphics.
At its core, is a stripped-down Android 4.4.2 emulator with kernel 3.10.0, with access to games from Tencent games.
The emulator is official, so it is determined when entering the game.

Developer: Tencent games
Homepage: http://syzs.qq.com/en/

Download: Version: 2.0.8059.123 - The file below and on the official website are the loaders of the rest of the latest emulator version.
Attached fileGameDownload_PUBG_MOBILE_100103_1.0.5727.123.exe(8.67 MB)
Download from the developer's site
Chinese version of the emulator
Past versions

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Guys, tell me a few months did not play in the game. Now reset the emulsion, the game updated, everything is downloaded, but I do not understand why, in the settings, you can set the quality of the graphics only High. How to enable maximum or Ultra?

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I can not solve this problem. Blue screen appears when you start the game, the same Call of Duty. I looked in the intern solution for many it occurs, but to solve the problem and did not work. Can anyone here tell me?

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* kostya2563 , Update the emulator itself, helped me

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* andbar2,
I blew it, is removed using Revo uninstaller, I try to siphon off. site and see. In any case, thanks for the reply.

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* lion48 , The same trouble .... three times already flew a blue screen, and more guest uchotka flew

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DeMON8530 @ 26.02.20, 07:22*
When times already flew a blue screen, and more guest uchotka flew

After the blue screen, laptop rebooted and fly generally all)) Udalil.Nu, then I will play in Steam, there appeared an arcade can now be trained, so that as the Nuba at the start did not cut down) or light drive

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* DeMON8530 Also when the game starts, a blue screen and restart, repeated three times, the result is the zhe.Nu all think naigralsya☹️.V "internets" are advised to update Gameloop emulator itself (in the upper right corner of the three strips) without starting igru.Obnovilsya emulator and a game, and it worked. I helped someone else can come in useful. Uchetki tied up through Facebook.

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blue screen, all flew down.
When you reinstall the emulator comes incomprehensible feature - operates when connected 4G modem if you use a standard network card - he can not connects to the server and an error.
Resetting the emulator does not solve the problem.

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