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Tencent gaming buddy
Version: 2.0.8059.123

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Official PUBG emulator: Mobile from Light Speed ​​for Windows with fine-tuned graphics.
At its core, is a stripped-down Android 4.4.2 emulator with kernel 3.10.0, with access to games from Tencent games.
The emulator is official, so it is determined when entering the game.

Developer: Tencent games
Homepage: http://syzs.qq.com/en/

Download: Version: 2.0.8059.123 - The file below and on the official website are the loaders of the rest of the latest emulator version.
Attached fileGameDownload_PUBG_MOBILE_100103_1.0.5727.123.exe(8.67 MB)
Download from the developer's site
Chinese version of the emulator
Past versions

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Arxaron25 @ 09/11/19, 16:33*
What's up with the update?

In the morning they brought. Tomorrow is the new season.

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* Sai1ent, on problems with the emulator

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* tessi1503 , and the same game. So in that thread, emulators in fact have nothing to write about, because most of them are from glass. They have their own topics, we have our own.

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* Sai1ent , a topic about technical problems and features of the game and emulator settings. Opinions, reviews, wishes, and nagging about cheaters, as well as game tasks, and your huge cd, to demonstrate, to express, to spew out your bombing fart, it is better in the club.

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* Sai1ent , and there and there android, you can play together ... different platforms?
Cheats / cheaters are not included in the functionality of the game and the emulator
And if you read the forum rules, you can understand where the scope is:
Sec. 4.18. Off topic prohibited

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Goodnight . How to make the built-in video recording function from a game record without brakes?
I tried to change the settings of the game-emulator, there is no difference, I changed the place where it is recorded, instead of hdd - a third-party ssd indicated - to no avail.
By recording, you can see what is written at a speed of 30 frames per second - you look through it - the feeling is even less.

If you know how to improve, tell me?

Thank you in advance .
The use of third-party software is not yet considered.
PC is not weak i7-6800K + 1080

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Mr.house-m.d @ 09/13/19, 11:39 PM*
The use of third-party software is not yet considered.
, but it would be worth it, because the emulsion is a little crooked.

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* mr.house-m.d , Built-in driver capabilities more than compensate for the backward emulator recorder. Shadow play Special For You was created, since you have Nvidia, so do not fool yourself with the hellish garbage built into the emulsion ...

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Hello, I play on a PC emulator, everything was fine before, and now I enter the anti cheating system is in force window
then I enter and the logo hangs and then does not enter the game. Help what to do.

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* Andrey3456789,
Remove the emulator in the control panel and install again.

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I already deleted it completely, it still does not help

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Andrey3456789 @ 09/15/19, 10:50*
everything was fine before and now I enter the anti-cheating system is in force window
then I enter and the logo hangs and then does not enter the game. Help what to do.

Disable antivirus, this rubbish is not friendly with Kasperich, maybe even with some kind of antivirus.

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He is disconnected

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Hello everyone, I have a problem with the emulator and the game itself, after adding the anti-cheat, my processor started loading at 90% -100% and I can’t play normally, I don’t have such a load in other games))

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