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How to use the forum.

1. How to write a message on the forum?
When you press a button Attached ImageAt the bottom of the page will open a quick write form. In it, you can enter the desired text that you want to publish on the forum. You can not only answer the questions of others, but also ask your own.

2. What is the maximum size of an avatar?
On the forum it is permissible to use an avatar with a resolution of no more than 100x100 pixels. In case of selecting a higher resolution image, the engine automatically compresses it to a valid one. The maximum allowable size of an avatar installed from a computer is 16 Kb, when installed via the official client is 32 Kb.

3. How to make the quick response form at the bottom of the page in the topic be open all the time?
In the upper right corner of the page, click on "User Menu", go to the "Profile" menu using the drop-down menu. In the profile on the left there is a menu. Select in the "Settings" item "Forum Settings". After that, the available settings will open, at the bottom, in the "Publish Settings" section next to the item "Automatically open the quick response form (when available)?", Select "Yes".

4. How to change the style of the forum?
At the very bottom of the page in the blue bar, in the center, there is a button for quickly switching the forum to the mobile view:Attached Image
This is a lightweight and adapted version of the forum for small screens of mobile devices. The default is full version.
There is also a link to the right to enable the display of the text versionAttached Image

5. How to search by topic?
At the top of the page to the right, above the first message on the page, next to the "Answer" button there is a search form:
Attached Image
Instead of "keyword" enter the desired phrase to search. The search is carried out according to the words containing at least three letters.
A similar search form can be found at the bottom of the page, on the left.

6. Why do I need the "Complaint" button?
ButtonAttached Imageat the bottom of each message serves as a tool for communicating with the moderator regarding the content of the message and drawing its attention to the violation of forum rules by the participant. The complaint can also formulate proposals for the development of the topic. Try to formulate your request clearly and in as much detail as possible so that the moderator can quickly and correctly respond to it. If you have a question on the topic under discussion, it is not necessary to ask it in the complaint, for this it is enough to write to the topic.

7. How to give the correct link to a specific post on the forum?
In the upper right-hand corner of the message, left-click on the link with the message number:
Attached Image
the necessary link will appear in a pop-up window. This is the right way to create links. Creating a link by copying the URL from the address bar of the Internet browser is wrong, because This link may not work for other users.

8. How to go to the desired page in the topic?
Open the topic that interests you, at the top and bottom of the page there is a navigation bar that allows you to move around the topic and which shows the current page number (the page that you have open) when you click on the button indicating the number of pages:
Attached Image
A dialog box opens, type in the number of the page you need and press the "Enter" key on the keyboard.

9. If the forum displays the wrong time, where can this be fixed?
Go to the profile through the menu "User Menu" on the right of the forum page, at the bottom left, select "Forum Settings", in the "Current time" field set the time zone relevant for you.

10. Why can't I download the file?
Now only registered users can download files. You can download only directly - the browser.
savagemessiahzine.comcan no longer be used as a private file storage, as was done by "especially respecting" resource users.

If you are logged in and are trying to download the file directly from the browser, and the file does not use the extension that we often have, write about this type of file in the bug tracker (link above).

11. How to mark all topics read in the current forum?
On the main page, simply click on the icon of the required forum.
Or select the corresponding item in the forum options.
Attached Image

12. How to see the list of files present in the topic?
Click the paperclip icon to the left of the topic name.

13. I have problems with subscriptions to topics or not satisfied with the type of alert.
Unsubscribe from those and subscribe to them again,carefully choosingtype of alert.
You can change the type of subscription in the profile, but it is better to reset everything and subscribe again.

14. Why I do not have the opportunity to independently change their status?
After dialing 250 helpful messages you will have this opportunity.

15. How to insert a quote on the message of another forumchanin?
When answering questions from forum participants, use quotes. You do not need to quote the entire message, just select the part of the question you are answering.
For a quick quote, select the desired part of the message (phrase) and click on the button.Attached Imagewhich is at the bottom of the cited message. At the same time, the quotation code (with the tag and content of the quotation) is added to the quick response form.
If quoting even a small phrase makes no sense or the message you are replying to, the last one in the subject, then in order to indicate to whom your message is addressed, insert the user's nickname at the beginning.
To quickly add a nickname, just click on the button.Attached Imageat the bottom of the message you are replying to, at the same time at the bottom of the page a tag with a nickname will be added to the form of the quick answer (the nickname when publishing the message is in bold).

16. How to edit my signature?
On the forum page at the left above, click on your nickname:
Attached Image

In the profile, click - "Edit":
Attached Image

In the editor window, change your signature:
Attached Image
2.3. Signature and status.
2.3.1. Signatures and statuses containing:
- more than 3 lines;
- explicit or hidden advertising;
- the font is larger than the standard one (the use of fonts of different colors and special font is allowed);
- any graphic images;
- website addresses (including abbreviations of references), any contact information: phone numbers, e-mail, ICQ, etc., as well as combinations of characters that can be regarded as such data. Links to resources withinsavagemessiahzine.comand joint withsavagemessiahzine.comprojects (, devfaq) are allowed;
- "special tags" (tags missing in the standard form of "quick response"), "spoilers", tags - code, quotes, lists, hidden text, change the font size.

(also note that the maximum signature length is 300 characters (including tags)

Click - "Save":
Attached Image

17. How to send a private message to the user or write to QMS?
To send a private message, click on the nickname of the user and select "Messages (QMS)
Attached Image
Or through the user profile.
Attached Image

18. How to add a user to the "black list"?
Go to the "Messages", select the user you want to add to the blacklist and copy his nickname. In the upper right corner, click on "Actions" and select "Blacklist"
Attached Image

In the window that appears, insert the nickname of the user and click on "Add user"
Attached Image

This feature has no effect on messages from moderators and above.

19. How to improve the reputation of forumchanin?
Reputation is an expression of your attitude towards the user. If you saw a message on the forum and it turned out to be useful or, on the contrary, the forum user is rude and spreads false information, you can change his reputation with the help of the " minus "and" a plus ":
Attached Image
They are located in the field with the avatar and information about the user to the left of his post in the topic.
With it, other forum users have the right to reward or punish the participant. Button "-" is responsible for the fall, the "+" - for the increase. After clicking on one of these buttons opens a window in which you want to enter the reason for the change of reputation. The reason it is necessary to paint the details, just write "thank you" or "help" you, but others will be absolutely clear what is actually helped by the user. Comments such as "+" to change the reputation, "-", and other strange characters, emoticons are not a satisfactory reason for changing the image and can be removed by the decision of a moderator. At the same time in the history of reputation will be displayed for any message in which the subject is changed reputation, in addition to comments on the change to give references are not necessary. View history of user reputation can be pressing the numeral indicating the number of reputation - it is between "-" and "+".
Any member of the forum who has collected 15 useful forum messages can change the reputation of other users. If you have less, then click on the "COMPLAINT" button of the desired message and clearly describe the request to the moderator and the reason for the change in reputation, for example, "put a friend plus, it really helped with this message with the firmware of the device."
If forumchanin helped you in personal correspondence or other means, in addition to the forum, you can enhance the reputation through the profile. In this case try to change the reputation of the commentary to cause more paint, because here referring to the message for which the modified reputation, will not. To access the User Profile locate any of his message and click the nick to the right of the message. If you do remember your nickname find his search by clicking "Users" in the upper right corner of the page.

20. Where is the list of users on the main forum page?
To see the list of users, you need to click on the link (circled in red in the picture)
Attached Image

A full list of users will open online and a link to update it (circled in red)
Attached Image

21. How to upload files to the forum?
1. Click Attached Image(or in the form of a quick response, click "Extended Form"). Below the text box, there is a field "Attaching files". Then simply select the file by clicking "Browse ...", click "Download." You can upload multiple files.
Attached Image

2. In the message, set the cursor to the place where there should be a link to the file we need and using the buttonAttached Imageadd it to the message text.
Attached Image

3. We send the message.
Those. Now each file is tied to a specific message. "Picture Library", which was on the old engine, no.
The maximum size of the attached file is 128 MB.

You can practice in the subjectWe try to upload files and images to the forum..

22. How to remove information and files under the spoiler
23. How to find all messages / topics of a particular user?
In any message of the user, click on his nickname and select "Find user messages" (or "Find user topics"):
Attached Image

Or: on the user’s page (in any message click on the nickname, then "View Profile"):
Attached Image

24. How to go to unread messages in the topic?
Just click on the icon Attached Imagewhich is in front of the topic name
Attached Image

25. How to subscribe to a forum or topic?
Click the "Options" button in the title of the topic or forum and select the option "Subscribe" / "Subscribe to Forum".
Attached ImageAttached Image
The topic or forum you have selected will be added to the Favorites / Subscriptions section.
After adding you will need to select the type of notification.
Attached Image

Attached Image

There are four types of notification:
First time
The resource will notify you only about the first update of the forum or topic during your absence.
The resource will notify you of each forum or topic update.
The resource will send you a report on the forum updates or topics for the past day.
Every week
The resource will send you a report on updates of the forum or topic over the past week.

How to unsubscribe from a forum or topic?
Go to "Favorites / Subscriptions".
Attached Image
Select a forum or topic.
In the "notifications" column, select "no notify"
Attached Image

Or delete the topic or forum from the Favorites / Subscriptions section.
Attached Image

26. How to add a forum or topic to the "Favorites"?
Click the "Options" button in the title of the topic or forum and select the option "Add to Favorites" / "Add this Forum to Favorites".
Attached ImageAttached Image
The topic or forum you have selected will be added to the Favorites / Subscriptions section.
After adding you will need to select "Notify".
Attached Image

If you wish, you can select the forums or topics you need by moving them to "Important"
Select a topic / forum, put a check mark in front of it and in the menu that appears, select "Pin"
Attached Image

Attached Image

27. After sending a message, the topic is automatically added to the "Favorites". How to fix?
ATe-mail settingsuncheck "Default enable add to favorites"
Attached Image

28. How to create a poll in your topic?
To do this, go tofulleditingfirstposts topics.
Attached Image

Click "Click here to manage the poll in the subject."
Attached Image

After that - "Add another question to the survey."
Attached Image

Next, add the desired number of answers and filleverythingfields. If not everything is filled, the survey will not be created and you will have to do everything anew.
If you need to add a poll in the topic, the authorship of the first message which does not belong to you, then you need to contact the section moderators.

29. How to display QR codes on links in messages?
First you need to go toForum Settings. There is an option to output QR codes in messages. It needs to be activated.
Attached Image

As a result, an icon will appear in all forum messages to the left of each link.Attached Image.
Attached Image

If you click on this icon, the corresponding QR code will be displayed.
For example, here is a link to the DevDB directory:
Attached Image

Read more
30. User capabilities, depending on the number of useful posts on the forum.
Each group of members of the forum has its own capabilities, users are automatically transferred to some groups after writing a certain number of useful messages on the forum, and they have additional opportunities.

Starting from 15 posts (groupActive users) it becomes possible to change the reputation of other users.
Starting with 50 messages ( it becomes possible to edit / delete your posts.
Starting with 250 posts ( it is possible to change your status (signature under the avatar).

31. What do the blue squares under the avatar.
These boxes visually display the number of useful forum posts.
Disproportionate system:
- 1 - 9 - 1       Attached Image
- 10 to 29 - 2Attached ImageAttached Image
- 30 to 49 - 3Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image
- 50 to 99 - 4Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image
- 100 - 399 - 5   Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image
- 400 - 999 - 6   Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image
- 1000 - 1299 - 7 Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image
- 1300 - 1999 - 8 Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image
- from 2000 - 9Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image

32. How can I change my nickname on the forum or delete an account?
A change of nickname is possible independently, but not more often than once a year (365 days after the change of nickname). (P. 2.1.1.Forum Rules)
Nickname change mechanism
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Delete your accountis impossible. Even if the account is banned, it will exist, but in the group "Banned".
Creating a new account by a banned user is prohibited by the Rules and is stopped by the Administration.

33. How to find out who is the moderator of the section?
Under each section of the forum there is a string "Moderators: "In which all moderators responsible for the section are listed.
Attached Image

34. How does the status change depending on the number of useful posts on the forum?
By default, the status name depends on the number of useful messages:
Guest - 0-9
Visitor - 10-29
Beginner - 30-49
User - 50-99
Local - 100-399
Experienced - 400-699
Old-timers - 700-1299
Veteran - 1300-1999
Guru - 2000 and above
(with 250 or more useful messages, the status can be changed independently)

35. Automatic Reduction of Warn Levels
  1. We have a system for automatically reducing Warning Levels. This means that now the User does not need to contact the Moderator to reduce it. The reduction will be made automatically after 90 days from the moment of its issuance.
  2. A 20% reduction in Warning Levels will now occur after 90 days. It is impossible to speed up this process. Moderators are no longer engaged in downgrades, the system keeps track of everything.
  3. If an erroneous increase in the Level of Alerts is detected, the Moderator can cancel his own, and the Supermoderator any last increase, and the system recalculates 90 days since the last correct increase in the Level of Alerts. The complaint mechanism for raising the Warning Level has not changed.

What to do now to lower the Warning Level?
Do not break the rules. Nothing else. All terms are controlled by the automatic system, all its actions are logged and available to any Moderator for analysis.
When the system is started, those who did not violate the rules for 90 days will experience a 20% reduction in the Warning Level. For other offenders, the deadlines will be calculated by the system individually.
Why 90 days, not 30, as before?
To reduce the number of violations. If you do not break the rules, you will not notice the difference.
And if I ask the Moderator or the Super Moderator to lower the Warning Level to me earlier?
If the increase was made correctly, then your request will be ignored. Moderators and Super Moderators are no longer engaged in regular descent, only in case of erroneous actions.
36. How to use magnet links
36. Where can I see the rules section?

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daumrimas, apparently, the author made a mistake. Hidden text (hide inside tag) not see only unregistered users.

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<acronym title = 'x - from 1 to 100 & apos;>[Hide = [b] x [/ b]] [/ hide]</ acronym>It gives a limit on the number of posts.

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Can you please tell how to insert emoticons when enhances reputation. I've tried using the method, which is listed on page 11 post # 214, but I did not succeed. ) -:

Rep: (1004)
Yes, everything is normal vstavlyaetsya.Dazhe tsitata.Nado know the exact spelling of a text smiley.
: lol:
=: Lol:

Rep: (772)
rusigor @ 6.7.09, 1:16*
3. In the "Alternate Text" - Alternate text - see smiley code - for example (-:
4. You copy it into the body of the message - get (-:

I did so, and in this example, but instead of the smiley and stayed code.

Rep: (3544)
Smiley face surrounded by spaces or together with text cost? Give a link to the reputation of where you tried to put a smiley face.

Rep: (772)
racoon @ 28.3.10, 12:10*
Smiley face surrounded by spaces or together with text cost?

It looks like this:
Do not disappear for long ( - :

Rep: (3544)
Between (-: take away spaces.
Those. not (-: and

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Please answer whether there is an opportunity to send a message to multiple users, and if so, how?

Rep: (831)
Iluhan2008, there is no such possibility.

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Magnet links are a kind of torrent links, but a little more “universal”: files can be located anywhere (including on torrents), and they are searched and identified by some unique key - a hash.

To download files from magnet links, use a regular torrent client. For example, uTorrent (for Windows) or Deluge (for Linux). It is on their example that it is shown how to download files from magnet links.

(I advise you to readdetailed uTorrent FAQon our forum)

Notice that there is one feature that distinguishes a magnet link from a torrent link: at the beginning of the download, your client does not know anything about the files included in the distribution. Therefore, if you want to select only some files from the distribution, wait until your client receives this information and then remove the "birds" from the files you do not need.

uTorrent (Windows)

Download uTorrent for Windows here: you want the Russian-language version, also download the Language pack).

General details of uTorrent here:

If, with a simple “click” on the magnet link, nothing happens to you (or not what you expect), then just do the following:
Right-click on the magnet link you need and select "Copy link address":
Attached Image

Launch uTorrent and select "Add torrent by URL" and paste the copied link:
Attached Image

After starting, you will start downloading the files you need:
Attached Image

Deluge (Linux)

Copy the address of the magnet link by right-clicking on the link:
Attached Image

Open any text editor (e.g. gEdit) and paste the copied link. Open Deluge, select "Add Torrent" and select "Hash Information":
Attached Image

Copy the hash from the copied link into gEdit:
Attached Image

Paste in the "Data Hash" field:
Attached Image

Copy the tracker address from the copied link to gEdit:
Attached Image

Paste in the "Trackers" field (select any of the available ones, add the rest after launch):
Attached Image

After starting, the files you need will begin to download:
Attached Image

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99% sure that I will get a negative answer, and yet ...
: Sveta: Maybe someone can recommend some trick to display the table in a post? Well, maybe at worst anywhere any tag[Tab] stray (not to be confused with one of the team;))?

Rep: (175)
I do not know whether or not understood correctly. heresuch acaught.

Rep: (1045)
Only there is "a little bit" different engine forum ...
In general, as I understand it, a list of all tags in Forum:http: //
But there's nothing on the subject there (so and such a question arose :)).
Ednistvennoe can I help you - you can manually make a table, while aligning its symbols background color ...

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nealeksss @ 13.4.10, 19:40*
I do not know whether or not understood correctly.

Yes, I was about it. But, alas, humanmgeee - such tags onsavagemessiahzine.comnot:
1 2 3
| data1 | 244.2 | ... |
| data2 | 123.5 | ... |
[/ Fixed]
[Csv] 1,2,3
data1,244.2, ...
data2,123.5, ...
[/ Csv]

But there was an idea:
1 2 3
| data1 | 244.2 | ... |
| data2 | 123.5 | ... |

No more interesting solutions do not offer?

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vadim_bogaiskov, Make your table in an easy program and post a screenshot. Engine of forum does not allow it. On the site - you can.

Rep: (997)
mgeee @ 13.4.10, 20:18*
thus aligning its symbols background color ...

Explain for example ....

Posted 13-04-2010, 19:34:

tab @ 13.4.10, 20:31*
Make your table in an easy program and post a screenshot.

is also a solution ...: yes2:

Rep: (1037)
Vadim, if desired public table - you can publish it to gdokov, for example.

Rep: (997)
I am ashamed, but I do not know what
tab @ 13.4.10, 20:39*
publish it with gdokov

: blush:
Well, I do not know how it is convenient for people. You can simply publish a doc file, or a link to the blog in the end. In short - any other available resource. Not sure it's gud.

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vadim_bogaiskov @ 13.4.10, 20:34*
Explain for example ....

| data10 | 001.2 | ... |
| data20 | 123.5 | ... |
| data27 | 123.5 | ... |
| data1 [COLOR = # F0F7FF] 0 [/ COLOR] | [COLOR = # F0F7FF] 00 [/ COLOR] 1.2 | ... |
| data2 [COLOR = # F0F7FF] 0 [/ COLOR] | 123.5 | ... |
| data27 | 123.5 | ... |
Good only for numbers - because they have the same width

vadim_bogaiskov @ 13.4.10, 20:34*
It is also a solution ...
Exclusively in png and sizes up to 640x480

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