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Huawei P20 Pro - Purchase | Smartphone 6.1 "

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PurchaseHuawei P20 Pro
PictureHuawei P20 Pro
Description | Discussion ї | Purchase ї | Marriage and Repair ї | Owners Club ї


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Ru & Ru @ 28.08.18, 14:57*
I zapechaianny carried from the warehouse. manufacturing date 06.18.

Similarly, the seals were not only film on top of the box.

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Damn, almost bought p20pro. And in the cabin next to the MTS, they have with me. But something stopped me. Really do not even know ....

Rep: (212)
* Fastyk,
you all your actions somewhere fast? : D

Rep: (21)
* Dmitriy03 I was an ordinary film was in, on the device inside the fingerprints were present. We opened the sale, filled garantiynik

Rep: (57)
Yes, here I am, too, smoked branch and already breaking, but today it is necessary to take, I do not even know now.

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August 26 took, Ekaterinburg, MTS was in films. Date of issue 08.18 - svezhelikates!

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Code share, please.

Rep: (52)
* leniviybober sent.

MTS turns me on two mail sending spam

Rep: (3)
Who promikom share? The PM plz

Rep: (0)
Hello comrades!
Please share with us in a personal promotional code

Rep: (1)
And me in a personal code, please.
I will be grateful )

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Enter your promotional code, please

Rep: (857)
Promo code
Attached Image

on what
Attached Image

Posted on 28/08/2018, 18:31:

This MTS

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Enter code please in PM!

Rep: (857)
* Yukdvc Above вШЭпЄП

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Who has the opportunity to share a promo code. With me +

Rep: (1)
* Tor68 , Is not working)

Rep: (57)

Rep: (1)
* Dmitriy03 ,
Why the promotional code you entered is incorrect or expired
Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
There's still a tablet as a gift
Add to cart, p20 pro blue. He was there with a gift tablet. I enter a promotional code, Activate. Right?

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* Dimon42 Someone had earlier

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