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Retrogame rs-97 | Console talk

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Attached Imagehttps: // cs5-1.savagemessiahzine.com.to / 12609480.jpg

Retrogame RS-97
Screen: 3 inches 320x480 (non-square pixel layout) with an effective resolution of 320x240
Processor: dual-core JZ4760 mips or JZ4760B with a frequency of 528mhz-600mhz (one core intended only for video decoding)
Video Core: Vivante GC200 2D accelerator
Built-in memory: 2 micro-SDHC slots. One internal and one external with included GBA-clone cartridge. Comes with a 4 or 16 gigabyte card.
Sound: Headphone jack and built-in speaker (identical to GBA-SP speakers)
Battery: Nokia BL-5B 890 mAh
Ports: Mini-USB for data transfer and charging.
The GBA connection port is built-in, but not connected to any teletext data line on the PCB and thus not possible to use.
A GBA size cartridge port does not work with any other card, with the exception of the included micro-SD adapter.

Appearance of the device
Attached ImageAttached Image
Attached Image

Audio: MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, RA
Images: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP
The console supports several emulators out of the box:
CPS, NEOGEO, Game Boy Advance, SFC, Mega Drive, Famicom, Game Boy Color, Sega Master System, Game Gear and others.
Also, Linux (Open Dingux) was ported to the console, which allows you to squeeze out all the features from the console.

Backup ROMs from the original firmware of the console 3 revisions
RetroFW 1.2 for RS-97.

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Bindorfly @ 04/10/18, 16:06*
A distinctive feature of this console is that you can insert original cartridges from Game Boy into it.

Reviewers from YouTube say that it is impossible. There is a connector, but the system does not perceive them, only a complete cartridge adapter with a connector for micro SD. I myself look closely, but the reviews are painfully contradictory.

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It costs money like a PSP, which has 10 times more opportunities.>_<

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Does anyone have such a device? And what is different from REVO k101 plus? A copy of the data frog is on Alikhe two times cheaper, so I think whether to overpay.

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This is Cool Baby RS-97:

Screen: 3 inches 320x480
CPU: JZ4760 mips / CPU: JZ4760B mips
RAM: 128M DDR2
Internal memory: 4GB
Battery: Replaceable BL-5B 890 mAh

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Very interesting prefix with the ability to put there Linux second system (open dingux). Interested in the work of scummvm on the console, especially neverhood and full throttle, is the game data running at full speed or not?

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And what is this console? It looks the same. But more powerful in performance.
Want to buy. What do you think you can install it on Linux?

https: //ru.gearbest.co…85829.html? wid = 1433363

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Denzi $ @ 11/17/18 17:22*
And what is this console? It looks the same. But more powerful in performance.

Yes, this is it, Linux can be rolled, there are custom and native firmware.
But I would advise to take on Ali there a little cheaper. Can be found for 3k.

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Cool little console. An improved version of the Dingoo A320. No problem to put OpenDingux.
From REVO k101 plus there is only a case in it, the cartridges from GBA do not support.

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I bought myself this in the early summer of 2018. Version 2.1.
For users of this console, I recommend the dingoonity site.
At the moment, there were several revisions of the device.
The differences are in the amount of memory, the manufacturer of the screen, etc.
There are also two color options - transparent black and opaque white.
I immediately flashed my dinghuis.
On Ali, such a toy costs about 45-50 bucks.
Nes, snes, smd, sms, gb, gbc, gba, pce all comes in pretty decent quality.
I am pleased.

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Please explain how to flash this subject? at least a brief manual with links to firmware, interested in firmware with the ability to run psx games

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Today I went to the post office and got my prefix) I bought Ali on a black Friday at a cost of 2700 rubles for the 16 gig version. Included were instruction in English, 2 mini usb cords and a cord for connecting to a TV through 2 tulips. The battery in it is Nokievsky, there should be no problems with a replacement. The prefix conveniently lies in a hand, buttons very convenient are easily pressed. Out of the box supports several emulators cps, neogeo, game boy advance, sfc, sega megadrive, dendy (nes), gameboycolor, sega master system, sega game gear, gameboy. All emulators work very well, no lags and brakes have been noticed. There is also an mp3 player, viewing pictures in jpg format and a book reader with support for pdf, txt, rtf, doc, html formats. Video player could not start, just does not respond to video files. When connected to a PC, it just charges, it’s not so easy to transfer files to the console. I want to roll opendingux on it, but the problem is that there is no firmware for my version of the console, and the author seems to have scored a bolt on this case) If you have any questions about the console write, I will answer.

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The information in the header is updated.

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* a5ocali5sis what is the screen resolution?

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Stalker-sheff @ 11.01.19, 16:37*
a5ocali5sis, what is the screen resolution?

INFA from the cap
Screen: 3 inches 320x480 (non-square pixel layout) with an effective resolution of 320x240

I recently edited the cap, there all the specification of the console is listed)

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* a5ocali5sis, 3 version reflash under opendingux, yesterday successfully reflash

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xxl1381 @ 01.28.19, 13:07*
3 version reflash under opendingux, yesterday successfully reflash

Yes, I also flashed, successfully. A bunch of emulators from dandy to 1 playstation, it's a pity that there is no java emulator. And in scummvm Neverhood does not work.
And since the playstation works very well, the sound does not wheeze and the picture does not twitch.

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* a5ocali5sis , write instructions on how to sew, and if you can link to the firmware and programs, I will be very grateful

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~ h @ ngm @ n ~ @ 28.01.19, 22:30*
a5ocali5sis, write instructions on how to sew, and if you can link to the firmware and programs, I will be very grateful

Yes, it would be helpful. And also how to roll back to stock.

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* arseniiavr it seems the theme is not very popular

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-dE- @ 05.21.18, 11:23*
It costs money like a PSP, which has 10 times more opportunities.>_<

not. PSP emulator compatibility is weak compared to OpenDingux emulators. although, who needs counter chips and a black cloak, and nothing more, take a PSP.
psp is strong at running games from psp and from the first sony. On rs97, ps1 games are considered not to start. go only 2d, the weakest and without sound.
The device is specialized under retrogamera. Doom] [(Chocolate Doom) flies as stung, as Heretic, Hexen, Strife. ports under psp are not comparable.
The device copes with two cards of 64GB each, and this is not the limit. yuzay year.
The latest firmware version and instructions on how to install and configure are here.https: //boards.dingoon...ware-for-revision-2-1/
The author of the firmware closed the project due to new revisions of the console, they are worse. The latest standing version of iron 2.1. The following shoals, because of which there will be no more firmware. Buy is not recommended.

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