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Android media player settings (Discussion)

This topic contains instructions for setting up an Android media player. Only instructions.

Bypass site blocking / VPN
Instructions for viewing online content
Scripts / Improvers for TV Boxes

Attention: In this topic, laid out only instructions for setting up an Android media player. All questions on the instructions you can ask in the adjacenttopic.

Questions asked in this thread will be ruthlessly deleted!

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Instructions forfast configuring site block bypass

Many sites are blocked in Russia and Ukraine, because of this, plug-ins in KODI / SPMC are not working properly (search for movies and TV shows in Elementum), or do not work at all (plug-ins of specific sites like torrentino or rutracker). But there is a very easy way out - bypassing blocking via VPN. To set it up, no sysadmin skills are needed, just a few mouse clicks. It is suitable for any console on Android.

1. First, let's unpack the archive on the console
2. Next, install the client OpenVPN.apk from the attachment
3. Then in the OpenVPN program, click the circle with a plus sign, select the profile import (file with the .ovpn extension from the previously unpacked archive) and select the desired profile in the program itself.
4. Add the necessary profiles to autoload (menu "Auto-connect" and there choose profile for autoload)
Screenshots of autorun settings
Attached Image
Attached ImageAttached Image
and save (OK). Then press the "Start" button (large square button with a triangle). EVERYTHING!

We configured to bypass site locks without Root-rights, mount scripts and other exciting things. The most important thing is that only traffic to blocked sites goes through VPN, the rest of traffic goes as usual. Therefore, the speed when viewing torrents is not cut.

Well, a few screenshots of an already configured client;)
Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image

Note : if you do not update applications in PlayMarket when using a VPN client, do the following operation (once)
1. Select the desired profile by long pressing
2. Push the button with a pencil
Screenshot of the settings window
Attached Image

3. In the window that opens, scroll down to the bottom in the Filter section of the program. There we tick "This VPN connection can be used by all programs except these" and press the green button with a plus. We find in the list of the program Play Market, select it and press the button with the "Save" diskette at the top
Screenshot of how it should be
Attached Image

Small afterword about used VPN servers:
Torrentino does not work in antizapret, but other blocked sites in Russia work through it. For Ukraine, you need a zaborona profile, which besides Kinopoisk unlocks Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki,, Yandex, Kaspersky Lab, Dr.Web, etc. After starting the selected profile, blocked websites will start working!

Thanks for the help in writing instructions.spawn_lmgandKonstantinAs always I will be grateful for additions and constructive criticism of the instructions.

Attached files

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Attached fileOpenVPN + Client_v2.15.68.Patched.apk(4.09 MB)

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Instructions for watching sports broadcasts on set-top boxes with the Android platform.

Greetings to all fans of sports broadcasts! Today I will tell you about the main ways to watch these very broadcasts on your set-top box on the Android platform. We will consider 3 ways to view. They are different, but they all have a common beginning. First we need to find the site aggregator links to broadcast. In our example, this is livetv, and the full, and not the mobile version of the site. He regularly changes his address due to blocking, but if you use my instructionsUgoos AM3 [Android]By setting up a VPN, you can easily access it.
So, the sites offer us 3 main ways to view broadcasts.

1. Browsing in the browser . This option may be relevant for those whose Internet connection speed is very low, or you are watching some broadcasts where it is impossible to use 2 ways, which I will describe further. Typically, such broadcasts require a low connection speed, low quality, departures, advertising windows before, during and after the broadcast. I will not dwell on this method - just open the link and look through the browser, if there is no other way out. Certain minus - some sites for viewing through the browser may ask to install Adobe Flash or other plug-ins, which is not always possible.

2. Sopcast (Nar. - "Sopka"). An old-fashioned way to watch sports through an SOP (Streaming over P2P) protocol. I will not go into the nuances, briefly - the essence is the same as that of torrent-TV: you watch something, and at the same time share your traffic with other watchers. The minus of this option - “a hill” (not a program, but a sop-link) can be banned, often this happens when watching, for example, Russian football, because the right holders are not asleep and are tracking forums and link sites. On Android, sopcast used to be in the form of an application with its built-in player, which worked on different consoles differently, and often did not work at all. Now there is a wonderful program Sop to HTTP, the interface of which, by the way, is adapted for Android TV (it turns on when you click on 3 points in the main program window - Preferences - General - TV Mode). It translates broadcasts from sop into a digestible form for players installed on the console. Link to Sop To HTTP - https: // either on our forum Sop to Http
Instructions for viewing
So: open the sop-link. On this site, it will open when you click on the two blue arrows near the "Play" button
Attached Image

Buffering starts (in the case of sop it can be long)
Attached ImageAttached Image

At the end of buffering, we are offered to choose which player to open the stream.
Attached Image

Begin viewing! ;)
You can also simply enter the sop channel number if you know it in advance and press start. Buffering will begin, provided that the channel is not offline.
Attached Image

Another disadvantage of Sop to HTTP is that if you just exit the player and start doing other things on the console, the broadcast continues to load. You need to go to Sop to HTTP and click Stop. An advertising banner will pop up in full screen, but such is the fee for the free program. Various settings are available in the program settings, including and the action when minimizing (clicking on 3 points in the main window - Preferences - Stop). In general, even without performing any preliminary settings, the program can be used out of the box.

3. Ace Stream. If you are interested in watching torrent-tv, then you already know this program and can not read this item. If the “box” is only interesting for you to watch specific sporting events, and you don’t watch Torrent-TV, you are welcome!
Ace Stream Pro has an extensive forum thread.Ace stream mediawhere you can download as the latest version of. client and modified (spoiler: they are better) versions fromDorik1972(see the Ace Stream topic header), learn all about its settings and many other things related to it. Again, this is a program in which, while watching any content, you help other people watch it by sharing traffic with them. Ace links are more stable and do not ban as sop, the client is devoid of advertising.
Instructions for viewing
So, open the link by clicking on the two arrows near the Play button, as in the last paragraph. Naturally, on other sites with links, the interface will be different.
Application starts
Attached Image

Choose a player to view
Buffering starts
Attached Image

Enjoy the broadcast!

There is also a second way - inserting ace links into the client. It is less convenient, but sometimes it can be useful.
Copy the link on the site (long press in the browser on the button to launch the broadcast and select "Copy link")
Enter the client Ace Stream, in the upper right corner click on the three points and select Enter Content ID
Attached Image

Paste the copied link in the window, remove acestream: // at the beginning, just like in my screenshot there should be only letters and numbers without spaces
Attached Image

Start the stream download by clicking OK.

If you have methods that are not described in this manual and have a fundamentally different implementation, write, I will add them too.

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Instructions (lite version) for viewing torrents using the SPMC Elementum plugin (in-memory cache) using any external player (C) tcpap , MadAndron , spawn_lmg
Original instructions alwaysHERE

Short FAQ:
AT. Why is SPMC chosen instead of the original Kodi or, for example, another of its fork FTMC.
ABOUT. Because it is only in it that the external player activation window always appears which is vital in our case.
AT. Why external player if built in?
ABOUT. Because it is trite, inconvenient and ponderous for many, and also these many have their own favorite players with the help of which I want to watch a movie.
AT. Why is the Gallery player set to default?
ABOUT. Because on the vast majority of devices, this is the best option for viewing in terms of playback quality. But on some devices an alternative interface has also been added to it, which expands its standard functions.

1. If you do not want to use an external player, but use the built-in KODI player, then put the usual KODI fromGoogle playand skip paragraphs 2.1-2.6 and 3.
1.1 Otherwise, install SPMC (16 or 17) from the attachment, launch, configure (tested (and strongly recommended) on the Confluence skin).
Configure SPMC on Elementum
configure spmc on Elementum
1.2 System - Add-ons - allow installation of add-ons from unknown sources. In the 17th, we agree when the corresponding request appears.
1.3 Services - Management - Application Control - check both daws "on" - mandatory (condition for Elementum operation).
1.4 Close the exit button, and not just turn off the SPMC (KODI).
Attached Image

Attached Image

2. If, in addition to viewing torrents online, you intend to use SPMC also as a media library for your local files, or network files from other devices using SMB and NFS protocols, then perform clauses 2.1-2.6, otherwise proceed to item 3.
Wrapper setup
2.1 Put the xbmc / kodi wrapper from the attachment.
2.2 In the Main section, we put a daw for seemless mode and remove the daw with "Overwrite XML automatically ..."
2.3 In the Others section, change for File / Other Player and HTTP Player instead of system by hand, type Put the checkbox "Play folder with Galery3D"
2.4 In the Samba section we change for Samba Player instead of system by hand we type
2.5 In the NFS section, change for NFS Player instead of system by hand, type
2.6 Save the changes. The top right corner of the three points is SAVE.
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

3. Open any file manager (I recommend the two-window Total Commander) and go to the internal memory along the way/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.semperpax.spmc17/files/.spmc/userdata and copy the playercorefactory.xml file from the attachment here. For some, the browser incorrectly downloads this file, and the external player does not start, so I added the same file just packed, downloaded and unpacked, and then copied to the specified path. Attention, the .spmc folder is hidden and to view it you need to put in the settings of the file manager (show hidden folders and files).
3.1 In the fileplayercorefactory.xml , now through the context menu (Menu button on the remote or a long tap with the mouse) you can call which player to launch. Added MX, VLC, ViMu, Perfect, Archos. By default, the system player is launched, also known as Video Player or Gallery. Package This is a standard google player and it is an ideal candidate for viewing on virtually any android device. If you need to add some other players to the file, write.

4. Download Elementum from the site the All-in-one link, run SPMC (KODI) and in the settings - add-ons - install from the zip file, install. He then himself will add the addition of Burst, to select providers, or download Burst by hand from the same page install.
5. In the settings of the elementum, select the cache in memory, 200-300Mb, the path where to save the torrent files, for example / sdcard / Download (this is a mandatory step, since elementum simply does not start if the path is not specified), in the providers include only your favorite trackers let's say rutor and megapeer,
6. Run the elementum, go to the movies (TV series) - search, search, or select "In Trend" to search the catalog.
7. Choose a torrent and look. The video will open either in the internal player or in the external one, depending on the previous settings.
8. Additionally, you can install a repository fromtdw1980, and already from it at will plugins rutor, torrentino, kinopoisk, lostfilm, and already in their settings we change the engine to elementum and use.
9. There was an additional search engine nova for elementum, there are only Russian trackers in it, try it. To put outrepository
10. Recently appeared applicationOpen with elementum , with which you can transfer the magnet / torrent links to Elementum, even from a tablet / phone, albeit locally from the device where the elementum is installed. It works both with HDVideobox or any other similar application, as well as with sites that have magnet / torrent links.
11. And now about blocking sites in Ukraine and Russia. In Ukraine, the FILM is blocked, and in Russia almost all torrent trackers, because of this, the plugins will not work fully! But there is a way out, this is bypassing locks through VPN. To do this, we take the OpenVPN client from the attachment, and download the config for your country, unpack it and add it (in the OpenVPN client, click the circle with a plus sign, select the profile import and select the desired config). For Russia, two config. Torrentino does not work in antizapret, but all blocked sites work through it, not only torrent trackers. Secondspawn_lmg-vpnthis is the user's personal serverspawn_lmg. After starting the selected config, the blocked sites will start working!
For more information about locks, see the original instructions.

The plugin elemetum has a web interface and info, here are the links
instead of write the ip-address of the device on which elementum is running, and you can watch info on any device on the network through a browser.
Attached fileSPMC-16.7.4-spmc-94d913d-armeabi-v7a.apk(64.65 MB)

Attached fileSPMC-17.6a2-spmc-ed022ef-armeabi-v7a.apk(76.17 MB)

Attached bytes)

Attached fileXBMCWrapper.v.4.0.10.b.147crk.LVL.Auto.apk(1.31 MB)

Attached fileOpenVPN + Client_v2.15.68.Patched.apk(4.09 MB)

Attached fileOpenVPN_config.rar(12.49 KB)

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Instructions for bypassing blocking sites - once and for all.
So far, only under the Venda ...

Upgrade to version 2.0 - 2018.12.28

Attached Image

The program is designed to bypass the deep traffic analysis systems (Deep Packet Inspection) and gain access to blocked sites.
Works with passive and active DPI.

Utility GoodbyeDPI from ValdikSS, interface (Launcher) from Toper

Advantages of the program:
• Works autonomously, without accessing any server
• Works at the system level, with browsers, torrent clients and any other software.
• Does not require special configuration

Changes in version 2.0:
• Fixed first run problem in some cases
• Small program optimization

Changes in version 1.9.9:
• Fixed autoload for Win 10 (tested on Windows 10.0.17134 Version 1803 RTM Spring Creators Update - September 2018 Update)
• Added the address of one torrent tracker for the zone .lib
• Updated mechanism for checking program updates.

Changes in version 1.9.8:
• The request of administrator rights at startup has been removed, now the user must launch the Launcher himself on behalf of the Administrator;
   (fix false detect by Windows Defender on Win10)
• Added link to telegram program update channel;
• Added guide to installing alternative DNS;
• Fixed a couple of inaccuracies in the layout of the interface;
• Minor interface improvements.

OS: Win7 x86 / x64 | Win8 x86 / x64 | Win8.1 x86 / x64 | Win10 x86 / x64

Customization (Launcher)

Download the program GoodbyeDPI.0.1.5rc3..Launcher-2.0
Password to archive:1224

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SPMCsetup, install superrepo, xbmc en search,torrent tv plus plus

After installation, you need to change the skin from re-Touched to Confluence (Settings>Appearance>Skin)
Attached Image

Language in Russian can be changed in the Settings menu.>Appearance>International>Language.
Attached Image
Attached Image

To make all the program settings available, select the settings level Expert.
In Settings>Video>Acceleration leave only amcodec. Turn on Accelerate for all formats - Always.
Attached Image

Go to the File Manager in the System menu.
A dialog box opens, click on "Add source"
There are 2 blank lines in the opened window. In the upper register the repository address, at the bottom - the name superrepo.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Go to the menu System ->Additions. Select Install from ZIP file.
In the opened window we see our source. SUPERREPO, open it - choose Krypton - all - will install the repository.
Attached Image

Go to the Superrepo repository and select the installation of the repositories, find the XBMC RU SEARCH there and install it.
Attached Image
Attached Image

Go to XBMC RU SEARCH - Video completions find Torrent tv Plus plus and install it
Attached Image

We go to the Video - add-ons, there will be Torrent tv Plus plus, we launch and watch, do not forget to start and configure ACESTREAM or put it into autoload.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

download spmc mod with fast exit

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SPMC,KODI increase in buffer size (150MB) and caching speed

SPMC - FileAttached fileadvancedsettings.rar(209 bytes)
unpack and put along the path: Android / data / folder SPMC player / files / .spmc / userdata

KODI FileAttached fileadvancedsettings.rar(202 bytes)
unpack and put along the path: Android / data / org.xbmc.kodi / files / .kodi / userdata

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Good to all healthy ....... !!!
At the request of workers !!! I decided to update and add, modify my first Message from 2017 , scripts, describe in detail with Rus. komentami.
And I will also tell you a small epic with all the possibilities of AMLogic S912 boxing.
It was evening, there was nothing. Well, here I decided to screw all possible improvers to our boxes, such as:
1.Auto Frame Rate System StageFright,
2. Noise reduction that blurs the picture, that is, a filter that improves the clarity of the video.
3. Enable Auto Frame rate in HLS channels.
4. Connecting the folder / Temp / permission to write to this folder and transfer caching to the Temp folder.
5. Upper / Lower status bar. If you want to see the status bar, let the mouse down and it appears automatically. And also automatically removed, when playing video does not interfere.

Well, the latest additions are relevant for today.
6. Auto start generator Ace Stream.
7. echo nosleep>/ sys / power / wake_lock to block disconnecting USB ports in sleep mode For those who do not use orig. remote controller.
8. For proper operation of HDMI CEC anytext>/ sys / power / wake_lock Who has this mode enabled?
9. Well, for those who wish to disconnect USB ports in sleep mode. Separately, the script "On_Stop_usb"Attached bytes)
Attention; Separate script " On_stop_usb "It does not work on all firmware. On this firmware, the assembly is verified Nexbox A95X A2 [Android] (Post Vasily_5 # 71912408)

And all this is done in one without disassembling the kernel can be installed in any version of Android since 5.1 checked before Android 7.1.2.
And this is not only on the Amlogic s912 processor but also on the Amlogic s9xx processors.
This today gives the opportunity to each user, you do not need to be a mod master on the firmware and disassemble the firmware and write it all into the core.
A small instruction on how to connect init.d scripts.
We connect Auto Frame rate, Disable Shumodav, Auto Frame rate in channels for HLS, Connect folder / Temp /.

1. Install the program Universal init.dAttached fileUniversal Init.d-v1.2.1 RUS.apk(858.42 KB)
The program itself creates a folder along the path etc / init.d in this folder we attach the Attached (1.4 KB)
2. We give permission to the script with the letter P 0755.
3. Returning to the Universal init.d program, press the "Test" button after the program checks, it tells you to restart. We do reboot system.
4. The testinitd file appears, click on the file and from the top with the right "EXECUTE" We make a system reboot.
5. After rebooting, we go again to the program, we will see the inscription "your kernel has init.d support." "Congratulations! Your kernel supports init.d."
It says that your kernel supports init.d scripts.
6. And finally, move the slider on top of the program in the ON position.
Video instruction for those who do not understand

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Code script c rus. koment:
#! / system / bin / sh

At the same time, the processor continues to operate USB ports. Boxing can be awakened with a mouse / keyboard / remote control with a USB receiver.
# HDMI CEC starts to work properly (TV will be box when turned on).
#echo anytext>/ sys / power / wake_lock

# Lock USB ports off in sleep mode.
#echo nosleep>/ sys / power / wake_lock

# Implemented switching output mode to HDMI. Now can be forced
# set one of the following modes:
# RGB444 - "normal" mode of a computer monitor, 8 bits for each component R, G, B.
echo RGB444>/ sys / class / amhdmitx / amhdmitx0 / force_color_space

# Noise reduction that blurs the picture, that is, a filter that improves the clarity of the video.
#echo 0>/ sys / module / di / parameters / nr2_en

# Enable Auto Frame rate in channels for HLS.
echo 1>/ sys / module / di / parameters / prog_proc_config

# Auto Frame rate system StageFright.
#echo 1>/ sys / module / amvdec_h264 / parameters / error_recovery_mode

# Connecting the folder / Temp / permission to write to this folder and transfer caching to the Temp folder.
/ system / xbin / busybox mount -o remount, rw /
/ system / xbin / busybox mkdir / mnt / temp
/ system / xbin / busybox chmod 1777 / mnt / temp
/ system / xbin / busybox mount -rw -t tmpfs tmpfs / mnt / temp
/ system / xbin / busybox mount -o remount, ro /

while ["" `getprop dev.bootcomplete`! =" 1 "]; do sleep 1; done

# Retracting Upper / Lower status bar. If you want to see the status bar, let the mouse down and it appears automatically.
# And also automatically removed
# when playing video does not interfere.

# Remove Status bar Top Status Bar
# settings put global policy_control immersive.status = *

# Remove Navigation bar Lower Status Bar
#settings put global policy_control immersive.navigation = *

# Remove Both Upper / Lower Status Bar Both.
settings put global policy_control immersive.full = *

# Disable Cancels all Two.
#settings put global policy_control null *

# Auto start generator Ace Stream.
monkey -p -c android.intent.category.LAUNCHER 1
sleep 25
input keyevent KEYCODE_HOME

Script code: On_Stop_usb
#! / system / bin / sh

(while true; do

#wait for sleep

if [wake = `cat / sys / power / wait_for_fb_sleep`]; then

#disable devices connected to usb ports if any
if [-d /sys/devices/c9000000.dwc3/]; then
echo 0>/sys/devices/c9000000.dwc3/
if [-d /sys/devices/c9000000.dwc3/]; then
echo 0>/sys/devices/c9000000.dwc3/

#send inactive to TV via cec
echo "40 9D 00 00">/ sys / class / cec / cmd

#wait for poweron / boot / reboot

if [wake = `cat / sys / power / wait_for_fb_wake`]; then

#ensable devices connected to usb ports if any
if [-d /sys/devices/c9000000.dwc3/]; then
echo 1>/sys/devices/c9000000.dwc3/
if [-d /sys/devices/c9000000.dwc3/]; then
echo 1>/sys/devices/c9000000.dwc3/

# send HOME key press
sendevent / dev / input / event0 1 102 1
sendevent / dev / input / event0 0 0 0
sendevent / dev / input / event0 1 102 0
sendevent / dev / input / event0 0 0 0
# / system / bin / input keyevent 3
done &)

Well, the harm would be all if something missed contact QMS

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View torrents (any size* ) online using the TorrServe app

Author and developer# YouROK #

1. Install the application from the We start.
1.0 When you first start, mostly on mobile devices, you will see just a blank page. This is normal :) To get to the settings and the rest of the server management, just doswipe rightand a miracle will appear to you: D In the future, it will be on this page that the history of viewed torrents will be displayed.
1.1 Update / download the server which is now separate from the application, by clicking the "Refresh "Next, click" Update from the network "and wait until it is downloaded. Everything, the server is running) If for some reason it is impossible to download the server, there is a manual update function. To do this, download the server for the processor architecture on your device HERE , copy it to the sdcard / Download folder and update it using the "Update from the Download folder" button. After manually updating the server, close it using the "Exit" button and launch it again.
Server update
Attached Image

2. Go to the item "Settings "
2.1 Install "Cache size "based on the amount of installed RAM in the device. On most consoles, this is 2 GB and therefore the cache can be left at 200 MB by default.
2.2 "Preload buffer size "we leave by default or you can even put there" 0 "
2.3 Amount "Connections on torrent "also need to be selected individually for the power of your device. The greater the number, the stronger the load. Optimally 25-40 connections (for Android devices) and leave the default for Windows.
2.3.1 Starting with the 70th version of the server, added the ability to specify the number of DHT connections. By default, there are 500. But this is very small and will only work if your provider bans this. If there is no, then we put there "0" - that is, without restrictions.
2.4 If server startup is required at system startup, put a tick on "Start the server when booting "
2.5 At the very bottom, added the ability to select the default player (as in the system, if you have already chosen), from the entire list of available players of your system and specifically the player that will open the video only in the TorrServe application.
Main menu and settings
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

3. Using the application, you can start viewing torrents from applications like HD VideoBox or HD Cinema, or directly from trackers through a browser, as well as local torrent files. Just click on the torrent / magnet link and select from the menu to start using TorrServe (there are 2 options. "Add & Play" will add the torrent to the database already available, and simply "Play" will lose only once). The application cache is in RAM so no drives are required. Also, this program can be used to download files without using torrent clients, but only a regular file rocking. Just copy the link to the distribution from the playlist (created for all your distributions) which can be created both from the main interface using the "Playlist" button, and for each separately.
Attached Image

View and download torrents in Windows
Viewing in Windows OS is slightly different from Android. There are some nuances. The easiest way is to also press the playlist button and then insert it into the players with its support such as VLC or MPC. But you can simplify your life even more and use any available player for viewing. Take Firefox as an example. Install the Open With add-on and configure it (instructions will be in its settings). Next, click the button "add browser". And select the executable file of your player in Explorer, for example, vlc.exe or daum.exe or mpc / exe. Copy the full path to it and paste it into the "Command" column. In the “Title” column we enter anything if only you would later understand what it is. Click the "Add" button. Everything is now in the context menu of the browser, we can directly send the link to your player directly from the TorrServ search.
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Good news.
Thanks to the efforts of a respected userTw1ckerNow you can view torrents directly from trackers bypassing the TorrServe interface, which greatly simplifies everything. All you need is to download the RunTS program and install the FireFox or Chrome browsers with the addition of Open With.
1. Downloading the program and throwing it into any folder.Attached fileRunTS.exe(2.61 MB)

1.1 We start its execution and carry out the initial setup, specifying the server's IP and its port, as well as the full path to your player. Program settings are stored in the AppData folder
Attached Image

2. Install the Open With add-on as described above and set the path to our program in its settings
Attached Image

3. Go to any (except for the Cinema Hall) tracker that gives magnet links, point the mouse at the magnet, click RMB and select our Open With add-on from the menu and our program in it. Everything viewing went in your player.

4. After that, select the player from the menu as we want to watch Most popular players like Vimu, VLC, MX Player or Cody (with all forks) are suitable. Well, the best choice on devices with a system player is of course it is he.
5. Statistics, settings and cache can be viewed in the browser by reference.
http: // localhost: 8090- add torrents and button "Emergency shutdown server"
http: // localhost: 8090 / settings- application settings
http: // localhost: 8090 / cache- view the work with the cache
http: // localhost: 8090 / stat- view torrent statistics
6. There is also a function to create playlists from torrent files in history. As for all, and for each specific torrent.
8. This program or application for Android can be used as a client and as a server in conjunction with different devices. For example, on one you have a server because it is much more powerful in terms of characteristics, and on the other you have a client because there is some kind of tv prefix of dubious origin. But you want to watch it :) Therefore, we install the application to a more powerful one and in the settings we set the ip address of the device (like where you have the server. Both devices must be on the same local network. After that, just on the console in the search, select the torrent you like and watch. But in fact, the entire viewing process will be performed by the server.
Hidden launch in the background TorrServe for PC with windows

* To view the "heavy" video, with a bitrate of 65 Mbps and higher, you will need an Internet channel of at least 150-200 Mbps

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Instructions for bypassing blocking sites -updated

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Hello, tell me please, I use the anti-blocking profile, the root-tracker works, and the movie theater and the TV-file are not authorized. What can be problematic?

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vadikas8629 @ 08.08.18, 15:48*
I use the profile ... the router rutreker work, but the cinema and the tfile are not
Try other settings (profiles), feel free to experiment.

Instructions for bypassing blocking sites -updated 08.08.18

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as well as local torrent files. Just click on the torrent / magnet link and select from the menu to start using TorrServe (there are 2 options. "Add & Play" will add the torrent to the database already available, and simply "Play" will lose only once).
This function does not work in Cody Coreelec. I threw a torrent link to the console, I go to the file manager in the coding, I click on the link and nothing happens, if you call the right-click menu, there is no point to play or play. How to link to lose in cody coreelec (cody 18 beta)?

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* yatsek20,
For coding, you need to install the server plugin from the Nemiroff repository

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* MadAndron all worth it

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* yatsek20,
Well, for the eleks of different and other systems with a code-interface, the option as for the android will not work. so the plugin has its own search and you need to add the necessary distributions from there
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* MadAndron , I know this search works, but I'm interested in reproducing my link. For example, I installed the torrent player plugin - in the settings I specified a folder for torrent files and when I enter the player it immediately opens the folder with torrent links. But this player works only with the ace engine.

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* yatsek20 , to add your links, use the web or application for android.

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* Tw1cker how to use it in the coreelec system?

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* yatsek20,
So use it. Through the webmord server or install the server on the body and register in it the IP of your bark.

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* MadAndron , button, download server from here, does not work
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Help please deal with the application.

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