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Power consumption (autonomy) Xiaomi Mi5S | Discussion of energy, and the search tips on saving solutions

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Xiaomi Mi5S - Power
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In this topic, we discuss power consumption
on different firmware and with a different set of applications!

Post design
  1. The hashtag "Here are my usage statistics"
  2. Firmware- [Firmware Name] [Firmware Version]
  3. Type of use - [Just wear in the front pocket of your pants or talk 24/7] In general, tell us how you use smart.
  4. Root access - [Yes / No]
  5. The type of network used is [2G / 3G / 4G]
  6. Disabling applications - [Yes (tell us about what was excluded) / No]
  7. Additional applications to save battery power - [Modified Xposed / Play Market app]
  8. Screenshots of battery graphics, screen hours

  9. Subjective impressions about the battery consumption

Useful programs

Tips and ways to increase work autonomy
Tests and studies

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LineageOS 15.1 assembly of 04.02.2018
firmware 04.04.2018.
autonomy is very bad.
Usually it turns about 3 hours of screen.
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PP from Trololo for 4/04. The company has the same number. Quite adequately.
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The second day I sit on the company 04.04. mobile network zhor ceased to be in the first place. PP from 04.04.

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I copy here my message about the measurement program PCMARK battery.

Xiaomi Mi5S - Informal firmware (Post Drache76 # 72096411)

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The topic has been moved to the "Personal experience ».

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Guys, well, network Jordania has not won?

Posted on 09/04/2018, 15:34:

PE on the net put the new firmware 4.04 1.33min worked screen. MB will be better tomorrow. The core stock.
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8.4.4 from xiaomi.eu
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I would like better.

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8.4.4 - mobile network zhor left

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I leave here:
1- firmware blur miuipro
2- display brightness 30-40%
3 night wifi, afternoon 4g
4- modulus Doze
5 phone 10 months
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* turnir ,
Luxury result, congratulations. On kastomov this hardly happens.

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* Drache76 Yes, on kastomov PP, PE and Los vyhodilo.ostalnye only five did not set.

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Before there was LOS, so there's barely 3:00 accumulates ..

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When this unit is purchased with it (it was a year) firmware was 8 miui and he kept a stable 6-7 hours screen even without conducting any manipulation, the Internet only 4g, without vayf, that's it)

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* turnir, detail as possible what the module doze

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* enterhell Module in Magiske, there repozetorii find, he restricted with the activity of Google services
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* turnir,
Thank you, and adjust must somehow or all by itself will work?

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* enterhell , Installed, rebooted and everything works

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enterhell @ 14.04.18, 18:09*
... configure must somehow or all by itself will work?
The module makes it possible to limit the power consumption of GMS in the background. Just as the power consumption is regulated in the background for a custom application.
E., In order to reduce energy consumption GM services, you need to specify is specifically configured.
In fact, this module is an alternativewayof the cap parallel threads MIUI firmware.

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Reason for editing: correct.

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* ra-ja , But such was not going astray vvodit.podelilsya only their experiences. Just utanovil module and all
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appetite Google services became at times menshe.bez unit energy consumption personally I Google services stood at 2-3 places, and in first place in probuzhdeniyu.otklyuchil refresh in the play store, but in my experience this particular energy efficiency gain by not daet.I yes, I like a little mistake, comparing with the Google play market servisami.modul restricts play convenience store in the background, I did not notice when disconnecting ekrana.da and besides special rates)

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Put AEX, like all satisfied, but again zhor network ...<_<Firm of 4 April
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