Discussion camera Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro)

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Discussion camera Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Pro). Model: MEE7S, MEC7S - kit. Vers .; MEI7S - ind. Vers. Codename: Whyred
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Camera specifications
Chinese version:
Rear dual camera:
12 MP, 1.40 Ојm, aperture f / 1.9, sensor Samsung s5k2l7
_5 MP, 1.12 Ојm, f / 2.0 aperture, Samsung s5k5e8 sensor
s5k2l7_ofilm http: //www.samsung.com...e-image-sensor/S5K2L7/
s5k5e8_ofilm http: //www.samsung.com...e-image-sensor/S5K5E8/

13 MP, 1.12 Вµm, f / 2.0 aperture, OmniVision 13855 sensor
ov13855_sunny http://www.ovt.com/sensors/ov13855

Indian version:
Rear dual camera:
12 MP, 1.25 Ојm (f / 2.2 aperture, Sony IMX 486 sensor)
_5 MP, 1.12 Ојm (f / 2.0 aperture, Samsung sensor)

20 MP, 1.0Ојm (f / 2.2 aperture, Sony IMX 376 sensor)

PDAF, monochrome flash, face recognition, HDR, Smart Beauty 4.0

Examples of photos and videos
Review of the camera from melox
Comparison of OnePlus 3 and XRN5. Both on gcam.
Comparison of LG V20 vs note 5 (all under gcam)
Comparison of cameras Redmi Note 3 Pro with its 16 MP and Redmi Note 5 with its 12 MP.
Comparison of photos of the flow with GCam. 92 photos with different scenes.
Sample photos from the stock on firmware
Stoke, 4/64 global
Sample video 1080p / 60fps in stock camera.
Photos made on Redmi Note 5 Pro (without filters and editing)
Photos taken on camera in the updated firmware ( + new camera functionality
Examples of pictures taken on Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (China / World)
A few pictures on the stock (
Example with and without hdr
An example with a sealed second camera and with two cameras.
Some examples of daytime shooting, shooting against the sun and shooting indoors with good light.
Through Snapdragon Camera, stock can only 1080/30 fps.
Examples of photos stock camera and google camera advanced HDR +
A few examples of photos on the stock camera.
Examples of pictures on
Pictures with dim lighting on note5 china, global, gcam hdr + advanced
Comparison of 4K and FHD when recording via Snapdragon Camera (from the header)
Comparison of 4K and FHD when recording via the Open Camera (from the Play Market)
Compare Camera to iPhone 6s
Comparison of cameras Meizu M6 Note, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus.
Photo comparison Huawei P10 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 5
Examples of photos on stock
A couple of pictures with editorial and pixel
Comparison of cameras with MI A1, video reviews from Indians

  1. Manual on the use of Google camera on Xiaomi Note 5
  2. Recovering firmware after unsuccessful patch for camera
  3. Patch to activate Camera2API
  4. Patch Magisk Miuicammod All Rom (Whyred)
  5. Activating gcam + patches
  6. Mod GCam 6 from tigr1234566updated author post
  7. GCam mod from r0m10 for 8 and 9 android
  8. Google Camera 6.2.024 update from @ snapdragon660_lavender Only Android 9 ± https: //www.celsoazeve...camera/f/changelog456/Theme with mods on celsoazevedo.com
  9. RN5 Camera Patch module from nHappymaNn
  10. Google Camera modification v.6.2.024 from SW. bulkin043
  11. Google Camera modification v.6.2.030 from uv. Arnova8G2 'Timelapse, accelerated video, front-end, etc. work
  12. Google Camera modification from SW. marlin-ku
  13. Mods Google Camera Port + principle of operation
  14. Mods Google Camera with support for configs + instructions with pictures
  15. How to enable sliding autofocus and fast HDR on 6gcam
  16. Settings example 5 gcam
  17. Gcam configuration example with configs
  18. GCam mods from our neighbors
  19. Libraries from note 6 pro
  20. Pro camera buffer
  21. Mi A2 camera port under TWRP
  22. MGC_5.2.022_BSG_namok_Al_06 and MGC_5.2.025_kenzo_Al_09
  23. Stock camera mod
  24. 4K video recording activation + Video instruction
  25. We include Ar stickers on Gcam + about AR stickers
  26. More about cameras (India + China partially) + more about cameras
  27. Video installation instructions for Google Camera HDR without root
  28. Activations in the MIUI stock camera of the extended manual mode and video recording in 4K
  29. Google Camera Installation Instructions
  30. Snapdragon camera. + newer version
  31. GCam: Making the front HDR + work on Resurrection Remix 8.1 Oreo
  32. Detailed fact on the Google Camera! Especially on the settings. Attention, for Redmi Note 5 (Pro) Mi8 fixes are not suitable, do not install!
  33. Translated working chamber for Pie
  34. Comparison of night mode stock camera and GCam
  35. Which patch on RN5 is better? (03.2019)
  36. Worked tested patch for TVRP. Includes 2api activation, 4k video and front camera fix (03.2019)
  37. Manual activation of Camera2api on MIUI Android 8.1
  38. Manual activation of Camera2api on MIUI Read all must!
  39. Ported with Nubia lightpainting and E-aperture
  40. Here are clones of the latest camera mods.
  41. Mod stock camera for Android 9 Pie with disabled noise, etc.
  42. Patch to activate 4K video
  43. TWRP for / 9 android - especially for those who fly 2cam api
  44. Google Photos and Photo Storage Options
  45. Miui camera from pixel experience firmware (not for miui)

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1) indicate what kind of firmware you have
2) what patches are installed
3) did you install custom kernels or were there any other interventions in the system
4) which camera mod was installed (preferably with a link) and how it was done

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* Lasum , Oh thanks))

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* GeneralIII,
At 10.3.2, this 5.3 flashes when turned on

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Help people. There is a firmware RevolutionOs 9.9.21. In general, it was updated to this version, and Google doesn’t put it on any camera. It works, it doesn’t take pictures from the front camera, it doesn’t take photos from the front camera or it takes three photos to take a normal photo. A stock camera is not very. Android 9. Miui 10.5.

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At 10.3.2, this 5.3 flashes when turned on

I have android 8.1. No problem.

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* GeneralIII , installed, but there’s no night mode

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It costs xiaomi.eu 9.9.3, the focus disappeared that on the Google camera that is native, when checking 2api it displays a cross on manual focus, on the remaining points all the jackdaws, and so on all the patches that I tried, someone might know what’s the matter ? Or change the firmware?

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* Gudini_tmr, the lens may have sunk. Try to let the sack go by the phone, next to the camera.
And if you're on the front, then he was not there.

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Vychuzhin Vyacheslav @ 09/14/19, 20:44*
GeneralIII, installed, but there is no night mode there


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* Gudini_tmr , the same thing on the worlds, but if you do not put any patches, then all the checkmarks are present. Although bill.prop hal3, for example, has a value of 0. So I think you should not believe this program

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* Pandora! , yes, I just installed the miram, there is a native patch in the same place, and everything is good again, but on the EU there are even problems on the last build with patches

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* GeneralIII
Thank! Love the night mode on this camera!
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Colleagues, have a nice day!
The phone is in stock, the latest updates. These are the shots that began to appear more and more often. Has anyone had anything like this happen? How to cure it?
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These are the shots that began to appear more and more often. Has anyone had anything like this happen? How to cure it?

Look on the topic, someone has already laid out similar examples.

It is also worth clarifying whether there is a flash drive and whether it is saved to it.
I think this is streaming memory, or a flash drive or internal.

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* ks7715 there is no flash drive. The phone is exactly one year old. 4/64

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* nektoiztomska , tell me how to turn on night mode in this camera, I can’t figure it out

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* GeneralIII that's what I got

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* Vychuzhin Vyacheslav,
For the first time will do.

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* Vychuzhin Vyacheslav ,
I like this
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* nektoiztomska , thank

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