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Xiaomi Redmi 6 - Discussion | Smartphone, 5.45 "

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DiscussionXiaomi Redmi 6
PictureXiaomi Redmi 6, HM6
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>>>Mini FAQ<<<

Dimensions: 71.5x147.5x8.3 mm
Weight: 145g
SoC: MediaTek Helio P22 MT6762
Processor: ARM Cortex-A53, 2000 MHz,
Number of cores: 8
Graphics processor: PowerVR GE8320, 650 MHz
RAM: 3GB / 4GB, 933MHz
Built-in memory: 32GB / 64GB
Memory cards: microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC
Screen: 5.45 in, IPS, 720x1440 pixels, 24bit
Battery: 3000 mAh, Li-polymer (Lithium Polymer)
Operating system: MIUI V9.5 (Android 8.1 Oreo)
Camera: 4000x3000 pixels, 1920x1080 pixels, 30 frames / second
SIM card: Nano-SIM, Nano-SIM / microSD
Wi-Fi: b, g, n, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi Display
USB: 2.0, Micro USB
Bluetooth: 4.2
Navigation: GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou

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Rep: (77)
* _destr0y_ , does not interfere with one another, you can accurately find a place by coordinates, there are programs that quietly take a photo of a thief through a selfie. But this is all in case the person is prudent. And even though the account to erase.

Rep: (13)
* Webtraveller Photo thief? What for? Search for a device on the site and a statement to the police. I think that's enough. And do not need anything extra in advance

Rep: (77)
I read about the search and it turns out that it is really only to block the phone, within a radius of 1 km you can hide the factory by phone. And what can narrow the search, who knows (just not guesswork)?

Post has been editedWebtraveller - 29.05.19, 03:52

Rep: (13)
* Webtraveller , personally, my location of the phone is determined very precisely, down to the position in the house (it puts a mark on the house approximately in the place where the phone is located)

Rep: (5)
In theory, the police should be able to calculate the telecom operator and receive coordinates from him.

Rep: (17)
* ray731 , operators know the phone, at the request of the authorities they must provide .-.

Rep: (0)
Friends, help me figure it out. Yesterday I bought this device. There was a problem logging into your Google account via Wi-Fi. When you try to log into your account or Playmarket, the message "Check ..." is spinning and nothing happens. What to do? Maybe it was already discussed somewhere?

Post has been editedvitalikmih12 - 29.05.19, 11:13

Rep: (447)
* vitalikmih12, via mobile internet?

Rep: (69)
* ray731 , * Willylyindsor You guys are from what planet? We are in Ukraine, they can't even pick up a stolen pawnshop.
must, can, must, but in fact, you need to try hard to get the cops back the phone

Rep: (0)
Toxa246 @ 05/29/19 11:20*
vitalikmih12, and through the mobile Internet?

I can not check it yet, because I inserted a SIM card that is not replenished. Through the mobile should earn?

Rep: (447)
* vitalikmih12, I do not use Wifi. Through mobile activated.

Rep: (0)
toxa246 @ 05.29.19, 11:31*
Vitalikmih12, I do not use the wifi. Through mobile activated.

Thank. I'll try, after the replenishment of the account.
In the meantime, I found some steps towards a solution.

Rep: (77)
* fan-zp , I wrote for the planet Ukraine that they found it (although they couldn’t return the stolen goods from the pawnshop)

Rep: (105)
Fan-zp @ 05/29/2019 10:20*
You guys are from what planet? We are in Ukraine, they cannot even pick up a stolen pawn shop.
must, can, must, but in fact, you need to try hard to get the cops back the phone

Well, do not immediately about the whole Ukraine. For example, the police found and returned the stolen phone. And the thief was given two years, however, conditionally. And of all the efforts that I have made, this is a trip to the department and writing a statement.

Rep: (447)
* Hardin751, it's just lucky.

Rep: (1)
* Hardin751 I also got the phone back in three days

Rep: (2704)
Hardin751 @ 05.29.19, 14:19*
For example, the police found and returned the stolen phone.
.... I had the opposite - they took away .... Everything turned out well .... later, but a fact. And so, if there is a telephone of an official of some or ment-organs, then they are looking for instantly and even OpSoS ...

Rep: (69)
* Webtraveller , here I am about the same, if there is a statement, and finding the body in a pawnshop, for some reason it cannot be taken away, only for money, as it is strange
* Hardin751 Yes, this is good, they probably caught him by the hand when he was stealing, or was persuaded, I just do not understand how they proved the theft, but he could just find him on the street
In any case, the cops find mostly tephons during direct contact, no one bothers with the survey and geolocation cells

Rep: (77)
* fan-zp , at my house there is such a little man, he stole gold, and to return only for money from a pawnshop, and even if they noticed on time. Therefore, he himself did not believe that the Ukrainian police would find the telephone, but this time it was wrong, and good.

Rep: (1)
Hello. I have the last 3 days during the night the battery eats 20%. I did not install anything new, firmware 3.2.0. It used to take 3-5%. What could be the reason?

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