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Meizu E3 in comparison with Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

Benefits Meizu E3:

+ Quick charge. From 0% to 50% in 30 minutes.
+ The camera is better. There 1.8h optical zoom and 2.5x digital without loss of quality (in words. In fact, the quality can not be lost during digital zoom).
+ All-metal body. (Plastic inserts are very small. The strips)
+ The scanner at the lateral edge (very conveniently)
+ Port Type C
+ Button Super mBack. Something new and interesting. The vibration is worth that detects pressure. (As in Iphone 7+)
+ The blue version looks very kaefno release button is red.
+ In addition to notes 5 will (most likely) a bunch of custom bikes / support from third party developers and a lot of diverse bp for many, it is very important

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Cons Meizu E3

- It will only be for the Chinese market. Although global firmware can be rolled forward, but 4G will run on some bad statements mean not support 7 and 20 bands.
- Price. (Compared to Xiaomi Redmi Note 5)
- Supports Meizu. (Personally, no experience, but write that Maisie poor support. On the phone over 1.5 years longer fly updates. In Xiaomi on this matter better)
- The battery on the 3360mAch. (In Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 4000mAch)

the same:

= Qualcomm Snapdragon 636
= RAM 6 GB
= Screen. As the ratio and size with the number of pixels per inch
= 3.5mm Jack
= mono speaker

IMHO Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 looks more attractive.
Especiallyfor myselfHe noted that Xiaomi has control gestures. Although perhaps soon it will appear in the Maze

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Well-nezn nezn ... Why all fanateyut from the USB Type-C? I have a phone with them ... So what's next? : Rofl:

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Battery price and Maze - minus critical. Yes, and "diversity" firmware influence ... The Maze only the camera and taip Xi attracted, but still prefer Nout 5 as the best solution in the segment up to $ 250
Version with 6GB of RAM is very pereotseneeny at the moment, so it is better to take Nout 5 and is in the version with 4 GB!

Posted on 03/22/2018, 23:41:

bullik01 @ 22.03.2018, 23:37*
Well-nezn nezn ... Why all fanateyut from the USB Type-C? I have a phone with them ... So what's next? : Rofl:

With the same success you can ask, "Why all so happy hawala outdated microUSB" ... I have already described my situation - I will not be repeated. Let me just say that for me personally, the absence of type C is not critical, but it is very big disadvantage! And so to each his own ...
In general, simply because Taipei Xi bluntly modern and comfortable. This is if we omit those. the difference, which is really not needed for most users.
And one could certainly not here to stir up this topic.

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For me critical that Note 5 will support sooo long, it will release all uluchshalki that can only be peredstavit. Starting from luxurious official kastomov (I love the pure Android), ending with the nuclei raskroyuschimi potential proca who intentionally cut Qualcomm. Battery - chic, the screen is good. There is hope for the module from Samsung, it "on paper" is very good, there are reasons to believe that Gcam allow her to take good pictures.

It should be relatively cheap for the version of 4/64. Type-C ... It is unpleasant that the principle does not set it, I've got smart with him, what pleasure do not get from the use of, but a little annoying that Xiaomi greedy.

P. S. The plastic insert in Note 5, it is very cruel to users ... But obviously the smart release so that then somehow draw attention to Mi 6X.

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* bullik01 Still had to buy shoelaces in gift and adapters for car reel stands, and well, even cdla ears since then.

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bullik01 @ 22.03.18, 22:37*
Why is it all fanateyut from the USB Type-C?

Because you can embed in any party, when you need to charge - no need to think / see which way to insert the cable - picked up and stuck :-)

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* Notteger , For six months waiting, and still think and what to put in the Chinese or the global version of what the camera module and whether the different variants of cameras on the same model, and meizu I did not order after m3s, and even snapdragon on board while no effect on the purchase of expensive and I rn5 expensive by 636's normal price would be ot8000 of 3/32 and then further sale simply would have exceeded all expectations, and we think to save or overpay, and when at last it will be available from vendors .Spasibo leeco ruined and there until a cheaper alternative to the old Xiaomi, but those whom have liked the 18: 9 screen, or they want to try it to use is a problem vybora.Mne did not like the sound of redmi5 plus I would not like to in note 5 (pro) was the same.

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* A.R.S, I've got 3 OnePlus has a Type-C ... Once all the same ..

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Notteger @ 22.03.18, 23:55*
critical to me that Note 5 will support sooo long

Under the support you understand the update version of android or miui? My m2 mini came in 4th Flaim, and now on the 6th. There are examples of Xiaomei models (not champions), who refreshed version of the android?

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* Artyoman , Well, Mi4c MIUI 9 on Android 7 ... But I do not like MIUI, so important to me that there may be darkness custom assemblies and cores for Redmi Note 5.

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Notteger @ 28.03.18, 11:02*
Well Mi4c MIUI 9 on Android 7.

So it's Mi-series yet

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Artyoman @ 28.03.18, 15:49*
There are examples of Xiaomei models (not champions), who refreshed version of the android?

Redmi Note 4x came on android 6, 7 are now, in the near future there will be 8.

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* y.shtrih , Put the camera on a Google note 5, I think would be much better

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hospital @ 28.03.18, 17:57*
Redmi Note 4x came on android 6, 7 are now, in the near future there will be 8.

Nefakt) I have Redmi 3S.
Version of MIUI they raise, are now 9, but the android as he was 6 and has remained): rofl:

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Moder in the pros otmeite Maze - a much smaller side frames as compared to the laptop ksyaomi 5. Kept in the hands of the side frame is very large in comparison with such honor 7x - IMHO quite a significant disadvantage. e3 has not yet kept but there are significant infa that the side frames as the upper-lower will be less than the ksyaomi and is in actual fact a significant plus to the design and ergonomics. I still set to Maisie longer subject to the price and 6/64 will be 250-270 dollars.

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Artyoman @ 28.03.18, 8:49*
My m2 mini came in 4th Flaim, and now on the 6th

Again refreshed shell, not a version for android ..

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After a few Russian-speaking raspakovok still possible to Maisie add a couple of pluses:
1. Smaller frames
2. Design
3. Camera
4. Record video with the perfect sound from Maisie
5. Support bluetooth apt-x (few people need to but still)
6. Slightly more compact size

And all this for the difference in price 20-30 dollars, as ksyaomi notes 5 with 6 gigs worth far 200 bucks ...

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1. Less Maze version of the robot - 7.1 to 8.
2. Globalki will not, however 6/64 gloabalki apparently and Xiaomi will not.

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Support? Are you seriously? Yes, with a frequency of really bad, but they are even the first laptop upgraded to extreme Flaim. Maybe not so often updated, but the factory firmware they clearly will be better in terms of lack of bugs (hello curve MIUI, which dopilivat only then!).

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+ Full metal housing. (Plastic inserts are very small. The strips)

Why metal case is recorded in the plus ??? For example, I think the quality of communication will be on the head worse than xiaomi note 5.

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