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Huawei Mate 10 Pro - Discussion | Smartphone, 6 "

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DiscussionHuawei Mate 10 Pro
PictureHuawei Mate 10 Pro, BLA-L29, BLA-L09, BLA-AL00
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* PalychRv,
What does cloud work mean? Saving data in it during synchronization? Only contacts, sms, calendar ... Photo, video - for saving is not available in my region

Rep: (103)
PalychRv @ 04/22/19, 09:08*
You need a lot of space for a photo video

I have 100 GB in my cloud mail. For my "collections" there is a roof over it, synchronization is like a clock ... to what gave the nod to preservation, and in Huaveevo only 5 GB, if I don’t confuse

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I look at this device. There was before iphone 7 pro. But I see that all the epl phones turn into simply beautiful toys without new functionality.
Therefore, a few questions to forum users:
1) How much does the speed really not sink with new firmware? The manufacturer has paid a lot in advertising the point that the phone will work as new in speed even after a year and a half.
2) The built-in translator pampering or the real from German to Russian can translate the menu from the photo into a cafe.
3) How much does the camera lag behind the 20 PRO? (P.S. I am not a fan of night shooting and I usually do all the pictures).
4) If I do not play games and the phone is only for office and Internet - do I need 6 gig of RAM? Will the extra 2 gig to add to the 4 gig version add responsiveness and speed?

Thank you in advance!

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* pinchukov,
1. From the time of purchase in August 2018 until recently, I did not observe speed problems
2. Two screenshots ... one is a search for Yandex, the second is a translation by the built-in translator
3. There is nothing to compare with ... The answer is faster, so I think, here -Discussion camera Huawei Mate 10 / 10pro

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Attached Image

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* pinchukov,
In general, the conspiracy is not noticed that with the firmware they degrade the characteristics of the phone, the autonomy on Android 9 is really better, with the camera there a little but still worked. I never used this translator, but it seems you can download it in the market on any phone. In the photo, all my friends say that the pictures are excellent, well, the truth is, some of them are not experts, ordinary users of social networks and all are mostly with iPhones up to 8

Rep: (2)
Thanks for the answers, I also look closely at the mate 20 pro but there is a full lottery with the supplier of the screen as I understood.

Rep: (130)
The built-in translator, pampering or acting from German into Russian, can translate a menu from a photo into a cafe.
the menu can;), but that is built-in from small-scale ones, that Google-translator is suitable only to catch the general meaning and that is not always the case. Speech is about the German language, because I speak it. Maybe English is much better

Will the extra 2 gig to add to the 4 gig version add responsiveness and speed?

Do not notice at all. If only you always have a lot of open browser applications / tabs, etc., then 6 GB is preferable. But something recently Huawei, often unloads from the program hanging in the background of the program. This is especially noticeable on the browser tabs.

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Rep: (2704)
* pinchukov , at the expense of sinking speed or there, as a friend describes the closure in the background, did not notice anything; model 6/128. Keeps charge perfectly - if there is something to edit from the office, video, for more than a day the worker suffices; I usually have one charge at twenty. At the expense of the camera I will not say, I got out and sfotkal - it is quite decent that day that night, as for the phone, but you better in the camera thread clarify, there is a guru photo.
And at the expense of speed: with the release of EMUI 9.1, they promise us a new high-speed file system, where everything should be faster, though I don’t understand where else) - EROFS (Extended Read-Only File System); with it should get the Ark Compiler and GPU Turbo 3.0.

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Rep: (49)
Who used the thread stickers instead of a cover? It looks beautiful, but is it comfortable ....

Rep: (193)
* malikin , I have a carbon film on my back, which is quite normal, but naturally protects only from scratches and prints, plus the bodies are not so slippery

Rep: (27)
* smallesh_13 ,
Same. I am such a glue on all devices

By the way, came the security patch.

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Attached Image

Rep: (40)
Malikin @ 04/23/19, 02:29*
someone thread used stickers instead of cover

I have a dbrand metal hyperblack titanium sticker.
very comfortable and looks great. Does not slip, fingerprints are not visible.
glued very easily. If you miss, you can re-stick without consequences. keeps well, the edges do not peel off. I have been wearing for about 8 months

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Rep: (40)
PalychRv @ 04/23/19, 19:22*
And you can a couple of pictures

in the appropriate topicHuawei Mate 10/10 Pro - Accessories (Post RST # 84709701)

Rep: (48)
Gentlemen, I caught some mysterious bug. I use cable transmission extremely rarely, and I don’t remember when I did it the last time, but it did. The phone on the cable connection began to charge, no offers of choice of connection, no notifications, nothing. The other cable is nothing. The other comp is nothing. Got into settings. In connectionsUSB - disabled . And also inactive, that is, not included. Why is not clear. I tried to get into the developer mode — turned off debugging-turned on, turned off-turned on asking how to connect every time, chose a different and back connection by default — nothing helps. The phone also turned off, turned on. I don’t understand where to dig further, I don’t really want to do a reset. Phone rutovany, if it is important.

And the second question, since I started writing - I have several applications that should work in the background, but the phone “kills” them regularly. Some cope with this, some - no, and the one writes "the handler was killed." Considering that the functionality is tied to a one-time event, this is inconvenient and offensive. Along the way, when you restart the phone, not all of them come back from non-existence, although they should, but one application with nightly tasks does not do them at all, and does not write errors either. It did not start.
All this clearly has some common roots and they lead to energy-saving systems. In the Battery - start menu, all these applications are assigned manual control with the appropriate permissions, but this did not solve the problem. Where else to look?

Upd. Even fastboot devices also do not see the phone connected in fastboot mode. Either this is a coincidence and both cables are buried or similar to a hardware problem.
Upd2. The first question is removed, otglyuchil, xs what it was

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Rep: (25)
* NoAdO,
In the settings, you can manually control the application, just in case you can hang a lock on it, I do not have a single application being killed, and there are many others in the background, if I don’t clean them from there, it’s possible that I have 6 RAM, but I think and 4 with a head

Rep: (51)
* NoAdO , A more detailed description of the settings was written by Xiaomovtsy. Maybe the names are written differently and are located elsewhere in the settings, but this applies to all phones. Check these settings, maybe something is missing
Setting up notifications and background applications for MIUI (Post m378 # 45717243)

Rep: (103)
* NoAdO,
The ban on battery optimization is also set for the right applications?

Attached images
Attached Image

Rep: (25)
* Eugeneewq,
if android 9, the application in the controller down pull, a lock will appear on top

Rep: (103)
* Cr1mea,
Do you have vertical scrolling running ?! Or is this the 8th android?

Post has been editedtanyamazetka - 26.04.19, 07:31

Rep: (25)
* tanyamazetka
It's 8

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