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Huawei Mate 10 Pro - Discussion | Smartphone, 6 "

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DiscussionHuawei Mate 10 Pro
PictureHuawei Mate 10 Pro, BLA-L29, BLA-L09, BLA-AL00
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Rep: (82)
colleagues, I want to share with you my first full day of work with mate 10pro.
I ask to read valocardine before the reading in the nearest pharmacy or saliva to spit at the screen and shout that the author of the note does not understand anything ... but it has already happened that for the last few years I have had different samsungs: everything since the start of sales S3, S5 , S8 (from May 17) and now became the owner of mate 10pro. Until now, the family did not have a telephone from this company.
I have been eyeing this phone for the last few months from the moment of publication, why I will explain it a little later.

one of the main requirements for the phone: lack of fidelity, good autonomy (the requirement to last all day), good screen (approximate number of hours the screen is on 5 hours / day), the presence of fast charges (because sometimes you need to charge quickly).
I received almost everything in S8, except for autonomy - with my mode of operation (calls, messengers, internet, navigator, mail,savagemessiahzine.com. I don’t listen to music, I don’t play games) with a fully charged morning I had enough for 3.5-4 hours (screen operation) and in the afternoon I needed to be charged.
Another trick is the presence of a "limitless screen" with its rounded edges. I would be in the place of the head of the development department - all those involved in the development of rounded screens - against the wall and the pool in the back of the head ...} -). Well, you can not stick the glass on the screen with rounded to protect it - even if you crack (well, or buy white stone glass with UV glue for 2.5 tons) and shake above the glass too, so that it does not break: rofl:. As I wrote somewhere in the forum, in the family once a month I constantly change my home glass - the child dropped the phone from the hands, the glass in the net, the screen itself was intact, after 5 minutes it had a “new” screen. I understand that everyone treats the phone differently - but I love that in half a year, m. year apparatus looked decent.

Samsung in the S8 model and above launched a very interesting piece in testing - DeX Station, when you insert the phone into the docking station and it works great instead of a computer, performing tasks on surfing the Internet, viewing mail, and others. if it is possible to set up a remote desktop, then a full-fledged WS office and other Windows buns are at hand. My personal opinion - this is the near future (people laughed at me when I bought the first HTC Artemis communicator - they said, throw it away, uncomfortable, it's buggy - see how our "push-buttons" work well and regularly and how they hold a good charge. everything in its place: D). Each of us has different preferences / work / life, and each person selects devices and gadgets that are convenient for him - I’m just interested in the opportunity to work at home, picked up the phone, on the way to work in traffic, read the news, come to work, stick it in and continue on remote desktop (1C, outlook, word, exel) or locally. this is exactly how I tuned to S8 with DeX (I had to buy a couple of pieces of DeX Station on Avito, because they were given free of charge to Note8 and people got rid of them because of their uselessness: blush :).

By necessity, I had to transfer S8 + DeX to my child to study and concentrate on finding / buying or exactly the same device from the Samsung family or the animal of another company.
The beginning of sales of the announced mate10 / pro just got closer and closer, where the ability to work in PC mode was announced.
When trying to connect to an external monitor, mouse and keyboard, I did not get the convenience that was on the DeX - everything is crooked / oblique (((unfortunately. MB. It will take some time to get used to, adapt to use. Let's see)))

What I finally got from mate10pro:
1. excellent autonomy - on the phone there are already 5 hours of screen operation (already 18 o'clock in the evening, the working day is almost finished), and another 43%
2. Super fast scanner - even compared to the S8 scanner (in my personal opinion) it works just lightning fast. raised his finger, at the same instant the screen lit up.
3. A decent camera - there was no time to test it in comparison with the S8, but the gentlemen from the branch had already posted photos here. I'll post a comparison later.
4. flat screen - finally ordered a glass on Ali, and they are already coming to me
5. excellent quality of communication. Compared to the S8, the sound from the speaker and the external speaker on the mate10pro are better. Bluetooth connection is about the same.

What is lost during the transition to mate 10pro ((((it always happens:
1. compactness ... PPC shovel mate10pro !!!))). I used to wear an S8 in my trouser pocket, now mate10 will not wear a scythe or a girl will squint: P
2. Notifications on the locked screen. In this, excuse me, the Samsung has galloped far forward: unread notifications are displayed on the locked screen and you can “hit” on them and this particular notification will open. There is no such thing here - just a watch on a locked screen that randomly moves (so as not to “burn out” amoled), charge the battery and notify you of a missed call or received SMS. There is no possibility (I do not take a lock on the screen to draw a letter, because it displays only certain applications) immediately go to the notification. look at the color of the LED (by the way, did not find its setting yet) and guess what program the notification was received from - not mine ...
3. Samsung - a convenient feature, I hope it will replace Android Pay.

Here is a small opus on the use of mate10pro.
I continue to look for the perfect phone)))

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Rep: (0)
On Monday I received a subject (Mate 10 Pro). Specially registered to share your first impressions.
So, so:
  • no problems with connections, which I read in some reviews I have not experienced. Connection to Wai Fay sure. It connects to the bluetooth headphones instantly, too, to the speakers. I can say that in this respect he is much more confident than the G4.
  • level of autonomy at altitude. Having recharged the phone in the evening and still using it, with active use, the whole next day by the end of it was still around 30 percent of the charge. The only thing is that fast charging is not very fast, or so it seems to me. About 20 minutes ago I put it on charge, it was 51%, during this time it reached 63%. It is clear that after 50 it is going slower, but still, is it not too slow?
  • So far I have not encountered any problems with calls like the absence of beeps and other things.
  • photo quality, photo quality with zoom level. About the camera, I think everyone has already read and reviews and photos looked. I note only that the portrait mode in terms of blurring surpasses the wide aperture mode, which often blurs the excess. The edges of the objects are clearly problems in this regard. Let's hope for software improvements.
  • There are a lot of various settings. What I personally was a little upset about: the inability to manually manually arrange the keys on the panel with a key like on G4. There are only pre-installed features that you can use. Always on turned off, in the current form, when only hours, date, charge and notifications from native applications are displayed there, it seemed to me a little useless. Again, we hope to expand the functionality.
  • About the screen, a small blue shift is present. Yesterday I specifically went to mediamarkt and compared it with other phones. So, blue shift is less than on a regular Pixel 2, not to mention Pixel 2 XL, but a bit more noticeable, which is on the last Samsung. By the way, I wondered if at least a little bit of the image was moving in the status bar (information about the network, time, etc.). The view of the burnt-out Samsung screens, on which the screensaver of Mediamarkt firmly imprinted, scared me, I confess.
  • In the software part, they strain the notifications a little. You delete the pictures and each time you are shown that they are temporarily deleted. The timing, let's say for the alarm, is also not the most convenient with this NumberPicker, which should be scrolled through.

So, well, sort of, basically wrote everything. By the way, dividing the screen with a knuckle also did not work out yet.

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Rep: (40)
Some impressions after the first day.

1) Size. For me, on the verge, but I expected that it would be less convenient after the 5.1 diagonal. In the matrix of icons, I simply do not use the farthest vertical and horizontal rows, and then almost without any problems I pull out everything with the finger of one hand. Due to the rounding, the device fits perfectly in your pocket, even better than Honor 6, which is 1.5 cm shorter and narrower by 5 mm. But also due to these rounds and excellent oleophobic in the hand, it feels like a bar of soap: o))) At first it seemed that it was more convenient with the complete silicone case, but now it has been removed - it is still better (for me).

2) Management. I remain unconvinced - the onscreen buttons are more convenient than a single sensor. My icon panel is set up in such a way that there is one free row between the bottom line and the main screen. That's where I put the navigation button, which completely duplicates the mode of the fingerprint sensor on the front panel. If it seems comfortable. I did not like. Turned off. But you can turn it back on by directly accessing this function under the upper curtain, i.e. no need to go into the menu and search.

Due to the presence of the onscreen buttons, the bottommost row of icons on the screen is placed higher, which is also more convenient.

In addition to gestures (pick up the phone, turn over), you can use the rear scanner - to answer the call, to pull and close the upper curtain and remove notifications. With the "sound down" button you can completely turn off the sound when you call. With the "power" button you can end the conversation or turn off both the sound and the screen when an incoming call.
Pressing and holding the rocker "sound down" when the window is locked - includes voice selection of the subscriber in RUSSIAN. It works correctly, but we must remember how someone in the phone book is "called": o)))

3) Sound. He is really very loud. I have never heard such sound in any phone. And call and talk.

4) Speakerphone. Above all praise. Very clear and loud in both directions. You can select the microphone mode - directed from the screen or circular. Those. specially worked on this moment. For me it is important, because In one of the machines there is no built-in speakerphone.

5) Photo. You can praise the device as you like, but the traditional chip of the Hughes - with the darkening of the frames remains. Also in auto-mode, the focus is worse than when tapping the screen. This is in low light. To be honest, I don’t see any difference with p9 at all. Well, that is without enthusiasm.
This does not mean that any other phone will do much better - I just personally, waited for more)))
In a darkened room, the clearest photos are obtained at the lowest resolution of 6 megapixels and forced tapes in the area, the detail of which is needed.

6) Externally. All very high quality. Expensive. Slapped quickly, it is very easy to rub off))) All manufacturers rushed to make "glass" cases. But does the glass have to be glossy ?! It seems to me that the matte texture would be more original and tactile better.
Or a pair of thin silicone strips or a pattern of them on the back wall could give the phone individuality, grip in the hand and prevent sliding on the table on the vibra. Who would give an idea? ))))))

Again. IMHO, but the blue color is "the Best." In the photos in many reviews, it looks like a bright ultramarine or blue. This is not true. It is dark blue with a steel tint. Looks great. Gray did not see alive. Mocha - which is bronze, felt in the store. Also beautiful, but not as good as blue.

7) Screen. Pixels are not visible. Colors ... like colors, everything is fine. It does not press on the eyes. Although the factory setting seemed too "neon" - shifted the balance slightly to the area of ​​the yellow-green part of the spectrum. PWM. I do not know what it is and how to look for it. So just can not see.
The permanent notification screen on the lock screen has included: clock, charge level, notification shows. What else to expect from him? It seems everything is ...

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Rep: (421)
Something temka bored =)
.. For the first time, it’s a bit early to make an impression, but I’ll try to do it anyway ..
My dream came too! =) I ordered myself a "magic" blue (midnight blue), the wife of "splendor" brown (moka brown) - with Chinese pronons, absolutely shamelessly disgustingly sounds: D
Edak short: In comparison with the previous May 9pro. The colors of the display are set so far in the stock a bit warmer, as it seemed to me less brightly, which is to my advantage. The light of the LED (flash / flashlight) will also be "warmer" for the new item ..
quick comparison
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

This is how colors and flour settings of two devices at once for two accounts look like!)))
in the sun, of course everything would be more beautiful
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Yes, dressed in native covers, they immediately lose their charms of colors !!!
But the joy of being able to wash with soap and light is a thrill =)
Attached Image
Attached Image

Despite the fact that the new products seem to be broken off by PAST, the picture with speeds actually looks twice as good in the new Mayt 10 pro as compared to its predecessor!
Attached Image
Attached Image

Well, the manifestations of "intelligence" =) Or the first attempts))
as well as his hints than to use better! =)
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
By the way, the headphones, I don’t know, seemed a bit more comfortable, the complete predecessors earlier ..
Previously .. Novelties please! So far, no shoal is not noticed. With all bluetooth devices work well, both in the car and at home, more than 4 wireless systems .. I still try to test the watches from the hawaii, I don’t have time to do everything at once)))
But, an increase in "work capacity" is noticeable at once - a new percent is felt !!! =) Literally in everything ..
INFA to ANM, also sms and calls and that's it =)
Attached Image


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Rep: (12)
Acquired today Mate 10 Pro, set up, played and got the first impressions. Since I also have Samsung S8 and Mate 9 in my family, I have something to compare with:
1. Screen : The screen is gorgeous. Despite the relatively small resolution and the fact that I see ladders in very small fonts, comparing with S8 where they are not at all, the color rendition is amazing. Photos look absolutely natural. As if looking at them with my own eyes. This is the best screen I've ever seen, and Samsung is losing despite the higher resolution. I have on it is in the settings of the main mode, that is, the image is the least saturated compared to other color modes. The color purity of the Mate 10 Pro is wonderful.
And now about the minuses. Always on Display crippled. Shows time, date, charge level, SMS and calls. Why not added a notification to the Always On Display riddle. If you compare with Samsung, then there is a complete failure. Of course, there is a hope that the software will be corrected and all this will appear in the future, but something tells me that it is necessary to cut through EMUI so deeply that it is not even sure if we will wait. And I would like to.
2. Camera A: The camera seems to be very good or at least full parity with the Samsung S8, which already means a great result. By test shots, sometimes Samsung merges and sometimes Huawei completely. In pro mode with the same ISO settings, excerpts full Samsung drain. In the automatic mode, parity or once in a while - sometimes Samsung is better, sometimes Huawei. If the camera software is still being finalized, I think Mate 10 may be the best among cameraphones.
3. Sound : The sound of the speaker is loud and clear. Better than the Samsung S8 and Mate 9. Although the sound of the Samsung speaker and the Mate 9 is inferior. Headphones are different. I tried the complete headphones that are USB type C and an adapter. So I do not like the complete headphones. The sound in them is quiet and the volume should be turned to maximum. The adapter is better (I used the Samsung S8 headphone with AKG for comparison), but the volume of the Mate 9 is at least one and a half more according to my feelings. Where in the volume of the Mate 9, only half of the Mate 10 Pro is almost all - 1.2 pressing the volume down. For the purity of the sound I will not say for sure I am not a music lover. It looks the same. Mate 10 Pro has the weakest audio output. Samsung S8 even with its super-upgraders for my taste loses Mate 9 in sound, but this is of course subjective.
4. Autonomy : Autonomy seems to be better than Mate 9. But it takes time to understand and appreciate. I finish the workday with Mate 9, usually with 30%. Samsung S 8 is either 3 percent or even 0 at all, even considering that something else falls to it during the day. Mate 9 during the day I do not feed - he does not need. C Mate 10 I think it will be even better. In general, the Samsung, and I have had in recent years S7 and now S8 c autonomy big problems that are not yet solved. As I lived S7 75% of the working day and S8 repeats its predecessor. Here Mata out of competition.
5. Software : Soft, namely Andriod 8 something that annoys me. Not retractable notifications about the application in the background, etc. it's just some kind of horror. No, this horror is horror, horror. Gmail also finished me off. I have several Gmail accounts and each one has its own melody. Now I don’t know it is connected with Huawei or with Android, but this function in the settings simply does not exist. Is this something I do not know or?

In general, the phone is generally quite good, but at the moment Mate 9 only loses with a camera and a little screen for color reproduction. Everything else in Mate 9 is better licked. Right now I'm sitting and thinking to my wife that I should give Mate 10 Pro or keep it all the same. It seems that everything is fine, but jokes with Android and Gmail are straining me.

P.S. In AndroBench Sequental Read 837MB / s Write 211MB / s Random Read 201 MB / s Write 129 MB / s for my copy.

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Rep: (115)
And is there no awakening on a double tap in the PRO version, or is the setting safely hidden somewhere?

Rep: (2086)
KoT @ 11.01.18, 15:34*
Colleagues, substratum + andromeda someone tried on the device? Are there topics for this device?

He asked the question himself - he answered :)

Substratum works, applied the Experimental option and only to the installed programs, without the UI itself. Works with a bang.

Rep: (2086)
Roma_is_6_wagon @ 11/25/17, 20:01*
You can use the rear scanner - to answer the call, to pull and close the top curtain and remove notifications

Colleagues, the first day I deal with the device, I can not find where the gestures are configured on the fingerprint sensor, tell me pliz

Rep: (1395)
* Kot , Where the imprint is given, safe

Rep: (100)
KoT @ 08.02.18, 16:05*
Substratum works, applied the Experimental option and only to the installed programs, without the UI itself. Works with a bang.

Yes, I also work, yuzayuSwift Black Substratum Theme + Oreosubject and only to applications. All with a bang. It was not enough after Sams S8 +.
But there is one BUT -XDA, substratum + andromeda work current when the bodies are cut off to the PC.
What is wild is not convenient. There is a solutionXDA, but to opa BUT, works until the subsequent restart.
How are you with this.

Rep: (2086)
Grigorij @ 08.02.18, 17:37*
But there is one BUT - XDA, substratum + andromeda, the current works when the bodies are cut off to the PC.
What is wild is not convenient.

Well, actually, you need to steal it only to update the layers when a new version of the theme is released. I'm not confused

Grigorij @ 08.02.18, 17:37*
I use Swift Black Substratum Theme + Oreo theme and only to applications

I am using a similar theme :)))

Rep: (100)
KoT @ 08.02.18, 16:44*
when a new version of the topic is released

If so, then figs with him (them), the topic is good if it is updated once every three weeks.
But the applications that I already have 32 pieces under the overlays, having updated, no longer work properly.
And you have to poke into the comp: D and this is a frequent phenomenon. Hopefully, they will bring a normal solution to this disease;)

Rep: (11)
Finally! Waited for:durability testby JerryRigEverything! I did not buy on purpose, I waited!

Rep: (13)
Finally! Waited for:durability testby JerryRigEverything! I did not buy on purpose, I waited!

And what is there in the end, we must take?

Rep: (4)
Good evening, there are a lot of users of Mate 10 pro C10 Ukraine who are 115 years old. I want to understand it all the same glitch update for the few, or all the same line has not yet reached.

Rep: (4)
That's the problem, that not one of C10 in FF is not available for installation with or without it. Both 125 from 12/20/17 and 129 from 01/22/18.

Post has been editeda_bomber - 08.02.18, 23:31

Rep: (115)
* a_bomber ,
A_bomber @ 8.02.18, 21:46 *
there are many users of Mate 10 pro C10 Ukraine who are 115 years old.
Lot. I know how minumum, 9 such devices, 4 of them are in the windows of stores. And only 1bla-l29I saw it live with 129 (СЃ10).

Rep: (13)
Prozak55 @ 01.29.18, 23:48*
Finally I looked at the Proshka, which tomorrow I will change 99% to my S8 +
Belarus, off-delivery, 6/128, 3D camera, silicone case, brown color, the film was not originally.

How do you explain your choice? Forum users will be interested. Himself faced a choice: 10 Pro or S8, S8 +. I chose 10 Pro, since the samsas from the official sellers are only single-valued. Although in recent years I have become very accustomed to the Samsung S series. 10 Pro is my first Huawei where I ran into
the need to give rights and permissions to applications, even system applications! Otherwise, nichrome notifications came! Until now, not all applications work correctly, sound notifications do not come to eBay, and there is no way to select and configure them. On Honor 8, everything works without problems ... Maybe Oreo’s features? I do not understand yet and the impressions about 10 Pro are still ambiguous.

Rep: (3)
I got myself a Mate 10 pro.
Very satisfied! First of all, I am pleased with the autonomy - after the first full charge, my phone has lived a full working day + until 10 am the next day from 6 o'clock of the active screen (I understand that in the future autonomy should increase a little more?).
For me, this is just fantastic - Samsung Note 8 (which I still have on hand), usually with such a usage scenario, almost died by the middle of the day :)
Yes, and the rest of the phone is very pleasant to use - no micro podlagivaniy, as it was often on the Samsung, the camera also seems to be no worse (although I will not judge here - because for me the camera is not the main).
So Note 8 apparently goes to Avito ...

Post has been editedmyp3 - 12.02.18, 18:02

Rep: (0)
I have such a problem.
Apparatus Mate 10 pro. Android 8.

I fight with notifications from the telegraph, namely with banners.
For some reason, for each contact, for each contact, in the settings of the telegram notifications for the telegraph. At what contacts there are only those with whom I communicate.
This is the first neponyatka.

The second. I remove the banner type notifications, but after a while they appear again.
Nobody came across this?

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