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Power consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 + | Energy talk, tips and cost saving solutions
Are you satisfied with the autonomy of your device?
Autonomy me:
Satisfied, own S9 [ 269 ] ** [18,24%]
Not satisfied, I own S9 [ 395 ] ** [26,78%]
Satisfied, I own S9 + [ 436 ] ** [29,56%]
Not satisfied, I own S9 + [ 374 ] ** [25,36%]
How do you optimize application performance?
I use the standard Samsung Optimization. Settings are automatic. [ 883 ] ** [59,86%]
I use the standard Samsung Optimization. The settings are manual, I decide which applications to put to sleep. [ 455 ] ** [30,85%]
I use third-party optimizers. [ 33 ] ** [2,24%]
Disconnected Samsung Optimization + I do not use third-party. So much better. [ 102 ] ** [6,92%]
Total Votes: 1475

Rep: (446)
Power consumption (autonomy) Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 +

SM-G960 / SM-G965

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Useful applications
Package Disabler Pro [Samsung]- Disable unnecessary applications in Samsung, without Root.
BK Package Disabler- Disable services / applications on Samsung without Root
AccuBattery- Monitors and optimizes battery life and efficiency.
BetterBatteryStats- A utility for monitoring battery discharge. (Detailed program description)
Disable Service- Enable and disable services.(ROOT)
Greenify- Manage background processes.(ROOT)
GSam Battery Monitor- Utility for monitoring energy consumption.
LeanDroid- Automatic management of wireless connections.(ROOT)
Lux Auto Brightness- Automatic adjustment of the display brightness.
My Android Tools- Disable / enable activity, service, receiver, provider for any applications.(ROOT)
Wakelock detector- Search for reasons for not falling asleep device. (detailed program description)

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Need expert advice on energy conservation. S9 +, exynos, last off. firmware (sek). The operating mode is standard - the power mode is optimized, synchronization is enabled, Wi-Fi, mob. data, Bluetooth (Galaxy Watch), 2 SIM cards. The last few days, a crazy zhor began at night - in 10 hours 40%. The phone is constantly connected to the router via Wi-Fi. Previously, under the same conditions, there was 15% to a maximum of 20%.
Battery consumption
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Cache cleaned - does not help. What do you advise?

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Here I understand autonomy on the verge of fiction: D

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* yls1, Set the SIM mode to 3G only

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* borntolive ,
How ???

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* kaljaba , Yes, I think this is some kind of glitch. I listened to audio books through chrome and fell asleep, I don’t know why the screen was full of interest.

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