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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China - MIUI Firmware
Firmware survey
Which firmware use?
Official [ 83 ] ** [33,47%]
MiUI CAF [ 3 ] ** [1,21%]
MIUI NSA [ 56 ] ** [22,58%]
Miui-SV [ 24 ] ** [9,68%]
from kosmos2011 [ 5 ] ** [2,02%]
Masik в„ў [ 28 ] ** [11,29%]
MiRoom [ 35 ] ** [14,11%]
RevolutionOS [ 0 ] ** [0%]
Xiaomi.eu [ 10 ] ** [4,03%]
MiNovo [ 4 ] ** [1,61%]
Total votes: 248

Rep: (2443)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China - MIUI Firmware
Attached ImageHMN5P, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro / Note 5 China,whyred
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Administration Decisionsavagemessiahzine.comon banning posting and discussing Miuipro content
Important information!
In connection with the innovation Xiaomi, namely the introduction of the system "Anti Roll Back" (Antiotkat), cases of flashing bricks have become frequent.

Drivers and Utilities
Mi software
Xiaomi firmware updater
Mi Flash
savagemessiahzine.com | AFH| (Mi Flash) Russian - Bullik01 | 2018.05.28.0
MIUI | AFH | (Mi Flash) MIUI ROM Flashing Tool | 2018.05.28.0
MIUI | AFH | (Mi Flash) MIUI ROM Flashing Tool | 2017.04.25.0
MIUI | AFH | (Mi Flash) MIUI ROM Flashing Tool | 2016.08.30.0
MIUI | AFH | (Mi Flash) MIUI ROM Flashing Tool | 2016.04.01.0
MIUI | AFH | (Mi Flash) MIUI ROM Flashing Tool | 2015.10.28.0

savagemessiahzine.com | AFH | MiFlashPro | 3.3.703.67 - Flashing Xiaomi smartphone from recovery mode, without unlocking Bootloader

Mi Unlock
MIUI | AFH | Mi Unlock | 3.3.827.31
MIUI | AFH | Mi Unlock | 2.2.406.5
ADB / Fastboot and others
savagemessiahzine.com | ADB Driver Lite | 32/64-bit
savagemessiahzine.com | QDLoader HS-USB Driver | 32/64-bit
savagemessiahzine.com | Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) | r.25.0.4 | Windows
savagemessiahzine.com | Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) | r.23.1_. | Windows - XP support
savagemessiahzine.com | Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) | r.25.0.4 | Linux
savagemessiahzine.com | Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) | r.25.0.4 | macOS
AFH | Minimal ADB and Fastboot | 1.4.2 | Setup
AFH | Minimal ADB and Fastboot | 1.4.1 | Portable
Google | Dropbox | 15 seconds ADB Installer | 1.4.3

Xiaomi Check & Flash
savagemessiahzine.com | Xiaomi Check & Flash | 0.2
savagemessiahzine.com | TOOL ALL IN ONE - Drivers | Unlock | TWRP | Factory Image | Stock Recovery

Hashtabfile checksum utility
USBDeviewa list of all USB-devices with the possibility of their removal from the system


Template design post with firmware
OTA update is on the following firmware:
  • Official - China / Global (Stable / Developer)
  • Xiaomi.eu - Stable / Developer
  • MIUI Russia - Stable / Developer
  • RevolutionOS
  • MiNovo - Developer
  • MiRoom

Localized: (TWRP only)
Updateable post with all firmware
Archive firmware (no longer updated)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 firmware and file storage on Google Drive

Installing firmware, Upgrade
Installing TWRP, getting Root

Sensor Recovery, EFS


Modems, Images, System Files
Uninstall / Disable Xiaomi / Google Services / Applications
Google FRP Workarounds
Poll results
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Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

For filling caps, please contact gyord at QMS

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FIRMWARE MIUIPro 8.7.5 of Yandex Disk

Download on Yandex

Rep: (6123)
MIUI | Global | 9 | 8.1 | System / TWRP
MIUI | Global | 9 | 8.1 | MiFlash / fastboot

Rep: (12)
ShadyTiger @ 10.07.18, 12:04*
Why do they all OEIMIFA?

* ShadyTiger I flew here such 7/6/18
List of changes
New - Upgrade to Android O devices on Android N India
Optimization - Optimized mode dual-4G
Optimization - Update MIUI 9.5
Attached Image

she also OEIMIFA

Rep: (4717)
Firmware update with TWRP (FullOTA)
(When upgrading: Ruth, patches, fashion, flies, re-install.)

  • Download the complete firmware
    Preferably through a computer, and then throw in a phone \ memory card. It is also a direct link with the phone. If you want to download the full three points, after the end of the download immediately reboot in rekaveri, otherwise the firmware will start to unpack and install TWRP through you'll get an error.

  • Reboot into TWRP.
  • Wipe optional (desirable Dalvik cache Cache and). These will remain in place.
  • Installing the firmware archive.
  • Ruth put or patch core (protection) to TWRP not rewrite drain rekaveri

  • Reboot to the system.

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The situation is this: I have a Chinese, come with some sort of patched bootloader, flashing displays that it is unlocked, ota supported through fastbut shows the bottle is locked. but the application sees the security vulnerabilities and displays the inscription is not off the firmware, it can not hide. I want to unlock the bootloader way off, but can not be tied E Account menu for the developer as well as the status of unlock bootloader - unlocked. I am trying like anything to set off the Chinese firmware to everything returned to the factory, but it does not work. through mipcsuite as before sewing on the other is not sewn, fastboot for zalochenny rubble as I understand it does not fit, three points are not sewn. Here's an example how to get out of a closed butlupa zakruzchike? without EML is it really?

Rep: (109)
* llirik6667 , Peoeproshivay

Rep: (3715)
* fackstrot , But I'm afraid will not help, say miflash sypit mistakes, so wait until someone will be able to overcome

Rep: (13)
Guys, a couple of questions:
1. The update menu, if you go to the list of changes, writes that there is no access to the journal update. It should be? Phone a new, not unlock anything, ROSTEST
2. If you go to Mi account, there is an inscription that the account is not verefitsirovan how to verify and is it all necessary?
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Rep: (23)
* fayzrus,
anyone else have this trouble?

Rep: (3460)
Announcement for those who got the brick.

What happened - xiaomi unannounced introduced new loaders with new signatures, or roll back the installation custom firmware results in brick.
All known methods of repairing do not work.
Solving the problem - only the new firmware under the fastboot, while just sitting waiting, do not pull, we can be recharged.
While it is not yet a corpse, Scene too long will not help.
P.S. One Horsham forumchanin trying to get us a server xiaomi closed factory firmware nademsya.

Rep: (793)
Good day to all. Spread among the residents of your housing department:Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China- unofficial firmware (Post noteMASTER_11 # 75005231)

In short:roll back to 8.7.9 will make your device nonrecoverable (So ​​far no methods) brick .


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Rep: (7398)
Masik в„ў U 1.4
Updated: July 12, 2018 (14:40)

LOADER will not be upgraded, so from this firmware can be rolled back to any version of MIUI.


Successful use. For any questions you can always come to me in a PM.

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I came to fastboot
one brick - try

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Rep: (12)
Updated through the air with 8.7.5 on 08.07.12
The menu themes added fonts
More update components from the bottom to the top of the list moved

Attached images
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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Rep: (160)
Good day, ladies and gentlemen! I sympathize with all okirpichevshimsya - this is real tin, as it is ..: angry:

I also have a question of this kind: unlocked butloder, freewheeling Masik 1.3 version in tvrp forgot to remove a daw "to remove the encryption." Now connect your phone to the PC in fastbuta mode - the phone rebutaetsya in fastbut without stopping and not give nothing to do with rekaveri. Only in the upper left corner of the hanging sign - press any key to restart. In general, rekaveri is locked, it is worth native Mi-Recovery 3.0, the boot loader is open. I want to upgrade to version 1.4 Masik, get Root-law and her remains. By the way, Masika problems antirollbekom no, I have the code 3 (you like). Tell me how I can now be rolled forward custom rekaveri? Thank you in advance.

P.S .: INFA for all members of theEDL-mode : Do not spoil the cable, the nerves and the cover of the phone - everything is much easier! The decision to float on the surface, but no one came in handy. Downloading and set this prog. At the first start look at the top line -> ADB Attached - it should be your number devaysa the connected (with a properly installed in the wood). If everything is connected properly, Hit paragraph 2 (Reboot Android), hereinafter referred to paragraph 6 (Reboot EDL (Xiaomi)) and wait for literally less minuty.Telefon he goes into fastbut mode (hare in a fur hat) and immediately goes off the screen and in the system, see "Ports", you will see Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 . And that it was necessary to: thank_you:

P.S.S .: carefully prokurivayu theme in solidarity with all seeking solutions to break the deadlock, although the device itself and is working, but I will try all possible ways to help. All good, the beaver and the restoration of bricks!)
A couple of years ago with very namayalis raskirpichivaniem HTC One M7 802W. I had to roll Linux and a couple of days to sit and read the forums until revived device. Yes, Hemorrhoids still that ...: drag:

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A simple program to check the status of anti roll back
Attached Image

Before using the program in a mode Phone Translate FASTBOOT!
REMEMBER FROM thankless lower hands!
Download:Attached fileStatus anti roll back.exe(4.8 MB)

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Rep: (114)
It did not seem to
Redmi Note 5 Pro / Redmi Note 5 8.7.12 fastboot
fastboot 8.7.12

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Rep: (5250)
by fendyperdana
Attached Image

Decompress in a convenient place ->run "KLIK 2X TOOLKIT INI.bat"
translate laziness - if someone will translate - perezalil!
Download: Attached fileTOOLKIT_TWRP_REDMI + NOTE + 5 + WHYRED.rar (108.61 MB)

Rep: (343)
Whyred unbrick
(Precast post)

Part 1: Introduction
A quick write, there will be many edits.
Before you read any further, I highly recommend to get acquainted withby thismessage. You do not need to understand everything at once. Just flip through.
As shown by today (conversation in the QMS) and past debriefing, users generally do not read anything, but quickly get down to business. Matter and problems.
Part 2. Antirollbek
The Xiaomi this took a long time and here's the first result: all through the income statement *.
At the same Samsung, in firmware version, bootloader version available. Where is she here? The question is rhetorical.

Antirollbek - a mechanism prohibiting downgrade software. On platforms Qualcomm implementation of this mechanism it is possible (and recommended) through the processor QFPROM.
Part 3: Firmware Version
Pro chain downloaders
If you extract any file with the firmware for your device, you will see the following files in it: abl, cmnlib, cmnlib64, devcfg, hyp, keymaster, mdtpsecapp, pmic, rpm, tz, xbl.
All of them are boot loaders. This is the minimum set of components to run the platform. Exactly the same set of files you can see in the firmware of any other device on the same processor.

All feeders (in our case) are digitally signed Xiaomi.
All feeders are composed of three certificates. In one of the certificates listed bootloader version.

If XBL has the wrong version (or just does not work) platform will open the 9008 emergency.
If XBL works, but plugging in one of these downloaders, the platform will open the emergency 900E.
In all other cases, the device falls into the Fastboot or Recovery. But it provided that all the coders have done according to the rules.
Here literate will not talk about the firmware version, but a version of the firmware boot loaders. Qualcomm on their platforms (downloaders) a lot (see. Spoiler).
Watched a few firmware for your model (figure on the right - loader version chain), it turns out like this:
20180705 8.7.5 Global 2
20180712 8.7.12 China 3
yyyymmdd 8.7.12 Global 3
20180410 Global 2
20180629 Global 2

A full list can be found inthis message. Thank you say* Netv : yes2:

What you see in the modefastbooton command
fastboot getvar anti
This version downloaders 1. (Out of date, to be confirmed) Why are implemented so that question to the developers.
Part 4. About okirpichivanie
MSM_HW_ID: 0x000cc0e1
OEM_PK_HASH: 0xa7b8b82545a98eca23d6e9105fb464568d1b5828264903441bdef0cd57e3c370
SBL SW Version: 0x00000003
Here is one of the responses from the device with your phone model (bricks).
As you can see the SBL (XBL) third version. Version of XBL are registered in QFPROM when you downloaded the 8.7.12 and click the trigger.
After some time, you lower firmware version, which included a second version of XBL. At the start, the main processor in the loader (PBL) sees that the XBL version on a flash drive below that he is registered in QFPROM and opens emergency port for downloading the "right" firmware.

Hoses (programmers firehose) for your device, also have versions. It is believed that now Xiaomi proshesh not easy (in the EDL / 9008 mode), as it was earlier. After downloading the programmer (firehose), waiting for the last (or demands) from us some commands. Probably the password is not clear yet. Those. Now all on Qualcomm devices can (and will) to implement a specific authentication mechanism. For firmware devices require no additional files or special flasher. In some cases, access to the network may be required. Those. flasher will knock on the server ..
Part 5. About recovery
miflash log
[9:37:48 COM4]: file C: \ 123 \ images \ prog_emmc_firehose_Sdm660_ddr.elf transferred successfully
[9:37:50 COM4]: send nop command
[9:37:50 COM4]: send command:<? xml version = "1.0"?><data><nop verbose = "0" value = "ping" /></ data>
[9:37:50 COM4]: get response from target
[9:37:50 COM4]: dump:<? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<log value = "Binary build date: Jul December 2018 @ 1:02:39" />
</ data><? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<log value = "Chip serial num: 4294967295 (0xffffffff)" />
</ data><? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<log value = "Supported Functions: program configure sig nop firmwarewrite patch setbootablestoragedrive ufs emmc power benchmark readtorageinfo getsha256digest erase peek poke" />
</ data><? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<log value = "Binary build date: Jul December 2018 @ 1:02:39
</ data><? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<log value = "fh.attrs.Verbose is set to 0" />
</ data><? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<log value = "Chip serial num: 4294967295 (0xffffffff)" />
</ data><? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<log value = "Supported Functions: program configure sig nop firmwarewrite patch setbootablestoragedrive ufs emmc power benchmark readtorageinfo getsha256digest erase peek poke" />
</ data><? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<response value = "ACK" />
</ data>

[9:37:50 COM4]: send configure command
[9:37:50 COM4]: send command:<? xml version = "1.0"?><data><configure verbose = "0" AlwaysValidate = "0" ZlpAwareHost = "1" MaxPayloadSizeToTargetInBytes = "131072" MemoryName = "emmc" SkipStorageInit = "0" /></ data>
[9:37:50 COM4]: get response from target
[9:37:50 COM4]: dump:<? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<log value = "ERROR: Only nop and sig tag can be recevied before authentication." />
</ data>
After downloading the programmer (firehose) miflesh (MiFlash2018-5-28-0) Sends command nop
send nop command

Programmer it shows all the available commands
"Supported Functions: program configure sig nop firmwarewrite patch setbootablestoragedrive ufs emmc power benchmark read getstorageinfo getsha256digest erase peek poke"

Miflesh sends a configuration command
send configure command
and had to send a team autenfikatsii (something like this)
send sig command

And if he did not send, I need another flasher. Or something else that the logs are not specified. After talking with several owners of the bricks, which tried thus restore their devices, managed to "isolate" a common point. After entering your account, all of them have seen the same image, such as "Your account is not authorized." Here is the script (or algorithm, as you wish) runs between the teams (see. Log)nopandconfigure.

There on some forum accounts collect ID may be "to authorize manually." Personally, I'm worried about the other question: how (in general) it will (or should) work in the future? So, if I have a new device, the account I have not had time to make all - tube pipe? Let's wait - we'll see.

There is another option. It will be a service programmer (firehose), which does not require authorization. Or something else.

The same problem (in piercing of EDL mode) experienced users Mi 6x, Mi 8, Redmi S2 / Y2. There are bricks.
Part 6. Final
Who is now ARB4 Nothing you can not flash the EDL mode. Nothing at all, until the "Authorized Account". That the "authorization" means, in practice, will soon find out.
Who is now ARB3 , The flash mode may EDL any firmware version of the second loaders (and firehose) and not be able to flash the EDL mode EEPROM with a third version of the downloaders. Firehose third version will require authorization (verified).

In connection with the emergence of conflicting information and lack of (the owners working units) of interest in solving the problems, the post is frozen for an indefinite period.

I ask each and everyone (especially the owners of the bricks) are not hysterical, not flood the topic and (especially) the PM.
No need to ask questions that (so far) no answers.
Thank you for your attention: thank_you:

Right now (see. Edit date) information is cross-checked. Too many gaps.

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Rep: (59)
* shurkesha ,
from 9/5/17
Attached fileThemeManager.zip(6.76 MB)

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