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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China - MIUI Firmware

Rep: (2421)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China - MIUI Firmware
Attached ImageHMN5P, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro / Note 5 China,whyred
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Administration Decisionsavagemessiahzine.comon banning posting and discussing Miuipro content
Important information!
In connection with the innovation Xiaomi, namely the introduction of the system "Anti Roll Back" (Antiotkat), cases of flashing bricks have become frequent.

Drivers and Utilities
Mi software
Xiaomi firmware updater
Mi Flash
savagemessiahzine.com | AFH| (Mi Flash) Russian - Bullik01 | 2018.05.28.0
MIUI | AFH | (Mi Flash) MIUI ROM Flashing Tool | 2018.05.28.0
MIUI | AFH | (Mi Flash) MIUI ROM Flashing Tool | 2017.04.25.0
MIUI | AFH | (Mi Flash) MIUI ROM Flashing Tool | 2016.08.30.0
MIUI | AFH | (Mi Flash) MIUI ROM Flashing Tool | 2016.04.01.0
MIUI | AFH | (Mi Flash) MIUI ROM Flashing Tool | 2015.10.28.0

savagemessiahzine.com | AFH | MiFlashPro | 3.3.703.67 - Flashing Xiaomi smartphone from recovery mode, without unlocking Bootloader

Mi Unlock
MIUI | AFH | Mi Unlock | 3.3.827.31
MIUI | AFH | Mi Unlock | 2.2.406.5
ADB / Fastboot and others
savagemessiahzine.com | ADB Driver Lite | 32/64-bit
savagemessiahzine.com | QDLoader HS-USB Driver | 32/64-bit
savagemessiahzine.com | Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) | r.25.0.4 | Windows
savagemessiahzine.com | Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) | r.23.1_. | Windows - XP support
savagemessiahzine.com | Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) | r.25.0.4 | Linux
savagemessiahzine.com | Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) | r.25.0.4 | macOS
AFH | Minimal ADB and Fastboot | 1.4.2 | Setup
AFH | Minimal ADB and Fastboot | 1.4.1 | Portable
Google | Dropbox | 15 seconds ADB Installer | 1.4.3

Xiaomi Check & Flash
savagemessiahzine.com | Xiaomi Check & Flash | 0.2
savagemessiahzine.com | TOOL ALL IN ONE - Drivers | Unlock | TWRP | Factory Image | Stock Recovery

Hashtabfile checksum utility
USBDeviewa list of all USB-devices with the possibility of their removal from the system

Installing firmware, Upgrade
Installing TWRP, getting Root

Sensor Recovery, EFS


Modems, Images, System Files
Uninstall / Disable Xiaomi / Google Services / Applications
Google FRP Workarounds
Poll results
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

For filling caps, please contact gyord at QMS

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Rep: (107) Global
http: //bigota.d.miui.c...IFA_236e5090ac_8.1.zip

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Rep: (797)
fizs @ 28.06.18, 16:21*
Can someone IDLI throw in a personal ad?

So as laidhere ( MiuiPro 8.6.21 )
Original from the post: https: //drive.google.c...fU72UQK2wxAA9NOBO/view
Perazalil on Yandex https://yadi.sk/d/j2bxCfcp3YYJ5N

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Rep: (102)
* salahaddin09, https://yadi.sk/d/uXD5pgzQ3YYfwb /
Global Stable in the header, with the old firmware Miuipro does not swing, checked

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Rep: (3444)
10 MIUI 8.6.28 China Beta
Fix - Bluetooth audio in vehicle on the Honda civic (06-28)

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
New - PIN can contain 4-16 digits now (06-26)
Fix - Notifications were not divided into important and unimportant on Android N (06-27)
Fix - 4G + icon was not displayed (06-27)
Fix - H + icon was not displayed for HSPAP networks (06-27)

Attached Image

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Rep: (3444)
Fix - Settings keeps stopping (All devices) (06-26)

Fix - Phone enters Recovery mode when charging (All devices) (06-26)

Fix - Cleaner content does not translate to Russian in the file manager (06-26)


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Rep: (0)
I would like to paint a little bit about the bugs that are on Mashiko V1.1. They have already been discussed, but I think it will be useful for those who have not yet decided. Perhaps part of the bugs is just me, if that unsubscribe.
1. Not all applications displays a notification on the lock screen (jamb firmware, not the author);
2. The first 30 minutes after installing the firmware phone tupit much, you just have to wait and let it be;
3. Settings>Screen>Screen density - crash with an error;
4. Do not run from the download apk - go through the file manager and install;
5. I do not know bug or not, but sometimes slowly processed photos (you can not just click on the picture) at the same shooting conditions (HDR off.);
6. Mi mate search does not work (just not displayed keyboard). I thought due to the fact that it is worth GBoard, but not - defoltnoy all exactly the same.
Look like that's it. From this strain only notice, I think the rest is not so important.
In general, the firmware is very pleasant, I hope with each update will only get better)

Rep: (27)
In this post I will try to explain the delay in the appearance of the firmware update in the different regions, and why some of its successful swing, while others do not see the new items.
Yes, the forum this information is all there, but those who know how to torment search - nothing really new here is not drawn. Fasting is not intended to be global and complete scientific explanation of the processes.
Let's look at how the Fota & Ota firmware update. In very rough approximation - At one point you said - I found on the server firmware update, let's download and install, as well? or - I have already downloaded, let me update.
How is it? Among the many system applications that do not have an external interface is one that is just at 12 o'clock \ day \ week makes a request for an internet address - and if there is something new to me, such a parameter (phone model and firmware version - China or Global, stable or dev, daily or weekly). If the answer is yes - then twitches demon "system update" (three points), which Tishkov shakes OTA-update, and then update the phone offers or gives a notice - "update found, the owner, let's swing it, see how great and powerful developednah... write new code "
The second option - you hand in the application and use the "Check for Update" and ignoring the phone schedule queries immediately. Further actions are identical - no update - ban from you again and again presses the treasured button (because the forum has said that the Chinese in this case, have released a new firmware) would look like the action to Check for Updates from the phone.
How does it look the part of developers and servers.

As tested, and going to the firmware inside the company - I will not write, it's too big a leap away from the topic. I will start from the date of filling the firmware on the server mayor - is the name conventionally, the server - in fact it is the data center, with dozens of physical servers, one of the objectives of which - the issuance of request to the firmware file. But I hope you do not think that the whole world will download updates from one physical data center? Worldwide rental server and data centers, which are almost completely duplicate Primari server in India its servaki, its in Europe, North and South America - the. Ideally, when you add or delete files, all changes should be immediately replicated to the secondary server. In real life, it "immediately" stretched for hours and sometimes days. Somewhere worth checking the schedule every hour, and where a lot of problems, and the system is weak - less, just 3-6-12 hours. Some of the "abled" admins checked manually after kicks from the authorities of the head office, it happens sometimes, unfortunately. So, this is a way to spread themselves firmware files over the world.
Now I want to go back to the phone request for renewal - or rather, the way he has done from the phone to the server Primari. Considered easier on my example - a local provider in the Moscow region.
The request itself is called (https://bigota.d.miui.com)
Attached Image

The first 4 jump (hop`a) are in my opinion, the local ISP, the transition to a larger receiving 99% of the dynamic white address. Second, a major provider transmits Megafon request (in this case), or other backbone providers (who has the right to buy and let traffic through the border) abroad have 2 way or bypass - a long but fast across Europe, either through Asia in China.
Now we went to Europe, to be exact - 9-13 - jumping in Europe, and the last - in North America, Kansas, in a physical data center, it would seem, Bingo! Interior done, but! At this point, there is often something from which there is a lot of questions at the end user. - The server sees that you are from Russia, and forwards the packet to the server in Europe or Russia. Poor request is returned to the Russian Federation on the leased server, which should be based on the new firmware, but there has not yet passed replication, and receives a response that the new firmware is available. And you back the answer that there is no upgrade.
Sometimes the server is not synchronized with the master, and with one of the secondary, ie it is necessary to add a few more hours at the time of occurrence of the firmware. There are load balanced - there are a few physical servers with the same name, separated geographically - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Rostov. And depending on whom you get closer you are to automatically send and provider. And so it turns out that the guys from Kaliningrad, gravitating to the German server updates - see and shake to update from the server, and on Sakhalin and in Siberia - Update no. All of the above must be added the accident on the highways, incorrect and misconfigured server. The clearest example - protection of DDoS attacks - to pass on any server 100 requests per millisecond, and others simply reject, or one external (white ip address) - skip up to 10 requests. And how many people are in a large provider can simultaneously check to update?

So, be patient when checking for updates and if you personally phone or computer will not see anything - it is not necessary to write in the forum, that "there is refreshed vyvsevroti!" And "pachimu me nothing yet preshlos ???"
If you have anything to add and correct - write.

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Rep: (8) http: //bigota.d.miui.c...IFA_236e5090ac_8.1.zipThe whole truth.

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Rep: (5822)
Official TWRP | 3.2.1-1 (Assembly on June 29, with twrp.me site)

Attached filetwrp-3.2.1-1-whyred.img(35.37 MB)

* Updated kernel
* Added support for file system F2FS
* Activated awakening double tapom

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Rep: (5192)
TWRP from Xiaomi Miui Hellas 3.2.1-2
slightly corrected and removed and languages ​​except ru en
Attached Image
Attached Image

Download: Attached filetwrp_whyred_3.2.1-2_tools-8_red_magisk.img (43.24 MB)

Rep: (428)
* gyord,
gyord @ 01.07.18, 10:15*
TWRP from Xiaomi Miui Hellas 3.2.1-2

I tried to test. comments:
- installation of root - SuperSU (a rise-whether it on Android 8?)
- installation Magisk not (I have not found)
- Go to the section formatting data I have gone on-screen buttons (exit section is not possible in any way, only through the format of a partition or reset the button off.)
- not remove encryption tools
- does not see the backup created by the previous TWRP (it is to be expected, although sometimes backups are picked up by other versions and normally are restored)

from the pros: beautiful interface and high-quality translation

TWRP of Mr-r00t (in the header) over a usable IMHO

Rep: (182)

Applications that you can safely turn off the conventional methods. I have on the functionality of the worse not affected.

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

For those who do not know how to disable the applicationLINK.

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Rep: (3444)
* flexible1126 ,
ProjectTreble- a little theory. If very briefly - we now have a low-level driver (hall) are separated from the system vendor in a separate section.
Therefore we changed the mount path (in the vendor), the same old su and patches do not work correctly.
Those two magisk, one (vcustom) - assembled (Hindu abhishek987, I think many people have heard) for all devices with a treble, the second in our - I do not know by whom.
Both are any firmware.
More interesting than the Treble project - now we can put all the GSI firmware -Project treble

Rep: (5822)
SF | AFH | dedyk | 8.6.28 xiaomi.eu | 10 | 8.1 | TWRP


Rep: (3444)
Camerado @ 02.07.18, 10:19*
8.6.28 xiaomi.eu

Fix - Fixed Sound settings crash for some users
Fix - Add AI preloading apps in MIUI lab settings
Fix - Battery scenes
Fix - MiDrop in toggles
Fix - Fixed missing Face Unlock option
Fix - Fixed device encryption
Fix - Bluetooth audio in vehicle on the Honda civic (06-28)
Fix - Settings keeps stopping (All devices) (06-26)
Fix - VoLTE option in the settings
Optimize - Screenshots folder moved to Pictures

Fix - Added Mi Messages option
Fix - GSM alphabet in the settings
Fix - OTP support
Fix - SMS storage info
Fix - AutoDelete old SMS
Fix - Fixed Cell Broadcast messages receive

Fix - Fixed lock screen notification issue and fixed vibration for notifications (set Highest priority in Installed apps>(App name)>Notifications)
Optimize - Fix lockscreen widgets background

New - PIN can contain 4-16 digits now (06-26)
Fix - 4G + icon was not displayed (06-27)
Fix - H + icon was not displayed for HSPA + networks (06-27)

Rep: (3444)
10 MIUI 8.7.02 China Beta
Attached Image

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Rep: (257)
* Alex katrich Recommendations for installation:

1) Download the firmware from our site / GDrive to the user’s section or to the SD card
2) Boot into TWRP *, make a Nandroid backup-
3.1) When changing from EEPROM another author on another firmware EEPROM weekly passage with a stable, decreasing firmware (i.e. transition from a more pozdneyna ranyuyu) and the transition sMIUI 9 to 10 MIUI necessarily make purification (wipe) partition cache, ART / dalvik, vendor (if any) and data.

3.2) version of Android is increasing, making clean (wipe) cache partitions, ART / dalvik, data, and format data
3.3) If you are upgrading the firmware version is nothing to clean it is not necessary (except for firmware indicating such a need). At the request of TWRP can be cleaned and Android MIUI folder in the user section (there are tails of all installed, including system, applications).
4) Start the installation process.

* Recommended firmware installation only on a fresh version of TWRP.

Rep: (7357)
Masik в„ў U 1.2
Updated: July 2, 2018 (21:00)

Greetings, friends. The firmware into account your bug reports and some of the orders table: thank_you:


Successful use. For any questions you can always come to me in a PM.

Rep: (758)
Lows point / Undo / Transition - lower limit: Global firmware stable build and firmware Global Weekly assembly Beta 8.7.12, both the firmware to the status of anti roll back 4 (ARB loader) below these versions - get the complete "brick" (Ruled by System Update - ... 3 points for failure to install older versions of firmware)

For devices with a blocked or unblocked loader loader, In the presence of stock MI Recovery
through the System Update - ... (3 points)
within the Global extreme (Global OEIMIFA / OEIMIFD / OEIMIFH / OEIMIXM etc.) firmwarefor the International MarketLaid out on offsayte, and during the temporary test sample distribution EEPROM Stable assembly postscript Daily (daily) can :

1.Update / Rise - retentive! , regardless of the status of anti roll back (ARB loader) , Only the highest extreme Firmware version of the same assembly (including assembly of the firmware currently installed in the palm of your hands) - OTA and / or complete file EEPROM , Downloaded via update redundant system - ... (3 points) or directly from the page with firmware from loosely - Firmware on offsayte or caps Topics - Updateable post with all firmware on:
1.1 Stable - thoughtfully !: since MIUI 9 Oreo 8.1, you can only extremely MIUI 10 Oreo 8.1! and Only after you upgrade to Oreo 8.1 can upgrade to at offsayte MIUI on September 11 Pie - Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China - firmware MIUI (Post INRIDI45 # 91197932) , Just, inclusive and stable assembly test firmware with a note Daily (Daily) during its selective distribution and / or laid out in a cap Topics.

1.2 Weekly (Beta) - to at 06/09/27


2.Undo / downgrade - at this moment:
2.1 - is impossible as a global stability Oreo 8.1 / Pie 9 so and with 9 MIUI Pie 11 - to any previous stable .

2.2 - can retentive! With at the Global Weekly Only the previous firmware Weekly assembly.

2.3 -

Embodiments of installation and / or rollback to global stability MIUI 9 / MIUI 10 Oreo 8.1 - onlyfor unlocked bootloader :
Storage firmware on Google-ROM
https: //mirom.ezbox.id...ed/roms-global-stable/, https: //mirom.ezbox.id...roms-global-developer/ - Stable not lower and / or weekly 08/07/12 : anyway lossy best priority options:
1.1 MiFlash (tick on the Clean all)
1.2. adb / fastboot (batnik flash_all.bat)
Manuals MiFlash / adb-fastboot
2: TWRP (for Android 8.1) according to the instructions Daylight Android 9 and back to the Oreo 8.1, through TWRP , Then reset to factory default settings (Factory reset) or Format data.
Restore Data from backup twrp not advise: Errors: Undo / Going Global with firmware using System Update - ... 3 points of a custom TWRP, fastboot, MiFlash .

3. Daylight firmware another assembly (stable or weekly) without saving! , available:
There and back again (I.e. in both directions) only within full backups extreme Global firmware on Pie 9 offsayte available in the shared - Firmware on offsayte , Global-Stable , Global-Developer , also:
3.1 - available transition to global stability Oreo 8.1 on Global weekly 9.3.14 Oreo 8.1 and / or in the reverse order.
3.2 - twrp passage through to the last Global Weekly 09/06/27 to the extreme on the stability of the global offsayte MIUI11 possible without a wipe and Data format - it works.
3.3 - impossible transition with Oreo 8.1 to 9.3.14 Oreo 8.1 .

4. Reflash - "above" the current firmwareretentive!

General instructions for flashing / update / rollback / Go through the System Update 3 points -...
Screen Recording - General Instructions:
Attached fileScreenrecorder-2018-09-20-22-24-51-497.mp4(6.51 MB)

Detailed instructions:
Download the firmware for Recovery / SystemFirmware on offsayteor System / Twrp of hats Topics -Updateable post with all firmware, throw the root inside. phone , a MicroSD (in exFAT) installed in the slot sim It gives it
Attached Image
, but from the SD card on the connected OTG / USB gives an error - Unable to verify the archive, then go to Settings - About phone -Update - at the top right of three (3) points
Attached Image

, Drop-down menu - Select the firmware file ( a stable build this feature is hidden - you potapat of color 10-ke in the Update menu before the popup window with notification about adding additional menu functions in the correct tab )
Attached Image

Attached Image

- through the stock Explorer find the downloaded zip. archive with our firmware(I recommend to use a copy of the downloaded firmware file, because the firmware archive is removed without our knowledge after the firmware installation) , Choose it - OK and wait - start archive validation, unpacking, a confirmation firmware upgrade - agree, Internet any necessary .
Sometimes it happens that the first time or after the upgrade failure gives an error -validation error (Unable to verify the archive)
Attached Image
Then try to reboot the phone and do it all over again pumped firmware or replacing a copy of the firmware source code to select through the stock Explorer, will be useful to make additional data cleaning (Clear all Clear data) applications - Update on the path Settings - All application (Display System)
Update - Data Cleansing
Attached Image

p.s.after the failure of updating or upgrading failure, and (or) etc. error when updating - Firmware check again does not pass
Attached Image

- remove the firmware file from internal memory, then copy your previously downloaded firmware (or download again) throws again to the internal memory and the phone do all the same thing again.

Errors: Undo / transition within a global firmware using System Update - ... 3 points of a custom TWRP, fastboot, MiFlash
All manipulations do after you create a full backup of the current firmware in TWRP or Titanium.
On passing through a custom TWRPwithout wipesAnd / or when piercing through fastboot / MiFlash with saving user data (Or batch file flash_all_except storage / tick on the "Save user data") - to the Global EEPROM Weekly assembly 8.7.26 - 9.6.27 MIUI 10 on Global firmware stable assembly - (MIUI 9-MIUI 10) , and when rollback / firmware reducedwith global stability before - , - after the launch in stock house decora tion applications:
"Messages", "android.process.acore", "Gallery", etc. -
"Treated" Only rise back to the extreme firmware or restoring (after a firmware without saving Data) only data of user applications from backup Titanium (for unlocked devices with root), or the Data wipe or reset to factory settings, It may crash something else.
When passing backwards through custom TWRP preserving Data (ie. without a wipe), fastboot / MiFlash preserving user data (respectivelyInstallation and / or rollback options to Global Stable MIUI 9 / MIUI 10 Oreo 8.1, for unlocked bootloader only- all works, in any case, I have with my software and drain side ... check at.

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Rep: (428)
I rebuilt for himself TWRP. fans may be interested in red: D
all the features taken from rekaveri fromMr-r00t
buttons "utyanul" of the projectXiaomi Miui Hellas
he edited Russian translation (English is not touched) and a little bit of color.

due to the irrelevance of legacy rekaveri, they are removed. a reference to the current version of red fashion TWRP 3.2.3 can be found in the cap threads.

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Reason for editing: removing old versions rekaveri

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