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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China - MIUI Firmware

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China - MIUI Firmware
Attached ImageHMN5P, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro / Note 5 China,whyred
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Important information!
In connection with the innovation Xiaomi, namely the introduction of the system "Anti Roll Back" (Antiotkat), cases of flashing bricks have become frequent.

Drivers and Utilities
Mi software
Xiaomi firmware updater
Mi Flash
savagemessiahzine.com | AFH| (Mi Flash) Russian - Bullik01 | 2018.05.28.0
MIUI | AFH | (Mi Flash) MIUI ROM Flashing Tool | 2018.05.28.0
MIUI | AFH | (Mi Flash) MIUI ROM Flashing Tool | 2017.04.25.0
MIUI | AFH | (Mi Flash) MIUI ROM Flashing Tool | 2016.08.30.0
MIUI | AFH | (Mi Flash) MIUI ROM Flashing Tool | 2016.04.01.0
MIUI | AFH | (Mi Flash) MIUI ROM Flashing Tool | 2015.10.28.0

savagemessiahzine.com | AFH | MiFlashPro | 3.3.703.67 - Flashing Xiaomi smartphone from recovery mode, without unlocking Bootloader

Mi Unlock
MIUI | AFH | Mi Unlock | 3.3.827.31
MIUI | AFH | Mi Unlock | 2.2.406.5
ADB / Fastboot and others
savagemessiahzine.com | ADB Driver Lite | 32/64-bit
savagemessiahzine.com | QDLoader HS-USB Driver | 32/64-bit
savagemessiahzine.com | Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) | r.25.0.4 | Windows
savagemessiahzine.com | Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) | r.23.1_. | Windows - XP support
savagemessiahzine.com | Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) | r.25.0.4 | Linux
savagemessiahzine.com | Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) | r.25.0.4 | macOS
AFH | Minimal ADB and Fastboot | 1.4.2 | Setup
AFH | Minimal ADB and Fastboot | 1.4.1 | Portable
Google | Dropbox | 15 seconds ADB Installer | 1.4.3

Xiaomi Check & Flash
savagemessiahzine.com | Xiaomi Check & Flash | 0.2
savagemessiahzine.com | TOOL ALL IN ONE - Drivers | Unlock | TWRP | Factory Image | Stock Recovery

Hashtabfile checksum utility
USBDeviewa list of all USB-devices with the possibility of their removal from the system

Installing firmware, Upgrade
Installing TWRP, getting Root

Sensor Recovery, EFS


Modems, Images, System Files
Uninstall / Disable Xiaomi / Google Services / Applications
Google FRP Workarounds
Poll results
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Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

For filling caps, please contact gyord at QMS

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rifkat1978 @ 29.01.2019, 21:42*
How to activate Space unlock mode in the face? In the settings missing
select the India region
and pray that does not flyAttached fileAll_Reg.zip(4.58 MB)

And not to put patches on camera

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Rep: (5833)
SF | AFH | xiaomi.eu | 10 | 8.1 | TWRP

Rep: (7361)
Masik в„ў X 2.4 Stable
Updated: February 4, 2019 (22:00)

Greetings, friends: thank_you:


- updated the firmware to the latest version database
- embedded Magisk Manager 18.1 (optionally in AROMA)
- held engine optimization for better performance
- the possibility to select the style lock screen hours
- shut down part of the background of anonymous statistics collection services
- modified layers MIUI design envelope style Masik Material
- Added a choice of font styles in the application "Themes"
- Added a choice of desktop styles in an application "Themes"
- finalized previously embedded additional functionality
- improved translation system applications
- Added separate adjustment of the volume of notifications
- Added ability to use the mark after the first turn
- updated the basis for determining the geographic location of rooms
- optimized for running applications in the background
- Updated the system font styles
- improved shooting parameters via MIUI native chamber
- disable hardware acceleration systems for certain applications
- Updated interface calls Window
- Updated copyrights Media components
- Updated sound engines (including built-in AROMA)
- other changes passed from previous versions of Masik
- many of which could have forgotten ...

For any question you can always contact me at QMS. Successful use.

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Rep: (82)
Put Masik 2.4 with all wipe - everything works fine. The Aroma returned variety of installation Ruta and something else on the little things.
Of the benefits:
- in recent now there is no row with shortcuts such as: antivirus, deep cleaning and so on.
- I do not know whether it was in previous versions, but after the installation I just put GCam without any patches and front camera works and everything is working. Only as a patch,to take a picture on the front camera in portrait modeIt must first be in the same portrait mode to take a picture on the main camera, and then switch to the comfort front.
- sometimes in 2.2, though the weather updated with manual updating, but wrote:could not connect to network.Now this is not. Fixed.
Of the minuses:
- Play Market really showered errors.
I decided as follows: tweaking everything and then just wipe without freewheeling again firmware over.

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Rep: (5833)
SF | AFH | Google | MiRum | 10 | 8.1 | TWRP

http: //portal.mi-room....yh-miui-mirum-v10-2-5/

Rep: (53)
Once again, let's talk about how to turn off notification about the available update, which is not removed swipe in "curtain".
Method with screenshots (Root).

1. Search file "build.prop" on the way "device / system / build.prop" (In my case, "ES Explorer").
2. Be sure to copy the original file - just in case.
3. Go to "Settings" - "About phone" - "System Update" and find the name of the current version of MIUI, an update on which you are bored (In my case it is "v10.2.1.0.OEIMIXM").
4. After the editor (in my case, "ES Explorer") to open the file "build.prop" and change the name on the current version of MIUI, which is found in Section 3 (In my case, the string "
ro.build.version.incremental = v9.6.4.0.OEIMIFD"I was changed to"ro.build.version.incremental = v10.2.1.0.OEIMIXM").
5. Save "build.prop" file (
!!! do not forget to give permission "Read" and "Write" !!!).
Permissions (ES Explorer)
Attached Image

6. Reboot the device.
7. Done ... !!! : I-m_so_happy: (In my case, the available stable "nine" I do not offer annoying "ten").
: clap:
Before changes Screenshot
Attached Image
Attached Image

Screenshot after the change - "no update" and notification !!!
Attached Image
Attached Image


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Rep: (1185)
kolyn911 @ 7.02.19, 18:27*
please give a link to the mirror masik 2.4 to google drive. On the off site and post on 4pda on the links - limit
Try:: thank_you:

Mirrors on Masik firmware X в„ў 2.4



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Rep: (1820)
TaliBass @ 07.02.19, 21:06*
miuipro 8.9.20

Miui Pro 8.9.20

Rep: (1012)
kosmos2011 The patch of color selection for calls
The patch color choices for the calls, press on the internet in the curtain translates into a variety of networks, swipe back up on the table to find, turned off in the settings stola.skrytie network speed at 0, hide the network icon when off internete.blyur issued a separate punkt.pomenyal icon in the settings, advanced nastroyki.utrenny report in the alarm clock.
Put with wipe Kesha.

kosmos2011 color selection patch for calls 9.1.24
The patch color choices for calls, blur issued as a separate item.
After installing a wipe cache, cache dalvik.


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Rep: (201)
Share feedback about global wench 01/09/24
I have to say that there were many different devices Redmikov and everywhere trying to sit on custom bikes. Here was a long time in the Android 9. The last was RR 7.0 - works in terms of speed and smoothness is just perfect! But ... Zadolbali I say supposedly hear an echo while talking, Viber is not the sound, the crack, the squeak. I tried all sorts of Mashiko, space, Proshka - everywhere it is, it is still kind of sore. After reading one of the reviews, it is better to not have official firmware - decided to deliver.
Putting the firmware, I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and smoothness. I do not use gestures (fine work here) - they do not like me, accustomed to the buttons. I must say thatI put clean through fastboot (Maybe why it is all well and works).
But I zadrot design - Well I do not like the native launcher Miui the life of me! Yes, you can put my favorite Nova Launcher, but it is not for Miui (crooked, some icons are displayed). And when I put Poco launcher from Xiaomei pleya with Google - it's almost ideal for Miui !!! What is really like - there is a blockage by double-tapping the screen (but only on the version of Market earned - on modes in any). Icons everything on the menu and not on the table, hide possible unused programs, font set Google Sance, through TWRP poudalyal any system rubbish, thrown interface components (as the threads on globalke not apply, but that's not a problem if there rekaveri custom) and Now this is a great firmware! I have ceased to blame for echo, Wi-Fi has become a catch where constantly disappears, and the camera and the usual Google (5th version) works without any patches to the HDR, the battery holds more than ever! Recomend for everybody!!!

Added an archive with the components to change the theme (do not ask to explain how to set - in the header of all modifications painted) and the camera (for a long time it is used on different machines - all works perfectly).
Attached Image
Attached Image

The camera and the subject:
Attached fileMiui Global theme.zip (38.74 MB)

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Rep: (268)
Sky Hawk Recovery Project (SHRP)

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Official site:https://shrp.cf/index.html
Recovery:https: //sourceforge.ne...cts/shrp/files/Whyred/

Password: shrp

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Rep: (382)
10 Global MIUI 9.2.14 Beta firmware.

Rep: (177)
The telegrams channel vayreda appeared Masik fan edishen 2.4
https: //drive.google.c...UCHcVxBNkfVP6AXAa/view
Masik X 2.4 Fan Edition (Whyred)

- F2FS Supported.
- PureCAF Kernel R3.1. (No need to flash any kernel for f2fs)
- First Boot Language Set to English.
- System Optimization and Performance Improvement.

I must say have not tried, and I'm not.

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Rep: (1820)
qwebondarev @ 14.02.19, 13:56*
link to masik FE

Masik FE 2.4

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Rep: (5833)
SF | AFH | 9.2.14 xiaomi.eu | 10 | 8.1 | TWRP


Rep: (479)
Who likes something like miuipro, put RoS 8.10.25.
As for me, the best firmware in this series.
Everything works.
Double-tap on the on / off switch is present.
Autonomy is excellent.
Network holds. Vayfay does not fall off.
Lightly added.
The font in the status bar (sight), light clocks, modem modem_GS_9.5.13.0
Better catch me.
The core of NoName-r2.2-MIUI, native is also not bad, but it is for me ideal for this I beg.
Memory cards do not use, so that for the work with different file systems do not tell.
Sports, banking, do not use.
But I think the problems will not be.
Use rekaveri Tho, elegant rekaveri, lots of options and opportunities. Bekar and recovery without any problems.
So enough already tolkti water in a mortar.
It is a pity money, space, and grew worse.
Money does not buy sorry about.

New versions of RoS set, but the author changed the base, and there is no buns (promises paste with time. I look forward to the end of the month)
And yes, this firmware is not for those who like to sew every week, once a month to update.
Tried almost all of the firmware from the forum, I come back to this.
Generally though the author and "hijacked" the firmware in proshnikov, but went to his release responsibly and firmware came out better than the original. Ihmo.
Good luck and peace to all of you!

https: //drive.google.c...MMpt/view usp = drivesdk?
* rwww ,
rwww @ 17.02.19, 10:15 *
Only the author may at any time refuse to support our device and that, sitting on the old version.

It can do everything ... Those same proshniki. I suggested an alternative solution for users. And the fact that the ancient, but so what? Stable and better than Bagan eminent ezhenedelki.

I am used to improve the sound.

Attached filevol_steps_30.zip(215.88 KB)
- Audio Adjustment step 30

Attached filemodem_GS_9.5.13.0.zip(50.57 MB)
- modem

Attached fileNoName-r2.2-MIUI.zip(16.57 MB)
- core.

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Rep: (11)
Removal instructions from the device and Google FRP Mi Account

Background:I came the owner of Note 5, lost the old sim card to your account Mi, and the device it is locked safely.
Normal dongle I have not yet, so I had to dodge.
Given:Xiaomi Note 5 Block bootloader, FRP and Mi Account
It is necessary:Make the device available for use, as well as to the lock did not recur

Next will be given instructions to bypass these ailments
(The information is distributed for informational purposes only!)
Attention, manipulations carried out with a phone call for certain skills, including possible disassembly
If you doubt their abilities, it is necessary to give the device to people with specific qualifications in this field.
All operations are performed at your own risk! It is possible to get a brick!
Before starting the procedure, please read the instructions and below

So, did you get into a fist, got straight arms and felt an urge to return the phone life.
You have been warned in advance about the possible consequences and started to read the manual
Required tools:
  1. The device itself
  2. Tools for its analysis
  3. USB cable
  4. Tweezers
  5. Wi-Fi source (router or other smartphone)
  6. Straight arms

0. Preparation
0.1 Unpack the archive and install Qualcomm driver
0.2 EDL ready for wire or disassembling apparatus otscholkivaya body and removing the plate of the battery.
On the left side of the battery and USB loop will be two golden point.
To access the EDL is necessary: ​​to disconnect the battery for a few seconds, plug it in, make 2 points of the tweezers,
We hold and connect the USB cable from the PC.
(Option with wire have not tried, but should also work)
0.3 If there is an additional device, you should include the distribution of Wi-Fi with it, so it will be more convenient

1. sews
1.1 pounding device in EDL wire or via testpoint.
1.2 Open the folder and run MiFlash "XiaoMiFlash.exe
1.3 Press "Select" button, select the folder "Firmware"
1.4 Push the button "Refresh", poyavzyaetsya device "COMX"
1.5 Push the "Flash" button and wait for the end of the firmware

2. Bypass FRP
2.1 Turning on the phone, select the English language, connects to an available Wi-Fi
2.2 Return to the choice of Wi-Fi, proklikivaem tab "Add network"
2.3 Writing "Youtube.com" without the quotes
2.4 Push the carriage return (of Enter), we click on the link several times and prozhimaem rightmost icon
2.5 In the Youtube user click on the icon at the top right and select "Terms & privacy policy"
2.6 Select "Browser" 2.7
Writing in the address bar "Google.com" without the quotes
2.8 Writing in the search bar "QuickShortcutMaker"
2.9 download from uptodown.com
2.10 Proklivkivaem 3 dashes below, open the "Manage downloads" and open the apk 2.11 Set and go to him
2.12 Looking Settings (com.android.settings), click "Try" and get into the settings
2.13 Open the "About phone", click on the "MIUI version" has not yet become a developer
2.14 Back in the settings, looking for a series of "System & Device" - "Additional settings" - "Developer options" - "OEM unlocking" and "USB debugging"
2.15 Reboot

3. Mi Account Bypass
3.0 If you have problems only with Google FRP, then we will just set up your phone from scratch,
You connect to your account and rejoice life. If you have problems with Mi Account, then you read the instructions below
3.1 comes to check for wifi and sim, pass it
3.2 disables your Wi-Fi point, or leave it out of reach
3.3 Mi ask the right phone, sms, sync, not to give them up and switch the "Sync" is deactivated
3.4 Checking will look for your data on the network, but it does not work, click "Skip"
3.5 Phone setup arguments until the end, Wi-Fi does not turn on or does not go beyond the reach of the zone.
3.6 (Optional) Removes the password in terms of the settings or turn off Wi-Fi
3.7 Connect your phone to a PC, install the ADB drivers from the folder with the drivers, allow debugging the device, includes WODM TOOL.
3.8 Prozhimaete "Unlock MI Account", the phone will reboot itself.

4. Epilogue
4.0 After perzagruzki on a device will be neither Google FRP, or Mi Account, podklyucht another account Mi no longer turn
4.1 You can use the device with a Google account.

5. Link to the archive
5.0 Inside the archive you will find: firmware flasher, drivers for Mi Bypass utility
5.1 https: //drive.google.c...H-SrG/view usp = sharing?

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Rep: (382)
xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote5Pro_9.2.15_v10-8.1.zip<4 hours before 1.6 GB
https: //sourceforge.ne...EEKLY-RELEASES/9.2.15/

Rep: (5833)
SF | AFH | 9.2.15 xiaomi.eu | 10 | 8.1 | TWRP


Rep: (5833)
SF | AFH | Google | 9.2.14 MiRum | 10 | 8.1 | TWRP

http: //portal.mi-room...nie-miui-mirum-9-2-14/

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