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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 - MIUI firmware
Firmware survey
Which firmware use?
Official [ 523 ] ** [44,59%]
MiUI CAF [ 14 ] ** [1,19%]
MIUI NSA [ 162 ] ** [13,81%]
Miui-SV [ 44 ] ** [3,75%]
from kosmos2011 [ 12 ] ** [1,02%]
Masik в„ў [ 154 ] ** [13,13%]
MiRoom [ 165 ] ** [14,07%]
RevolutionOS [ 12 ] ** [1,02%]
Xiaomi.eu [ 78 ] ** [6,65%]
MiNovo [ 9 ] ** [0,77%]
Total votes: 1173

Rep: (2470)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 - MIUI firmware
Attached ImageHMN5P, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro / Note 5 China,whyred
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* Anderson24 I have lost it, when she 10miui, ie yet in that year. In 9.9.26 there, but worked through again. At 10.09.10 always work. Who has more right?

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* Islomferg, a cap it all, read.

Rep: (1308)
alexkos78 @ 18.10.19, 16:04*
Still need to disable it
Hmm .. I wrote about what? Not the same thing? : Blink:
Or "Off" and "Off" is a different action ..?

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Now put through fastbut global stability and her gestures work smoothly than localized firmware. Why is that? : Rolleyes:

Rep: (19)
* sinkolduna , Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China - firmware MIUI (Post mr.astrakhan # 81658858)

Rep: (503)
* Islomferg ,
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China - firmware MIUI (Post Dima_Apatity # 84249429)

Rep: (33)
* respekt000 , And space is no such function in gloves.

Rep: (421)
kirillcuznetzow @ 18.10.19, 20:37*
in the space is no such function in gloves.

It's all nonsense useless: gloves, glasses, pants, it does not work as it should, not worth discussing.

Rep: (19)
* kirillcuznetzow , Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China - firmware MIUI (Post mr.astrakhan # 81658858)

Rep: (188)
UserOfMiRN5 @ 18.10.2019, 17:49*
Location does not work for all sources (ie network-based) on 11 miui

Your firmware to put Google maps and there turn. Then you can remove them

Rep: (220)
Guys, in mirum 9.9.3 does not swing application from the Market on the wafer. For all mobile app. Market data reset sense 0. What's the problem?

Rep: (284)
* Dismass
Throw router (OFF-ON). It happens sometimes this anomaly.

Rep: (220)
* volam77 , Does not help. I distribute if that other body.

Rep: (3)
* MadBastard I can put any ponel of.proshivku with android 8.1?

Rep: (3)
* Dr. Betruger Chet nothing clear as it does not reduce the?

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Where it is possible and whether it is possible to configure the headset button to accept / reject call in Masik (ruovanoy) or native Miui (bezrut)

Rep: (2)
Tell me please. Where in the MIUI 11 Setting the Area?

Rep: (19)
Wanted to disable some frequency radiomolulya not looking to network in vain. In engineering the menu is not found. Where to look? Or stable way without Ruth? Stable extreme global official without Ruth and tvrp.

Rep: (3)
* Dr. Betruger , Meaning I can put whyred_ru_global_images_V10.3.1.0.OEIRUXM_20190329.0000.00_8.1_global_91884212aa.tgz?

Rep: (663)
MIUI 12 NSA 20.5.14

Firmware author : ABTOP-C
Base : XIAOMI.EU 20.5.14
date of release : 20.05.2020g.
Firmware description
1. An updated list on 5/20/2020 host of Schakal (block ads);
2. Modified dialer:
2.1. A large circle on the outgoing and incoming call, choice fulfoto on inbound and outbound, the choice / Call settings buttons;
2.2. Expanded definition of numbers (geolocation patch - Ukraine, Russia);
2.3. Improved recording from line to 192 kbit / s;
2.4. Displaying the call history in three lines;
2.5. Of contacts removed the tab "My Account" and "My Groups";
2.6. Dimmable the call can be switched off and adjustment depending on the time of day, as well as the possibility of adjusting the brightness when calling from 10 to 100;
2.7. Thumbnail display incoming, outgoing and missed call log;
3. Fully customizable status bar:
3.1. Select text size for the clock, interest and speed of the network;
3.2. Selecting the display style of the status bar - normal, IOS and AOSP;
3.3. Ability to turn off and adjust the thickness of the brightness of the strip in the line of notifications;
4. Fully customizable blur in folders, curtain, cent notifications, recent, food menu;
5. Choice of 3 or 4 icons in the desktop folder, the ability to choose the type of display icons signatures added to the expanded grid desktop, the ability to turn on Auto-folders;
6. Selection of the number of switches in the hidden disclosed panel switches and the number of lines;
7. Long tap on a tile opens the network advanced networking choice;
8. The inclusion of vibration during unlocking TPV;
9. Switching tracks the volume buttons on the screen is locked;
10. Separate volume control on the screen and in the settings;
11. Offline android verification;
12. Activated WI-FI Repeater;
13. Added support cam2-api (for Google camera);
14. Ability to include SOPs unlock after reboot without entering a password;
15. Ability to deactivate the network speed at zero in the status bar;
16. Added fixed minimum Auto Brightness (240) in the day and night modes to the drain;
17. Ability to always show unread notifications on the lock screen;
18. Added the ability to respond to messages directly from the lock screen;
19. Forced activation 5GHz wifi;
20. Ability to select vertical map network icons in the presence of 2 SIM;
21. Restriction on installation / update of system applications using MIUI installer;
22. Adaptation of the global color zhecta "back" to the dark theme;
23. Unlock video recording at 60 fps MiuiScreenRecorder;
24. The window size is increased in PiP mode;
25. Added the ability to turn the sound on when fully charged;
26. Update patches, adaptation to work on miui 12, multiple translation changes;
27. The cleaning system from debris and optimization.

The aroma installer with optional added Magisk v20.4 l v7.5.1 Stable (Allow root access aroma Installer).

Installation : using TWRP
Recommended TWRP : Attached fileInvertifyRecovery-5.0.8-whyred-Piefw.img (46.27 MB)

Download : MEGA , GOOGLE , Yandex , MAIL RU , ONEDRIVE

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